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So yesterday was our delayed Memorial Day barbecue. It was delicious (I love burned hot dogs, yum~) and nerdy, given that we spent the evening creating characters for the Star Wars RPG we plan to play when Nathan's not around but Robert is. I now have a kind of ditzy Rebel pilot who hates Ewoks (WHO DOESN'T?) and whose trademark quote is, "I can totally do this - once I learn how!" Her goal is also to "Be awesome :D". This is gonna be great. XD Also her callsign is Sledgehammer. Yesssss~

Also, not only were we nerdy enough to divide up Amanda's chocolate pie based on the size angle of the piece we wanted, but Scott wanted blue milk with his pie. AND SO HE WAS GIVEN SOME.

... Okay, I've made it past midnight tonight, yay! (No, seriously - I figured if I went to bed at midnight for a third night in a row the world might implode or something. I have saved the world!) But I also have to remember that I need to take Nathan to the airport in the morning. Don't forget, self!

Actually, both Nathan and Scott are out of town by tomorrow afternoon. There is nothing going on this weekend, and I am so looking forward to two whole days to myself. I love my friends, but I haven't had an entire free weekend in longer than I can remember!

Upcoming this weekend: that icon meme I've been meaning to do. And I also really really really need to finish that Pacific kink!fic I've had sitting on my desktop since I got back from Boston. >>
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For the record, I really, really, really do not need to pick up Leckie at Amat. No, really. I don't. SO STOP THINKING ABOUT IT, SELF. And stop trying to come up with cute journal names. D< I don't care if he wouldn't even be thrown off by the 1940s tech, or how funny it would be when he realized the percentage of the people on the island who are Japanese.


I'm not dead! Woo? I realize it's been forever since I updated "properly", but I've been busy! I suppose I will try and save any "reviews" of movies/shows I have for a separate post(s) or something, but I have varying amounts of thoughts on things like Clash of the Titans and Doctor Who and probably more squeeing about The Pacific, which I have managed to get Nathan almost completely caught up on (and in the process have watched twice now, see me not complaining here).

In other news, though, since Janet was Disney'd out as a child we went to Sea World, which I had not been to since I was eight. I got to pet the stingrays and we saw some awesome shows and I took pictures of penguins for Stacie - who, damn, I was supposed to call tonight. Argh. I really am awful at calling people back! NTS - CALL PEOPLE, STUPID.

All right, now it's on my hand. Ideally I will remember in the morning - assuming I get up early enough before DnD, that is. (Speaking of notes to self: I also have to update Kai's character sheet before we play tomorrow. I should pull that out.)

Anyway; Elizabeth was here for a few days past Janet, so there was more fun attempting to pick up Sanada (and failing - boo on you, Sanada!) and watching movies and we also went to the local art fair, where I got a nifty picture from a Florida photographer that I need to frame and hang up (along with the posters I have already framed and need to hang up!).

And look. There's an update now. :D; So I am going to finish answering some emails and maybe even think about getting to bed in an hour or so. Gasp!
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TIRED. Tired Tired Tired. =_=

Therefore, have a random list of things before I get back to work:

- Rifftrax Live tonight! This should be made of major win. XD
- Hopefully I can get to JoAnn's beforehand, because I need hair for Mohinder. He is rather cute, even without hair. Also, now I know how to make plushie hoodies. There may perhaps be a Percy plushie in my future...
- Speaking of Percy, there's going to be a game! I'm sure it'll probably just mirror the movie. I'm also sure I'll have to buy it.
- Except I have no money. D: Because, as [ profile] valeriebean reminded me, I want to go to Canada! So I better start saving.
- And, er. Buy Celebration V tickets. And look at what I need to buy for Bariss. And get new Padme boots. And...
- Return to Neverland was on last night. I love that movie~ :D
- Amat!Artemis Fowl is made of win. I like him a lot better than the one in the books. XD
- Also, Amat!Sarah Jane is similarly made of win. Ratchet likes her and I'm just going to sit in a corner and laugh at him. :D

Maybe I should make an rp tag... XD;

Okay, back to work. Gotta get everything organized for tomorrow. I don't want to look dumb! D: NTS: look up your Spitzer flux limits! Someone might ask. D:


EDIT: Okay, Amazon, I get it. The release of the special edition of The Lightning Thief just keeps getting pushed back. Are you sure you're ever going to release it? D:
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Fail, world. Fail.

