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Okay, you know what? When the book I've been scouring the internets for (and found one copy for $100 that apparently sold between when I'd bookmarked it and now) suddenly turns up on Amazon used in very good condition for $14? I AM BUYING THAT SUCKER.

It's even a first edition. I AM EXCITE.

Today is a good day to die buy books. :DDDD

And yesterday was a good day to buy other stuff, I suppose - Mom and I went into Tucson because she wanted to go to a few stores, and we passed an art festival that looked interesting so we stopped. I got some really cool necklaces made out of quarters and a present for one of my friends (whom shall remain nameless here to preserve secrecy... or something XD). Then we watched The Final Countdown, which was interesting but kind of a letdown in a The Andromeda Strain-y sort of way, and a National Geographic special on The Vatican, which was quite interesting. Then on my way home... I either almost hit or just clipped a cat who ran out onto the road RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME while I was going too fast to stop or really swerve. ;; I heard some kind of noise, but when I turned around and went back to check, there was nothing... I'm really, really hoping I only clipped it, but there was nothing else I could do to check - it was pitch black and you don't just get out of your car in the middle of the night here to go hunting around in the desert. Urgh. It had been a good day until that point, at least.

In happier news, my new camera? Is pretty cool. This little guy was sitting at least 15-20 feet away from me on the other side of a window. Isn't he cute? I know the landscaping isn't done yet (ugh, they are almost done putting in all the rock... and then I hear my aunt wants different rock so now they're going to have to cart all the new stuff away and bring new new stuff -_-) but there were all these little hummingbirds coming by every day as if to say, "Where's our food?" so I put the feeder back up for now. I guess it'll come down again sometime this week but at least they had food over the weekend!

I also got the Christmas decorations out to see what there was, and now I have a Christmas tree! It was one of those pop-up ones that was already decorated, so majorly easy! And bigger than my other tree, this one's 6 feet, I think. Now let's just hope the cats don't decide to climb it... I want to put lights up outside but with all the landscaping still going on... I guess I'd better wait.

EDIT: Okay, today is really doing well for itself. I finally won an eBay auction for a silver certificate dollar bill circulated in Hawaii during WWII! For a reasonable price! I have been trying to get my hands on one for months~ 8D
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All right! Since I have a couple of other things I'd like to journal about in the near future, let me get this post up so I can do that! (Yeah, don't ask, it makes sense in my head.)

The Pima Air & Space Museum )
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You know, I have to say that for all Florida is just a little bit... crappy sometimes, there are some real perks. Like the fact that I can sit ouside in the shade right now with my coffee and be perfectly comfortable. :D The Starbucks I usually frequent looked pretty full (and there was no parking) so I decided to try the one further north, as I'd never been there... and it's a pretty nice one. It's tucked back off the road just a little bit, so I can sit outside without cars going by me every five seconds. The only downside is it's a bit breezy, but it's not constant so it's not so bad.

Friday was pretty busy, with two tests to proctor, a quick meeting with Vicki, and the first Public Night we were open for in quite some time (spring tends to be cloudy in Florida). But I did get a pretty good picture of the moon through the telescope with my iPhone! And at least it's finally getting warmer at night, 50-60 or so, which is nice, though it means that the mosquitoes were out in some force. Thankfully, I don't think I got too many bites. And now Saturn is up, so I may try to grab an iPhone picture of that at some point too, in the next few weeks or so. XD Or I suppose one of these days I could go there some random night and see about getting pictures with my actual camera, and see how that goes...

And then yesterday a whole slew of us (ten!) went to Medieval Times down in Orlando, which was lots of fun. And lots of food! I swear, they give you half a chicken apiece! In any case, there were paper crowns, much food, and good times had by all. And we managed to take advantage of the buy one get one free deal, so it was only $35 per person~

Now, if I could only figure out why my X-ray fluxes are still being a bit wonky... I really think I'm almost there (hm, didn't I say that a post or two ago, too? >>) but I'm going to do some emailing this week and see about getting this stuff done. And at least I have no tests at all to print or proctor, so I finally have some time to get all this done! Though Friday I'm going to Megacon and Saturday I'll be in the Baltimore/D.C. area for Lee's wedding, so here's hoping I can get some decent amount of work done during the week!
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In non-computer-agonizing news...

