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Went to a rather interesting talk today on the nature and possible manifestations of dark matter, which was pretty awesome~ Cosmology is fantastic, and I think I will always love it. :D (Especially when you get to go to talks featuring WIMPs, MACHOs, and the all-new WIMPZILLAs!) I have also achieved IRAC color-color diagrams of my galaxy clusters, which made me feel rather accomplished. Alas, I have to wait 'till next week to get ACIS-Extract and its associated programs installed, but that gives me a chance to ignore X-rays for yet another few days~

This evening I set to work getting Penny ready for this weekend, which I am happy to say only took about an hour to an hour and a half total. I love easy costumes! (Granted, I had the black shirt already, and I bought the pink shirt and black shorts from Goodwill. All I had to do was make the pink shirt smaller and cannibalize two pairs of leggings into one pair of stripey ones. Dude, I measured those stripes and made them proportional! Cosplay math FTW.)

Two more here! )

I don't think I'm going to wear anything horribly costume-y for the race, mostly because I don't have anything. (I could always run in Videl, but that's so obscure it's not worth it. XD) Maybe I'll come up with something I already have before Saturday. In the meantime, I just have to make sure I remember to bring Bolt this weekend, along with a lightsaber for Frank. And I need to tape Venture Bros!
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So! I would say welcome to a real update, but I don't know that anything I'm going to update about is actually useful to anyone. XD; But here it is, nonetheless.

Sunday was made of football (woo!) and Venture Bros (double woo!). Although I must say, the Bears totally self-destructed and it was horribly embarrassing, alas. I mean, they kept false-starting and it was just ridiculous. Sigh. Then it was time for the season 4 premiere of VB, which did not disappoint. It was crazy! ("Oh holy crap, you're Nazis!" XDD) I think Dad was somewhat confused, seeing as I'd only shown him two episodes from season 1 and the last two of season 3, and then the premiere wasn't exactly told in chronological order and the only thing we had to go off of was Hank's hair, which is fine when you need to tell short from long, but then there were varying degrees of long and yeah. XD; But this season is certainly looking epic. Or something. Yeah. XD

Monday after dropping my dad off at the airport I came back and did my longest run yet: 7.5 miles. It took me about an hour twenty, which averages to 10.6 minutes per mile. The 13k is only 0.6 miles longer than what I ran, so I can totally do this. :D My legs are a little tired but not too bad, and I took today off. I think maybe tomorrow I'll do 4.5, and then 3.5 either Thursday (probably) or Friday, and then Saturday night's the race! (Hm... perhaps this means I need to remember to go to bed at a reasonable hour on Friday.) Also, I need to finish my costume (tomorrow) for the Halloween Party. And speaking of Halloween, the short little thing I was writing for [ profile] pjo_fic_battle is going to be longer than I thought. And may only be peripherally connected to Halloween, but I'm trying. At least it should prove to be interesting... I just hope I have time to finish more than one prompt. XD And I also need to work on The Ties That Bind; I'm a little stuck as to what I want to put next, since I need to pass some time in-story, but I'll figure out something. The next time I have a chance to sit down and write... uh. Maybe Thursday? Not tonight, that's for sure.

[ profile] pergamond is back in town for the week; this afternoon we broke out Gakuensai no Oujisama and had ourselves some fun. XD It's so much more entertaining to make the story up as you go, which is pretty much what we have to do, given our horribly incomplete understanding of the Japanese language. We first attempted to join Hyoutei, but after being totally snubbed by Shishido for Ohtori (well, no surprise there...) we restarted at Seigaku, which seemed to go much better. Momo totally loved us, and it took a while to win Ryoma over but we were totally getting there! It was also our mission to annoy Tezuka as much as possible. I am happy to report we were totally succeeding. XD Also, Fuji tried to feed us jalepeno sandwiches. Thankfully I think we ran away with Ryoma. (I'm not sure, but at least we survived, either way?)

Also, at work today I totally got IDL to do fancy things with errors and chi-squared and I think I may actually have gotten something approaching reasonable results for my IR power-law galaxies. ::squee:: I mean, I've got some overlap with optical variables and X-ray point sources - that totally means I'm doing it right, right? XD; Hopefully tomorrow I can finish that up and then I can get ACIS-Extract up and running and get those darn X-ray fluxes so I can move on with my life, eesh. And speaking of moving on, I finally got the paperwork signed on my Rio reimbursement. Here's hoping it goes through quickly. I could really used the nearly $2k they owe me! Because Delia's has the cutest star t-shirt and some kickass hoodies.

And finally. I went to Wal-Mart this evening and procured myself a copy of Revenge of the Fallen, because I had a gift card for almost exactly the right amount (I love how movies are only $20 the day they come out, even the fancy 2-disc special edition I snagged). Cue Transformers babble below. )

[ profile] valeriebean, I know I owe you a phone call. I was out 'till late yesterday (I made the mistake of reiterating that I hadn't seen The Dark Knight after Heroes and so it was immediately and impulsively watched) and I should head to bed within the hour, but I should have time tomorrow since there is no NGN! Also, I don't know if you'll even see this, but [ profile] link621, I've been thinking of you all day. <3
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So~ Uh. Another normal Sunday; woke up naturally at 2:15, seriously, body. You do not need this much sleep. No, really. D:

Anyway, I decided to get my butt in gear and ran 4.5 miles today in about an hour, which averages to ~13 minutes per mile or so. That's fine, since that's over halfway where I need to be in a month and apparently you need to be faster than 18 minutes per mile for the 13k, so I am not worried. (My legs might be sore tomorrow, though? XD;) I think I'm going to keep up the 4.5 mile circuit if I have the time to do it this week, and get it up to 5 or 6 in a weekend or two. We'll see how that goes. Frank's already at 7, but he doesn't count. XD

Also, apparently? You can run the race in costume if you want. Ahahaha, I'm SO DOING THAT. I was thinking maybe something Kim Possible-inspired, like green shorts and a black top? And then I can bring Rufus in a pouch or something? Hm. Any other ideas for Disney-related running costumes? Or I could just get a second Camp Half-Blood shirt and run as a random camper. XD I think Stacie might be coming down to watch us too, which would be awesome~ Then we could go to the Halloween Party! I need to pick a date for that asap. OCTOBER IS HERE BY THE END OF THIS WEEK, GUYS. WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN. o.o But! Tons of premiers coming up~ I wonder if there's any news on that next season of The Secret Saturdays. Hm. I should finish season 2. >>;

Totally randomly, I decided to revise my journal/Gmail/desktop a bit, since it was time for a change (or something). So I have a new layout, a new default icon (not this one, alas XD), a new desktop for Freedom (Ben 10 vs. zombies FTW~), and I tried out a new Gmail theme and we'll see if I can live without getting fed up with it. XD;

Aaand that's really it. I am going to try to get to bed by 2. I really hope it happens. Guess I'll have to finish my PJO fic battle thing tomorrow.


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