Mar. 8th, 2011

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So, the final decision has been reached (and is really not all that surprising, I imagine): I went with the i7 processor. I got up at a very reasonable hour this morning (8!) to drop off the other computer with FedEx, which conveniently happened to be right next to Starbucks, where I managed to squeak in under the expiration date (today) for my free oatmeal, which I had for breakfast. I even sat there and did some coding, go me!

Of course, the world also seemed to forget about me today: I was supposed to meet with Vicki, but I think she left early. And I was going to give the Apple representative who's been working with me a call, so I could cancel the AppleCare I had on the laptop I'm returning, but he seemed to be out of the office. Which is okay, because I've got records showing I dropped the package off at FedEx today so I should be safe as far as that's concerned, so the plan is to give him a call tomorrow.

Aaaand I think I have heard back from just about every postdoc I applied to, including the one that was looking hopeful - note the key use of the word was, because as of right now it looks like whatever I'm doing after I graduate, it will not be a postdoc. :x So I'm going to start seriously looking at other things this week; NASA has a general job website, and conveniently apparently there's a national listing for museum-related jobs, so hey, that's useful? Of course, I have no idea what a resume should look like, because all I have is a CV, but I suppose that's something I can find online or something... I'm sure UF has some kind of employment office that could also help, but not this week - this week is Spring Break. Which means campus is gloriously deserted - I even drove in today, and managed to park on the ground floor of the parking garage! I don't usually drive in, even during breaks, but I'm sick of waiting for the reduced-schedule bus and the walk from the parking garage is about the same length as the walk from the bus stop, so I really do get there faster.

And totally unrelated, but man, do I ever love this song~ Funny thing is, I was looking for it on Youtube the other day (just to listen to it) and that's how I found out there was a movie about Bobby Darin... which piqued my curiosity and so I ended up watching Beyond the Sea this evening. Very good, actually - I liked it quite a bit. Kind of a musical feel without being cheesy or overdone, and also some very interesting storytelling with the younger version of himself... yeah. Good stuff~


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