1) Wal-Mart did not have the 2-disc edition of the first Transformers movie. Ah, well. That's probably for the better. Now it'll go back on the Christmas list.

2) I've had a suspicion that maybe there's a plastic bag stuck in my car, as I've noticed this burning wax smell after about ten minutes of driving over the past week. Despite the fact that it was dark when I got back from my Transformers-less Wal-Mart run, I opened up the hood to check (I'll have to get under the car tomorrow or over the weekend when it's light). I did not see a plastic bag, but I did see A RANDOM TOOL AND POSSIBLE PART OF MY ENGINE that Jiffy Lube left lying around the last time I had the oil changed. That was maybe a few weeks ago; I hadn't had any reason to open the hood until now. WTF, Jiffy Lube. Do I just go back and demand to know whether this is a piece of my engine or some other poor soul's? Do I keep the wrench for ransom? Argh, I do not have time to go to Jiffy Lube and complain until... oh, never. Okay, maybe... um. If I skip a morning of work next week. Which I really can't do, actually. Boo. I can only assume that if nothing has fallen apart yet, then it's not horribly important. Maybe I'll try to take a look when it's light (again, uh, when?) and see if it looks like something is missing. I guess I could at least call and complain. And hold the wrench hostage. I checked the user manual, and the piece doesn't match anything I can find so maybe it's not even mine.

3) I got an email today from TFAW about the nifty Star Wars oneshot comic, "Purge". I went to go think about buying it... only to find that it's out of stock. Uh. Why are you sending me emails to buy it if it's out of stock probably before you even sent the email? Fail! Guess I'll go direct to Dark Horse or something.

EDIT: Okay, okay. Now it's back in stock. IT WAS TOTALLY OUT OF STOCK THIS AFTERNOON. XD; Down to 2/3 fail, Thursday.

... Right. Now to maybe work on an amat application and save my resume for tomorrow when I'm not as braindead. I don't have enough free time in between helping out with STARS to do any real work, but resume updating is something I can do and still feel productive. And maybe work up the nerve to see how Anthony feels about writing me a letter. Eek, I have to get up early tomorrow, too. ;_; And not forget to feed Scott's cat!

This amount of fail deserves a tag.
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Mmm, it is a lovely 54 degrees outside today, yess~ (Well, the computer claims 54. My thermometer claimed 59, but either way, it was less than sixty when I left this morning.) I hope this continues! Pleeeease~ (Of course, it's supposed to be back in the 70s/80s by the weekend... I hope the forecast lies. D:)

I totally feel like it's Monday all over again. o.o; Probably because yesterday was the weekend I'm not going to get this weekend. XD; I totally meant to get up and do stuff, but alas, I got up just before Diana called at 3pm. (For the record, my dream appeared to include both Chad Dylan Cooper - WTF XD - and Ny Vollen. And Hannah Montana. Clearly I need help.) I did get some laundry done, though? And I went running! Buuut that's really about it for productive things yesterday; I don't know where it all went. D: I did go to bed before 2, as well, and I even managed to get up at 9 this morning! (Well, 9:10, but that's close enough!) Sashi actually seemed miffed and wanted me to stay in bed and stop getting up to turn off the alarm. XD;

Anyway... I should get back to finishing my cluster stuff so I can make sure I have enough labs printed and email people about getting stands for the lab on Saturday. I should also go take a tour of campus later to make sure I know where we're going for this scavenger hunt. XD;; Also, must talk to Vicki this afternoon - I found a postdoc that I might actually be good at, but the application is due in... nine days! Eep. o.o (Also must remember to register for AAS and get plane tickets to D.C.! And get a hotel at Disney. AND FIND A CATSITTER OMG. D:)

