Jan. 6th, 2011

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Starbucks still has their Christmas cups. This makes me happy. <3

Well, let's see. Obviously I am back and alive and functioning. I think. (Well, okay, I know I'm alive. We're still working on functioning. You know the saying, "I need a vacation from my vacation? I NEED ONE.) The cruise was fun, don't get me wrong. But we had to get up early almost every day (we're talking 6-7) for either excursions or, on the day we got to Key West, to go through border patrol. So I didn't actually get much sleep except for the first day, during which we were at sea and the water was so rough that if I got out of bed I was likely to lose my breakfast. (See, normally I'm about 90% on a cruise while the boat is moving. Not 100%, but not bad. When the entire boat is rocking from side to side? I am more like 20%. :x But I suppose if you look at it from the right point of view, I got to laze around in bed all day?)

As for excursions, we saw the Mayan ruins of Tulum, which were neat, and we also went tubing through a cave system in Belize, which was awesome. Santo Tomas was really nothing exciting, but Key West had some great shopping and it was actually sunny whereas it had been cloudy and cool most of the week. The boat also had a track, so I got in two six-mile runs. Mostly I played sudoku against my Nook (and did not win a single game) and read some H.P. Lovecraft. The food was good, though, and so were the desserts (and I'm not normally a dessert person, this should say something!). New Year's was all right, but rather crowded since everyone on the entire boat pretty much tried to congregate in the atrium for the balloon drop. Overall, I think it might have been more fun if I'd had someone around who had even the remotest interest in common with me, but I did have an all right time. And got a tiny bit of writing done. And took lots of naps.

Pictures shall follow... at some point in the future. I will not promise when because I am insanely slow with such things as has been proven in the past.

I got home Saturday and promptly passed out for about fifteen hours... Sunday I think I spent the whole day back on the GLORIOUS INTERNETS, as I had not had 'net for an entire week. Computers get insanely more boring when there is no internet, as does my life (this is sad, yes, I know. But I enjoy RPing in my free time, and without internet there can be no RP). I also had dinner with Nathan (Bento's!), as it was the only day we were both in town until... a long time from now. Like, the 22nd or something. Monday I think I neglected to go into work, as I was still feeling worn out, but I went in Tuesday and got some stuff done (I think?).

We started out the new school year on Wednesday with no network on the third floor of the astronomy building - and I'll give you one guess as to which floor my office is on. The outage was originally only supposed to be until 12:30, so I just slept in until 10 and ate lunch at home and wandered in, but then it turned out the outage was until at least 2:30. And no network not only meant no internet, it meant I couldn't even log into my computer. D: But I'd brought my laptop, so I could just connect to the UF wireless and I did a little tiny bit of thesis writing before we met for Extragalactic-ph (which was mostly an open discussion on changing the date/time, and then we went over one paper, it was pretty chill). Today I again slept in a bit (mostly unintentionally) but got a decent amount of work done at least, so that's not so bad. And tomorrow I have to pretty much be at work all day because I have to get to Public Night early (7pm) because we have a special group coming at 7:30.

Hm... well, in not-exactly-news, I still don't feel like it's been Christmas yet, since I didn't really have one this year. So I am definitely looking forward to going home next week and having a late Christmas with my sister, dad, and grandmother (and my friends!). As a result of no Christmas (yet), I have no 2011 calendars and while I know I should get at least one for Christmas, I typically use anywhere between 2-4 calendars every year in various places. So I went to Borders and took advantage of their calendars being half off to find the perfect calendar - pictures of Pacific War battlegrounds and artifacts in present day. The photographs are awesome, and it even has the dates of major landings and battles every month! Seriously, perfect. It was on the first shelf I looked at, I just plucked it off and thought, I'll be getting this one, please~. I did look at the other calendars, but nothing else really caught my eye (they were down to the dregs) so I figure I'll just wait until next week to get my other one(s).

And thaaaat's... just about it, really, for now. I have a couple of resolutions kind of maybe in mind, and they all involve either writing more (or differently) and trying to improve my failing work ethic. Nothing has happened this week, but I figure I deserve a buffer week or something, at least.


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