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Aaaaaand back! Actually, we got home about 3 hours ago, I've just been unpacking and trying to catch up on some stuff. I think it might be bedtime now. =_=



Sep. 3rd, 2010 11:49 pm
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Sean Maher totally just came up and reached between us for the elevator button. XDDDDD

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In line to pick up badges at Dragon*Con!

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Okay. So, I ended up working (on astronomy! Re-making plots I lost in the Great Trip Crash of 2010 or whatever I'm calling it) last night until about 2:30am and then got up at 7am to get the car in at 8am for an alignment re-check. 2.75 hours later, the verdict is that it's a wheel problem; swapping the tires only makes it pull to the other side (which I realize is kind of worse, since I drive more with my left hand than my right and pulling it to the left is easier, but nothing I can do about that now). So basically I spent $75 and 5 hours of my time only to be told that there's nothing they can do to make my car go straight when the wheel is straight, short of getting new tires? Urgh. I almost wonder if they can't adjust the alignment so at least the thing goes straight when there's no pressure on the steering wheel, though I'm sure that's no good in the long run and also even if they could, it does me no good for the 12-hour round trip I'm making this weekend. Also, did I mention? I don't even know how much new tires cost, but it's probably a couple hundred, right? I don't have that, after I already paid for all those other tune-up stuffs originally and the vet bills I'm still paying off. /criiiiies On the not-really-plus side, it's probably time for new tires anyway? I wonder if I beg my parents... Except I don't want to do that. --;

Anyway, now that I'm finally at work and HAVE EATEN (they originally said I'd be out of there before nine, I was going to just grab breakfast on my way in at a reasonable hour, not 11:40 I WAS SO HUNGRY OMG) I feel a little better. God, I was so hungry. I have meeting with Vicki in 45 minutes, but I don't have much new to show her because re-doing stuff is still taking forever and also Multidrizzle is not working? I know the IT guys were updating the stsdas package, I think that's it but hey, I need Multidrizzle to work. :x Also, my plots are not pretty because I have forgotten how to magic IDL into putting vertical lines at the ends of my histograms. Boo. So, meeting with Vicki from 1-2, extragalactic-ph from 2-3, meeting with Francisco from 3-4(?) on how to do the exam half of my TA position... eesh. THEN I'M GOING HOME.

Oh, also? My dress for the wedding was rerouted by UPS and will now likely not arrive on time. Which is to say, they're supposed to deliver it tomorrow instead of today, which means it will show up at 7pm tomorrow when I am no longer home. Did I mention my luck is crappy lately? I'm going to try calling them tonight and see if somehow I can pick it up in the morning if it arrives there, but I am fairly sure they only have afternoon hours and I'm leaving town by 2pm. AHHHHHH. I mean, this thing shipped the 25th. They just... sent it all over the country in some weird fashion and actually said they rescheduled it. Thanks, UPS. I know you love screwing me over, you just had to prove it this time.

ON THE PLUS SIDE. I AM DONE SEWING. I need to pick up some fray check for the ends of the tie at the back of my Dr. Horrible labcoat!dress, but other than that. DONE. OMG. So tonight I just have to pack~ Well, and do a million other little things, but that's better than trying to do all of that on top of trying to finish my costumes. Whew!

Okay. I think that's it on my complaint list for now. ;; Sorry, guys. /goes off to find some LUCK. Preferably of the good kind!
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Y HELLO THAR LJ. Long time no post~ But I figure it’s a shiny new semester today, maybe I should try to update or something, right? :D;


Secondly: I HAVE A TA POSITION! Meaning: I will get paid in the spring. I THINK. YAY. It looks like if I TA in the fall, then the money I was going to get paid via Vicki’s grant can get paid to me in the spring? That better be how it works, because not getting paid = freaking out and I don’t like freaking out every time I spend $5 or $10 here and there. I realize this is kind of rubbing it in the face of you guys that don’t have jobs, I’m sorry. ;; I’m just relieved. It looks like I’m jointly in charge of running Public Night and printing exams, the latter of which is new to me but hopefully not hard and the former of which is fun but alas, I have to give up my Friday nights to do it. But hey, I can do that for half a year or a year if it means I get paid.

