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You know, didn't I promise to update more now that I'd defended, or something like that?

Yeah... well. XD I'm trying. So, let's see... This week has actually been rather busy. Actually, last week was also rather busy, as my sister and my grandmother came down to visit and we went to Hollywood Studios and Epcot and Islands of Adventure and bought fabric and I made Jennie Aayla's top (which will hopefully only require a little adjustment of her own). And while at JoAnn's I saw all this fabulous fabric I could use for Dany, which makes me really excited to make that costume as well, for whenever I get to wear it.

Then this past week was filled with editing my thesis to make all the margins right and Tuesday I had to do some outreach that involved Starlab presentations and putting together Galileoscopes, which I am so very good at by now. ;D I've also been doing a little more packing and just trying to get rid of stuff in general - I cleaned out my fabric and tried to get rid of anything that wasn't big enough to be useful, and I've mostly cleaned out all the costumes I don't plan to ever wear again. The current moving plan is to mail a bunch of stuff to my mom and then tow the rest of it behind my car with a U-Haul trailer, which it appears I can get for a week for about $400. This is much cheaper than moving it via pod, and also likely much cheaper than storing things here and flying back to rent a truck and drive across the country again, so I'm hopeful that it will indeed work out the way I want it to. This plan, however, results in me selling every bit of furniture I don't want, which means really everything except the coffee table, the kitchen table, maybe one of the bookshelves, and ideally my futon, though I can get rid of that if I have to as well. But it was going to be thousands of dollars to have a pod moved across the country, and I don't have thousands of dollars worth of furniture. So this seemed more economical in the end? Which I am all about, as I just received my last paycheck this past Friday and am officially unemployed, yay.

We also went to go see Transformers 3 last week, which was... interesting. I don't know that I have any strong opinions on it at all, but I have to say watching them tear up Chicago was fun. XD I'm still sad I missed the filming by a couple of days when I went home way back when or I so would've gone downtown to watch! I do have to complain that it ruined some really good fanfic ideas with more canon, but such is the way of things, I suppose.

And in the meantime, Amat has been horribly slow, which is a little strange but I think it's vacation time for most people, so I can understand that. It's probably for the better, because it means I'm getting a little bit of writing done, because I'd really like to write more. However, even though I have plenty of ideas, I'm feeling sort of lazy, which is not cool. But I figure if I just keep plugging away at things a little bit at a time, that's still better than not writing at all, right? I just need to do it and get back into the swing of things, because I definitely haven't written anything in quite some time now, and that definitely needs to be fixed!

Okay, I've probably rambled at you all enough, back to puttering away my Saturday night, yay!
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Alas, no Tyler today - it was kind of a long drive and what with today being Homecoming, Gainesville was likely hard to navigate (I have conveniently not gone anywhere, so I don't know but I'll just assume it was).

I had a dream last night about running a Disney Half Marathon. While eating butter. It was kind of gross - I thought so in the dream, too, admittedly, and also I remember about halfway through the race they piled us onto a bus and took us to the second half of the race. It was kind of strange, and suffice to say, I was not so excited about getting up and running this afternoon all over again. XD; But I did! SO THERE.

And then I spent most of the rest of the evening sewing, and therefore got Kim's pants mostly done (just need to add the back pockets and the snaps) and the belt also mostly done (just need to separate it into "pouches" and add the snaps and buckle). Then I need to shorten the shirt and make her other pouch and I'm done! :D I just wanted to get at least most of it done before tomorrow, since I'll be out of town all weekend and then my grandmother will be here until early on Thursday. Hopefully she won't mind me sewing at least a little, and she knows I have to go to work at least a few days, so hopefully next week will be pretty productive! This weekend is out, we're spending it in Orlando~ :D;

... And really I think that's it. Off to do a couple more things before making myself get to bed by three! Because I still have to pack tomorrow before I head out of here at one.
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I fear I may be getting sick. ;; I have been sneezy and sniffly all day. This is not cool! In fact, I would really like a hot chocolate or something, but I figure I may go haunt my usual Starbucks this evening and get something warm and yummy to drink then while I write up the variability section of my thesis. Because today has been spent making my variability program all pretty and useful and fancy, and now I'm just... redoing that twelve times for each of my clusters. Ahhh, so many clusters.

Also, for the record? UPS showed up at 8:30pm the other day. 8:30. They're only supposed to deliver from 9-7, and when I got sick of waiting for the guy I left at 7:30 to run errands and just managed to catch him leaving my building when I got home at 8:30. Geez. I really wish they'd just come before 5 and leave it at my apartment office. :x I suppose I should be grateful they even attempted to deliver my package on Tuesday, but still. It's the principle of the thing or... something. If you can't deliver it within the hours you say you will, then get another truck? IDK.