Discovery! Large-ish image below the cut. )

Now to go to bed, before I can agonize any more. :x
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I HAVE JUST FINISHED APPLYING FOR JOBS, YAY. (Look at me being so good, some of the applications weren't even due until the end of January!)

Of course, now I need to actually finish this thesis thing. >> I believe I will be doing some of that tomorrow. Today was some much-needed Christmas shopping and some also much-needed cleaning, and I absolutely have to do at least a load or two of laundry tonight.

Also, I am randomly entertained that a lot of the Christmas music I have has apparently found its way onto the Starbucks rotation. I mean, stuff like Christmas with the Rat Pack and the Loreena McKennitt Christmas/winter albums. Well, that's pretty cool~ And hey, now there's some Tori Amos. Awesome. XD

So last night I was roped into a last-minute game of Arkham Horror, which is fantastic. Part of me wonders if my absolute lack of excitement over games in general for most of my life is simply the product of me never knowing there were cool games like the ones Nathan and Scott have introduced me to. I mean, okay. This game? Has a 25-page instruction manual and the turns are divided into five or six separate rounds just so you can keep everything straight. And then each game is different, as you fight a chosen-at-random Cthulhu-mythos elder god, desperately running around Arkham trying to close gates as monsters pour out and getting yourself sucked into alternate dimensions so you can come out the other side and seal up the gate before the Big Bad Elder God awakens. It took us about five and a half hours, but we did it! I even killed a couple of monsters, despite my character being kind of lame? Well, okay, she was a psychologist, so she had plenty of sanity and lore. Just no speed. :x

And I think that's really it for this week. I am done generating/proctoring/grading exams, as grades are due Monday, yay! Now I'd just like to know if I get paid next semester... I will be asking Anthony that shortly. Sokka has a vet appointment for Monday so he cam (maybe?) get a cortisone shot or something, so I can take him off the meds while I'm away. And then I'm meeting with Vicki, as she conveniently moved our meeting from Thursday (last week) to Monday (next week) so I can get some greater semblance of work done. Scott's leaving tomorrow, though I believe Nathan is still around a few more days, as we're still having our regularly scheduled Angel/SAAB night next week - maybe I should dig up the Christmas episode, even if we'd be watching it out of order. XD And then I really do just plan on getting lots of work and running done next week in preparation for our trip on Christmas!

Okay, I think I've been here long enough, time to pack up and get home to clean, now that I've got the rest of those jobs applied for. Whew~

OH WAIT BUT ALSO. Did I mention Tron Legacy was AWESOME? Because it was~ I might have splurged and bought myself one of the discs from Target, thanks to [ profile] noctaval's mention of where to buy one. It was on sale! :D;
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Gosh, it's cold out there! I mean, it was actually just above freezing when I got up this morning. That is pretty darn cold for Florida! Not that I'm really complaining - in fact, the brunt of my complaint comes in where my office is still just as frigid as ever, when it's also frigid outside. Hot coffee should stay hot longer than ten minutes. D:

So, this is gearing up to look like a busy week. I've got... four tests to proctor, three more to print out, a telecon, a grad student meeting with the department chair, and general thesis and job application stuff to work on. Plus I want to get some sewing done for my dad's Christmas present, and I also have to do public night. And then there's Mickey's Christmas Party on Thursday, though that is something I am very much looking forward to. :D

Aaaand, for [ profile] alibi2014: Pictures of my tree! )

Okay, time to zoom off and grab the tests for test-to-be-proctored number 1!
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Soooo... I now own a Barnes & Noble Nook! Say hello to Runner~ Shush yes that's the best name I could come up with right now. Sadly (but probably predictably) the only books I have loaded onto it thus far are by Robert Leckie, Eugene Sledge, Stephen Ambrose, and Hugh Ambrose. I will fix that at some point... I also found an awesome LCARS wallpaper for it, so now it really looks like a PADD! I'm just waiting for the cute little case I ordered to come in - the B&N ones are SO EXPENSIVE. This one might not be up to their level, but I figure it's a good start and it was half the price of the cheapest B&N one. Plus free shipping!

