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This song is so very stuck in my head. Thanks, HGTV commercials...

You know what I love about perusing [ profile] dear_mun? All the awesome usernames people come up with for their characters~ It's really awesome to see the same character but with so many cool and original usernames. Or maybe I just think so because I am especially bad at naming things...

New A/C has been installed and the ducts were cleaned out today, which sent poor Sokka hiding behind the washer and it took me a while to find him. Amazingly enough, Mushu was much less fazed by this process. However, no movement on the cabinets has been achieved, even though it was suggested (because that's all I ever think these things are, anymore - suggested) that Tom would be by yesterday to install doors. I guess that means I can at least put the dishes back until Monday, because there's no way he's coming by over the weekend.

And in the meantime, I am randomly bored. I really should use this time to get some writing done... I did a little bit today, yay? I figure if I just keep plugging away at it... something will happen. :D; I am actually reading a really good book now, though - well, okay it's not really good in terms of amazing writing, but I am entertained nonetheless and sometimes I think that's all I really need from a book. Either way, maybe I'll read some tonight, too - I meant to read one chapter last night and I ended up reading three, I think. Eheh.

I have also finally managed to fill up 195 userpic spaces. I suppose this really doesn't surprise me. I do so love icons~ And speaking of icons - totally stupid, but I was scrolling through my userpic page and these two just happen to be across from each other like so:

I don't know, I just find it amusing. XD
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My inbox is currently free of all tags.

I don't remember the last time this happened.

/posts like a fiend before someone comments on something!
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I may have caved and bought more icons. >> (Well, whereby "may" I clearly mean "did", as evidenced by the fact that I can use this new!icon without having to have gotten rid of any of my old ones~ :D)

Of course, more icons will likely mean I'll be around more, which is good? :D I mean... the sad thing is, I'm around plenty... just not as myself. XD (Ah, the problems with RP.) But I really would like to scale back just a bit - I am so very thoroughly still enjoying my game, but I really don't want it to take over my life. Some escapism is good, but I've got far too much to keep up with to let that happen all the time. XD (Though I owe some tags I want to get to later tonight.)

Yesterday's outreach event went well, I think - I helped run the arts & crafts, and we let kids make their own "black holes", which was... very entertaining. XD I made one too, but alas, it was cannibalized so someone could use my materials (we had these cool black martini glasses people could use, but we only had so many). The art tables were a big hit, though, and I'll probably end up running them again for the next event, or maybe the Starlab or the Astro Wall... unless they need me at telescopes. WOW. I AM A JACK OF ALL TRADES. :D (Or something.)

... Yeah, okay, this entry was kind of useless. And now I should be going, time to head to Nathan's for... some kind of movie night. As long as they don't make me watch Fantasy Mission Force again. Please, no. ;;

... BUT yes, this gets the "icons" tag even though it really doesn't have much to actually do with icons. XD
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So! I'm on my way to Boston in the morning (soooo early in the morning ;_;) for Jennie's graduation! :D Apparently we're staying at, like, the most haunted hotel in New England. Uh. I NEED ME SOME WINCHESTERS. D: (Except I read up on it and it's... not really all that haunted. Ahaha. Uh, is that the best you have to offer, New England? That's kind of sad... Er. Not that I'm going to complain, I think. XD)

IN ANY CASE. Work today was much less worky than I'd meant, but still productive somehow. I made color plots! Which is much easier when you've done it before. And then I think I figured out what I was doing re: those radial plots, which is good. Even though I don't want to deal with them. But at least now I get a couple days off before I have to rack my brain on how to find the area of the arc of a circle and account for it depending where on my frame you are. Ugh, ACS frames, why are you square? XD WE NEED ROUND CCDS, YO.

And then I totally forgot to call Diana back tonight (I'm sorry! D: I meant to!) but hopefully I will hook up with her in the near future!

Anyway, I shall be scarce for the next few days though still eagerly awaiting an answer on my app D:. And huh. It's a good thing I'm randomly tired. Let's see if it translates to actually falling asleep. I have to get up at five ;_;

I hope I'm not forgetting anything! ::zooms::
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Trip is being particularly flaky today. Which completely ruined my plans to actually BE PRODUCTIVE, because I decided that I would really like to BACK UP all my data but it's taking forever because of the aforementioned flakiness. I have figured out how to make it slightly less flaky, so things are going faster now, but I think I'm still going to end up with a big fat NOTHING done at the end of the day. Argh. -_- But I'd rather have nothing done and everything backed up than a computer throwing a temper tantrum and nothing backed up, right?

