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This song is so very stuck in my head. Thanks, HGTV commercials...

You know what I love about perusing [ profile] dear_mun? All the awesome usernames people come up with for their characters~ It's really awesome to see the same character but with so many cool and original usernames. Or maybe I just think so because I am especially bad at naming things...

New A/C has been installed and the ducts were cleaned out today, which sent poor Sokka hiding behind the washer and it took me a while to find him. Amazingly enough, Mushu was much less fazed by this process. However, no movement on the cabinets has been achieved, even though it was suggested (because that's all I ever think these things are, anymore - suggested) that Tom would be by yesterday to install doors. I guess that means I can at least put the dishes back until Monday, because there's no way he's coming by over the weekend.

And in the meantime, I am randomly bored. I really should use this time to get some writing done... I did a little bit today, yay? I figure if I just keep plugging away at it... something will happen. :D; I am actually reading a really good book now, though - well, okay it's not really good in terms of amazing writing, but I am entertained nonetheless and sometimes I think that's all I really need from a book. Either way, maybe I'll read some tonight, too - I meant to read one chapter last night and I ended up reading three, I think. Eheh.

I have also finally managed to fill up 195 userpic spaces. I suppose this really doesn't surprise me. I do so love icons~ And speaking of icons - totally stupid, but I was scrolling through my userpic page and these two just happen to be across from each other like so:

I don't know, I just find it amusing. XD
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Whew, it's been a crazy day so far and it's only (already?) 10.

The guys are here to do the countertops, yay! I WILL HAVE FLAT SURFACES IN THE KITCHEN AGAIN~ Sink and dishwasher will definitely be completed tomorrow. I also spent quite a while on the phone with my aunt this morning, who was very helpful and supportive about job searching and suggested looking into things like freelance writing, looking for job postings for technical writing, communications, and PR, because companies always need people to write up things for them and that might be much more enjoyable than doing straight scientific research. I agree with this assessment, because I would much rather spend my life writing than just about anything else. So at least that's a good place to start! I will still be looking into (and probably applying for) some of those planetarium jobs, but at least this is somewhere else to start looking, which is very helpful and much better than sitting around and bemoaning the fact that I don't know what I want to do, right? XD

Haha, it's like a roller coaster ride, geez. Life, what are you.

And hey, I even found a prompt or two over at [ profile] capkink I might feel like filling. Yay?

All right, now I have to go keep an eye out for the landscaping guy and waylay him until Mom gets here to tell him what she wants done. Gee, it's almost like I actually own a house... except I don't. XD

Okay, but FTW, the guy installing the countertops totally recognized that the vanity plate on my car is from DS9. That is awesome. 8D
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Apparently this weekend was 0/2 - I was awoken at 8am by the telephone repair guy, who was supposed to come yesterday but didn't to fix the landline. Of course, immediately after I fell back asleep until noon, so I guess I can't say I didn't get to sleep in all weekend, though I probably should have made more effort to just stay up.

I did get a tiny bit of writing done yesterday - not much, but it's a start. I have a story that kind of sort of started out as fanfiction but never got too far, but I liked the idea and it can be very easily changed to be set in a completely different world. Plus, I have a character! THIS IS BIG NEWS, SERIOUSLY. I am terrible at coming up with characters, but this one just showed up, and I am not going to fail to take advantage of that. So I think I'm going to concentrate on that one just for now, because I do want to be working on something, no matter how slowly it goes. I would also like to start up a different kind of blog, either keeping up with the science one or trying something a little different, if only because if I want to start getting things going for a writing resume, I should do it. We'll see how that goes - in any case, I will still be here (well, you know, as much or as little as I ever am XD), so no worries there (not that any of you were worried, I'm sure).

I also have this crazy idea that maybe I could, you know, finish my epic Percy Jackson fanfiction that has been hanging for probably over a year. That might be nice to actually get done, whether anyone still cares or not. I know how it's going to end. I just need to write it down.

Okay, I had stuff to do today before tonight, and it's already four. Man. D:

Also. Totally random, but I'm not sure I like Cap's new uniform in The Avengers. What was wrong with the awesome one they designed for The First Avenger? ;; /fistshake
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Oooooookay. Clearly it's pointless to promise updates, isn't it. You know it's all lies by now.