Also, for the hell of it, have a picture of my cats. <3

And in other not-news, I finally picked up watching SG-1 again. I'm working my way through Season 2, since my grandmother was awesome enough to bring me some DVDs when she came to visit. (My grandma is so cool. Way back in the day, she bought a DVD player solely because she wanted to buy Stargate on DVD. XD) So have my SG-1 icon, since I now have space for it once again. :D

Oh, and also! A link to some calculations showing what the constellations will look like in 50,000 years. Because it's cool~

asjklejateaijfk it is cold in here. I mean, it's not warm outside... and it's still warmer outside. I am going to the Union later to get some HOT COFFEE and read Tyler's paper.
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All right, let's see... When last we left our intrepid heroine... Um, it was a while ago. ^^; And I was supposed to be more active! But my grandmother was here all last week, and then there was the Disney Halloween Party, and Dungeons & Dragons (why yes, that's Scott and Duy just LEAVING THE REST OF US TO DIE XD), and now it's this week already. Sheesh! No wonder it's almost the end of October! o.o;

So... right. last Saturday I picked my grandmother up from the airport, and there was dinner at Downtown Disney and sleep~ Sunday we went to Epcot in the morning, and then we went to tea at the Grand Floridian, which was delicious (and filling!). Monday we went to Islands of Adventure to go to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and since she wasn't going on the ride but wanted to wait in line with me to see the castle, I was able to take real pictures inside the castle! Of course, my camera is at home and I am not, but I will post them at some point soon (I swear?). We headed back home in the afternoon, and then she spent the week through Thursday with me.

Friday I had to get up uber-early (actually early - six!) to help Vicki with the Starlab at one of the elementary schools, and then as soon as I got home I had to turn around and take the bus in to campus to help proctor one of Naibi's tests. Then I turned around and came home so I could head to Orlando for Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party~ (And, well, dinner at Earl of Sandwich first, and I also found PERRY as you saw.) Then I got changed and headed to the Magic Kingdom; Diana and Kevin got stuck in traffic (boo) but I didn't mind wandering around for a bit on my own first. I went as Kim Possible (I think I mentioned that before?) and it was tons of fun~ Everyone was so excited to see me! (Hee, I was even "Miss Possible" or "KP" to most of the park workers, it was awesome.) It was really cool. Kevin and Diana (as the Tenth Doctor and Snow White) showed up just in time for the parade, and then we proceeded to have, of course, an awesome time for the rest of the evening. It was warm, but not muggy, and I had been worried it would be really crowded because it was a Friday night but we walked right on to every ride. It was a great time, really. And It's A Small World is open again! Everything has a fresh coat of paint, and it's all... closer to the boat, I think? A few things moved, but yeah, the most noticeable thing is that the waterway is much narrower so now you feel much more like you're a part of the whole thing. I like it. And of course, this is the only picture I took. Fail, I know.

And in not-so-surprising news, I am totally planning on going to the Christmas Party this year. Now to figure out a good date for it!

In the meantime, I believe we have plans to watch a bajillion things this weekend - like the episodes of The Sarah Jane Adventures with The Doctor in them followed by Back to the Future on Saturday, as well as a Harry Potter mini-marathon on Sunday (Slytherins apparently get their own couch, ahaha!).

Whew, this is why I am never not busy!
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Time to go get changed for the Halloween Party!

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Y HELLO THAR LJ. Long time no post~ But I figure it’s a shiny new semester today, maybe I should try to update or something, right? :D;


Secondly: I HAVE A TA POSITION! Meaning: I will get paid in the spring. I THINK. YAY. It looks like if I TA in the fall, then the money I was going to get paid via Vicki’s grant can get paid to me in the spring? That better be how it works, because not getting paid = freaking out and I don’t like freaking out every time I spend $5 or $10 here and there. I realize this is kind of rubbing it in the face of you guys that don’t have jobs, I’m sorry. ;; I’m just relieved. It looks like I’m jointly in charge of running Public Night and printing exams, the latter of which is new to me but hopefully not hard and the former of which is fun but alas, I have to give up my Friday nights to do it. But hey, I can do that for half a year or a year if it means I get paid.

Anyway, today I am re-learning how to make fancy PDF plots with colored and user-specified points with IDL. Tomorrow is re-doing the variability plots that I apparently lost in the Great Trip Hard Drive Failure of 2010.

