Feb. 4th, 2011

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My phone gave me a giant scare this morning when it fell out of my pocket as I got into work (well, okay, that's not new - it falls out of my pocket on occasion). But this time, suddenly it decided it had no SIM card. ONOES WUT? Thankfully, Googling the issue (don't you love that Googling is a word?) suggested that said SIM card had probably just been jostled out of place - okay, that was my original thought, but where was the darn thing? Aren't SIM cards usually inside the phone, like, take-off-the-back-cover inside? You can't take the back cover off an iPhone! (Well, you as in I can't, I'm sure Apple can.) Turns out it's on the top of the iPhone - who knew? So after poking the little supposed SIM card a bit, lo! My phone decided that yes, it did have a SIM card, thankyouverymuch. Disaster, averted!

Really, I am so ready for this week to be over - thankfully, it just about is! I guess the weekend doesn't really count - Saturday is the Hoggetowne Medieval Faire and Sunday is D&D/THE SUPERBOWL, so I imagine I'll spend a good chunk of it out and not dong work, but that's what weekends are for anyway, I guess. Next week I am ready to get started doing things that I really should have been doing this week, but given that this week was mostly made of fail, they'll get done next week. At least I'm geared up?

Of course, next week is TESTMAGEDDON: PART 1. I have... four, wait, five tests to proctor, two of which I still have to print out, and I'm also giving a short talk in Vicki's class about my research. I'm also up for Public Night next week (I got today off, though I think it ended up being clouded out anyway), so I guess it'll be a busy week after all. Ah well.

In the meantime, I have been CLEANING (when I can), and have rearranged my bedroom closet and hope to have done the same with my dresser... eventually. I really have too many clothes, and I should start getting rid of some because I am going to have to move in about half a year. It's never too early to start spring cleaning, let's say? I think this thesis is going to result in a lot of cleaning for me, because I would love to turn it into fanfic (the thesis procrastiatnion, that is) - or even "real" fic! - but somehow I am feeling a little uninspired, writing wise. It's not for lack of ideas, actually - in fact, I have a ton. I just don't feel like working on them. I am hoping this will pass, because if it doesn't soon... I guess maybe I'll try forcing myself to write a bit each day. That'd be a good start, I think? I could really use the extra cash from selling some words!

All right, I think I'm going to go and do the dishes, speaking of cleaning. Or just clean off my kitchen table. That's a project that will never be done!

... This entry brought to you by CAPSLOCK, apparently. Happy Friday, what's left of it!


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