BUT I am really alive, and I will say that I would like to actually update my journal, you know, more often than I have been (which is to say, not at all, so if I do it at all in the future clearly it will be an improvement XD). Of course, life continutes to be crazy, but I'm beginning to think there's really no end in sight, so what's the point in waiting for one, right?

SO. Starting with recent events (and then I will throw up another post in a while with older stuff that I actually did write up, because no one cares about things a month old)... well, there aren't many recent events. Which is good, right? I am currently back in AZ and will actually be here (I THINK) until December when we go back to Florida so I can actually walk across a stage with my advisor. I find this somewhat funny considering I got my actual diploma in the mail yesterday (HAH! THEY CAN'T TAKE IT BACK NOW!), but hey, I won't turn down a chance to go back to Disneyworld.

In the meantime, I'm still feeling burned out, but now I think it's starting to turn into laziness and/or apathy and that's no good. I have actually been scouting some jobs, but no luck yet - I admit, though, that I really just got started on that this week. Though, do you know you have to have a Master's in Library Science just to work at the Public Library here? What is that? I'm smart! I can shelve books! I can even look things up on a computer! Boooo. So my current dilemma is, do I find a part-time job (you know, Starbucks or retail or whatever) and let that float me along until I find a full-time, actual-paying job so I can move out, or do I just keep looking for that full-time job? I probably should do the former; the Starbucks kiosk in the Safeway a couple miles away is hiring, which probably beats driving half an hour to the first "real" Starbucks store even if they were hiring (and I'm not sure they are). I suppose I can put in an application and see what happens...?

In the meantime, though, I am really, really trying to get my writing vibe back - it always seems to come back when I'm on the highway and by the time I get home I don't feel like opening up the word processor anymore. It's funny - I don't want to write but I do want to write. Go figure, self. But I would like to start getting some writing done - preferably original, so I can submit articles and stories and maybe start getting paid for that sort of thing. Though really, at this point I'll take fanfic, if only because it'll get said elusive writing vibe back.

Hell, maybe I'll just try and be more consistent with updating LJ, that might help too, right? Plus, I miss you guys!
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So! I feel somewhat more productive today than yesterday. I managed to get up slightly earlier (~12:30 as opposed to almost 3 yesterday) and I went to the grocery store, where I got to have a brief conversation about Band of Brothers and The Pacific with the cashier, who was complaining that his girlfriend didn't want to watch Saving Private Ryan. XD. I then proceeded to make it home and put all the food away without melting (either the frozen food or myself :D;) and am now ensconced at Starbucks where I used my free drink card for a delcious iced mocha and have even written a bit more for my Pacific Exchange fic~ I fear I may have gone off on a bit of a tangent to do it, but hey, there's no word limit, it just has to be over a minimum and I figure no one's going to complain about something longer rather than shorter, right?

Of course, I am clearly currently back to wasting time by updating LJ, but so it goes~

Also, apparently all the midnight showings of The Deathly Hallows Part 2 are already sold out in Gainesville, boo. So I will not be going to the midnight premiere, but I think we are still going to see it sometime opening day. This actually works out better, because Pam couldn't make it to the midnight premiere but she can make it Friday night, so I suppose it all works out in the end. I think we might even be having a marathon of the other movies before then, we'll see how that goes. That is a LOT of Harry Potter. XD Though I have to admit, I'm almost more excited for Captain America in a few weeks - I mean, superheroes and World War II, how could you possibly mash up things I love any better, right?

Okay, back to writing a bit for now, so I can keep feeling productive or whatever~ Now I just have to remember to stop in at my office on the way home so I can work on those thesis edits tomorrow... I'm hoping to turn in the final draft by the end of the week!

Edit: Wait, James Badge Dale might play a soldier in World War Z? OMG this might have to be one zombie movie I have to seeeeee~ XDb
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You know, didn't I promise to update more now that I'd defended, or something like that?

Yeah... well. XD I'm trying. So, let's see... This week has actually been rather busy. Actually, last week was also rather busy, as my sister and my grandmother came down to visit and we went to Hollywood Studios and Epcot and Islands of Adventure and bought fabric and I made Jennie Aayla's top (which will hopefully only require a little adjustment of her own). And while at JoAnn's I saw all this fabulous fabric I could use for Dany, which makes me really excited to make that costume as well, for whenever I get to wear it.

