Feb. 13th, 2011

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All right; so clearly, despite promises to the contrary, I have still been terrible about updating. So here I am, yet again trying to remedy that, with an update!

To save your flists from far too much text... )

In completely unrelated news, I finally saw the season finale of Tower Prep a few days ago, and I am really, really hoping it gets renewed. Not only did it end on a cliffhanger, but I was really starting to enjoy it, even more than Unnatural History. I wasn't sure where the show would go if they achieved their "goal" in the first season (being intentionally vague so maybe more of you will watch it!), but now I see that there is plenty of story to explore, and I want to know where it'll go! Come on, Cartoon Network, YOU CAN RENEW THIS SHOW. I think it did well in ratings, and was received pretty well among the critics? Go go, Morgan & Wong!

And finally, Nathan and I discovered that the new restaurant in town, Ghengis Grill, IS JUST LIKE FIRE & ICE. I am soooo stoked, it was delicious and I want my family to come visit me now so I can take them there before I move. We also watched The Emperor's New Grove, which was, as always, awesomely entertaining. So yay for that~

All righty, I think that's just about where things stand at the moment, and I'd say I'll try to update more again, but that's either a lie or it isn't, and we'll see which it is in the coming days, I suppose~


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