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Oooooookay. Clearly it's pointless to promise updates, isn't it. You know it's all lies by now.

BUT I am really alive, and I will say that I would like to actually update my journal, you know, more often than I have been (which is to say, not at all, so if I do it at all in the future clearly it will be an improvement XD). Of course, life continutes to be crazy, but I'm beginning to think there's really no end in sight, so what's the point in waiting for one, right?

SO. Starting with recent events (and then I will throw up another post in a while with older stuff that I actually did write up, because no one cares about things a month old)... well, there aren't many recent events. Which is good, right? I am currently back in AZ and will actually be here (I THINK) until December when we go back to Florida so I can actually walk across a stage with my advisor. I find this somewhat funny considering I got my actual diploma in the mail yesterday (HAH! THEY CAN'T TAKE IT BACK NOW!), but hey, I won't turn down a chance to go back to Disneyworld.

In the meantime, I'm still feeling burned out, but now I think it's starting to turn into laziness and/or apathy and that's no good. I have actually been scouting some jobs, but no luck yet - I admit, though, that I really just got started on that this week. Though, do you know you have to have a Master's in Library Science just to work at the Public Library here? What is that? I'm smart! I can shelve books! I can even look things up on a computer! Boooo. So my current dilemma is, do I find a part-time job (you know, Starbucks or retail or whatever) and let that float me along until I find a full-time, actual-paying job so I can move out, or do I just keep looking for that full-time job? I probably should do the former; the Starbucks kiosk in the Safeway a couple miles away is hiring, which probably beats driving half an hour to the first "real" Starbucks store even if they were hiring (and I'm not sure they are). I suppose I can put in an application and see what happens...?

In the meantime, though, I am really, really trying to get my writing vibe back - it always seems to come back when I'm on the highway and by the time I get home I don't feel like opening up the word processor anymore. It's funny - I don't want to write but I do want to write. Go figure, self. But I would like to start getting some writing done - preferably original, so I can submit articles and stories and maybe start getting paid for that sort of thing. Though really, at this point I'll take fanfic, if only because it'll get said elusive writing vibe back.

Hell, maybe I'll just try and be more consistent with updating LJ, that might help too, right? Plus, I miss you guys!
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/o\ BRB meeting with committee.


EDIT: Well, that went pretty okay~ We didn't beat the "You have no redshifts D:" problem too into the ground. Or the "You're try to graduate by when?" issue. :D;; Oh God my life, it's about to disappear. ;_; Ah well. CHRISTMAS FIRST!
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I think my mind has shut down. >>; I mean, there's not too much else that needs doing. Vicki looked over my slides and suggested a few small corrections, which I've implemented. I just finished remaking the images of MS1054.4-0321 (it's so sad I know that by heart). I have about three more papers to go through. Then I really don't know what to do, other than give my talk to Sashi tonight. XD If only my committee were like my cat~ (Well. Maybe not. Then they'd be fluffly and loud? XD;) Reading through those X-ray papers yesterday really helped, actually. Now at least I know what's going on over there. The IR paper not so much, since it was only 24 microns and I'm not using MIPS to find AGN. Hopefully Chris will be nice with his IR questions.

It is very cold in here. Not surprising, but it's not that cold outside. I hate it when my office is freezing. D: My coffee has gotten cold. Is microwaving coffee allowed? >> I don't see why not... Or maybe I'll go take a walk. It's warmer outside!



EDIT: Okay, seriously. When it says data is forthcoming in a paper in prep in 2005, I expect it to be existent. :P Apparently the rest of the world does not.
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Uh. Real update later. :D;;
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The very short because I know no one probably cares version ^^; :

Classes and finals are over YAY. I think I may have actually passed everything with good grades YAY. Now I have less than two weeks to learn EVERYTHING about ASTRONOMY so I can take a FOUR-HOUR test over SIX grad classes so I can stay in school BOO. D:

I may be slightly nonexistant for the next two weeks, yet. ^^; Though hopefully less nonexistant than I have been. Basically, I was dying under classesstuffs for the past few weeks (yeah for being home five hours a day and sleeping three of them!), then I managed to go to Jacon for a day, and then my mom decided to come to town for my masters graduation, okay, but now I have to study and she's still here until Monday anyway. Also have chess match practice (which was fun today!) and I need to make my costume and study simultaneously. o.o; Kids, don't go to grad school, you'll die. D:

But! If I'm not on AIM, I'm still reachable by email~ I like checking email because it's a mini-break from working, so if for some reason someone actually wants to talk to me, email is good. ^^; Daft, if you are still interested in that XP stuff, let me know!