Then this past week was filled with editing my thesis to make all the margins right and Tuesday I had to do some outreach that involved Starlab presentations and putting together Galileoscopes, which I am so very good at by now. ;D I've also been doing a little more packing and just trying to get rid of stuff in general - I cleaned out my fabric and tried to get rid of anything that wasn't big enough to be useful, and I've mostly cleaned out all the costumes I don't plan to ever wear again. The current moving plan is to mail a bunch of stuff to my mom and then tow the rest of it behind my car with a U-Haul trailer, which it appears I can get for a week for about $400. This is much cheaper than moving it via pod, and also likely much cheaper than storing things here and flying back to rent a truck and drive across the country again, so I'm hopeful that it will indeed work out the way I want it to. This plan, however, results in me selling every bit of furniture I don't want, which means really everything except the coffee table, the kitchen table, maybe one of the bookshelves, and ideally my futon, though I can get rid of that if I have to as well. But it was going to be thousands of dollars to have a pod moved across the country, and I don't have thousands of dollars worth of furniture. So this seemed more economical in the end? Which I am all about, as I just received my last paycheck this past Friday and am officially unemployed, yay.

We also went to go see Transformers 3 last week, which was... interesting. I don't know that I have any strong opinions on it at all, but I have to say watching them tear up Chicago was fun. XD I'm still sad I missed the filming by a couple of days when I went home way back when or I so would've gone downtown to watch! I do have to complain that it ruined some really good fanfic ideas with more canon, but such is the way of things, I suppose.

And in the meantime, Amat has been horribly slow, which is a little strange but I think it's vacation time for most people, so I can understand that. It's probably for the better, because it means I'm getting a little bit of writing done, because I'd really like to write more. However, even though I have plenty of ideas, I'm feeling sort of lazy, which is not cool. But I figure if I just keep plugging away at things a little bit at a time, that's still better than not writing at all, right? I just need to do it and get back into the swing of things, because I definitely haven't written anything in quite some time now, and that definitely needs to be fixed!

Okay, I've probably rambled at you all enough, back to puttering away my Saturday night, yay!
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Geez, so you'd think choosing a new LJ layout wouldn't be such a hard decision. Clearly I just overthink these things. XD I'm not even postitive I like the one I went with as a final choice, but we'll see. I mean, I'm the only one who routinely looks at my journal, really, so I suppose in the end I'm not really trying to impress anyone, right? In any case, I've also decided my profile is woefully out of date... so one of these days (ideally sooner rather than later) I'm going to update it.

So, Happy... uh, Day After Pi Day, because I was working frantically for most of the day and then went running and just flopped for the rest of it, and now it is no longer Pi Day. But I now have a revised and working outline for my thesis, and even some deadlines to meet (and I really work better with deadlines). Of course, I was supposed to get in my yearly report today, but technically it's due tomorrow so I will just do that in the morning, because I am feeling pretty wiped out now. Oh, and also? Our printer is broken. And there are still a bunch of tests to print this week. Whee? (It's not so bad, but I have a feeling that I will be spending more time than necessary printing them out tomorrow, because the backup printer is at least twice as slow. Hello, four hours of test-printing, instead of two. I think I'm going to bring in my laptop so I can sit in the printer room and get something done while it goes...)

As far as "work" goes, it sounds like I can get paid through May and maybe even part of June, but I'm on my own for July. I suppose that's okay, really - I can cover one month's rent, and I'm trying to cut down on the extraneous things I buy/do, though whether it's stupid or not, I'm not going to just stop spending money. I'm just worried that I won't have a job lined up by the time I have to get out of here, which will really suck, but I'm going to work my hardest to make that not happen. Which means job-hunting in earnest, probably this weekend because this week is looking a bit crazy in terms of both workday and after work activities. Eesh!

That's it for today; tomorrow Duy's showing Serenity (well, we did miss Can't Stop The Serenity last year) and Wednesday is Vampire Night (well, which really just means watching lots of Angel). Friday I have to be at Public Night, and then there are all the exams I'm proctoring during the week. AND I've decided I really need to get writing again, even if it's just small, short things - I haven't really written much lately (yes, I realize it's because I spend all my free time RPing, but it's fun!) and I should be. Especially if I'd like to look for a more writing-related job. So I'm going to go back to my very old goal of trying to write a little bit of something every week, be it a paragraph or twenty pages, fanfic or original. And we'll see how that goes.

