Mar. 9th, 2011

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Oh gosh, I am so braindead. oo; I spent alllll day futzing around with X-ray fluxes, but something wonky is still going on. I think I know that what I'm doing, in principle, is right, but there is still something strange up and hopefully the helpdesk will be able to tell me if I'm nuts or not. I do have to say, while CIAO's webpages have not always been all that clear, their helpdesk staff has always been pretty awesome. Here's hoping I won't need them so heavily when I get to the k-correction part of this, but then again, it's k-correcting, so... :x

Right. SO NOW, IN ENGLISH. XD I think I am going to spend tomorrow not doing X-ray stuff for at least part of the day if I can manage it, and maybe take a look at my CV, turn it into a resume, and update my webpage and whatnot. I need something that's not brain-hurty after today. ;; Although I am going to go veg at a movie here shortly, we're going to see I Am Number Four in about half an hour. (Well, I have to leave in about fifteen minutes, really.) And I guess I really don't actually have all that much to say in the meantime, so yeah, there's that. Um. Maybe I'll have more to say tomorrow or something, when my brain has maybe had some time to recover, eesh.


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