I kind of skimmed (read: OMGreallyfastcrazyskimmedreadeverysixthword) my flist for the past, oh, six days or something. Didn't really read it, and there's no way I can catch up, so I may just have missed a three- to four-week chunk out of your life by the time this is over. Serious major apologies to everyone. I suck.

In the meantime, I need this shirt. XD;

I hope that was short enough! ::shuts up now::
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A note of forewarning: this entry brought to you by a week's worth of no sleep. Please feel free to skip. ^^;;

Cut! Because I'm sure not many want to read my stupidity~ )

I haven't read my flist in at least three days. It's lucky I don't have that many friends but still, it may take me a while (read: more than a few hours) to get through it because actually my eyes hurt too much to stare at a computer screen for much longer today. So I really do care! What I've picked up from my skimming:

Mona: I hope your kitty is doing well! <3
Jen: How's the jobstuff going?
Bucky: OMG Sailor Moon I fell off my chair laughing.
Lisa: <3

And if you didn't get a note, I suck, but I've only skimmed a few entries the past few days. ;_; And I really mean skimmed. It will probably be the same for about another week. Er. Though I'm sure it's not like anyone's actually missed me or anything, so it's probably okay. Though I actually got tagged for two whole memes (that's, like, my quota for the year!) so I'll try to post those next time I have five minutes. Will, I think I owe you one still too, wow I suck.

Quote of the week:
Curtis: I wonder what the people on the planet in HD 209458 call themselves.
Scott: HD 209458ers, of course!
Curtis: Hmm... yeah. I wonder what the chicks are like.
Scott: Oh, they must be really hot.

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ZOMG it's DONE. o.o; YAY Actually, the proposal wasn't as bad as the previous project, which was a relief. But it still took most of a week of not-sleeping, though we did manage to finish at 3am this morning (except I had to get up for class at 9am, grr). Ah well, that's over and done. Now there's just one more Cosmology project, but that's not due for almost three weeks. Whew! Lined up for the rest of the semester (read: next three weeks) is:

- Second Year Project (read: Master's thesis, consisting of a paper and a talk and I'm not quite done with the photometry yet because she just found me an X-ray catalog today that I can cross-match as well, though running PHOT on that shouldn't be too bad)
- Cosmology project (poster/paper-quality research on... somethingorother)
- Galaxies homework (icky-looking, but not due 'till the 28th)
- One more Solar Systems test
- Possible extra credit Cosmology project (depending on how well our proposal does... Why yes, we'd love to just take Gemini South off your hands, thanks for offering!)

Two finals the first week of May, though one is "optional," I think. And then there's the qual on May 19th, but that's not even in the picture yet even if it should be. And OMG I have two costumes to finish, one of which I haven't even started. I need to buy wigs this week, which means no Chronicles of Narnia for me, because it's $35 and I can't afford that AND two good-quality wigs in the same month. Ah well.

Um. So yeah, there really hasn't been much going on. Spend all day at school, come home at 5 or 6, leave again for school at 8, work until four am, go home, sleep for a few hours, repeat. But hey, I'm used to that. Except my cat isn't exactly thrilled with it, so I'm going to stay home on Sunday to work on my Second Year Project paper so I can spend time with her. ^^;