But since I did get to go out, I now own the new Mercedes Lackey book and the new Rick Riordan book, which I am hoping is more engaging (to me) than The Kane Chronicles because that one... just didn't suck me in as much. It's not like the plot is boring (yes, is, I'm still not done with it >>), but I just wasn't quite as engaged. I also still have to finish the second Artemis Fowl book (again... plot's good, but I'm not dying to read it) and I also kind of went a little crazy on Amazon and ordered Sid Phillips' book because, well. SID. :D;;

Tyler is coming to visit tomorrow! As it is also Homecoming weekend, I think I will attempt to steer clear of the University, and probably that whole side of town. I guess I can spend the rest of the day writing up stuff and finishing my costume (oh, I should work on that tonight, too). At least the pants are mostly done - just have to put on the side pockets and the zipper and close them up~ I've actually gotten pretty good at pants, I think? :D And then I have to make the belt, but that's not hard, either. Just a lot of snaps. XD

Okay, back to work now, to hopefully get this program updated for a few more clusters before I call it quits and go running and attempt not to drip too much. :x
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I have decided that I might as well give up on ever trying to get up on Monday mornings - it never seems to happen. :x And I even wanted to get up this morning, at least relatively so! Siiiigh. At least this week I'm mostly planning on doing some writing thesis-wise, and that can be done from anywhere. But I do need access to Trip so that I can make my tables and stuff. So right now I am sitting Starbucks until it closes at eleven and writing allll about determining cluster membership based on radial profiles of galaxy positions. Riveting, I know, right? ;D

... And someone has put on the oldies CD here. XD Fabulous~

I believe I have decided to do Kim Possible for Mickey's Not-So-Scary this year; the original thinking was that I had most of the costume since I've been Ron, but upon inspection I need new pants and a different-colored belt and a wig. Ah well - wig is ordered, and pants aren't that hard to make and I have the fabric at least to make the belt. So the plan is to get fabric tomorrow for the pants, and spend evenings this week (except Wednesday, likely, since that's Angel/SAAB night now that we've run out of True Blood) getting that in order. I hope Disney is okay with me wearing a crop top, as I was just going to hem Ron's shirt up a bit, though I can always just pin it in case they care? Or cut it pretty low, which is more likely what's going to happen. She is a Disney character, after all... though maybe I should triple-check if the park has a dress code? I really think it'll be okay though. (Haha, and to think, the reason I ruled out Supergirl was for the crop top, but that's really short and also involves a skirt, whereas Kim at least wears pants. And is a Disney character already, like I mentioned...)

And that was not exciting, was it. Not that I have too much exciting to post on - Saturday was bad movie night with In the Name of the King, which was... horrid. Just absolutely horrid. Then we watched Legend, which was 80s-tastic and less horrid though it did have pants-less Tom Cruise and Ridley Scott clearly was in cahoots with CLAMP because there was STUFF FLYING THROUGH THE AIR in every scene. Like, feathers and pollen and bubbles and sparkles and COME ON, we just want a clear shot between the camera lens and the scene! /dies. It also involved Robert Picardo in prosthetics. XD Sunday was Dungeons & Dragons, involving fights with very large skeletons, but I leveled up and now I can turn regular run-of-the-mill skeletons just by being, woo! And then there was Venture Bros, which was entertaining as always~ Though I worry we are running out of the new ones again, because I think we only get 8 or 9 because it's only the second half of the season airing now.

And then there was today, which involved sleeping in (oops) and putzing around, but at least running as well. And I was supposed to be doing work, here. >> I should get back to that, now, before they close up here. Later guys~!
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Y HELLO THAR LJ. Long time no post~ But I figure it’s a shiny new semester today, maybe I should try to update or something, right? :D;


Secondly: I HAVE A TA POSITION! Meaning: I will get paid in the spring. I THINK. YAY. It looks like if I TA in the fall, then the money I was going to get paid via Vicki’s grant can get paid to me in the spring? That better be how it works, because not getting paid = freaking out and I don’t like freaking out every time I spend $5 or $10 here and there. I realize this is kind of rubbing it in the face of you guys that don’t have jobs, I’m sorry. ;; I’m just relieved. It looks like I’m jointly in charge of running Public Night and printing exams, the latter of which is new to me but hopefully not hard and the former of which is fun but alas, I have to give up my Friday nights to do it. But hey, I can do that for half a year or a year if it means I get paid.

Anyway, today I am re-learning how to make fancy PDF plots with colored and user-specified points with IDL. Tomorrow is re-doing the variability plots that I apparently lost in the Great Trip Hard Drive Failure of 2010.