Anyway, today I am re-learning how to make fancy PDF plots with colored and user-specified points with IDL. Tomorrow is re-doing the variability plots that I apparently lost in the Great Trip Hard Drive Failure of 2010.

Good thing: they finally fixed my A/C! It’s been leaking into my closet all summer, but they re-piped it and it shouldn’t leak again. Bad thing: the water stain my bathroom ceiling has developed seems to be growing mold. This is not cool. I’ve already told them once, but more mold has appeared since then. I have bleached the hell out of it, but it keeps reappearing. Mushrooms on my bathroom ceiling are not okay, yo. Complaining again tomorrow is a go!

OKAY. Now for some backdated updates!

About... three weeks ago (sob, I totally meant to update a long time ago) Diana and I went to AFO - during which we sat around and watched almost all of The Pacific. XD We watched 1-8 in one go Friday night, and then she came up on Sunday and we finished it out. Mmm, Pacific. Next up is either Band of Brothers or Generation Kill, the latter of which I have never seen but would like to. This will, of course, all have to happen after Dragon*con, when my life will resume being my life, because this week and next it’s going to be insane. I’m finishing up Hit Girl for Jennie tonight after I run to JoAnn’s, and then I have about a week and a half to make girl!Doctor Horrible and Supergirl. Sookie Stackhouse is definitely a go. I also have to get the alignment on my car checked, because when I went to Jiffy Lube... oh, two weeks ago now, they rotated my tires and messed up my alignment. And I haven’t had time to go back and yell at them, but I AM GOING TO this week. I SWEAR. It might already be too late to get them to fix it for free, but it does need to get fixed before I drive six hours to Atlanta.

ALSO, there was Celebration V. Which was lots of fun, especially since we managed to catch the Main Event (well, in the spillover room for the spillover room, BUT STILL. We watched it live on TV? XD), which was Jon Stewart interviewing George Lucas, which was fabulous. There was also a Hoth Ice Bar, which looked nifty but we did not go in (we wanted real food). We had great fun watching the droid racing, and also wandering and looking at allllll the awesome stuff one could buy. I ended up getting a Han Solo shirt, which also says Celebration V on the back so yay for souvenirs! Alas, I only took a few pictures (and they're kind of big because I just used my phone) but what I do have is behind the cut! )

Aaaaand... that is it for now. I think. Back to finishing my lunch and trying to catch up on at least a few tags before I have to get back to work, since I want to leave early tonight and get some errands done. Mushu needs more kitten food!
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So! This weekend was Megacon, woo~

Pictures, etc. below the cut! )

Today I had nothing to do (so glorious~); I went to the grocery store but mostly bummed around, wrote a bit and watched this movie Mom lent me so that I could mail it back and let her get something else from her Netflix queue. XD Tomorrow I think we're starting up True Blood - that should be... interesting.

And now I gotta go throw my laundry in the dryer. ::zooms!::
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So~ Heroes tonight was rather entertaning, but I think that may be because our conversation during said show quickly degenerated into, well, what Peter and Sylar were going to do trapped in a world with no other people. Because come onnnn, they were bound to get bored eventually! XD (Seriously, I only maybe started it. Maybe I didn't even start it. But then Nathan picked it up and ran with it, and we all know where that leads. |D In general, "nowhere good" is the correct answer to that.)

Man. As soon as I can screencap that episode. ::dies::

Also, Jessica Alba was on Jay Leno afterwards. We think she may have been wearing a mylar blanket. D: Seriously, did someone try to make her look ugly? Her hair was cute, though!

Tiff will be in town this weekend, yay! That may mean no shuttle launch (ugh, it is at like 4:30 am D:) but we're definitely doing the Renn Faire~ Though that may possibly push DnD back a bit, but that's okay. Next weekend is PJO OMG, and the weekend after that looks like when I'm dragging the G'ville contingent to it. >D

Anyway~ Got started on my Trudy cosplay by purchasing a flightsuit ($27, not bad!) and hunting down some necklace options on the internets, yay! I love easy costumes, and I love Trudy. :D Can't go wrong! I really need to see if they make toys of those helicopters, because I'd totally love to carry one around. XD Scott also mentioned doing Heroes for Megacon, and I could make Claire by then, I think? It's just three quarters of a cheerleading outfit, and I already have the wig. And then I may still do Ranka, too - eesh, I should look into a hotel room! Miss [ profile] violet_lane, we should talk~

ALSO is it totally dorky that I keep hoping AJ Buckley will pop up at one of these cons? XD I mean, I know he does cons, or at least he has in the past... :D;;;


EDIT: Heyyyyy~ I COULD GO TO THIS. With the sole purpose of stalking Ratchet's PB. Because that would be, you know. AWESOME. |D
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Oh my God, WHY IS IT SO HOT. ;_; Seriously. Apparently Florida is the sole target of global warming, and I am not okay with this.