EDIT: Also! JAYNE HATS FOR TURKEYS! You know you want one!
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Went to a rather interesting talk today on the nature and possible manifestations of dark matter, which was pretty awesome~ Cosmology is fantastic, and I think I will always love it. :D (Especially when you get to go to talks featuring WIMPs, MACHOs, and the all-new WIMPZILLAs!) I have also achieved IRAC color-color diagrams of my galaxy clusters, which made me feel rather accomplished. Alas, I have to wait 'till next week to get ACIS-Extract and its associated programs installed, but that gives me a chance to ignore X-rays for yet another few days~

This evening I set to work getting Penny ready for this weekend, which I am happy to say only took about an hour to an hour and a half total. I love easy costumes! (Granted, I had the black shirt already, and I bought the pink shirt and black shorts from Goodwill. All I had to do was make the pink shirt smaller and cannibalize two pairs of leggings into one pair of stripey ones. Dude, I measured those stripes and made them proportional! Cosplay math FTW.)

Two more here! )

I don't think I'm going to wear anything horribly costume-y for the race, mostly because I don't have anything. (I could always run in Videl, but that's so obscure it's not worth it. XD) Maybe I'll come up with something I already have before Saturday. In the meantime, I just have to make sure I remember to bring Bolt this weekend, along with a lightsaber for Frank. And I need to tape Venture Bros!
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So for the record, I am alive. :D Dragon*Con was fantastic; I got to see almost everything I wanted and I got to hang out with my awesome, awesome friends and sister (who all live TOO FAR AWAY BOO). I acquired many things, including the awesomest sweatshirt ever (well, maybe second-awesomest, that Boba Fett one is pretty awesome) and a Force FX lightsaber (temporarily).

Also, I painted myself orange. Pictures forthcoming. XD Right now I have to try and remember this paper I read who knows how many weeks ago so I can talk about it in two and a half hours.

Somewhat unrelated, I got paint on my awesome capris last week while painting Ahsoka (I know, I know - it was the one time I didn't change into crappy clothes to paint). I managed to get the paint out, but in the nature of stain removers and my clothes, I now have a lighter spot on my pants instead of a spot of paint. This is not helpful, and it's not in a place where I can put a cute patch to hide it. I don't think Old Navy carries them in that size anymore (stupid end of summer not making shorts anymore). :x I wonder if I can fit into one size down, or if I should get the next size up... Man, I really liked those pants!


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So! I suppose an update is maybe in order. XD The wedding was nice~ Warm, but such is the nature of August weddings in Boston. The church was lovely (as were the bride and groom~ <3) and the reception was made of awesome and win and glowsticks towards the end of the night, which was the coolest thing ever. Plus I met the awesome [ profile] minkrose (who was nice enough to let me tag along with her and significant other for most of the time) and [ profile] gnine, yay more cool friends. :D

Sunday was filled with fangirling with [ profile] skuldchan and [ profile] asphodel, who even fed us and took us to this extremely yummy Taiwanese restaurant <3. There was much discussion of not only Harry Potter (ahaha, I hope we didn't bore Yang to death with Alby and Scorp XD) and Dynasty Warriors, but we came up with the awesomest idea for a video game EVER. I mean, come on. You all know you'd want to play American Civil Warriors. Who doesn't want to slash Robert E. Lee and Ulysses S. Grant? XDD (Oh man, it was the funniest conversation ever. I miss fangirling in person.) Somebody needs to send me her iPhone voice messages of win. ;D

Then today I slept in late (oops) but I did at least get a somewhat decent amount of cosplay work done: I pretty much finished Anakin and at least got the sleeves of the Star Trek uniform attached, which wasn't too hard but took a bit of work because it had to be done in so many steps. I think I really need the serger to do the sides of that, though, since the fabric frays like crazy, so I will do that tomorrow. And I will do Ahsoka's bootcovers and finish model-magic-ing the headtails tomorrow when I get home. REALLY. Ack. I need more time before Dragon*Con. ;_; I just hope everything I ordered will arrive in time and work, eek.

I did also get a little bit of work done today on my as-yet-unnamed PJO fic (and holy crap I did a lot of writing in Rio - or, at least, there are a lot of notebook pages to transcribe). The lack of a title is really starting to bug me. I have NO IDEA what to call this one. There are a million songs that I could associate with it, but none have good lyrics that I can use for a title. Argh. I wish I didn't fail at titling things. Or that the only thing I have actually written and posted in the past week has been my totally random Sam/Mikaela/Bee thing. ::dies:: And now I have a Ben 10 fic exchange thing to get working on, too. At least the deadline for that should be after D*C, and I'm not even going to think about starting to post the PJO fic until after then, too.