Good thing: they finally fixed my A/C! It’s been leaking into my closet all summer, but they re-piped it and it shouldn’t leak again. Bad thing: the water stain my bathroom ceiling has developed seems to be growing mold. This is not cool. I’ve already told them once, but more mold has appeared since then. I have bleached the hell out of it, but it keeps reappearing. Mushrooms on my bathroom ceiling are not okay, yo. Complaining again tomorrow is a go!

OKAY. Now for some backdated updates!

About... three weeks ago (sob, I totally meant to update a long time ago) Diana and I went to AFO - during which we sat around and watched almost all of The Pacific. XD We watched 1-8 in one go Friday night, and then she came up on Sunday and we finished it out. Mmm, Pacific. Next up is either Band of Brothers or Generation Kill, the latter of which I have never seen but would like to. This will, of course, all have to happen after Dragon*con, when my life will resume being my life, because this week and next it’s going to be insane. I’m finishing up Hit Girl for Jennie tonight after I run to JoAnn’s, and then I have about a week and a half to make girl!Doctor Horrible and Supergirl. Sookie Stackhouse is definitely a go. I also have to get the alignment on my car checked, because when I went to Jiffy Lube... oh, two weeks ago now, they rotated my tires and messed up my alignment. And I haven’t had time to go back and yell at them, but I AM GOING TO this week. I SWEAR. It might already be too late to get them to fix it for free, but it does need to get fixed before I drive six hours to Atlanta.

ALSO, there was Celebration V. Which was lots of fun, especially since we managed to catch the Main Event (well, in the spillover room for the spillover room, BUT STILL. We watched it live on TV? XD), which was Jon Stewart interviewing George Lucas, which was fabulous. There was also a Hoth Ice Bar, which looked nifty but we did not go in (we wanted real food). We had great fun watching the droid racing, and also wandering and looking at allllll the awesome stuff one could buy. I ended up getting a Han Solo shirt, which also says Celebration V on the back so yay for souvenirs! Alas, I only took a few pictures (and they're kind of big because I just used my phone) but what I do have is behind the cut! )

Aaaaand... that is it for now. I think. Back to finishing my lunch and trying to catch up on at least a few tags before I have to get back to work, since I want to leave early tonight and get some errands done. Mushu needs more kitten food!
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So before the day is out, I would like to wish a very happy actual birthday to [ profile] link621! :D I have been so bad about cards this year, but I hope you had a good one~ <3

Let's see... I spent the weekend feeding my cat, which is really a lot harder than it sounds when she turns her nose up at anything I put in front of her. Which means I just make her hate me every few hours when I force it into her, but hey, she ate a little bit of tuna on her own today! I AM HOPEFUL. At least she's still wandering around and drinking water too, though it's still hella weird to have a quiet cat. >>

Saturday we went to go see the new Karate Kid, which was really quite good. I mean, it probably helpd that I just saw the original for the first time two weeks ago (I know, I'm a loser), but that just made it easier to spot the parallels and script similarities all the more~ Anyway, it was an enjoyable movie, so yay? Then there was a giant thunderstorm just as we were getting out, but I made it into the Starbucks without getting too soaked and tried a dark cherry mocha frappuccino (recommended by Jen, and they are yummy~) and read some more of The Red Pyramid, which I am still working my way through because, as I mentioned before, I am a loser.

Thaaaat's... really it for now. Um. I got a tumblr, but there is nothing up there yet. I don't know what to do with it, really, other than follow Pacific tumblrs. XD Maybe I could put up those pictures I took at the botanical gardens? I really would like to... I don't know, do more photography. I like taking pictures of things, not being in them, and I think my camera's okay enough to play around a little, you know? Maybe I'll start doing that on the weekends - along with making all those costumes I really need to get started on!

Anyway; today there was very little motivation to get things done, though I swear I tried. Tomorrow will be better, I hope!
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Okay, so at least I finally figured out why my program wasn't working. One, I was counting half the galaxies twice, and two, I needed to do the area of a ring, not of a circle. Ahahaha. I am dumb. :D;

Anyway, the point of this post! Trudy makeup test run successful! )
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ZOMG WHY IS DISNEY MANIA 7 NOT OUT YET. Mitchel Musso doing Stand Out? Drew Seeley doing Her Voice? OMG OMG OMG OMG OMGGGGGG~

... Okay, March 9. I can live that long. That's soon. Eek.

So anyway~ Went to see Avatar again today; it's no longer in 3D, but hey, at least I located my free movie ticket so I didn't have to pay for it. And it's not like I haven't seen it three times in 3D already. I think I should stop going to see that movie now. XD (I mean, that's... twelve hours of my life, James Cameron. But oh, Jake Sully, you make it so worth it, ILU~) Though can I just point out, it's kind of... amazing, to me, how some things I make Jake say at Amat actually end up being stuff he does say in the movie (e.g., he uses "Doc" instead of "Doctor", I swear I didn't remember that, I just thought it sounded like something he would use!). It's kind of like how Percy in my fic ended up thinking things that I didn't mean him to think and then re-reading some of the books and realizing that hey, that was exactly right! Either I am awesome at characters or I have a memory that doesn't know it's remembering things. I think my vote is more likely on the latter... XD; Speaking of, I should go see Percy Jackson again - I've got to drag [ profile] violet_lane, anyway.