In an attempt to make myself feel better (well, okay, maybe not XD) I figured I would show some more Dragon*Con pictures, because [ profile] valeriebean sent me a whole DVD of them and she took some fun shots~

Lewis, Caramelldansen, and Tyler the Greek monster? )

Also, I wanted to share the latest addition to my bookshelf, thanks to the fantastic [ profile] pergamond! (I will be trading her an English copy of The Lightning Thief in a completely innocent attempt to get her addicted...)

Percy Jackson, Nihongo-style! )

Finally, this is totally what our Monday nights look like. They're so high tech. XD

(See, normally Tiffany Skypes in to watch Heroes. I took this last week, I think, after the show ended and we started babbling on our end and looked over to see she'd apparently wandered off to get something. I laughed?)

For the record, Heroes could totally hire me to write. I see all their storylines coming miles away. It's always entertaining to go, "Yeeeeah, I figured," and have Nathan and Scott go, "Uh... what?" XD
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Okay, so! The long-awaited (well, maybe) Dragon*Con report, complete with pictures! Oh man, this is going to take me quite a while to write. Guess I'd better get started.

Dragon*Con 2009: Captains, costumes, and orange body paint. )

Anyway; I had an absolutely fantastic time at the con and I am so very sad it is over. But I have to admit, there is also something to be said for having nothing to do in the evenings. I mean, I can do stuff that's not D*C-related. Like write. Or watch Enterprise. Or make costumes at a leisurely pace. Wow. Imagine that!
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So for the record, I am alive. :D Dragon*Con was fantastic; I got to see almost everything I wanted and I got to hang out with my awesome, awesome friends and sister (who all live TOO FAR AWAY BOO). I acquired many things, including the awesomest sweatshirt ever (well, maybe second-awesomest, that Boba Fett one is pretty awesome) and a Force FX lightsaber (temporarily).

Also, I painted myself orange. Pictures forthcoming. XD Right now I have to try and remember this paper I read who knows how many weeks ago so I can talk about it in two and a half hours.

Somewhat unrelated, I got paint on my awesome capris last week while painting Ahsoka (I know, I know - it was the one time I didn't change into crappy clothes to paint). I managed to get the paint out, but in the nature of stain removers and my clothes, I now have a lighter spot on my pants instead of a spot of paint. This is not helpful, and it's not in a place where I can put a cute patch to hide it. I don't think Old Navy carries them in that size anymore (stupid end of summer not making shorts anymore). :x I wonder if I can fit into one size down, or if I should get the next size up... Man, I really liked those pants!


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Apparently, I am leaving the country in four days. I am so not prepared for this. XD

Okay, well, I kind of am. But there's still a lot to do. I'm waiting on my advisor to tell me if my poster is okay to print, and I don't really have a whole lot of work that needs to get done in the meantime (i.e., work with a major deadline) so I'm just trying to do what I can and finish preparing for my trip. And then I'm going to be working on costumes FOR THE REST OF FOREVER OMG. I've realized I have approximately two weeks (at best) at home before Dragon*Con, in which I need to finish Ahsoka and ejfuafiufhaiurwejdeOMG. I can do this, but it'll take some doing~ A lot of her stuff is done, but a lot isn't. Thankfully Jennie says I can use her sewing machine in Boston, so that helps alleviate a bit of stress. Plans are to finish Ahsoka while at home, and to put the Star Trek uniform, Anakin, and Obi-Wan together in Boston (along with possibly Ahsoka's bootcovers). Gwen is done for reals (pictures eventually) and Lewis is coming along and needs to be mostly bought anyway, so I'm going to be doing some internet surfing while in Brazil. I plan to stop in at Center Stage this week anyway to check on the Ahsoka makeup, so hopefully I can pick up some glasses and a safari hat for Lewis while I'm at it. Valerie's Franny is coming along amazingly, for the record~