Iiiiin the meantime, I'm going to run around in circles 'till I hear back on my app. This is what I get for apping a show no one watches. D: I don't care if another week won't kill me. It very well might!
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... I just got a chain mail letter in a private message from ::headdesk:: I... don't even know what to do with that.

Anyway. Though speaking of fanfiction, I haven't done any real writing in soooo long and I feel like a loser. I don't know, maybe it's that I get it all out with RP or something, or maybe it's that I have less time when I'm hardcore into RP, but. I remember I think it was last year I tried to make a New Years resolution to write a little every week, and I actually did pretty well with that. This year, though, I have failed miserably (again, unless logs count...). There are a number of writing contests I could/should enter, and I really should get on that. I could use the extra cash, especially since funding next fall is still up in the air. And besides, I'd just really like to be writing. I did work on my PJO story a bit today (almost 1000 words!) and I've been rereading a story that started out as (admittedly obscure) fanfiction that I'd really just like to turn into a real story. I promised myself I'd work on that when the PJO fic was done, but that was way back when I was going to be done with that PJO fic by, like, February. I suppose I really should get back on the writing train, though. I've been hitting up Starbucks for about 1-1.5 hours every weekend for the past few weeks, and with the exception of working on Leckie's app, I think it's been helping, at least. There's just something about Starbucks that actually facilitates writing. Maybe it's the big windows. :D;

... Wow, that was totally tl;dr or something. Sorry guys. In other news, yesterday was filled with D&D fun, during which I made it to fourth level (yay!) and managed to make an orc stab himself in the stomach with his own sword just before I killed him. >D That was kind of fun. And now I have some Greek Fire in my backpack to use, should our Fire Mage ever fall in battle. We also discovered that our Bard is, in fact, evil. Well, okay, maybe not evil. But certainly not good. I think we spent at least half an hour explaining to him why cutting off a wolfwere's foot as collateral was not okay, and giving it back to her later was not going to do her any good. |D; Nathan insisted that he change his alignment from chaotic good to chaotic neutral for that one.

Ahh, nerds~ And now I am off to pick up a couple things before heading home and hanging up those posters that I've been meaning to put up for weeks now!
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Well, uh, yeah. Have my only superhero icon. :D; We went to see Iron Man 2 last night, and I was certainly amused and entertained. Good movie, I recommend it, comic book science and all (but come on, it's a comic book, of course it has comic book science!).

... Huh. You know, that's one thing I don't get. I am so all over the place with the science requirements for my media. XD I mean, if it's a comic book or comic book movie? I care less about bad science than if it's Doctor Who. No, I don't get it. I'm just a hypocrite, clearly. Bah. I fail~

Anyway, it is Friday (yay~), though I admit I don't know how it got to be Friday already. Also, I for realsies need a new alarm clock, the three I have are just not cutting it. I totally want that one from ThinkGeek that's like a bomb you have to diffuse, but it's $35 and that's kind of high. Then again, is there really a price on being able to get up in the morning?

In any case, I'm glad classes start up again on Monday - I am really sick of having to wait half an hour for the bus. I hate reduced bus service. :x I'd just walk, but it's starting to get really hot outside. I want my 60s and 70s back! The 80s and 90s are not okay with me. Also with classes will come the re-opening of the restaurants, etc., on campus, which will be nice because EVERYTHING IS CLOSED this week, even Starbucks, and don't they realize there are people who work here even during break week? Boo.

So as I happily (or indifferently, really) Multidrizzle away, I'm off to check the flist now that my Amat app is in. (Which is good, I revised and re-revised that thing a million times and it's kind of nice to just be done with it. XD)
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Mostly babbling to myself. I'm not sure if I'm trying to talk myself into or out of this.

Cut because no one wants to hear me rambling about how I uselessly spent my evening looking up the details of Robert Leckie's life. XD )

Anyway, speaking of Amat. Kind of. In a roundabout way. AVATAR ON THE 22ND~ Though I imagine I won't get my copy for a few days past that, thanks Amazon. Ah well. Then I can screencap for more Jake icons! :D
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For the record, I really, really, really do not need to pick up Leckie at Amat. No, really. I don't. SO STOP THINKING ABOUT IT, SELF. And stop trying to come up with cute journal names. D< I don't care if he wouldn't even be thrown off by the 1940s tech, or how funny it would be when he realized the percentage of the people on the island who are Japanese.