Anyway, I spent most of the rest of the day sewing - Claire is mostly done and I just have to tailor Trudy's tank top and make her necklaces, though I might still take in the flight suit if I have time. The makeup for that is ordered, though I still am not sure what the whole face looks like, since I only ever get half of it in the promo pix. I tried to study it during the movie, but you only see her whole face with the warpaint for, like, two seconds, so I'll just have to make it up. Ah well - I also realized there's feathers in her hair, so while I may just cannibalize a cat toy for some (Sashi doesn't like the ones with feathers anyway - at least, not as much as she likes catnip), I might break down and go look for more accurate-looking feathers if I have time. We'll see. It's just a tiny pheasant feather - I have something close, but not exact. It's still a bit of a ghetto costume anyway, so we'll see. Though I might rewear it to FX Show - we'll see~

In the meantime, since I'm pretty much caught up on Big Bang Theory, I've started re-watching Forever Knight, which is so nineties-tastic it's painful and hilarious all at once. XD Also, all the extras are so Canadian. XD Not that I mean any offense to Canadians at all! It's just they have accents that the main cast don't. :D; (Well, Geraint Wyn-Davies kind of has one, but not as thick as the extras'.) Anyway, I still think it's kind of random how the only reason I knew about the show in the first place was because Dad does Jon Kapelos' taxes. XD

Oh, hello, Avatar theme. I did not even pick you to play. >>;
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So~ Heroes tonight was rather entertaning, but I think that may be because our conversation during said show quickly degenerated into, well, what Peter and Sylar were going to do trapped in a world with no other people. Because come onnnn, they were bound to get bored eventually! XD (Seriously, I only maybe started it. Maybe I didn't even start it. But then Nathan picked it up and ran with it, and we all know where that leads. |D In general, "nowhere good" is the correct answer to that.)

Man. As soon as I can screencap that episode. ::dies::

Also, Jessica Alba was on Jay Leno afterwards. We think she may have been wearing a mylar blanket. D: Seriously, did someone try to make her look ugly? Her hair was cute, though!

Tiff will be in town this weekend, yay! That may mean no shuttle launch (ugh, it is at like 4:30 am D:) but we're definitely doing the Renn Faire~ Though that may possibly push DnD back a bit, but that's okay. Next weekend is PJO OMG, and the weekend after that looks like when I'm dragging the G'ville contingent to it. >D

Anyway~ Got started on my Trudy cosplay by purchasing a flightsuit ($27, not bad!) and hunting down some necklace options on the internets, yay! I love easy costumes, and I love Trudy. :D Can't go wrong! I really need to see if they make toys of those helicopters, because I'd totally love to carry one around. XD Scott also mentioned doing Heroes for Megacon, and I could make Claire by then, I think? It's just three quarters of a cheerleading outfit, and I already have the wig. And then I may still do Ranka, too - eesh, I should look into a hotel room! Miss [ profile] violet_lane, we should talk~

ALSO is it totally dorky that I keep hoping AJ Buckley will pop up at one of these cons? XD I mean, I know he does cons, or at least he has in the past... :D;;;


EDIT: Heyyyyy~ I COULD GO TO THIS. With the sole purpose of stalking Ratchet's PB. Because that would be, you know. AWESOME. |D
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TIRED. Tired Tired Tired. =_=

Therefore, have a random list of things before I get back to work:

- Rifftrax Live tonight! This should be made of major win. XD
- Hopefully I can get to JoAnn's beforehand, because I need hair for Mohinder. He is rather cute, even without hair. Also, now I know how to make plushie hoodies. There may perhaps be a Percy plushie in my future...
- Speaking of Percy, there's going to be a game! I'm sure it'll probably just mirror the movie. I'm also sure I'll have to buy it.
- Except I have no money. D: Because, as [ profile] valeriebean reminded me, I want to go to Canada! So I better start saving.
- And, er. Buy Celebration V tickets. And look at what I need to buy for Bariss. And get new Padme boots. And...
- Return to Neverland was on last night. I love that movie~ :D
- Amat!Artemis Fowl is made of win. I like him a lot better than the one in the books. XD
- Also, Amat!Sarah Jane is similarly made of win. Ratchet likes her and I'm just going to sit in a corner and laugh at him. :D

Maybe I should make an rp tag... XD;