So, this weekend! AFO was... well, we didn't really go to AFO. XD Friday afternoon I drove down to Carmax in Orlando and sold my Camry (yay!); then Diana picked me up and we got dinner and talked and watched some Venture Bros (finished season 2). Then around maybe 12 or 1 we got ready for bed, but we made the mistake of turning on the TV because AFO always shows anime and we wanted to see what was on. It turned out to be episode 2 or 3 of Macross Frontier, which Katie loves and wants us to watch but we'd never gotten around to it. We weren't incredibly impressed at first, but then suddenly it was 6am and episode 14 was over and we were falling asleep sitting up but OMG it was so good! So. XD We will be finishing that, eventually. (And there will be Ranka cosplay. Because she is SO CUTE and I want her backpack OMG. XD)

For the record: best moment ever was when we were watching Macross Frontier, and Ranka does something and Diana goes, "Woo, go her! She's such a Rachel! And Sheryl is such an Annabeth." Ahahaha. I have taught her well~ XDD

Then, since we didn't go to bed until almost sunrise, we didn't get up until 4-5 and so we got dressed and got lunch/dinner/etc.; then we came back and watched all of Children of Earth in one go (why yes, that was some rather amazing television o.o) and then it was bedtime again. XD Then Sunday we got up at 10 to check out at 11, went to McDonald's for lunch, and ended up sitting there talking until almost 5:30 when it was time to leave for the concert. ::dies:: XD Which was, of course, amazing~ I still think Demi Lovato is probably the most talented singer Disney has right now, and she put on an awesome show and she was so absolutely sincere and modest and awesome~ David Archuleta is almost better live than on his albums, but I think that's because I liked the rock feel of the music as played by a live band as opposed to the more synthesized pop sound on the album? Anyway, he's pretty amazing as well, and I think Jordan Pruitt went before either of them and even though we didn't know who she was or anything by her, she too has a very amazing voice. So all in all, like I said, it was a very amazing concert~

And so now here I am, sitting at work and if Vicki doesn't get back to me I may head out early so I can get all the errands I need to run done. I have to, in no particular order:

- Deposit bank draft from car sale
- Call credit card company about using my card in Brazil
- Go to JoAnn's, the grocery store (I have no food, not even for four days), Michael's, and Center Stage
- Mail off Bumblebee to Blanche because I didn't have time on Friday

AND FINALLY LAST BUT NOT LEAST: HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] cecilegrey! :D May you receive many Dracos on your birthday. ;D

Oh, oh! And I keep forgetting, but thank you so much for the letter, [ profile] februaryfour. That stationary was SO CUTE! <3
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Yes, it's me again. Look, I'm updating when I really should be writing. XD

This turned into PJO!fic!babble, so I figured I'd cut it because no one wants to read that. XD )

Anyway; I'm tired and I should probably go to bed for obvious reasons, but I don't actually want to, just yet. I will be in bed within the hour, though. I swear. I just hope I'll be able to fall asleep. :x At least tomorrow is like Friday, since actual Friday I'm only working in the morning. Then it's Orlando time, to sell my car (yay!) and AFO it up~ I GET TO SEE DIANA OMG. :D :D :D Now if only I knew which costumes to bring, aside from Gwen... (Maybe I'll dig out Tenma! I love Tenma~ OMG I could be Annabeth ahahahaha. Where's my Yankees cap? I'll just say I stole Percy's shirt.)
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Okay, so I am back! :D Well, I've been back since Sunday night, but busy hanging out with Jen (:D) so I haven't really had much time to myself yet. XD I'm not caught up on LJ or RP at all, but I'll try to do that tonight. Yesterday after I dropped Jen off at the airport I rushed back home and mailed off her phone (I made it into the post office just before it closed at 7) and then started some laundry and had some dinner before putting most of the stuff I'd brought with from IL away and setting up my coffee table. :D It'll be a bit weird not having that floor space in front of my couch anymore, but I can always move it easily if someone wants to sit there. Heroes is over for the season, anyway, so no more tons of people sprawling on my floor for a while. XD

Then Elizabeth called and ahaha, I hadn't checked my email but people were going to see Wolverine, so I hopped in the car and went to do that. It was actually pretty good; they didn't screw over canon too badly in any way that really bothered me, and the story was good as well! (Maybe more on it later, but that's all I have brainpower to say for now. XD) Then this morning I reserved a Disney hotel (but no tea, it's totally booked up this weekend like I thought it might be; ah well, we can do Downtown Disney instead) and I picked up my contacts at the UPS depot before heading in to work (it's break week so I could park on campus!).