Oh! But. OMG. YOU MUST GO DOWNLOAD THIS. It is the coolest thing EVER. It's a movie (it works best in quicktime, if you have it) compiled from real data that starts out in our own galaxy, in the direction of Orion, and keeps zooming out/around until you end up in the Virgo Cluser, the nearest large cluster of galaxes. It's AMAZING. Vicki put it up during class yesterday, and all of us went "Ooooh~" :D;; So I figured I would share, because it was really damn cool. And while I'm on a stupid astronomy kick, the Big Bang theory? Is amazing. I mean, really, it's predicted some amazing things, that then people have gone out and observed and found. I mean, so you always hear about the big bang, and hell, I even took a class on it, but it's just kind of mind-boggling to sit back every once in a while and realize that someone came up with this totally whacked theory and said "if this is right, then these values should be this" and then people went and looked and they were. I mean, there are still tons of holes (i.e. never mind that 97% of the universe is made up of stuff that we can't see or measure), but still. Stuff. :D

Quote of the week:
Sun: "We really should stop talking in terms of variables and percentages in an attempt to reintegrate us into normal society."
Me: [insert laughter here]
Sun: "What?"
Me: "Well, that was a really good point. Until you used the word 'reintegrate.'"

(Yes. It was five in the morning. Everything was funny.)
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Don't read if not sleeping or schoolbabble offends you. ^^; )

But! I got a 98 on my Galaxies test. :DDD Yay powers of memorization. Don't fail me for the final! :O OR THE QUAL.

Today was wacky outfit day, as proposed by Sun. ^^ So we wore crazy stuff (i.e. Kyo hat, goggles, HP scarf) around all day, which was fun, but I felt like I was dressed for winter. :D;; Bo asked if it was supposed to get cold when I sat down for Solar Systems. XD; Valerie's coming over tomorrow, I think, so I can help her hem some costumes for her church's Easter production. Tomorrow I also have to finish grading, but that's not so bad.

It still feels like Tuesday. o.O;

Quote of the week!: “Can’t we spice it up a little? There are other injustices in the world!”

Geez. I need a stupidnerdy icon or something. Maybe someday when I think of something notlame.

... Ugh, I know this was totally random and stupid. Sorry for taking up flist space. ><;
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Um. As per request, my haircut. I still think I always look so tired in pictures. D:

Er, also! I was just saying they were going to take over the moon. Behold! Google Mars!

Got a decent amount done on my paper today, so yay. ^_^ And I went grocery shopping, so double yay because I was out of bread! (This was a travesty, being as I really like bread~)

I swear, I'll stop spamming when spring break is over. Which is all too soon. ;_; Going in tomorrow to do more second year projecting and learn how to use the starlab thing, because Andrew and I are supposed to entertain a group of kids on Tuesday and I have no idea how to use the thing! :O But I hope it's not too hard. Maybe I better go bone up on my mythology! Or at least all of the rest of the constellations that I don't know. I only know about half as many as I should, and that's more than most people I know. Because it is a very common myth that astronomers atually know the constellations. XD; Mona, I'm going to teach them about the saucepan~ <3

Okay, I think it's dinnertime now. ^^;
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Honestly, I think I must be RR Lyrae'd out or something. I keep trying to work on this paper, and it keeps not happening. o.o; I did get a decent chunk of it done, just not as much as I'd hoped. I guess it's okay - I got some stuff done for my second year project today; went into school for about four hours and reorganized all the object coordinates and started writing the script to run all the photometry for me. So I just have to finish that up and it should run through that quickly, at least~

Yesterday was a very interesting day. Went to get my hair cut (YAY! I have a picture, I just need to upload it and there's a cat on me so I can't ^^;), which was fun, because Amy (my hairdesser) is very cool. ^_^ Came back home only to have the power in the entire building go out ten minutes later. D: So I headed out to try and get some errands done. And it took forever! First I went to the bank to ask for a cashier's check, because they should give them to you free, right? NOPE - EIGHT DOLLAR FEE. WTF? So even though I'd had to wait in line for, like, ten minutes (banks are so inefficient, I swear!), I ended up not getting it because they're FIFTY CENTS at the post office. XP Take that, stupid bank. Then, since I was starving (I'd been boiling water for pasta when the power went out, because I ran out of sandwich bread ^^;), I tried to run to Wendy's for food - but the line was SO long, even at 1:45pm. So no go - I decided to screw lunch and went to Walmart for cat litter, where at least something went right and I got rock star parking. XD; Then I called Stacie to wish her a Happy Pi Day from the East Coast, and drove in to school to try and get some work done that way. Finally ate and got a little done, in the way of printing out papers and entering grades, but nothing astonishingly useful. ^^; Though soon after, I came home to find the power was on (yay) and that Valerie and Dan and Friends were up for watching Firefly and eating pie later~ So we went over to Dan's where he, Valerie, I, and two guys both named John (who were both very nice) ate fried chicken, breadsticks, and pumpkin pie and watched three episodes of Firefly. :D All in all, a very enjoyable evening.