Okay, back to work. Gotta get everything organized for tomorrow. I don't want to look dumb! D: NTS: look up your Spitzer flux limits! Someone might ask. D:


EDIT: Okay, Amazon, I get it. The release of the special edition of The Lightning Thief just keeps getting pushed back. Are you sure you're ever going to release it? D:
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Went to a rather interesting talk today on the nature and possible manifestations of dark matter, which was pretty awesome~ Cosmology is fantastic, and I think I will always love it. :D (Especially when you get to go to talks featuring WIMPs, MACHOs, and the all-new WIMPZILLAs!) I have also achieved IRAC color-color diagrams of my galaxy clusters, which made me feel rather accomplished. Alas, I have to wait 'till next week to get ACIS-Extract and its associated programs installed, but that gives me a chance to ignore X-rays for yet another few days~

This evening I set to work getting Penny ready for this weekend, which I am happy to say only took about an hour to an hour and a half total. I love easy costumes! (Granted, I had the black shirt already, and I bought the pink shirt and black shorts from Goodwill. All I had to do was make the pink shirt smaller and cannibalize two pairs of leggings into one pair of stripey ones. Dude, I measured those stripes and made them proportional! Cosplay math FTW.)

Two more here! )

I don't think I'm going to wear anything horribly costume-y for the race, mostly because I don't have anything. (I could always run in Videl, but that's so obscure it's not worth it. XD) Maybe I'll come up with something I already have before Saturday. In the meantime, I just have to make sure I remember to bring Bolt this weekend, along with a lightsaber for Frank. And I need to tape Venture Bros!
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You know... I haven't gone to bed yet, and neither have my upstairs neighbors. The difference is I think this is normal for them. I'm beginning to think they really are just noise-making robots up there. Time to go running so at least the only noise I'll be able to hear is my own!

At least I got a lot of costume progress done, plus I cleaned up the sewing room and took out the trash and recycling. All that's left to do are a few odds and ends (like finishing construction of Lewis' epic hat and taking in my CHB shirt), and painting the headtails. Hopefully with the four or five layers of Mod Podge I have on there, the paper mache coating won't crack anymore. ::shakes finger at it!::

Woo, here's hoping I'll actually be back on a normal sleep schedule, tonight. XD; Because sleeping until 3 or 4pm is just not okay, self.

Also, today's PhD comic? Like many others, so true. XD
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Woo, Star Trek uniform is mostly done! )

Also costuming-related, I Model Magic'd the triangles on Ahsoka's headtails (I should take pictures) and velcro'd up the bootcovers, and put the second coat of paint on the buckles. OMG, this costume may actually get done on time. o.o; Also, toaster and gun for Lewis' hat, GET! (Ahaha, I so had to exert massive willpower at Toys R Us because THEY HAVE SECRET SATURDAYS TOYS. Waaaaaaaaaant~ I don't care if I accidentally spoiled myself for the ending of that show, it sounds so cool and I really need to find the end of it so I can see it.

Still lots to do, but it's actually getting done! Though I think I'm going to spend the last bit of time I have before bed working on PJO stuff. Still plenty left to copy out of the notebook from Rio! I really should be working on Ben 10 stuff, but I'm holding out for an extension on that. Otherwise I'll do it this weekend. Really!
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So! I suppose an update is maybe in order. XD The wedding was nice~ Warm, but such is the nature of August weddings in Boston. The church was lovely (as were the bride and groom~ <3) and the reception was made of awesome and win and glowsticks towards the end of the night, which was the coolest thing ever. Plus I met the awesome [ profile] minkrose (who was nice enough to let me tag along with her and significant other for most of the time) and [ profile] gnine, yay more cool friends. :D

Sunday was filled with fangirling with [ profile] skuldchan and [ profile] asphodel, who even fed us and took us to this extremely yummy Taiwanese restaurant <3. There was much discussion of not only Harry Potter (ahaha, I hope we didn't bore Yang to death with Alby and Scorp XD) and Dynasty Warriors, but we came up with the awesomest idea for a video game EVER. I mean, come on. You all know you'd want to play American Civil Warriors. Who doesn't want to slash Robert E. Lee and Ulysses S. Grant? XDD (Oh man, it was the funniest conversation ever. I miss fangirling in person.) Somebody needs to send me her iPhone voice messages of win. ;D

Then today I slept in late (oops) but I did at least get a somewhat decent amount of cosplay work done: I pretty much finished Anakin and at least got the sleeves of the Star Trek uniform attached, which wasn't too hard but took a bit of work because it had to be done in so many steps. I think I really need the serger to do the sides of that, though, since the fabric frays like crazy, so I will do that tomorrow. And I will do Ahsoka's bootcovers and finish model-magic-ing the headtails tomorrow when I get home. REALLY. Ack. I need more time before Dragon*Con. ;_; I just hope everything I ordered will arrive in time and work, eek.

