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Wow, I don't think I've posted this many times in a row in, like, forever. o.O; Or at least a really long time! Anyway, I bought a new coffeepot last night, a cute little thing for $15 that serves 4 cups, because the old one was 12 cups and I only ever make two at a time, so that was a bit of overkill~ AND they have Pumpkin spice creamer out, so I bought some of that and it's very yummy~ ^__^ And I watched Halloweentown II on Disney and OMG METHOS WAS IN IT. XD; I almost died.

And! I MADE AN ICON! For Heroes~

Er, I hope it doesn't suck. BUT. HIRO ZOMG. XD; I want more icons without having to resort to stupid ads. Don't make me do it. ::shakes fist::

Monamona I mailed your skirt today, I hope it fits right! It has a tie waist so you just wrap it around 'till it fits and tie it off~ :D; I'm almost done with Scott's browncoat, and I started cutting out Dave's vest! Gah, and I need to work on Fuu. Jennie, is it all right if I bring it home with me in November? (Ack, I have to get my tickets, I found a flight and Mom okayed it so I just have to buy them.) I hope that's not too late, I've just been massively busy and I suck. D:

Am thinking I'm either going to wear Sora (most likely) or River to Disney on Friday - I think Ritsuka actually had the most votes, and I love wearing it, but I checked the weather and it's supposed to be a *low* of 70 (21C :D;) and Ritsuka's all long pants and t-shirt and jacket, and I might die. >>;; So I pulled out Sora, which amazingly still fits - it was seriously the third costume I ever made, and boy, have I come a long way. ^^;; I had to fix the pockets, but really, it's held up amazingly well. It looks a bit silly without a wig, and my hair BETTER stay straight (ha ha, riiiiight), but at least I won't be too warm? River has the advantage of a wig, but it's not very costumey. But fun to wear. So right now I guess it's a toss-up, and I'll give it a bit more thought. The only other thing to think about is I'm planning on driving down a bit early to go to Downtown Disney (hey, if I'm going to pay for gas to Orlando, I might as well spend some time down there) and... I'm not going to Downtown Disney in Sora. XD; So I'd have to change into Sora, whereas I could just wear River all day and not feel *too* too weird. Ahhh, decisions. I hate you. ^^;;

Also, I hate Palm Beach for being five hours away and my schedule for having no time in it to visit Lisa. ;_; I will visit you somehow, and soon. I promise. I miss you! <3

Aaaand in Kingdom Hearts news, ZOMG I FINALLY BEAT DEMYX (as you could probably tell by the edit on last night's post ^^;;;). It... actually wasn't hard once I grew a brain and equipped Fantasia for Donald and Teamwork for Goofy, because seriously, Goofy beat the crap out of Demyx. o.O; But OMG, there was one point, in my second-to-last attempt to kill him, where Sora... I have no idea. He turned into a Heartless or something. OMG. He was all dark and scary and KILLING Demyx but my life was almost gone and I couldn't use potions or cure and I was THIIIIIS close and then Demyx killed me. :PPP But still! What the crap?! It was freaking cool! XD;;

[ EDIT: OMG. SORA SINGS. I nearly squee'd myself to death. :D;; (It's even better in JAPANESE. XD;) Does anyone else see Sora/Ariel? Seriously, Ariel pwns Kairi any day. ::is shot:: ]

... And this is the point where I should go before people start shooting me. ^^;; Have a good night, everyone!


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