And just a little while ago Valerie informed me she ordered a set of Firefly DVDs for herself. Win! XD The world has another convert~

Okay, that's it. ^^; Er. Not terribly exciting, but such is the way of my life.


Edit (1:36am)


[/fangirl squee]
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So I sat down this evening to start my distance indicator project for cosmology... only to realize that in the 64-page paper that I printed out (that he gave us!) THERE IS NO SECTION ON RR LYRAE STARS. D: ::dead:: Well. That's what I get for trying to make my life easy and picking something I did a project on last semester. << At least I know where the book is that I used. I think. I am also cutting and pasting as much as possible from my previous paper, but not all of that is relevant.

Um. In happier news, I got all my grading done. ^^ And I got to watch an episode of DS9, because hey, it's on Spike TV at noon or something~ The weather's been really nice, so I can leave the screen door open all day, which is awesome. Except last week on Friday or something they did yardworkgalore! around the complex, and everything ended up being coated with this layer of fine green powderstuff. So I had to wash my car and sweep my balcony. I hope they're done and don't do that again!

Let's see... in my somewhat productive weekend, I cleaned like crazy and broke down and bought the first volume of R.O.D. because dude, I didn't know they were translating the manga! Howl and Harry Potter are both out on DVD, but I don't have any money to buy them now, alas. Maybe after I get paid again. ^^; But! Borders has this new rewards program, so I signed up for that. You get coupons and 5% of your purchases goes towards a holiday funds account that you can use from Nov-Jan or something. Sounded neat to me, so why not? It's not like I don't buy enough books. >>;

Also: my cat is sleeping inside a giant hollow fish XD My mom sent me this bed... thing for her. It's very cute. It's... yeah. A giant hollow fish. XD; But Sashi loves it. So there. <3

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I guess I should actually update, while I'm waiting for dinner to cook. ^^;

This week is insane. @.@; Worked all day today on the cosmology project (I think we're actually getting somewhere, which is very yay, but we haven't corrected for everything yet) and gave a test review from 5-6. Tonight is more studying for Galaxies, with actual writing down of notes and things because I didn't get the chance last night and that's what really helps me. Tomorrow I have to get up early to be in, just in case Prof. Gottesman is late so I can proctor the 3019 exam. Then it's cosmology all morning, studying and class in the afternoon, followed by more studying. Solar Systems midterm on Wednesday, Galaxies midterm on Thursday, Cosmology project due Friday. I don't think I'm going to be coming home Thursday night. D:

Um. So if I'm slightly nonexistant this week, that's why. ^^; Though email is always good - it gives me a brainbreak and makes me happy~ AND THEN NEXT WEEK IS SPRING BREAK! I can't wait. I'm going to get a haircut and get my oil changed and work on costumes and do the second cosmo project and work on my second-year paper. But at least there aren't any classes!

And in the random updates section for today: the other day (er... well I think it was last week), Scott found the largest prime ever. It was awesome. XD It tool something like ten minutes just to print the text out on his screen. And we were taking bets on the last digit (which I won, yay!). This is what happens when you're overwhelmed with work. :D;;

Quote of last week: "What's mechatime? Is that, like, one lifetime of Optimus Prime?"

There was probably more, but I don't remember it. I think that happens to me way too much. :O

... This song is really pretty. :D
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"The planet's population is projected to reach 6.5 billion at 7:16 p.m.EST Saturday, according to the U.S. Census Bureau and its WorldPopulation Clock."

... They have a CLOCK for these things? o.O Crazy.

