Oct. 9th, 2010

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I may have caved and bought more icons. >> (Well, whereby "may" I clearly mean "did", as evidenced by the fact that I can use this new!icon without having to have gotten rid of any of my old ones~ :D)

Of course, more icons will likely mean I'll be around more, which is good? :D I mean... the sad thing is, I'm around plenty... just not as myself. XD (Ah, the problems with RP.) But I really would like to scale back just a bit - I am so very thoroughly still enjoying my game, but I really don't want it to take over my life. Some escapism is good, but I've got far too much to keep up with to let that happen all the time. XD (Though I owe some tags I want to get to later tonight.)

Yesterday's outreach event went well, I think - I helped run the arts & crafts, and we let kids make their own "black holes", which was... very entertaining. XD I made one too, but alas, it was cannibalized so someone could use my materials (we had these cool black martini glasses people could use, but we only had so many). The art tables were a big hit, though, and I'll probably end up running them again for the next event, or maybe the Starlab or the Astro Wall... unless they need me at telescopes. WOW. I AM A JACK OF ALL TRADES. :D (Or something.)

... Yeah, okay, this entry was kind of useless. And now I should be going, time to head to Nathan's for... some kind of movie night. As long as they don't make me watch Fantasy Mission Force again. Please, no. ;;

... BUT yes, this gets the "icons" tag even though it really doesn't have much to actually do with icons. XD


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