Other things I need to do in the near future include:

- Get tickets to Mitchel Musso
- Call Stacie
- Get oil changed
- Write up that horribly awkward awesome Alby/Hawk conversation for [ profile] ass_tea

Okay, off to be lazy some more before making myself go to bed before 4am because I think I have to get up at 8 or 9 or something to get to the airport in time to catch my flight. I should probably check that.
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Apparently, I am leaving the country in four days. I am so not prepared for this. XD

Okay, well, I kind of am. But there's still a lot to do. I'm waiting on my advisor to tell me if my poster is okay to print, and I don't really have a whole lot of work that needs to get done in the meantime (i.e., work with a major deadline) so I'm just trying to do what I can and finish preparing for my trip. And then I'm going to be working on costumes FOR THE REST OF FOREVER OMG. I've realized I have approximately two weeks (at best) at home before Dragon*Con, in which I need to finish Ahsoka and ejfuafiufhaiurwejdeOMG. I can do this, but it'll take some doing~ A lot of her stuff is done, but a lot isn't. Thankfully Jennie says I can use her sewing machine in Boston, so that helps alleviate a bit of stress. Plans are to finish Ahsoka while at home, and to put the Star Trek uniform, Anakin, and Obi-Wan together in Boston (along with possibly Ahsoka's bootcovers). Gwen is done for reals (pictures eventually) and Lewis is coming along and needs to be mostly bought anyway, so I'm going to be doing some internet surfing while in Brazil. I plan to stop in at Center Stage this week anyway to check on the Ahsoka makeup, so hopefully I can pick up some glasses and a safari hat for Lewis while I'm at it. Valerie's Franny is coming along amazingly, for the record~

So, this weekend! AFO was... well, we didn't really go to AFO. XD Friday afternoon I drove down to Carmax in Orlando and sold my Camry (yay!); then Diana picked me up and we got dinner and talked and watched some Venture Bros (finished season 2). Then around maybe 12 or 1 we got ready for bed, but we made the mistake of turning on the TV because AFO always shows anime and we wanted to see what was on. It turned out to be episode 2 or 3 of Macross Frontier, which Katie loves and wants us to watch but we'd never gotten around to it. We weren't incredibly impressed at first, but then suddenly it was 6am and episode 14 was over and we were falling asleep sitting up but OMG it was so good! So. XD We will be finishing that, eventually. (And there will be Ranka cosplay. Because she is SO CUTE and I want her backpack OMG. XD)

For the record: best moment ever was when we were watching Macross Frontier, and Ranka does something and Diana goes, "Woo, go her! She's such a Rachel! And Sheryl is such an Annabeth." Ahahaha. I have taught her well~ XDD

Then, since we didn't go to bed until almost sunrise, we didn't get up until 4-5 and so we got dressed and got lunch/dinner/etc.; then we came back and watched all of Children of Earth in one go (why yes, that was some rather amazing television o.o) and then it was bedtime again. XD Then Sunday we got up at 10 to check out at 11, went to McDonald's for lunch, and ended up sitting there talking until almost 5:30 when it was time to leave for the concert. ::dies:: XD Which was, of course, amazing~ I still think Demi Lovato is probably the most talented singer Disney has right now, and she put on an awesome show and she was so absolutely sincere and modest and awesome~ David Archuleta is almost better live than on his albums, but I think that's because I liked the rock feel of the music as played by a live band as opposed to the more synthesized pop sound on the album? Anyway, he's pretty amazing as well, and I think Jordan Pruitt went before either of them and even though we didn't know who she was or anything by her, she too has a very amazing voice. So all in all, like I said, it was a very amazing concert~

And so now here I am, sitting at work and if Vicki doesn't get back to me I may head out early so I can get all the errands I need to run done. I have to, in no particular order:

- Deposit bank draft from car sale
- Call credit card company about using my card in Brazil
- Go to JoAnn's, the grocery store (I have no food, not even for four days), Michael's, and Center Stage
- Mail off Bumblebee to Blanche because I didn't have time on Friday

AND FINALLY LAST BUT NOT LEAST: HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] cecilegrey! :D May you receive many Dracos on your birthday. ;D

Oh, oh! And I keep forgetting, but thank you so much for the letter, [ profile] februaryfour. That stationary was SO CUTE! <3
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Firstly, a very happy birthday to [ profile] lavenderlilly! :D

I kept having dreams about astronauts last night. XD All I can really remember every time I woke up was all the radio chitchat and guys wearing spacesuits on the moon and I think this is entirely due to a certain HBO miniseries that I'm over halfway through with by now. (Aw, but last night was Apollo 11 and 12! All I could think was, "Man, Apollo 12 was a party! Al Bean is adorable!") Eesh, I remember learning all this stuff from books in junior high, but this is so much better than books. Sometimes I think I must be living my life backwards, fangirling astronauts in junior high and the Jonas Brothers in grad school...

Costume-wise, Gwen is almost done! Hoping to finish her tonight so I can start working on Ahsoka in earnest (Wonderflex ordered, $50 later...), and I still need to find fabric for the Trek!Reboot uniform. Plus I need to see if I really will be able to convince people to do Venture Bros cosplay or if this will just be a bust, because I can't walk around by myself as Dean Venture. That will not work. XD (Maybe I could be Triana? With a Dean plushie? XD) And someone needs to tell me that making Penny for AFO is probably a bad idea... even though I think I might do it. >>; NTS: take a look at her stuff tonight to see if this is even possible.

Okay, back to alternately watching MOPEX chug along and trying to get these flux maps made. Cutting the images down to just the area viewed by the ACS makes it much faster!
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I've (finally) started watching From the Earth to the Moon; Scott lent it to me ages ago, but it's sat on my table for quite some time. I actually started it on Saturday, but then I realized episode 2 was about Apollo 1 and it took me a couple days to work myself up to watching people die horribly in a fire. D: But now I am past that! It was sad, though. I mean, I really liked the way the episode dealt with it - from the contractor's point of view, which was really unique and interesting. It also just solidified my love for Frank Borman, but I already thought he was pretty damn cool before all of this. XD (Also? I don't think I knew that SOMEBODY LEFT A WRENCH LODGED IN THE SPACECRAFT SIDE. OOPS, GUYS. DON'T DO THAT. D:) Anyway, Scott says their take on Apollo 13 is really interesting too, so I'm looking forward to waching more of this as the week progresses. Probably not tomorrow, though; provided he's up for it, Jesse and I are going to see Up because I am horribly lame and haven't seen it yet.

But I did head home today right around 5, which is earlier than it's been the past few workdays, so I got to go running and eat dinner at a semi-reasonable hour while I watched TV (as mentioned above). It was rather nice. Note to self, though - Venture Bros appears to be on daily at 1AM on CN. WATCH IT. Because you can never, ever have too much Venture Bros. Next time I have forty bucks free I am so buying those DVDs.

I also put most of Gwen's under-dress together, so at least I was kind of productive? And I did lots of research for the next bit of PJO fic, so it will actually be accurate and whatnot. It may or may not involve zombies. Not zombie zombies, of course. But, well. When you've got the son of Hades, you need to make him use his awesome death powers. I'm sorry, that's just how it goes. XD Percy got to show off last, now it's so Nico's turn~ >D Regardless, I love Google Maps. :D

And speaking of writing, I have two more meme drabbles almost done. Maybe I'll finish them in a bit!

... Okay, you know, Transformers 2 might have been a terrible movie, but it sure does have a good soundtrack and score.
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So I was all set to go to bed yesterday at a reasonable hour (2am is totally reasonable) but then I got suddenly inspired for the scene I was working on in my PJO fic and then it was 3:30. Oops. D: (This is what happens when you get Percy and Nico alone on the bottom of a river, I suppose... XD;) Ah well; it was actually okay since I'd been going to bed at 4 or so ever since Friday, and then since I managed to drag myself up reasonably on time this morning, I will hopefully be tired tonight. We'll see. I still wish it didn't take so absolutely little to throw off my sleep schedule. Anyway, I think I actually know (for real) how this story is going to end, and it still leaves room for a third (this is perhaps not a good thing, but XD). And it looks like the current thing at [ profile] pjo_fic_battle is going to continue through the end of the month, so I will attempt to pick up more prompts there, as well. Oh, and there was a new Merlin prompt community I wanted to take a look at...