Um. Anyway. I am mostly done with Mikoto now~! Got the wig done today (and tried the whole thing on and OMG wearing skirts is weird) and the necklace will be done tomorrow. I also think tomorrow I'm going to run to JoAnn's after school (stupid colloquium at FIVE D:) and see if I can't find fabric to make her sword-bag out of, so I can at least have that since the five-foot sword is not going to be done this con. And I may bring my bokuto anyway, just for the hell of it, to have a sword to pose with. ^^; I could've gotten XP!Ryoma done for Saturday, but I'd rather wait until Jen has Fuji done; plus it'll give me more time to experiment with the bondo, so that's a very good thing. But I got the pieces for the shoes cut out and the shin guards all ready to paint and so there's not too much left to do, when I do go to finish up~ I guess I'll be Ritsuka or something when I'm not Mikoto on Saturday then. Maybe I'll bring along more bandages or something. XD; Or I could cut the ears out of my wig and be regular Ryoma, but if they're already in there I guess I might as well be Ritsuka... Though I must be Ryoma sometime soon, now that I have a red racket!

... Er. [/cosplaybabble]

Basically been keeping pretty busy; we got our first Cosmology project so Sun and I have been working on that, and there's Galactic homework due Tuesday, and my second-year project needs to get DONE and I have to start studying for quals. At least the Planetary test is over, but I still have to talk to him about one of the problems. How do I get NO POINTS when I said exactly what you said the answer was? There will be disputing of this, really. I got a B+, but if I could actually get even partial credit on that problem maybe I could get an A. I have a feeling I'm going to need that to carry me through later tests. >>

Also. Holy crap I need a haircut. I just wish I remembered to CALL and set one up. (I know, really, how do I forget to do this? Geez, I'm a dork.)

And I'm sure I had more to say, as always, but I can't think of it now. So! I will leave it here. Oh! But I can close with the wonderful quote I found in my Solar System book the other day:

"These stars are not rare. At least five examples have been observed in the past 50 years."

Someone tell me that's not a *facepalm* kinda quite right there. XD;
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My cat. Has a bald spot. D: She doesn't appear to care, at least, but still. WTF? Must call Mom tomorrow. o.o;

Uh. That aside, it's been a good day. ^^; I slept, um, a lot - got back from a long day yesterday and passed out at something like 12:30am, slept until just about exactly 1pm. I was gonna get up at 11 and go running, but it was raining so I fell back asleep. But when I did get up, I showered and cleaned and hung up my Narnia poster~ Talked to Amy and Dad, then headed out because I realized the Loveless manga is out and I had a 30% off coupon. I found PoT 11, but no Loveless. But then I checked the computer and it said in store - so I asked at the desk and the guy checked in the back and lo! He found a whole box of them that just hadn't been set out yet~ And the girl at the register was nice and gave me the 30% off the $9.99 volume. :D So I bought both Ryoma and Ritsuka and one go and it was very amusing~ Despite the rain.

Then I made dinner and watched seaQuest and graded papers (and now I'm done! Gasp!). Of course, this was really just an excuse so I didn't have to do any of my own work, but whatever. That's for tomorrow. Along with the running (hopefully) that didn't get done today.

Er, and to backtrack now, yesterday was much fun. ^_^ Got up early for Planetary (okay, that wasn't so much fun, heh) and Bo apparently figured out I worked with Rick Binzel, so we talked a little about that during break. Also, the more I sit in that class, the more I realize one thing: if there is one thing astronomers are absolutely sure of, it's that there is no way in hell planets can form. |D;; I love astronomy.

Quote of the day (from class on Friday):

"So basically the planetary embryos keep eating and eating up all the food in the inner nebula, until there's nothing left. And then Jupiter and Saturn formed - they're like the bouncers. They kicked all the planets that didn't pay for their meals out of the solar system."

Then I basically ended up switching Anthony for Chris on my 2nd year project committee, since Anthony apparently won't be there the week of talks. D: Which is sad, because Anthony is cool, but at least this way I don't have to go a week early (because April 24th is soon enough, and I don't even want to think about going a week before that!). And now I have to pick a title for my paper! :O Been thinking of a few, and should have one chosen in the next few days.

