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Whew, it's been a crazy day so far and it's only (already?) 10.

The guys are here to do the countertops, yay! I WILL HAVE FLAT SURFACES IN THE KITCHEN AGAIN~ Sink and dishwasher will definitely be completed tomorrow. I also spent quite a while on the phone with my aunt this morning, who was very helpful and supportive about job searching and suggested looking into things like freelance writing, looking for job postings for technical writing, communications, and PR, because companies always need people to write up things for them and that might be much more enjoyable than doing straight scientific research. I agree with this assessment, because I would much rather spend my life writing than just about anything else. So at least that's a good place to start! I will still be looking into (and probably applying for) some of those planetarium jobs, but at least this is somewhere else to start looking, which is very helpful and much better than sitting around and bemoaning the fact that I don't know what I want to do, right? XD

Haha, it's like a roller coaster ride, geez. Life, what are you.

And hey, I even found a prompt or two over at [ profile] capkink I might feel like filling. Yay?

All right, now I have to go keep an eye out for the landscaping guy and waylay him until Mom gets here to tell him what she wants done. Gee, it's almost like I actually own a house... except I don't. XD

Okay, but FTW, the guy installing the countertops totally recognized that the vanity plate on my car is from DS9. That is awesome. 8D
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Oooooookay. Clearly it's pointless to promise updates, isn't it. You know it's all lies by now.

BUT I am really alive, and I will say that I would like to actually update my journal, you know, more often than I have been (which is to say, not at all, so if I do it at all in the future clearly it will be an improvement XD). Of course, life continutes to be crazy, but I'm beginning to think there's really no end in sight, so what's the point in waiting for one, right?

SO. Starting with recent events (and then I will throw up another post in a while with older stuff that I actually did write up, because no one cares about things a month old)... well, there aren't many recent events. Which is good, right? I am currently back in AZ and will actually be here (I THINK) until December when we go back to Florida so I can actually walk across a stage with my advisor. I find this somewhat funny considering I got my actual diploma in the mail yesterday (HAH! THEY CAN'T TAKE IT BACK NOW!), but hey, I won't turn down a chance to go back to Disneyworld.

In the meantime, I'm still feeling burned out, but now I think it's starting to turn into laziness and/or apathy and that's no good. I have actually been scouting some jobs, but no luck yet - I admit, though, that I really just got started on that this week. Though, do you know you have to have a Master's in Library Science just to work at the Public Library here? What is that? I'm smart! I can shelve books! I can even look things up on a computer! Boooo. So my current dilemma is, do I find a part-time job (you know, Starbucks or retail or whatever) and let that float me along until I find a full-time, actual-paying job so I can move out, or do I just keep looking for that full-time job? I probably should do the former; the Starbucks kiosk in the Safeway a couple miles away is hiring, which probably beats driving half an hour to the first "real" Starbucks store even if they were hiring (and I'm not sure they are). I suppose I can put in an application and see what happens...?

In the meantime, though, I am really, really trying to get my writing vibe back - it always seems to come back when I'm on the highway and by the time I get home I don't feel like opening up the word processor anymore. It's funny - I don't want to write but I do want to write. Go figure, self. But I would like to start getting some writing done - preferably original, so I can submit articles and stories and maybe start getting paid for that sort of thing. Though really, at this point I'll take fanfic, if only because it'll get said elusive writing vibe back.

Hell, maybe I'll just try and be more consistent with updating LJ, that might help too, right? Plus, I miss you guys!
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So, the final decision has been reached (and is really not all that surprising, I imagine): I went with the i7 processor. I got up at a very reasonable hour this morning (8!) to drop off the other computer with FedEx, which conveniently happened to be right next to Starbucks, where I managed to squeak in under the expiration date (today) for my free oatmeal, which I had for breakfast. I even sat there and did some coding, go me!

Of course, the world also seemed to forget about me today: I was supposed to meet with Vicki, but I think she left early. And I was going to give the Apple representative who's been working with me a call, so I could cancel the AppleCare I had on the laptop I'm returning, but he seemed to be out of the office. Which is okay, because I've got records showing I dropped the package off at FedEx today so I should be safe as far as that's concerned, so the plan is to give him a call tomorrow.