I did also get a little bit of work done today on my as-yet-unnamed PJO fic (and holy crap I did a lot of writing in Rio - or, at least, there are a lot of notebook pages to transcribe). The lack of a title is really starting to bug me. I have NO IDEA what to call this one. There are a million songs that I could associate with it, but none have good lyrics that I can use for a title. Argh. I wish I didn't fail at titling things. Or that the only thing I have actually written and posted in the past week has been my totally random Sam/Mikaela/Bee thing. ::dies:: And now I have a Ben 10 fic exchange thing to get working on, too. At least the deadline for that should be after D*C, and I'm not even going to think about starting to post the PJO fic until after then, too.

Other things I need to do in the near future include:

- Get tickets to Mitchel Musso
- Call Stacie
- Get oil changed
- Write up that horribly awkward awesome Alby/Hawk conversation for [ profile] ass_tea

Okay, off to be lazy some more before making myself go to bed before 4am because I think I have to get up at 8 or 9 or something to get to the airport in time to catch my flight. I should probably check that.
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So! Now it's time for a Boston update~ Starting with my arrival on Wednesday afternoon, after a two-hour nap from 3-5am Tuesday night/Wednesday morning before driving to the Orlando airport. I really need to fly JetBlue more often - they are AWESOME. Tons of legroom (well, more than the usual, anyway XD) and FREE SNACKS and COKE ZERO and TV. Woo!

Anyhoo, after a pretty uneventful flight, I get to Jennie's. )

This morning - er, well, afternoon, I got up around 12:30 and headed over to Harvard Square to pick up some presents and a frozen matcha from Tealuxe, yum~ Then I stopped at Star Market on the way back for some food for the rest of the week and managed to get it back here without too much trouble. Then there was dinner and more Enterprise, and a nice long phone conversation with [ profile] noctaval. :D And then I actually got most of Anakin's tunic put together (I'm aiming to have all of that plus the belt done before I leave for the wedding tomorrow, we'll see if I can get up IN THE AM PLEASE, SELF.

And randomly, someone's puppy is home alone or something and it has been whining loudly since I got here. Now, I feel somewhat bad for the poor thing, but it's also really started to get on my nerves. :x Said person needs to come home and pay attention to their dog! It kept waking me up last night. Thankfully it appears to have stopped this evening. I hope it stays stopped, as it means both a happy dog and a happy Ali-chan.

Okay, off to pin the band on Anakin's tunic (maybe) and (more likely) read some more SamxBee~ XD
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I know, just what you want to see - another update from me when I claim to have a million things to do (except I really do...) Today was pretty interesting, though, and apparently I feel the need to chronicle it or something. XD;

I ran a whole bunch of errands, though just before leaving I discovered my air conditioner is leaking into my closet again. That hasn't happened in a few years, but is certainly annoying and required the moving around of many items which are now sitting in my already-cramped hallway. I guess I'll just have to report it tomorrow and hope they do something about it sooner rather than later. And give Scott the heads-up.

I went shorts-hunting for Lewis and Penny; apparently I've missed shorts season and all the pants are out now, great. I think I may have to do some Old Navy online hunting, because I'd really rather not make Lewis' shorts if I don't have to. That's just one more thing I totally don't have time to do. Anyway, I got a bunch of random stuff I probably don't need, but at least I got the rest of the stuff I need for the Anakin costume; they didn't have the exact stuff I wanted, but there was something close enough and I had a 40% off coupon, which really helped~ Now to get to work on that! I think it'll be coming to Boston with me, along with the Ahsoka boots and the Star Trek uniform... I'm totally going to have to check a bag with all the sewing supplies I want to bring. I don't think you can carry on glue guns and pins and needles... XD

I also stopped at the grocery store and picked up like a ton of slightly-ripe bananas for fifty cents... the guy working in produce really wanted to get rid of them, and for fifty cents I'm sure I'll eat at least my money's worth. XD I guess I won't be missing Brazil overly much at least food-wise, even if bananas do taste different down there. (Especially in pizza form. XD)

Anyway, I picked up Transformers at Wal-Mart while I was there for $13 because, um, why not. I also picked up The Red Badge of Courage for $5, because come on, how could it be bad for $5? I love that book~ Not as much as All Quiet on the Western Front - which I probably would also have gotten for $5 except it was the color remake, and that's no fun. I want the original black-and-white 1930's version. One day I swear I will get it!