Went to one more talk (OMG by a GIRL), which ran a bit late, then I met up with Diana and Valerie and we went to dinner and saw Narnia for free at the Union. Unfortunately there was a very annoying guy sitting behind us who really could have used a few socks in his mouth, but I guess that's what you get at a free film. -_-; But it was good nonetheless, and there was much fun and taking of silly photos using cell phones.

Totally unrelated, Goofy Movie was on tonight. XD OMG. I loved that movie. I still remember all the words to all the songs. I am such a dork.
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I'm on a Minagawa Junko music roll! Found two more by her. Some video game she was in or something. ^^; I feel like stalker or something.

Um. Final's done. Definitely needed all three hours for that. @.@; I'm confident about two of the problems, one of them I probably did okayish on, and one of them I think I totally bombed but ah well. We'll see. Hopefully he'll curve it, seeing as it's HALF our grade. D: But Anthony's nice. So there's hope.

Grar, I'm at nine pages on my paper (including references). I don't think it's going to get any longer... I wonder if it really matters. Tomorrow and Thursday have to be spent working on the homework due Thursday, since I haven't even looked at it yet. Speaking of, I wonder how we're supposed to turn it in to him...? I don't even know where Ge's office is. Well. I guess I'll be finding it. :D;;

... Okay, so there was no real point to this post. Um. Sorry. ^^;
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ZOMG I love Minagawa Junko. And I think I have a new "current favorite" song. :D;;

Anyway. One final down, yay! I think I did pretty okay - seriously, I was done before an hour was up, and the only part I actually had to think about was the section with the questions on our talks since they weren't questions (like I studied) but "define these terms" so there was a bit more thought process involved. That and I almost forgot to say that the He Flash breaks the degeneracy in the core but thankfully I caught that on the readthrough.

Tomorrow I think I'll take the Cosmology final, to get it out of the way. May look over a bit of stuff first to minimize looking-up-stuff time but really, there's no point in studying since it's open everything-but-the-web. Hopefully I can get something done in the three hours I'm allowed to take. (I told my mom that and she was like, "What, they actually believe you'll abide by the rules?" D: MOTHER! Of course we will. How can she even ask such a thing? ><) Been working on my ObsTech paper and I think that won't be a problem, then there's just the homework and I'll be done for the semester OMGYAY.

Took Sashi for her followup appointment at the vet - they said she was perfectly fine so YAY! :D They flushed out her mouth one more time (thus she's been mad at me all day <<;) and said to give her the antibiotics 'till I run out, but that she should be all set~ Happy.

Other plans include cleaning this place up, mailing out my Christmas cards, and going to Tampa on Friday with Valerie to go shopping and get dinner with Jen. ^_^ Leaving for Chicago on Monday - thought I was flying into O'Hare but it turns out it's Midway so I'd really appreciate it if my plane stays on the runway thanksverymuch.

Off for more paper-writing!
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Uhm! Not too much to update, but it's breaktime so I figured I'd write something. ^^; Studying's going okay, at least - provided as long as all I need to know are the questions on the list Valerie compiled, I'll be all set by Monday afternoon I think. Just a few more questions on the list to go over, as well as the questions from the student talks. I got quite a bit of studying done today, though I probably could've gotten more done but I just kept getting distracted. I also wrote two pages of text for my MESSENGER paper, which is probably really equivalent to 4 pages in the end when it's double-spaced, so that's nearly halfway there I think!

I actually got to go running today! That is a major yay - I hadn't been for at least a week and a half, probably two, so it was nice to get out and do something again. Plus the weather's gorgeous for running. ^_^ Though my mp3 player (the old one I have for running) has definitely seen better days. The clip that keeps it on my armband is two inches from death, and the down volume button hasn't worked since I got caught in a downpour two years ago. D: But ah well, it still serves its purpose.

And! My mom said that for Christmas, my grandparents could pay for the remainder left after I trade in my old PS2 for one of the new ones, as well as a second controller and the stuffs so I can mod it and play Japanese games. :D So this is muchly happy as well. I kept meaning to trade in the old one for a flip-top one, but I only get half the price back, and I don't really have $75 just sitting around. ^^; So yes, happy.