Aaaand I think I have heard back from just about every postdoc I applied to, including the one that was looking hopeful - note the key use of the word was, because as of right now it looks like whatever I'm doing after I graduate, it will not be a postdoc. :x So I'm going to start seriously looking at other things this week; NASA has a general job website, and conveniently apparently there's a national listing for museum-related jobs, so hey, that's useful? Of course, I have no idea what a resume should look like, because all I have is a CV, but I suppose that's something I can find online or something... I'm sure UF has some kind of employment office that could also help, but not this week - this week is Spring Break. Which means campus is gloriously deserted - I even drove in today, and managed to park on the ground floor of the parking garage! I don't usually drive in, even during breaks, but I'm sick of waiting for the reduced-schedule bus and the walk from the parking garage is about the same length as the walk from the bus stop, so I really do get there faster.

And totally unrelated, but man, do I ever love this song~ Funny thing is, I was looking for it on Youtube the other day (just to listen to it) and that's how I found out there was a movie about Bobby Darin... which piqued my curiosity and so I ended up watching Beyond the Sea this evening. Very good, actually - I liked it quite a bit. Kind of a musical feel without being cheesy or overdone, and also some very interesting storytelling with the younger version of himself... yeah. Good stuff~
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All right; so clearly, despite promises to the contrary, I have still been terrible about updating. So here I am, yet again trying to remedy that, with an update!

To save your flists from far too much text... )

In completely unrelated news, I finally saw the season finale of Tower Prep a few days ago, and I am really, really hoping it gets renewed. Not only did it end on a cliffhanger, but I was really starting to enjoy it, even more than Unnatural History. I wasn't sure where the show would go if they achieved their "goal" in the first season (being intentionally vague so maybe more of you will watch it!), but now I see that there is plenty of story to explore, and I want to know where it'll go! Come on, Cartoon Network, YOU CAN RENEW THIS SHOW. I think it did well in ratings, and was received pretty well among the critics? Go go, Morgan & Wong!

And finally, Nathan and I discovered that the new restaurant in town, Ghengis Grill, IS JUST LIKE FIRE & ICE. I am soooo stoked, it was delicious and I want my family to come visit me now so I can take them there before I move. We also watched The Emperor's New Grove, which was, as always, awesomely entertaining. So yay for that~

All righty, I think that's just about where things stand at the moment, and I'd say I'll try to update more again, but that's either a lie or it isn't, and we'll see which it is in the coming days, I suppose~
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I HAVE JUST FINISHED APPLYING FOR JOBS, YAY. (Look at me being so good, some of the applications weren't even due until the end of January!)

Of course, now I need to actually finish this thesis thing. >> I believe I will be doing some of that tomorrow. Today was some much-needed Christmas shopping and some also much-needed cleaning, and I absolutely have to do at least a load or two of laundry tonight.

Also, I am randomly entertained that a lot of the Christmas music I have has apparently found its way onto the Starbucks rotation. I mean, stuff like Christmas with the Rat Pack and the Loreena McKennitt Christmas/winter albums. Well, that's pretty cool~ And hey, now there's some Tori Amos. Awesome. XD

So last night I was roped into a last-minute game of Arkham Horror, which is fantastic. Part of me wonders if my absolute lack of excitement over games in general for most of my life is simply the product of me never knowing there were cool games like the ones Nathan and Scott have introduced me to. I mean, okay. This game? Has a 25-page instruction manual and the turns are divided into five or six separate rounds just so you can keep everything straight. And then each game is different, as you fight a chosen-at-random Cthulhu-mythos elder god, desperately running around Arkham trying to close gates as monsters pour out and getting yourself sucked into alternate dimensions so you can come out the other side and seal up the gate before the Big Bad Elder God awakens. It took us about five and a half hours, but we did it! I even killed a couple of monsters, despite my character being kind of lame? Well, okay, she was a psychologist, so she had plenty of sanity and lore. Just no speed. :x

And I think that's really it for this week. I am done generating/proctoring/grading exams, as grades are due Monday, yay! Now I'd just like to know if I get paid next semester... I will be asking Anthony that shortly. Sokka has a vet appointment for Monday so he cam (maybe?) get a cortisone shot or something, so I can take him off the meds while I'm away. And then I'm meeting with Vicki, as she conveniently moved our meeting from Thursday (last week) to Monday (next week) so I can get some greater semblance of work done. Scott's leaving tomorrow, though I believe Nathan is still around a few more days, as we're still having our regularly scheduled Angel/SAAB night next week - maybe I should dig up the Christmas episode, even if we'd be watching it out of order. XD And then I really do just plan on getting lots of work and running done next week in preparation for our trip on Christmas!