A bit of Anime Boston-related cosplay babble here. )

AND I have The Last Olympian (I totally bought it yesterday at the Borders in the airport XD) but if I get to actually crack the thing open before I get back from Boston/Europe/etc., I'd be a bit surprised. D: But that's okay. The longer I put it off, the longer the series lasts! Right? :D;

Anyway, road trip pictures, etc. later (or you can just read Jen's account, it'll probably be way more interesting than mine!) and I'm going to try to get something useful that's work-related done today. Maybe. (At least I've got plenty done already, even if it's not work-related? I think astronomy might just not actually happen again until June.)


EDIT: Also, while I was picking up my package, the guy at UPS had the radio on and the announcer was like, "Hey, Star Trek opens this week! 10% of fans who are going to see it are going to dress up in costume! Watch out for Vulcans, everyone!" I was kind of amused. XDD Though I admit I'm totally wearing a Trek shirt. tomorrow. ;D
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Okay, so here are the amassed pictures! Some of these are mine and some are Dan's~ We only went on Saturday and only for a couple of hours at that, but while we didn't do anything massively exciting (other than getting Ando to make THE FACE at us XDD), I still had a really good time.

FX Show 2009 )

Aaand, totally unrelated, but I finished my BeVin gift exhange today! If anyone wants to see the wackiest, dumbest action figure crossover comic ever, feel free to click here! :D; XDDD It gets the "so awesome it goes to 11" tag! WIN!
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Whew! So Megacon was lots of fun, and pretty chill.

Mini Con Report below! )

I got home around 9-ish last night, so not too late, except my neighbors were being unGodly loud. I managed to watch the extra ep of Invisible Man they put on the DVDs (which was LOLtastic) with the volume turned way up while I ate dinner and then I decided I was tired and I wanted to go to bed. I retreated into my bedroom (where I could still hear the music, mind), and lo, when I worked up the nerve to call them and ask them to turn it down, there was no answer. >> (I bet he couldn't even hear his phone over the noise.) I considered calling the police to tell them to shut up, but it was a Saturday night and it sounded like they were having a party or something. I figured I would try to sleep for a bit and apparently I was tired enough that I fell asleep even with the music that loud, though I kept waking up (especially when there was this racket like they were... dragging something heavy across their kitchen floor? WTF?).

Finally around 4 I think they stopped and I fell asleep for good, though there was this thunderstorm in the morning (I don't know when XD) that woke me up again but then I just went back to sleep and I swear I tried to get up a couple of times but I kept falling asleep until maybe around 12:30. Then I managed to get up and I CLEANED (because I hadn't in about two weeks, eheh~), so now my apartment is vacuumed and (mostly) dusted and it is nice. :D Then I ate lunch and watched Dadnapped, which was cute and totally different than I'd envisioned, and... obviously I must have puttered around a bit and here I am. XD

Oh! But I kind of have a dilemma, so I figured I would put forth the question to my flist. The next con I'm going to is FX Show in April, and I am currently torn between two costume options. So! I'm actually going to use my paid member privileges and have a poll! (Fancy~)

Option 1: Ben 10 (the 10 year-old version, I don't think I look boy-like enough to pull off 15 year-old Ben though I still want his jacket XD)

Option 2: Dru Saturday

[Poll #1357965]

EDIT: Also, I realize that absolutely no one on my flist watches either of these shows. So you can just vote for whoever you think looks cooler, or whoever looks like they might suit me better? If you feel like it, of course. :D;
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Ah, the things I overhear at work. XD;

So yesterday I was reminded (again) of why I have to leave work early if I want to go to the gym - if I get there at 4:30, there are a couple of bikes and/or treadmills open. If I get there at 5, there is nothing open. Apparently even if I get there at 5:30, still nothing open. Come on, people, break your New Years resolutions so I can have the chance to work out! I want to be Padme in a month!