Hmm... in other news, I finished Firefly and there so definitely needs to be more. D: But Serenity comes out on DVD the 20th, I think, so I'll have to pick it up when I have money again. Along with next year's PoT calendar, which I really want, which I guess I'll buy in a few weeks so I can have it shipped here when I'm here. I hope it doesn't sell out or anything, though I don't think it will? I hope.

[ profile] silvergirl354, do you still want cranberries? And will you still be where you are for the next few weeks? If you give me a specific request (what kind of cranberries you'd like and where I should send them), I will do so! And I suck for not doing it earlier.

... Whoa. I also have to send Mona and Bucky their food! I swear I'll do that too. Now that I will soon have time to go to the post office. ^^;

The kitty is acting normal again. YAY!

... One of these days maybe I'll actually have something of substance to say...
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RR Lyrae variable stars paper, 12 pages
ZAMS code project writeup, 13 pages (I think I need to make this shorter o.O;;)

Partly Done:
Obs Tech Spectroscopy experiment writeup for labs 1 + 2
MESSENGER presentation for Friday

To Do:
Finish grading AST 3018 darnit
Start Obs Tech homework #4
Cosmology homework questions

Work ethic D:

Do any of you have any idea how hard it is to write a ten-minute talk? o.O It's hard. I only have time to talk about one of the cameras on MESSENGER. Though really, I don't think I mean to complain all that much. That's not so bad, really.

Also, I really need to go to the grocery store. >>; Badly. Tomorrow, I guess. Or I'll be out of baby food for the kitty. Who has become unnaturally quiet again, but I imagine I can't blame her, she just had most of her teeth removed Friday. D: I hope she feels better soon though.

I want to do five million things. Too bad none of them are my homework. ><;; Ah well. Gonna see what I can do about getting that grading done!

Quote of the day: "Dude! Secret ninja plane tickets!" (I love Stoppable-san Ron. He wins. XD)

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Um! Really, I'm alive. Mostly. I got my talk done today (yay!) and managed to at least get in an episode of Firefly while eating dinner before getting back to work. I'm just about done with the ZAMS project, except for the main sequence fitting at the end because I'm not exactly sure how. So I'll ask someone tomorrow. ^^; But other than that, it's done, which is good because writing the report up shouldn't take too long. Read one of the three MESSENGER papers I found today... yeah. Enough for a ten-minute talk, but... the paper will be stretching it. :D;; Ah well, I'm decent at BS and by then I totally won't care anyway. Here's what the schedule looks like for the rest of the semster:

By the end of this week
ZOMG EMAIL PEOPLE ABOUT BEING ON MY COMMITTEE, DARNIT! I'm such a slacker when it comes to talking to people because I hate it.

Due Wednesday, December 7
ZAMS code project + report for Stellar Structures
RR Lyrae paper, Stellar Structures

Due Thursday, December 8
Spectroscopy Lab Reports 1 & 2, Observational Techniques
Give MESSENGER talk in class, Observational Techniques
Homework 4, Observational Techniques

Monday, December 12
Stellar Structures Final

Due Thursday, December 15
Cosmology Final
MESSENGER paper, Observational Techniques
Homework 5, Observational Techniques

(Note the ObsTech heaviness. JIAN IS CRAZY. XP Cosmology and Stellar Structures are reasonable, but when you couple them with the unreasonableness that is ObsTech, the entire thing just... explodes superexponentially. Like inflation! OMGI'llstopnow.)

So if I'm not on AIM much, that's why. But seriously, sendmeemail! It keeps me sane. <3 And gives me mini-breaks so I can stop thinking about homework for a bit. ^^; And I'm going to Anime Club tomorrow, looking forward to that, though I hope the end of things doesn't break my brain. o.O; I guess we'll see, heh. And Sashi goes into the vet at 7:30 Friday morning, not sure when I pick her up again but I'm sure it's sometime that afternoon. She's getting smart - knows what it means when I call her sweetly and hide a syringe behind my back. ^^;

There was probably more to say, but I don't remember it. Next update will be less work-related, I swear! And isn't there a [ profile] downto2 OMG-Dan-and-Ryoma-cake! log I'm supposed to be doing soon? :D;; Poke me next time we're both on and you have time to log, [ profile] alsie! <3
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