I'm not dead! Woo? I realize it's been forever since I updated "properly", but I've been busy! I suppose I will try and save any "reviews" of movies/shows I have for a separate post(s) or something, but I have varying amounts of thoughts on things like Clash of the Titans and Doctor Who and probably more squeeing about The Pacific, which I have managed to get Nathan almost completely caught up on (and in the process have watched twice now, see me not complaining here).

In other news, though, since Janet was Disney'd out as a child we went to Sea World, which I had not been to since I was eight. I got to pet the stingrays and we saw some awesome shows and I took pictures of penguins for Stacie - who, damn, I was supposed to call tonight. Argh. I really am awful at calling people back! NTS - CALL PEOPLE, STUPID.

All right, now it's on my hand. Ideally I will remember in the morning - assuming I get up early enough before DnD, that is. (Speaking of notes to self: I also have to update Kai's character sheet before we play tomorrow. I should pull that out.)

Anyway; Elizabeth was here for a few days past Janet, so there was more fun attempting to pick up Sanada (and failing - boo on you, Sanada!) and watching movies and we also went to the local art fair, where I got a nifty picture from a Florida photographer that I need to frame and hang up (along with the posters I have already framed and need to hang up!).

And look. There's an update now. :D; So I am going to finish answering some emails and maybe even think about getting to bed in an hour or so. Gasp!
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ZOMG WHY IS DISNEY MANIA 7 NOT OUT YET. Mitchel Musso doing Stand Out? Drew Seeley doing Her Voice? OMG OMG OMG OMG OMGGGGGG~

... Okay, March 9. I can live that long. That's soon. Eek.

So anyway~ Went to see Avatar again today; it's no longer in 3D, but hey, at least I located my free movie ticket so I didn't have to pay for it. And it's not like I haven't seen it three times in 3D already. I think I should stop going to see that movie now. XD (I mean, that's... twelve hours of my life, James Cameron. But oh, Jake Sully, you make it so worth it, ILU~) Though can I just point out, it's kind of... amazing, to me, how some things I make Jake say at Amat actually end up being stuff he does say in the movie (e.g., he uses "Doc" instead of "Doctor", I swear I didn't remember that, I just thought it sounded like something he would use!). It's kind of like how Percy in my fic ended up thinking things that I didn't mean him to think and then re-reading some of the books and realizing that hey, that was exactly right! Either I am awesome at characters or I have a memory that doesn't know it's remembering things. I think my vote is more likely on the latter... XD; Speaking of, I should go see Percy Jackson again - I've got to drag [ profile] violet_lane, anyway.

Anyway, I spent most of the rest of the day sewing - Claire is mostly done and I just have to tailor Trudy's tank top and make her necklaces, though I might still take in the flight suit if I have time. The makeup for that is ordered, though I still am not sure what the whole face looks like, since I only ever get half of it in the promo pix. I tried to study it during the movie, but you only see her whole face with the warpaint for, like, two seconds, so I'll just have to make it up. Ah well - I also realized there's feathers in her hair, so while I may just cannibalize a cat toy for some (Sashi doesn't like the ones with feathers anyway - at least, not as much as she likes catnip), I might break down and go look for more accurate-looking feathers if I have time. We'll see. It's just a tiny pheasant feather - I have something close, but not exact. It's still a bit of a ghetto costume anyway, so we'll see. Though I might rewear it to FX Show - we'll see~

In the meantime, since I'm pretty much caught up on Big Bang Theory, I've started re-watching Forever Knight, which is so nineties-tastic it's painful and hilarious all at once. XD Also, all the extras are so Canadian. XD Not that I mean any offense to Canadians at all! It's just they have accents that the main cast don't. :D; (Well, Geraint Wyn-Davies kind of has one, but not as thick as the extras'.) Anyway, I still think it's kind of random how the only reason I knew about the show in the first place was because Dad does Jon Kapelos' taxes. XD

Oh, hello, Avatar theme. I did not even pick you to play. >>;
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Oh man. Tell me I can't do this. Because that epic!Ahsoka story could work... Urgh, except I need to get off my lazy butt and finish The Ties That Bind before I do anything, really. Really, it's Amat that is eating my non-astronomy time - I even had a dream that was kind of Amat-related the other day, I think. It was weird - it involved Trudy from Avatar talking to Sherlock Holmes, except they were both in Atia, which makes sense for the latter but not the former... Of course, speaking of Amat I really want to app Topher and I SHOULD NOT (at least until the thesis is done), and I also randomly want a Norm to join but that's neither here nor there. Actually, what I really need to do it poke Jake into posting or something, because Ratchet's willing to talk to everyone and their brother but I want Jake to get in some action, too~ ::fail::

Okay, enough RP babble. I'm sure none of you were interested in that up there, and I should probably finish my lunch and get back to work~ Coding, ho!