I was in a bit of a rush, since Scott had invited me out to dinner with him and Tiffany and Nathan at 6:30, so I just came home and changed back into my regular clothes and put together my sewing mannequin (:D) and talked to Jen until they called. We went to this Chinese buffet that's literally two minutes from my apartment, and yet I never knew it was there. XD; It was pretty yummy, and we actually sat there and talked so long that Tiff and I went back for more dessert and by the time it hit 10 and we were the only people left there, we figured it might be time to go. XD;;;

And then today we went to see Inkheart, which was really good~ (And I finally got to see the Half-Blood Prince trailer!) I'd meant to get up at a reasonable hour (i.e., in the morning) to work out and get some cleaning done, but I changed the alarm noise and apparently this one is something I can sleep right through. I kept waking up to find it had already been going off for a while. So I didn't get up until 1 or so, and the movie was at 2:30 so really all I had time to do was shower and eat and watch about 20 minutes of The Incredibles on TV before I had to head to the theater. Afterwards I went to the mall with the vague hope that I might find someone who sold Converses so I could at least try some on to figure out what size I wear. The first few places didn't carry them, and no one was being helpful in Foot Locker (and they only had black anyway); Sears had them in kids' sizes but only in pink, so while I could try some on they didn't have the right color. But then! I hit Kids Foot Locker, and LO! RED CONVERSES IN MY SIZE FOR $25. AHAHAHA. Sometimes being able to wear children's shoes is a very, very good thing. I was not going to pay $44 for a pair of shoes that did not have wheels in them or something.

I also could not stop myself from buying this scarf at Hot Topic. It has GIR on it and it is adorable. I think that thing that most girls have for shoes, I have it for scarves. Or something. XD

Also, last night I found Gwen's belt on eBay for CHEAP. And they're willing to mail it to the US! Here's hoping I win that auction! I was not going to pay the $40 or whatever that one other person with it I found was going to charge. Not for a belt. D:


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I don't want to work today, and it's only Tuesday. ;_; I'm really tired, though - I couldn't fall asleep last night for some reason, so I laid in bed until at least 4am wishing that I was asleep. :x

Been working on Bad Girl; the sleeves are attached, which is a major accomplishment since it somehow took me more tries than it should have. XD Tonight is the ruffles on the collar and maybe the lacing up the back. Then I need to re-cut out a few pieces for the skirt (ahaha, the problem with striped fabric is that if you want the stripes to all be vertical, you can't cut out a circle skirt in one piece. I know this now. XD) and figure out how to make it stand out like hers does. I'm thinking either interfacing, boning, or a petticoat, the latter of which would be easiest but the least accurate since she doesn't wear one. Jennie, any preferences? I think I mentioned this to you before, and you were okay with a petticoat? You might be able to pick one up at Goodwill or something down by you if that's the case, but I could also look for one or just make it. Otherwise I'll experiment with other ways to make her skirt defy gravity. XD;

I think for Megacon, I'm going to make Gwen (Cooper) and possibly Padme... I really, really want to be Ahsoka but I'm still stumped on how to make her headtails. I'm thinking some kind of lightweight base, then fabric covered with liquid latex? I've never worked with liquid latex before, I don't know if it'll do what I'm envisioning anyway. I've been poking around a couple Star Wars costuming sites for ideas, but I haven't looked really seriously. Maybe I should start. XD; FX Show is really late this year, maybe I could get her done for that.