I didn't get to work on Ahsoka's headtails much today - just a little, trying to form them better to my head so I can get the real work done tomorrow. I also started making bootcover patterns, but I didn't get too far. I did at least try out the makeup I got, which gave mixed results: creme makeup will work just fine, I think, but the shades I got aren't quite right. So then I spent about an hour searching online for the right shade that was recommended to me, so here's hoping that'll work on my stupidly weird-colored skin. >>;

So anyway, I ate dinner and watched Transformers somewhere in there. It, uh, made so much more sense the second time around (which is sad - I only saw it for the first time less than a month ago XD). I think it also helped that I have read chapters and chapters of that awesome fic, though it did not help in the respect that I kept shipping Sam and Bee and can I just OT3 them with Mikaela? I think that works, right? XD Mikaela is actually pretty damn cool. Sam just kind of wibbles and babbles and she's all, "I'm gonna do this, help me." Then again, we already knew that. It must be why I like Sam so much - failtastic FTW~ (Though I think that's an oxymoron...) Now I want to see the second one again. :x Guess I'll have to wait for DVD, though.

Okay, that's enough. Oh God, I feel like it's just been one big long day since Saturday, which it kind of has. I really need to go to bed now. XD Goodnight everyone! <3
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I was going to post this earlier, but then I called Tyler and got at least some packing done. (Until his phone died? Or something. D:)

But! I think the hard part is over? )

Spent pretty much all day at work today - had a 10am meeting (after staying at Nathan's until like 1:30 because not only did we watch the BEST DND MOVIES EVER, we also spontaneously watched Star Trek II) and then had to modify my poster to meet my advisor's approval for printing around 5pm. Finally left with posters in tow at 6:30ish, then I went running and showered and cleaned a bit while I talked to my mom. Then I worked on the monster up there and called Tyler and packed.

Thankfully I don't have to think too hard about what to bring. Nice clothes, check. Regular clothes, check. Pajamas, check. Bathing suit, check. The rest will get taken care of tomorrow, since I don't leave Gainesville until 4:30 or so (yay overnight flights). It turns out I'm on the same flight as Leah once I get to Miami, so at least I won't arrive alone; then we pick up Dan and Izaskun and figure out how to take a taxi to wherever it is we're staying. XD (Gee, I should write down that address... Not that I have any clue how Rio addresses work.)

My previous writing notebook seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth, which is sad. I mean, I wasn't writing anything currently in it (and I am now extra-glad I copied that beginning-of-a-Ben-10-fic out of it a while back) but it has sentimental value (and a whole lot of XP planning in it XD). Hopefully it will turn up; I'm pretty sure I didn't leave it in Europe, at least. I think I would have missed it between June and now... Ah well, I have a new notebook in my bag and we'll see how long this laptop battery will last... not long enough, if I want to do some serious writing on the plane, but one can always hope there will be outlets under the seats...

Anyway. For the record, I will be out of the country from tomorrow until the 16th, so those of you who might regularly call me probably don't want to do that. XD Email and LJ should be okay; we've got wireless where we're staying and I plan to plop on the internet at night since I don't want to get mugged or something alone in Brazil. Whee. XD And let's pretend I'm totally not bringing The Lightning Thief and The Battle of the Labyrinth to read over the next week...

Okay, off to possibly sleep. I was going to write but I think I'm too tired. D:
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Dude, Nathan sends the best emails. XD Apparently we are going to watch some crazy D&D movies tomorrow in lieu of NGN; I am actually looking forward to a break from molding plastic. >>; I'm still hoping to have the headpiece at least fully sculpted by the time I leave, though it's definitely taking quite a while. Three and a half hours of work tonight, but at least it's mostly done! It was almost all the way done, but the back piece was a bit too small (why do I have so much HAIR? XD) so that needs redoing, but at least I have the pieces I used so I can cut out new ones a bit larger.

Ahsoka progress pix )

In other news, I totally wiped out this afternoon in the astronomy building lobby and wow, I have the craziest bruise ever on my knee. It's giant and red and scary. D: Ah well. Flip flops have no traction when wet. Am I the only person that goes flying? I've never seen anyone else wipe out on flip flops nearly as much as I do...

Man. I need more hours in the day. I know I owe people tags and whatnot, but I am too wiped out (yet again ><). Tomorrow. I swear. I hope. At least all I have to do at work (I think) is get approval of my last figure (which Scott gave me the code for because HE IS FREAKING AWESOME :D) and print out my poster at the engineering lab or whatever. Then I have to go to UPS and pick up my package because I've already missed them twice and I'm not risking a third time; they shortened their hours and now they're only open 4-7:30 in the afternoon, what's with that? Ugh. At least I can drop by Center Stage (first, they close early!), JoAnn's and Michael's as well before I head to Nathan's for the movie. I went running today so I wouldn't have to do it tomorrow. Ack. And I'm going to try for the Tower of Terror 13k in October; I'd better actually consider signing up for that. And reply to Frank; he sent me a nifty-looking training schedule that I'll only have to modify part of. XD;
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Apparently, I am leaving the country in four days. I am so not prepared for this. XD