Okay, I think I've been here long enough, time to pack up and get home to clean, now that I've got the rest of those jobs applied for. Whew~

OH WAIT BUT ALSO. Did I mention Tron Legacy was AWESOME? Because it was~ I might have splurged and bought myself one of the discs from Target, thanks to [ profile] noctaval's mention of where to buy one. It was on sale! :D;
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Wow... it's kind of funny to watch my estimated battery time left bounce around like crazy when I do something as simple as open up the internet to check Livejournal for five minutes. It went from 2:05 to 1:25, but now it's climbing its way back up past 1:30 now that I have minimized the window. Oh, Exia, you try so hard (maybe).

Really, I'm supposed to be - and am! - working on this future research plans thing for a couple of my applications, which is hella hard, let me tell you. I don't know what I want to do other than things in broad strokes, like, "Hey, I'll add more clusters to my current survey" or, "I'd like to study obscured AGN, they're kinda cool". And sure, clustering in the field might be interesting, but the equations people use to do that sort of work are nothing short of scary. I'm going to stick to nearest-neighbor sort of work, thankyouverymuch.

Mainly this week has been made of exams. Not that I'm taking them, of course, but I'm generating and printing and proctoring them for the rest of my life, it seems. I had the one on Monday, and then I got roped into proctoring two that weren't even my responsibility today, though that's fine, it's the end of the semester and I am getting paid for this. But I also have two tomorrow, and that telecon, not to mention extragalactic-ph, so I can see (once again) no science getting done. I got some coding done today, but not very much. Hopefully Thursday morning I can get some stuff done? I plan to print out Vicki's exam then, maybe, because why not, but otherwise I think I'm free to do science (yay?) until 3pm when I leave to hang out with Diana at Disneyworld the rest of the day~ Which means that I should go running tomorrow, totally unconnected to anything, because it's better than doing it on Friday before public night - but hey, it's the last public night of the semester, woo! Alas, it will also be cold, as it is still seriously cold here. And the astronomy building is just miserable. I don't think it's even that I'm just a freak regarding that - I saw males wearing jackets around the department today, that means for real it's cold!

Okay, I suppose I have dawdled long enough. Back to work. I WANT TO GET THIS DONE so I can put out these applications and stop worrying about them, even if I have 'till next Friday to do them. Gasp, I might get something in whole days before the deadline, how amazing!

... Well, we're back up to 1:40. That's something, Exia.
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Well, the tree is up... and the cats are completely ignoring it in favor of chasing each other around. I suppose I should take this as a good sign? They were somewhat excited about the garland, but have not chewed it to pieces. And I really don’t think they can hurt the ornaments I have, so all is well! Or hopefully will continue to be so.

Umm... so. I realize it has been a bazillion years (plus or minus a bazillion years) since I have updated last. Um. Let's see... lots has happened. I will try to not take forever to tell you what it is.

Mushu's Vet Adventure )

Alison & Valerie's Thanksgiving Adventure )

Let's see... Otherwise I've spent quite a bit of time applying for jobs; I still have to write a few research statements for some, as a few jobs want me to propose research, which is scary so I keep putting it off but I really should get it done this week. Thankfully, there's a fancy new galaxy survey out that a lot of postdoc positions are advertising for, and I'm going to take their science goals and kind of wrap that up in my own research for those statements. I plan to spend some time at Starbucks doing that tomorrow.

In other miscellany, I have seen Megamind (cute!) and Tangled (FANTASTIC) and cannot wait for Tron Legacy and Voyage of the Dawn Treader this month. I have also finished SG-1 season 2 and caught up on Big Bang Theory, thanks to Valerie. OH OH ALSO THANKS TO VALERIE. I have now purchased Leckie's autobiography, Lord, What A Family!, which is so very out of print. And is so very fabulous, by the way. And hey I finally know what happened to his brother. Oh, it was so awesome to crack it open, it's got that awesome old book smell. :D; (Yeeeah, this thing was published in 1958. Woo~)

[ profile] adamatari stopped by for brunch today on his way to Atlanta for the JPLT. Then there was D&D, which was entertaining as usual. I drank magic lemonade and had my butt groped (not in the same turn). And finally, I have discovered that Tower Prep, the show that seems to have replaced Unnatural History on Cartoon Network, is not only actually good, but is also a product of Morgan & Wong, of the X-Files/Space: Above & Beyond/etc. fame. NICE. XDb