I feel horrible that there aren't any anime costumes I'm dying to make. D: Maybe Anya? Or older!Setsuna? I'm not into any series too hardcore at the moment, fail~

Also, I have started thinking in Mando. Just phrases here or there, but I'm so doing it. This can't be a good sign. XD

Okay. I suppose I should get back to work now. Time to read some papers on how to analyze Spitzer data! Please don't be hard to do. D:
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It appears that the only new show I get tonight is Clone Wars - Zack and Cody and The Secret Saturdays are reruns. I think even Phineas and Ferb is a rerun. I guess I'll make dinner early and finish Attack of the Clones or something. :D; Boo, new year messing up my Friday night schedule! Hm. Maybe I'll post chapter 2 of A Chuisle; it feels so weird to be posting fic before dark. XD; (Though it's gotten dark by the time I finished this entry, so nevermind. XD;) And I really, really need to get that scifi flash fiction thing done before the 15th. I'm going to enter this contest, darnit! And < 500 words means there doesn't have to be a real plot... right? XD;

I picked Scott up this morning to take him to pick up his rental car and get his key so I can watch Nozimi. I got breakfast at Metropolitan Bagel (yum!) and managed to get the first (of a couple XD) boxes out to Valerie~ The girl at the post office did not appear to be very excited to be there. D: Ah well~ I also went running today! XD I don't run so much anymore (my mom yelled at me a lot about it, she's afraid I'll break my knees) but it was nice - the weather was beautiful today. And I even cut out the rest of the dress fabric for Jennie's Bad Girl - it's actually going to be really easy to make, I'm just paranoid about it fitting so I have a million measurements and I can only hope. :D;; At least the back laces up, which gives her some leeway. And Jennie, I'm going to try to get it done sooner rather than later, and then I'll mail it to you and you can try it on and if it needs fixing, you can send it back or I can instruct you!

I also need to look up when Megacon and FX Show are... I think Mega is actually before FX this year, or at least that FX is really late, in March or something. I am thinking I might try to get Padme done for one of those, though, given how OMGSTARWARS I am at the moment. :D;; Actually, I would LOVE to get Ahsoka done... I'm already envisioning how I'm going to use my favorite subtstance evar (Heat N' Bond FTW!) for the fancy thing on the front of her skirt. XD; I won't have Jennie's airbrush, but there are other ways to turn oneself orange~ Plus, I <3 Ahsoka. But in the meantime, I am having a hell of a time tracking down one of the droid blasters for Episode II Padme. :x I suppose I will just have to keep a sharp eye on eBay. Or maybe I could paint one of the General Grevious blasters... though those are out of stock everywhere I've looked, too.

... Okay, that's it. I think I give in. I am going to make a "costumes" tag. XD; And then just fail at going back and tagging ALL of my previous entries involving costumes. Because I am sure there are far too many. >>;

Happy Friday? :D;
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And I know it's totally late, but while I'm at it here are a couple of AFO pictures, featuring our double C.C. (or C^4, if you like XD) photoshoot!

Pizza and green hair ahoy! )
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And the obligatory Dragon*Con post! I'm sorry I haven't been around, but I got back from D*C and immediately died (i.e., got sick) so I've been kind of out of it for the past few days. Yesterday I slept most of the day, and had a lot of really weird DS9- and Enterprise-related dreams. That didn't feature Trip nearly enough, I say. XD;

ANYWAY. D*C was, of course, a lot of fun~ We did so much it'd be impossible to recount it all, and I'm sure no one wants to hear it anyway. But we got to meet lots of cool people and hang out with a bunch of friends and trek around in fun costumes and it was good~ We did a couple of panels: Torchwood, DS9, Firefly, Robert Picardo, and Ethan Phillips; we also finally got to go to the Miss Klingon Empire Beauty Pageant, which was rather fantastic. XD Plus there was the parade, the Shindig, and the Yule Ball~

Oh, but I do have one funny story! So we were sitting in the DS9 panel and someone asked the actors if they'd ever read the books, and wanted to suggest one for them to read. She said something to the effect of "I recommend Fallen Heroes, that was the best DS9 book by far." Of course, Valerie and I both immediately say "Oh, yeah! That one was the best!" and Dan just turns to us and says "Oh my God, you guys are so lame." XD But it really was a good book!

There really were a lot of funny stories, though~ Including Alan Tudyk's scripts he was always trying to pitch to Joss, a couple of very amusing stage kisses, and a number of stories recounting forgotten lines (apparently every time Chakotay takes a "sip" of coffee his lines are in the bottom of the cup, or they were on the armrest of his chair XD) and tales of trying to make Tim Russ crack up while reciting lines).

And so with no further ado, I give you about half a million pictures~ You have been warned - image-heavy!

Pictures! )


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