Okay, well, I kind of am. But there's still a lot to do. I'm waiting on my advisor to tell me if my poster is okay to print, and I don't really have a whole lot of work that needs to get done in the meantime (i.e., work with a major deadline) so I'm just trying to do what I can and finish preparing for my trip. And then I'm going to be working on costumes FOR THE REST OF FOREVER OMG. I've realized I have approximately two weeks (at best) at home before Dragon*Con, in which I need to finish Ahsoka and ejfuafiufhaiurwejdeOMG. I can do this, but it'll take some doing~ A lot of her stuff is done, but a lot isn't. Thankfully Jennie says I can use her sewing machine in Boston, so that helps alleviate a bit of stress. Plans are to finish Ahsoka while at home, and to put the Star Trek uniform, Anakin, and Obi-Wan together in Boston (along with possibly Ahsoka's bootcovers). Gwen is done for reals (pictures eventually) and Lewis is coming along and needs to be mostly bought anyway, so I'm going to be doing some internet surfing while in Brazil. I plan to stop in at Center Stage this week anyway to check on the Ahsoka makeup, so hopefully I can pick up some glasses and a safari hat for Lewis while I'm at it. Valerie's Franny is coming along amazingly, for the record~

So, this weekend! AFO was... well, we didn't really go to AFO. XD Friday afternoon I drove down to Carmax in Orlando and sold my Camry (yay!); then Diana picked me up and we got dinner and talked and watched some Venture Bros (finished season 2). Then around maybe 12 or 1 we got ready for bed, but we made the mistake of turning on the TV because AFO always shows anime and we wanted to see what was on. It turned out to be episode 2 or 3 of Macross Frontier, which Katie loves and wants us to watch but we'd never gotten around to it. We weren't incredibly impressed at first, but then suddenly it was 6am and episode 14 was over and we were falling asleep sitting up but OMG it was so good! So. XD We will be finishing that, eventually. (And there will be Ranka cosplay. Because she is SO CUTE and I want her backpack OMG. XD)

For the record: best moment ever was when we were watching Macross Frontier, and Ranka does something and Diana goes, "Woo, go her! She's such a Rachel! And Sheryl is such an Annabeth." Ahahaha. I have taught her well~ XDD

Then, since we didn't go to bed until almost sunrise, we didn't get up until 4-5 and so we got dressed and got lunch/dinner/etc.; then we came back and watched all of Children of Earth in one go (why yes, that was some rather amazing television o.o) and then it was bedtime again. XD Then Sunday we got up at 10 to check out at 11, went to McDonald's for lunch, and ended up sitting there talking until almost 5:30 when it was time to leave for the concert. ::dies:: XD Which was, of course, amazing~ I still think Demi Lovato is probably the most talented singer Disney has right now, and she put on an awesome show and she was so absolutely sincere and modest and awesome~ David Archuleta is almost better live than on his albums, but I think that's because I liked the rock feel of the music as played by a live band as opposed to the more synthesized pop sound on the album? Anyway, he's pretty amazing as well, and I think Jordan Pruitt went before either of them and even though we didn't know who she was or anything by her, she too has a very amazing voice. So all in all, like I said, it was a very amazing concert~

And so now here I am, sitting at work and if Vicki doesn't get back to me I may head out early so I can get all the errands I need to run done. I have to, in no particular order:

- Deposit bank draft from car sale
- Call credit card company about using my card in Brazil
- Go to JoAnn's, the grocery store (I have no food, not even for four days), Michael's, and Center Stage
- Mail off Bumblebee to Blanche because I didn't have time on Friday

AND FINALLY LAST BUT NOT LEAST: HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] cecilegrey! :D May you receive many Dracos on your birthday. ;D

Oh, oh! And I keep forgetting, but thank you so much for the letter, [ profile] februaryfour. That stationary was SO CUTE! <3
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Yes, it's me again. Look, I'm updating when I really should be writing. XD

This turned into PJO!fic!babble, so I figured I'd cut it because no one wants to read that. XD )

Anyway; I'm tired and I should probably go to bed for obvious reasons, but I don't actually want to, just yet. I will be in bed within the hour, though. I swear. I just hope I'll be able to fall asleep. :x At least tomorrow is like Friday, since actual Friday I'm only working in the morning. Then it's Orlando time, to sell my car (yay!) and AFO it up~ I GET TO SEE DIANA OMG. :D :D :D Now if only I knew which costumes to bring, aside from Gwen... (Maybe I'll dig out Tenma! I love Tenma~ OMG I could be Annabeth ahahahaha. Where's my Yankees cap? I'll just say I stole Percy's shirt.)


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