Speaking of, I was totally excited - one of my short little Gwen fics I wrote for the Gwen Winter Battle thing got nominated at [ profile] excalibur_award! :D Whee~ Well, I mean, voting hasn't even started yet, but I was excited nonetheless. :D;

Anyway, I cut out the fabric for Gwen's under-dress (while watching Merlin, thank you NBC XD). I think I got fabric that was a little too off-white for it, but the white was just so see-through and I didn't want to double it. So, uh. Too bad. No one will care, I'm sure. I plan to at least cut out Ahsoka today. I also hope that the headpiece I'm using as a base will arrive in the mail today, otherwise I'll probably just call and pick it up at the UPS place tomorrow, even if it is alllll the way across town. :x

Anyway, other than that, it's just trying to finish up those exposure maps today so I can actually start some Spitzer analysis before Vicki talks to me next. Woo, mosaicking, here I come!

...Ahaha. If you pick the ninja theme in Gmail, there are little shuriken instead of stars! That is fantastic. XD
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There are not enough hours in the day. D:

Much rambling on the writing of fics that I shall cut for flist sanity purposes~ )

akdjlafd, where did the day go? No wonder I'm tired. D: I had issues falling asleep last night (probably prompted by getting up late yesterday.) I really had better try to get to bed soon, though.

Other things I need to do include actually starting my slew of Dragon*Con costumes (Ahsoka! NTS: Try out Model Magic for the outer part of the headtails? And look into makeup!). I also need to finish cleaning my house (it's half-clean? :D;) and finish getting ready for the teacher workshop on Monday that I'm kind of running-ish. (Well, Vicki and Anthony are usually in charge but they're both out of town, and while it really doesn't require much organization, I think I'm it.) At least I've got most of the stuff for it done today, though. I plopped myself down in the student center with a venti iced green tea and my laptop for about two hours and got the links list and talk done.

I also need to get my Brazil ticket so I can apply for my travel visa. I think I'm going to have to take an overnight flight, whee. -_-; I hope the AAS is okay with me flying out of Orlando rather than Gainesville, though I suppose I should probably look into the latter even if I hate taking small planes. :x I don't think I'm really going to stay more than a day or two at most after the conference, though; I think I'd be paying out of pocket for that, and I honestly don't really know of a whole lot I want to do in Rio. If anyone knows of anything I should do while I'm there, though...?

Aaand maybe if I hadn't been writing this, I could've gotten more fic written. Alas. I think it's almost bedtime.
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Okay, I really need to be in bed, because I have to be up in 6.5 hours. XD BUT FIRST.


Okay. I think I really am done packing and cleaning. It's so weird to have almost NOTHING in my bag, but I only need four days' worth of clothes and toiletries and stuff.

NTS: Get the Lexus VIN and buy Arch tour tickets! (As in: Jen~ I was going to email you but hopefully you'll see this? We can buy tickets for the Arch online ahead of time. Frank suggested getting tickets for 1:30 or so on Saturday; do you want me to just buy them and you can pay me back when you pay me for the hotel? :D)

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First, a meme! Because I commented on [ profile] noctaval's:

The first TEN people to comment in this post get to request a drabble of any pairing/character of their choosing from me. In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their ability level. If you absolutely can't write, I don't see why you wouldn't be able to offer drawings or icons or something instead. (Nobody wants to do that last bit, so just ignore it. Nothing in return required! :D)