... Well, there. That wasn't so bad, right?
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Whew! Loooong day. o.o Work was quite worky (except for lunch, where I convinced people to come see The Princess and the Frog on Friday with me. :D; For a pair of boys, they were surprisingly not hard to convince). Left at 4:30 to go running, ran... somewhere between six and eight miles (so let's say, seven? XD OMG, why do I have less than a month before this thing?!) and then did some shopping before negating said run by bringing McDonald's home for dinner to eat while watching Prep & Landing, which was quite cute. :D THEN I applied to four jobs, wrote up about a fourth of my Christmas cards, and put lights up around my desk that will probably have fallen down by the morning.

asjerapfdau and now it is midnight, but that means I have some TIME TO WRITE, OMG. I haven't written any of my PJO fic in about a week and people are going to start hating me. D: Eek, and I still have to get myself organized and added at Amat. Ugh. Well, they haven't yelled at me yet. That may have to happen tomorrow. Or maybe just in an hour when I need a break. I should not have a lack of time to play before I've even started yet, I seriously fail hardcore. D:

I still have a million things to do. Like finishing up the table I told Vicki I'd get her today; well, she'll just get it tomorrow. Afternoon. After I'm done making it. Brain no worky anymore in astronomy mode for today. :x


Oh, but yesterday's Venture Bros? Fantastic~ Not only was it a Dr. O. episode, it was a whole Order of the Triad episode! AND NEXT WEEK? BROOOOOOOCK~ <3 And then no more for longer than I want to think about. Boo.
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Woo, had a great weekend hanging out with [ profile] noctaval & co after seeing Trans-Siberian Orchestra in Orlando! :D (I even met up with [ profile] adamatari for breakfast Saturday first!) The concert was fantastic. And very strobe light-y. XD; And I didn't know they had a second album out! I shall have to procure this. It has some awesome stuff on it! Afterwards there was Bucca Di Beppo's (YUM) and then much Rock Band and Transformers extras and we also discovered we fail at Mario on the Wii. XD We just got back from Orlando around 5:15 and then I went running and watched some Disney Channel and ate delicious jalepeno cheddar Cheetos (those are good!) aaand now I am off to finish up my expanded research interests (thanks to [ profile] valeriebean!) before Venture Bros! Yay, more job deadlines coming up and I swear that once I get this research interests thing written well I am going to stop and never change it until I have to do it again. :x

BUT before I go, I wanted to wish a very happy birthday to [ profile] rkold! :D
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I just sent in the application for my first job. jfduiafnadfnaipfua

(Not to worry, really. There will be many more sent in before the year is out. Eek.)

Uh. Here. Have a spherically symmetric Perry. He seems to make me feel better, at least. XD;

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So~ A quick update while I scarf down some lunch. :D;

The past few days have been insane. STARS went well, though it required getting up early Saturday and Sunday. Thankfully I didn't have to help out with everything, so I ran away in the middle of the day to work on my research interests (and [ profile] valeriebean is amazing for being so awesome and helping me!). I still have to add a bit more and finish updating my CV, but then I think I'm ready to apply for the first job on my list!

... Which also means I've got to get the rest of this data analysis done so I can, you know, GRADUATE. I made myself a list of goals for this week, since I know I have to get a bunch of stuff done due to being out of town for two days next week (but it'll totally be worth it~).

Yesterday I also got up early, but since it was to go to Epcot it was somewhat better. XD They give you a special ticket and a button that says it's your birthday, and absolutely everyone who works there that spots it will wish you a happy birthday. That was pretty darn cool. <3 Also, [ profile] violet_lane and [ profile] adamatari were awesome enough to come hang out with me, and we had lots of fun. :D I even got an Aero bar from England and daifuku from Japan, yum~ Plus we got lucky and were in the first row for Soarin', which is totally the best row. Also, I got my Brock fix~ Now I can't wait to take Jennie there next week!

Plus, I even made it home in time for Venture Bros, which was... special. XD But in a rather entertaining way, let me tell you. THEN I discovered a slew of new VB products on the Adult Swim online store, and... well. There went most of the money they're supposedly going to pay me for doing STARS. Buuut it was totally worth it for this and this!

Ooookay. Just about done with my sandwich, so time to eat my FIERY CHEETOS (because they are delicious if not horrible for me) and run to the Union for an envelope. Seriously, I've decided there need to be 30 hours in the day. At least. I need time to go running, darnit! I have this half-marathon thing to train for and it gets dark before I even get home from work! Plus, who doesn't need more time to sleep? ;D Or write PJO fanfiction, which I WANT TO DO and have no time for... like, ever again. D:

And finally, HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] hikariblue~! :D :D :D


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