Also? Chai tea is delicious. I knew this before, but ever since I randomly bought a box at the grocery store I have rediscovered this fact, it seems.
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My phone gave me a giant scare this morning when it fell out of my pocket as I got into work (well, okay, that's not new - it falls out of my pocket on occasion). But this time, suddenly it decided it had no SIM card. ONOES WUT? Thankfully, Googling the issue (don't you love that Googling is a word?) suggested that said SIM card had probably just been jostled out of place - okay, that was my original thought, but where was the darn thing? Aren't SIM cards usually inside the phone, like, take-off-the-back-cover inside? You can't take the back cover off an iPhone! (Well, you as in I can't, I'm sure Apple can.) Turns out it's on the top of the iPhone - who knew? So after poking the little supposed SIM card a bit, lo! My phone decided that yes, it did have a SIM card, thankyouverymuch. Disaster, averted!

Really, I am so ready for this week to be over - thankfully, it just about is! I guess the weekend doesn't really count - Saturday is the Hoggetowne Medieval Faire and Sunday is D&D/THE SUPERBOWL, so I imagine I'll spend a good chunk of it out and not dong work, but that's what weekends are for anyway, I guess. Next week I am ready to get started doing things that I really should have been doing this week, but given that this week was mostly made of fail, they'll get done next week. At least I'm geared up?

Of course, next week is TESTMAGEDDON: PART 1. I have... four, wait, five tests to proctor, two of which I still have to print out, and I'm also giving a short talk in Vicki's class about my research. I'm also up for Public Night next week (I got today off, though I think it ended up being clouded out anyway), so I guess it'll be a busy week after all. Ah well.

In the meantime, I have been CLEANING (when I can), and have rearranged my bedroom closet and hope to have done the same with my dresser... eventually. I really have too many clothes, and I should start getting rid of some because I am going to have to move in about half a year. It's never too early to start spring cleaning, let's say? I think this thesis is going to result in a lot of cleaning for me, because I would love to turn it into fanfic (the thesis procrastiatnion, that is) - or even "real" fic! - but somehow I am feeling a little uninspired, writing wise. It's not for lack of ideas, actually - in fact, I have a ton. I just don't feel like working on them. I am hoping this will pass, because if it doesn't soon... I guess maybe I'll try forcing myself to write a bit each day. That'd be a good start, I think? I could really use the extra cash from selling some words!

All right, I think I'm going to go and do the dishes, speaking of cleaning. Or just clean off my kitchen table. That's a project that will never be done!

... This entry brought to you by CAPSLOCK, apparently. Happy Friday, what's left of it!
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So it's gotten colder yet again - I know, I know, it's in the 60s and 70s now, grab your winter coats and scarves! What it really means is that I can wear jeans every day, which also means I need to finish shortening all my jeans like I never actually got around to last year. Only two more pairs to go! Running is also much nicer, which is a plus.

Of course, I had no idea today was Daylight Savings. :D; Conveniently, my phone and my computers are smarter than I am, so all is well. Of course, now I have to make sure to get home even earlier on days I want to go running, which kind of sucks... or maybe I really should start looking into whether there's a track at UF I can use. Boring, sure, but better for my knees, maybe...

Yesterday was the Astronomy Department picnic, which went pretty well - not a lot of faculty turnout, but I suppose that's not totally strange. It was cool but pleasant, and once again there were Adventures With Fire because astronomers and grilling just should never go together in the same sentence, apparently. XD But it was all good. We even took a paddleboat tour of the lake, whereby that I mean that Nathan and Duy peddled the boat while Megan and I sat in the back. XD Best way to paddleboat, if you ask me!

In totally unrelated news, I am thinking of getting an e-reader for my birthday - Mom said she'd be willing to chip in as my present, so I've been doing a little research. I'm not looking to replace buying real books (I'm always going to want real books, that's just how it works) but for travel and such I think it's a fabulous idea - plus, I can read scientific papers on it as well (pfft, like I'd ever do that... >>). I think I like the Barnes & Noble Nook better than the Amazon Kindle, but I was wondering if any of you had a preference? I think I've settled on the Nook, but I am certainly open to opinions if anyone has them!