Good thing: they finally fixed my A/C! It’s been leaking into my closet all summer, but they re-piped it and it shouldn’t leak again. Bad thing: the water stain my bathroom ceiling has developed seems to be growing mold. This is not cool. I’ve already told them once, but more mold has appeared since then. I have bleached the hell out of it, but it keeps reappearing. Mushrooms on my bathroom ceiling are not okay, yo. Complaining again tomorrow is a go!

OKAY. Now for some backdated updates!

About... three weeks ago (sob, I totally meant to update a long time ago) Diana and I went to AFO - during which we sat around and watched almost all of The Pacific. XD We watched 1-8 in one go Friday night, and then she came up on Sunday and we finished it out. Mmm, Pacific. Next up is either Band of Brothers or Generation Kill, the latter of which I have never seen but would like to. This will, of course, all have to happen after Dragon*con, when my life will resume being my life, because this week and next it’s going to be insane. I’m finishing up Hit Girl for Jennie tonight after I run to JoAnn’s, and then I have about a week and a half to make girl!Doctor Horrible and Supergirl. Sookie Stackhouse is definitely a go. I also have to get the alignment on my car checked, because when I went to Jiffy Lube... oh, two weeks ago now, they rotated my tires and messed up my alignment. And I haven’t had time to go back and yell at them, but I AM GOING TO this week. I SWEAR. It might already be too late to get them to fix it for free, but it does need to get fixed before I drive six hours to Atlanta.

ALSO, there was Celebration V. Which was lots of fun, especially since we managed to catch the Main Event (well, in the spillover room for the spillover room, BUT STILL. We watched it live on TV? XD), which was Jon Stewart interviewing George Lucas, which was fabulous. There was also a Hoth Ice Bar, which looked nifty but we did not go in (we wanted real food). We had great fun watching the droid racing, and also wandering and looking at allllll the awesome stuff one could buy. I ended up getting a Han Solo shirt, which also says Celebration V on the back so yay for souvenirs! Alas, I only took a few pictures (and they're kind of big because I just used my phone) but what I do have is behind the cut! )

Aaaaand... that is it for now. I think. Back to finishing my lunch and trying to catch up on at least a few tags before I have to get back to work, since I want to leave early tonight and get some errands done. Mushu needs more kitten food!
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All righty. In an attempt to fulfill my many empty promises, I bring you random picture post #1!

Firstly, This is what retail therapy looks like for the month of July: )

And also. I realized I have not yet posted a picture of Mushu and Cat That Must Be Renamed yet. And so, without further ado: )

Up next, pictures of my sister's awesomeness. Maybe even later tonight, but don't call shenanigans if I don't get to it. I am made of fail, after all. WE ALL KNOW THIS. :D
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OKAY UM. Where to start. Eesh, it's been a long couple of days.

Last week was a little crazy. Also, I don't know if I'm just feeling burned out or lazy or what, because I've still been having a lot of trouble actually getting up in the morning - thus, I slept through my alarms and woke up at nearly five on Friday, whoops, there goes that day of work. Saturday [ profile] adamatari came up and we went to the Kanapaha Botanical Gardens; I took some pictures I'd like to upload, but I am too tired to do it now. >> So that will be a separate post, I suppose! There was also yummy dinner at Bonefish Grill (yay, gift card!) and then some outreachy Galileoscope stuffs.

Sunday was the first session of our Star Wars RPG, which went... rather amusingly~ My Y-wing was shot down and I required a rescue mission, during which they almost landed the ship on me (like, there were inches to spare XD) and we almost got eaten by an Estonian Death Clam. Yay? XD Also, holding your hands in front of your mouth for radio-speak is really dorky. It makes me feel so dumb. XD (Like I wasn't already, for playing a Star Wars RPG in the first place, yeah, I know.)

Then there was Doctor Who, which was again fabulous as usual and I can't believe there are only two more episodes left in this season WHYYYYYYY? D:

Also. the vet shaved Sashi's tummy.

Well. Okay. Let's start at the beginning. )

Anyway, since I left work and picked Sashi up at the vet around two, I've just stayed home (well, I ran out to get her some baby food, but that's it). Thus, no real work done today either, since the whole morning was devoted to taking her in and then moving the office around. Maybe tomorrow will be more productive, though I might have to take Sashi in again, we'll see. Also, I have to get Nathan from the airport tonight at eleven. Must not forget!