... For the record, Bloomin' Onion Pringles? YUMMY. :D
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Look! Look at me! I'm updating OMG! (This is for you, [ profile] pergamond~)

Okay, so. I am lame. Exhibit A: I took my Christmas tree down. Yesterday. :D; (Maybe the day before? I think it was yesterday, though.) Exhibit B: I am seriously considering going to see Avatar. Again. For a fourth time. (And for the record? Is it horrible that I laughed when the packaging for the Jake Sully action figure claimed it was "highly articulated"? XD Because poor Jake is, uh. Not. XD ILU JAKE.) Actually, let's make that Exhibit C: I totally bought a Jake Sully action figure. And, you know. Percy Jackson. XD Maybe that's not so lame, though. It's unclear.

So, I have fallen off the face of the earth, for which I apologize. Been relatively busy at work (read: staring at the same IDL program for a day and a half before realizing ahahaha I AM DUMB) and then Amat seems to eat up most of my free time when I'm at home, though actually that hasn't been that much because I've been OUT~! Let's see...


Hm... well, I also have many fun stories about spinach leaking all over my lunchbag and my computer locking me out (triiiip), but I am actually pretty tired and think I will head to bed. So I shall save the tales of woe for a later date, I suppose. BUT just know the stories are there, lurking around the corner, ready to jump! (Or something.)

Also, NEED MORE ICON SLOTS. D: Nothing new, move along now~
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Amat reserve GET! Thank you, iCarly, for distracting me from how much I wanted dinner until 11:59GMT. XD (As long as they don't care that I probably posted within a minute of the page opening, I should be good? :D;) Now I have the oven heating and then I can eat yummy food and watch Clone Wars from Friday~ (I'm not sure if I'm going to like this one or not - on the one hand, MANDOS! DEATH WATCH! On the other... this may be why Karen Traviss decided to stop writing her books, which may make me unhappy.)

Had people over last night to watch the end of the first season of Dollhouse; I decided to give it another try and yes, the episodes were a lot better than they were in the first half. I'd totally forgotten that Alan Tudyk was in it! Anyway, we watched through the season finale; next time I guess we'll start with Epitaph One and move on to the second season which I am now downloading. The writing's still not as up to par as I would like, but it's certainly much better than the first few episodes, I will give them that. I think I like Topher more now, despite the fact that maybe I shouldn't. XD

That's... really about it. Have possibly totally mangled my sleep schedule, but will attempt to fix that tonight, barring failure. Tomorrow is MAKING GRAPHS DAY OMG because Vicki will be gone the rest of the week so I should have something to show for myself before the end of the day! Then it's back to HATING X-RAYS because they truly are the source of most of the evil in the universe.
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Oh, great - this is what I get for watching Twister last night. We're under a tornado watch today. ::fails:: Butbutbut, I was at Target the other night and they had it on DVD for $5 and how could I not buy it? (I was previously still using the VHS. |D) And, of course, buying it subsequently meant I had to watch it again. It's actually kind of funny - now that I know how academia works, it's so much more obvious to me that they're on grant money and I can tell who's the grad student and it's just... kinda hilarious. XD Ah, Twister~ You bring back so many memories.

For the record, when I FALL OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH (or just start using CAPS ALL THE TIME XD) I will henceforth blame Amat for being awesome. Among other things. XD I swear, I got nothing done yesterday. I was supposed to do stuff! (Well, okay, by "do stuff" I really mean read Holmes/Watson fic and resize pictures, buuuut...) In the meantime, I will just say that Ratchet is a ho and he is going to sleep entirely through Friday, whether he wants to or not. The end~

Okay. Off to FIGURE OUT SPHERICAL COORDINATES AND WHY THEY HATE ME. D: Because I'm pretty sure I can't have distances between objects on my frame be larger than my frame size on the sky. Somehow... I think things just don't work that way.

Oh, but! Before I forget~ [ profile] pergamond, thank you for the card! :D (This is what I get for never checking my mailbox at work. XDD)


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