Okay, I am going to finish this Hoosier fic if it kills me. /GOES BACK TO WRITING
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... Oh gosh how did it get to be AFTER ONE already? (Hm, it might have had something to do with the two tests I had to proctor today, now that I think about it...)

ANYWAY. As promised: The WIP Meme! Stolen from [ profile] februaryfour~

Post a single sentence or more from each WIP you have, or from as many WIPs as you want. Provide no context/explanations. )
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Happy Halloween! :D

Now... let's talk about Christmas.

So my mom has booked us on a cruise from Dec. 25-Jan 1. Let me also say that "us" means her side of the family: her, her brother, her sister and her family, and me. I can't possibly leave Florida until at least the 18th or 19th, and then we'd be coming back down the 24th. This gives me almost no time in Chicago to actually see the people I want to see or do anything, and I think I'd pretty much spend the whole time running around trying to see people and then be exhausted by the time Christmas and this cruise actually hit. So I talked to my dad about it, and I really think what makes the most sense is to just stay in Florida and head down to Orlando on the 25th and meet up with the family at the airport and grab the cruise transport to Cape Canaveral for the cruise. That gives me the week before Christmas to really concentrate on getting things done, whether it's job-hunting or thesis-writing or all of the above. I'm... actually kind of really looking forward to a couple days with no need to go into work (I'd probably work from home, or work would be pretty empty) and no one around to bother me and just... you know, some time to myself. I have been feeling a distinct lack of it lately, and I know that it's because I like going out with my friends and doing things, but even though I like doing that I also like time to myself because I'm weird like that.

So I will not be coming home around Christmas, but as absolutely soon as I know my spring schedule, I will make plans to come home for about a week in mid-January. Dad said they'd leave the tree p for me (<3) and everything. Hopefully it'll work out for everyone, and it's really the easiest thing for me.

Anyway. I'm just letting my nutella banana bread (OMG BAKING I KNOW, and thanks to [ profile] alibi2014 for posting the recipe!) cool before I take it over to Scott's, to join in the Harry Potter mini-marathon he's got going today. (He's showing 4, 5, and 6, though I plan to just show up/stick around for 5 and 6.) I almost don't really want to go out today at all and just putz around, since it's been a while since I've had time to do that. Buuut I said I'd go, and I'm sure I will have fun, and I will hopefully still get home before it's too terribly late (read: midnight) and get some other things done. Namely looking at that AAS job register and also at some writing contests.

I also wanted to post that WIP meme Ai put up, so maybe I'll do that later too. Hey, maybe it'll actually get me to finish something, OMG. Or at least work on something! That Hoosier piece I started a few weeks ago is almost done, I wrote most of that earlier this week at Starbucks. (Oh God, I realized I've gained a few pounds, and I don't think it's muscle. Clearly I need to stop going to Starbucks so much, or just start getting regular coffee or tea when I do. I really go for the environment more than the coffee, but I can't just sit around without buying something. XD)

All right, the bread is on its way to cooling and I need to stop off at Target before I go to Scott's. Until later, guys~
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Clearly I am making up for my complete lack of posting most of this month by posting MULTIPLE TIMES A DAY, YAY~

Firstly, I believe I will finally be moving my writing stuff! I'll be moving it from [ profile] exlibris_tenisu over to [ profile] antipositional; I've wanted to make a community vs. a writing journal for a long time now, and apparently my method of randomly looking up chess strategies as names has come through again! I'll make an announcement both here and [ profile] exlibris_tenisu when I officially move, and everything already over there will stay. I'll just be archiving the old stuff and putting all new stuff in the comm from now on, I believe.

Secondly, I WOULD DO THIS if it did not coincide with being RIGHT AFTER DRAGON*CON. And okay, I'm already going to the concert on the 8th. But still. ;; I so would've done that.

