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Whew! So Megacon was lots of fun, and pretty chill.

Mini Con Report below! )

I got home around 9-ish last night, so not too late, except my neighbors were being unGodly loud. I managed to watch the extra ep of Invisible Man they put on the DVDs (which was LOLtastic) with the volume turned way up while I ate dinner and then I decided I was tired and I wanted to go to bed. I retreated into my bedroom (where I could still hear the music, mind), and lo, when I worked up the nerve to call them and ask them to turn it down, there was no answer. >> (I bet he couldn't even hear his phone over the noise.) I considered calling the police to tell them to shut up, but it was a Saturday night and it sounded like they were having a party or something. I figured I would try to sleep for a bit and apparently I was tired enough that I fell asleep even with the music that loud, though I kept waking up (especially when there was this racket like they were... dragging something heavy across their kitchen floor? WTF?).

Finally around 4 I think they stopped and I fell asleep for good, though there was this thunderstorm in the morning (I don't know when XD) that woke me up again but then I just went back to sleep and I swear I tried to get up a couple of times but I kept falling asleep until maybe around 12:30. Then I managed to get up and I CLEANED (because I hadn't in about two weeks, eheh~), so now my apartment is vacuumed and (mostly) dusted and it is nice. :D Then I ate lunch and watched Dadnapped, which was cute and totally different than I'd envisioned, and... obviously I must have puttered around a bit and here I am. XD

Oh! But I kind of have a dilemma, so I figured I would put forth the question to my flist. The next con I'm going to is FX Show in April, and I am currently torn between two costume options. So! I'm actually going to use my paid member privileges and have a poll! (Fancy~)

Option 1: Ben 10 (the 10 year-old version, I don't think I look boy-like enough to pull off 15 year-old Ben though I still want his jacket XD)

Option 2: Dru Saturday

[Poll #1357965]

EDIT: Also, I realize that absolutely no one on my flist watches either of these shows. So you can just vote for whoever you think looks cooler, or whoever looks like they might suit me better? If you feel like it, of course. :D;
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(Er, not that I can really do polls. ^^; So you'll have to comment if you want your opinion to be known, sorry for the trouble... ^^;;;)

So! I am going to make Haruhi from Ouran. :D BUT! I don't know which patch to get! I want the anime version, but I have two options. There's a very simplistic one (exactly like the anime) here:

patch one

and a very pretty, more detailed one (with the manga design, I think, but using anime colors) here:

patch two which also comes with application instructions, a possible plus. <<;

Help! I can't decide! :O


Edit: Thanks to all for your opinions~ It seems like an overwhelming vote for patch 2~ Off to buy it! XD
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Soooo I think I will go to Disney on Friday by myself, and then hopefully go again next week with Diana, Daisy, and Josh. In that case, I want to save Mulan for when I have my friends with me, so I'm trying to think of a relatively simple, not-loud costume to wear on Friday when I'm alone. ^^;; So! I shall list a few options, and see what other people think. :D;

River (Firefly)

Ritsuka (Loveless)

Sora (Kingdom Hearts I, and I don't have a wig. ^^;)

Akira (Mai-HiME, but with different shoes because I need to be able to walk)

... I think that's it... here's my Cosplaylab profile if you want to see what else I have. I also have a random yukata that I could wear... ^^;

Er. Not that many people care, but, um, just in case you have a few minutes and feel like lending an opinion!


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