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Robert Leckie. <3 Who was not only a brave Marine, but a really damn good writer.

Happy Veterans Day, guys! They lined the main thoroughfare of Green Valley with American flags today, it looks amazing.
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Sitting in Starbucks with a peppermint mocha and a slice of pumpkin bread and a Republic Commando book. (Or, well, any book.) Seriously, there is nothing like sitting around in a coffeehouse and losing yourself in a book. I have often thought that is pure perfection.

Tomorrow is going to be made of organization. Today I didn't quite get as much done as I'd planned, because I was lazy and stayed in bed instead of going in to work like I'd meant to. I actually really wanted to go in, since it's almost kind of nice to be one of the only people in, but alas, sleep won. XD I did get to talk to [ profile] violet_lane and [ profile] hikariblue today, though! I also got some stuff mailed off, went running, and watched more SAAB, because, well. XD Because~

But right! Tomorrow I have to get my apartment cleaned up and get myself packed to leave at dead o'clock on Sunday, since I have a flight that leaves at 7-something AM from Orlando, which is a two-hour drive on top of the 1.5-2 hours I have to arrive before takeoff. Woo? And packing means computer files as well as clothes and presents, since I have to do some writing and job-applying and other things while at home. I also have to fill up the iPod with all my new Christmas music, and do an 8-mile run before I leave for the arctic north. XD

Hrm. I suppose that means I ought to get to bed. >>; Okay, gonna finish 501st (20 more pages! DDD:) and then BEDTIME!
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Merlin and Arthur, duh! (And alas, I can no longer support it, but I thought Matt and Mohinder were totally cute for a while there.)

I'm sure there are other, uh. More realistic pairings, or somesuch. But that's all I've got for the moment. XD

Anyway. asjdakjdfai MERLIN EPISODE 12. Was amazing. )


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