Finally... I am thinking of just paying the stupid extra $10 for 70 more userpics. Because I am always complaining about lack of icon space. I know I could totally fill it up. Hrm~
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Well, I have to admit that I like Starbucks' new policy of free unlimited internet. Not only do I not have to worry about a two-hour time limit (not that I usually stayed more than an hour), but I also don't have to keep up my gold card status next year to get free internet privileges. (Though at this rate, I probably will buy 30 drinks in a year, who knows. It's really nice to sit here and work on stuff, though I swear all the baristas are going to know who I am if I keep coming here so often. And then they will catch on that I always order the same thing and then I will feel silly.)

Of course, it is now pouring outside and I do not wish to trek out to my car until it stops. Though looking at the radar, it might not stop anytime soon. Hrm. And I have a bunch of stuff to bring in from my car, since I went to Target to get a couple more storage things for the sewing room, because I'm hoping that throwing more storage at all that clutter will help make some of it go away. I still need to look into steam cleaning my carpet in the next month, too.

In generic news, I really, really want to do some more writing. The problem is, I'm feeling uninspired. So then I just feel inadequate. I know I'm not (well, I hope I'm not), but I occasionally go through this thing where I hate my style and wish it was cooler or something. I think the answer is just writing more, getting in some practice and trying to change the things about it I don't like, but then I end up back at the uninspired part of the whole thing and we start all over again. Ah well; I've been working on the next chapter of my PJO fic, because I really need to finish it even if no one is reading it anymore, and I really do want to work on some original stuff. Preferably some original stuff that could get me some extra money, if I'm not getting funded in the spring. Hrm. I suppose that means I should be doing some writing of the scientific kind too, if I want to have more time to do other things in the spring for money.

In slightly more specific news, we saw The Last Airbender last night. )

And then I had a dream that I was roadtripping with Peter Petrelli and notevil!Sylar. That was interesting.

Okay, that's really about it. Time to check the radar again and maybe think about heading home for dinner. (No, I haven't eaten yet, this is what happens when you eat "lunch" at five. My schedule is so messed up.)
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... HEY WAIT the guy who does the music for The Mentalist also had a hand in The Pacific soundrack? That's just too great.

Anyway. I did not get any sewing done this weekend, but I did do a little writing - I managed to get a little more of the next chapter of my PJO story done! - and I'm trying to work on that Pacific fic now. I mean, I know exactly what's going to happen, I have half the lines written in my head, but just... getting them out has been slow going. Probably because I keep getting distracted. Either that or it's that problem I have where it's already written in my head, and it seems like way too much work to actually write it down. I need to stop doing that, seriously. >>

Okay, off to go attempt to work on that until about 2, when I am going to attempt to force myself to bed because I think I have to get up at, like, 6:30 or something. Maybe 7. 7 sounds better.
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... I just got a chain mail letter in a private message from ::headdesk:: I... don't even know what to do with that.

Anyway. Though speaking of fanfiction, I haven't done any real writing in soooo long and I feel like a loser. I don't know, maybe it's that I get it all out with RP or something, or maybe it's that I have less time when I'm hardcore into RP, but. I remember I think it was last year I tried to make a New Years resolution to write a little every week, and I actually did pretty well with that. This year, though, I have failed miserably (again, unless logs count...). There are a number of writing contests I could/should enter, and I really should get on that. I could use the extra cash, especially since funding next fall is still up in the air. And besides, I'd just really like to be writing. I did work on my PJO story a bit today (almost 1000 words!) and I've been rereading a story that started out as (admittedly obscure) fanfiction that I'd really just like to turn into a real story. I promised myself I'd work on that when the PJO fic was done, but that was way back when I was going to be done with that PJO fic by, like, February. I suppose I really should get back on the writing train, though. I've been hitting up Starbucks for about 1-1.5 hours every weekend for the past few weeks, and with the exception of working on Leckie's app, I think it's been helping, at least. There's just something about Starbucks that actually facilitates writing. Maybe it's the big windows. :D;

... Wow, that was totally tl;dr or something. Sorry guys. In other news, yesterday was filled with D&D fun, during which I made it to fourth level (yay!) and managed to make an orc stab himself in the stomach with his own sword just before I killed him. >D That was kind of fun. And now I have some Greek Fire in my backpack to use, should our Fire Mage ever fall in battle. We also discovered that our Bard is, in fact, evil. Well, okay, maybe not evil. But certainly not good. I think we spent at least half an hour explaining to him why cutting off a wolfwere's foot as collateral was not okay, and giving it back to her later was not going to do her any good. |D; Nathan insisted that he change his alignment from chaotic good to chaotic neutral for that one.