Also, I am tired. I keep only getting a couple of hours of sleep and I do not like this plan. I should try and do something about that. Possibly why I keep sleeping in. Bah.
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Oh, November 2nd, why must you be so far away? Pfft, it's not like I don't have all of the silly show downloaded, anyway. Also, apparently everyone on the Pacific comm has a birthday in November. ::dies::

Um. Right. I hope everyone is enjoying their Friday? I think I finally got math to see things my way. I'm kind of cheating, but hey. IT'S CLOSE ENOUGH FOR ASTRONOMY.

Hm. I want an iced mocha. Time to run across the street in between thunderstorms!


Edit: Oh, astronomy outreach, why must you always be so early in the morning? I have to be up at 7am on Monday, sob. ;_; Yes, I know all you people with real jobs are just going to laugh at me. D:

Edit x 2: Okay, I'm sorry. But I don't even know what to do with this picture other than LOL. This is why you should watch The Pacific, guys. BECAUSE THEY'RE ALL DORKS. Pffffft.
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So yesterday was our delayed Memorial Day barbecue. It was delicious (I love burned hot dogs, yum~) and nerdy, given that we spent the evening creating characters for the Star Wars RPG we plan to play when Nathan's not around but Robert is. I now have a kind of ditzy Rebel pilot who hates Ewoks (WHO DOESN'T?) and whose trademark quote is, "I can totally do this - once I learn how!" Her goal is also to "Be awesome :D". This is gonna be great. XD Also her callsign is Sledgehammer. Yesssss~

Also, not only were we nerdy enough to divide up Amanda's chocolate pie based on the size angle of the piece we wanted, but Scott wanted blue milk with his pie. AND SO HE WAS GIVEN SOME.

... Okay, I've made it past midnight tonight, yay! (No, seriously - I figured if I went to bed at midnight for a third night in a row the world might implode or something. I have saved the world!) But I also have to remember that I need to take Nathan to the airport in the morning. Don't forget, self!

Actually, both Nathan and Scott are out of town by tomorrow afternoon. There is nothing going on this weekend, and I am so looking forward to two whole days to myself. I love my friends, but I haven't had an entire free weekend in longer than I can remember!

Upcoming this weekend: that icon meme I've been meaning to do. And I also really really really need to finish that Pacific kink!fic I've had sitting on my desktop since I got back from Boston. >>
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Firstly, [ profile] greenconverses, I so totally missed your birthday like a total loser. I hope it was a good one! <3

BUT LOOK, I did that meme of yours! :D ([ profile] pkstar, your icon meme is up next!)

The One Rule: Tag 8 people. Don't refuse to do that. Don't tag who tagged you.

Tagging... [ profile] hikariblue, [ profile] kashewmoo, [ profile] link621, [ profile] februaryfour, [ profile] tylerdurdenmiko, [ profile] pergamond, [ profile] valeriebean, and [ profile] oraxia.

Of course, don't let not being tagged stop you if you wanted to fill this out! Spread the love~ :D

And on to the questions! )

And with that, I shall leave you. Because I don't know how it got to be 1:19 already but this makes me sad. D: I should consider ambling to bed before the hour is up.
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D: My upstairs neighbor has this horrible-sounding cough. He has had it for, like, two weeks now, but it has been particularly annoying today. Part of me wants to go upstairs and leave a bottle of cough syrup outside his apartment. >>;

Anyway. The real purpose of this post is to share this with you. It's on the blackboard at work. AND IT PROVES THAT ASTRONOMERS ARE COOL, TOO. Kinda. <<

And! I even actually ended up getting some work done. Stayed 'till six and everything... and then didn't get home until seven because there was only one bus on the route. Grar. D< Man, I need to remember to look up when the semester break is, because then there'll be no buses. I hate it when they do that.
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Woo, Friends of the Library book sale this morning~ I got up at 9:10 since we decided to get there early; we poked around for about an hour and I got six books for ten bucks!

Now I'm off to work for an hour or two - I've got some figures to make and I want to have them done by Monday. :D;

Oh, but! My mom is still on her geneology kick, and... do any of you speak French? Or know someone who does? She needs something translated. >>;
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6 miles away on the causeway! I swear that blob is the shuttle and tower. It's dark!

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