Ahh, nerds~ And now I am off to pick up a couple things before heading home and hanging up those posters that I've been meaning to put up for weeks now!
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At Starbucks, being a writer!

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Oh man. Tell me I can't do this. Because that epic!Ahsoka story could work... Urgh, except I need to get off my lazy butt and finish The Ties That Bind before I do anything, really. Really, it's Amat that is eating my non-astronomy time - I even had a dream that was kind of Amat-related the other day, I think. It was weird - it involved Trudy from Avatar talking to Sherlock Holmes, except they were both in Atia, which makes sense for the latter but not the former... Of course, speaking of Amat I really want to app Topher and I SHOULD NOT (at least until the thesis is done), and I also randomly want a Norm to join but that's neither here nor there. Actually, what I really need to do it poke Jake into posting or something, because Ratchet's willing to talk to everyone and their brother but I want Jake to get in some action, too~ ::fail::

Okay, enough RP babble. I'm sure none of you were interested in that up there, and I should probably finish my lunch and get back to work~ Coding, ho!

... For the record, Bloomin' Onion Pringles? YUMMY. :D
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For all my friends who are PJO fans:

Speculation tiem! You take a demigod (any half-blood, basically), and you grant them immortality. Do they bleed red still, or gold ichor? I was under the impression that ichor was the blood of the gods only, but I'm curious to hear what you guys think.

D: Thoughts?

Also, I am not dead, I swear! Some kind of real update... eventually. Really. XD
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Hm, okay. Time for a real update, while SEXTRACTOR does its thing (gee, who'dve thought that running it across the WHOLE GIANT FRAME might take a while? XD) Anyway, shuttle launch craziness aside, it's still been a crazy couple of days.

SATURDAY Adam came into town, went with me, Scott, Nathan, and Duy to the Renn Faire, then stuck around for massive amounts of Big Bang Theory and attempt #1 with Nathan to see the 4am shuttle launch. That was a bust - scrubbed ten minutes before scheduled liftoff, and then it took us three hours just to get out of Titusville and back on the road to Gainesville (a 2.5 hour drive).

SUNDAY was filled with SLEEP (well, from 11am-5:30pm), then Dollhouse and pizza with Will, Karen, and Nathan before the four of us decided to trek back to Titusville in the hopes that launch attempt #2 would be more successful. AND IT WAS~ Very awesome - the spot we were in was about eight miles from the launch site, and you could hear the engines (about eight seconds after liftoff XD). You all saw my picture~

MONDAY was filled with more sleep and then the Heroes season finale, which was good if not slightly anticlimactic. And then TODAY I have gotten little real work done, though I went to an (unhelpful) seminar on submitting a thesis (... and forgot to pick up a checklist, darnit!), the post office, and a GAO meeting before I went running and ate dinner. And now I am back at work to finish up this galaxy photometry and then I am going back home to eat more (I'm still hungry!) and bum around.

Hm. And maybe one of these days I really will finish that PJO story. >>; Man. I really do want to finish it. I just don't want to do the work. XD ::fail:: Maybe I'll be more inspired after the movie, WHICH IS ON FRIDAY ZOMG YAY!

Hm. Speaking of, though. I might have to take [ profile] cabinthree off my flist. IT HAS KIND OF EXPLODED. :x
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Woo, OCTOPUS LAYOUT FTW! I figured it was time for a change. XD Even changed the page names, why not? Camp Rock didn't quite go with the underwater theme. :D;;;

I have decided I need more Dr. Horrible icons. Perhaps I will actually make some of my own. I wanted to scan in a couple pages of the comic, anyway. Also, probably some more Star Trek movie icons. Because they are SHINY. Yes. :D;

Anyway, the point of this entry was really to squee because I'm a semifinalist in one of the writing contests I entered and forgot about way back in October! :D Here's hoping! I think they'll actually announce the results fairly soon; that would be nifty~ :D Not that the prize is a whole lot or anything, but still! Just seeing the title of my entry up on their page is kind of awesome. ::dork::

... Yeah, that's it. :x Sorry.


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