1. [ profile] auroraprimavera - Merlin/Arthur
2. [ profile] noctaval - Obi/Ani, unresolved sexual tension
3. [ profile] link621 - Pillar Pair/Ryoma fail
4. [ profile] cecilegrey - Merlin/Will, fire
5. [ profile] alibi2014 - Pecy/Annabeth
6. [ profile] kashewmoo - Momo/Ryoma, popsicles on a warm day
7. [ profile] hikariblue - A malicious (or just tricksy) alien entity tampers with all the pie on Archer's Enterprise. Hilarity ensues~
8. [ profile] pergamond - Atobe/Eiji, a romantic date sorting through Atobe's wardrobe
9. [ profile] torasetsuna - Mal/Wash, the Cowboy Bebop episode Toys in the Attic
10. [ profile] asphodel - Vanyel/Stefen/Lendel

Spent most of this weekend sleeping and attempting to work on Nina. I ran out of white thread (oops D:) around 9pm tonight, and I didn't feel like running out to WalMart that late since I hadn't even eaten dinner yet, so I will try to do that tomorrow before Heroes. But I got various parts of the costume done, so while I'm not quite where I wanted to be by the end of the weekend, I'm getting there. I realized I can use little!Subaru's pants for Videl, and I swear the rest of that I really can just buy, so I'm less stressed about getting that done which gives me more time to concentrate on Nina. I think I can do this.

It really didn't help that I slept in until 2:30 today when I actually meant to get up at 10. Clearly I, uh. Needed the sleep? (I'm never really convinced of this, though. I seem to be able to sleep FOREVER without really needing sleep. XD) I did get a little bit of writing done this weekend; maybe another 1,000 words or so on my second!epic!Percy/Nico fic, which is less than I'd hoped but at least it's something? I also got about three paragraphs into that alternateuniverse!Ben 10 fic, which I am trying to convince myself does not have to be EPICLY LONG or anything like my first one. XD I think this one really will work out short and sweet. Here's hoping~

To do this week: CLEAN OMG, continue working on Nina, get some writing done, pack and set VCR for the stuff I'm missing this weekend (since I'm missing The Secret Saturdays and the premiere of Jonas shut up you all should be glad I didn't buy those Demi Lovato concert tickets like I was thinking about while I'm gone this weekend). And I also have to book the hotel for Disney for when my grandmother's here, and also see about getting a reservation for tea while I'm at it. Plus, haircut on Tuesday! I really need one. D: (Incidentally, this is the second time I've called about a haircut and found out the person I was going to didn't work there anymore. XD)

That's really about it. Why is it Sunday night already? D: Time to go read some Watchmen and force myself to bed in half an hour~
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Woo, I was in early today! (I realize it is no longer early, but I was.)

Cosplaaaay! (And other related crafts.) )

Um... unfortunately, that's really all I've got. I've been sewing kind of nonstop for the past few days. Except for a few hours yesterday when I needed to take care of random stuff, like double-check the insurance for the new car and call my credit card company because HI, Square/Enix, I do not play Final Fantasy Online WHY ARE YOU CHARGING ME I HAVE NEVER BEEN TO YOUR SITE. D: That was unhappy, but thankfully the charge got taken off. If it happens again, though, I will be very displeased. (I Googled the issue and apparently it's actually common for Square/Enix Play Online to charge random people who've never heard of them out of the blue? That's totally not cool!)

Though yesterday was made of a bit of work!fail, in that I have been exhausted all week and yet every time I try to go to bed at a reasonable hour, I lay awake until four. And then I totally forgot to set my actual alarm on Tuesday night so when my phone alarm woke me up, I didn't realize it and fell back asleep. At least I got to the office in time to go to extragalactic-ph (it was a special talk though, I'd forgotten), but then Vicki wanted to meet today instead of yesterday, and I figured that if I sat in front of a computer screen for long enough I'd pass out, so I figured screw it and I just went home to get the millions of other things done that needed doing. My house is still not clean, but I think that will have to wait 'till Sunday.

Okay, that's it for reals. My life is so not exciting. XD At least the weather's nice!
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So I am about to collapse into bed, but I figured I would post up my progress pix because I am a dork like that. And to prove that there's a reason I haven't checked my flist since 4:30pm.

A bit of sewing rambling and pix below! )

I think the blister on my finger is bigger. D:

Okay, real entry later, including those topics (for reals, I swear!). Bedtime now, I'm exhausted! (Oh, but before I go, apparently tomorrow is free pancake day at IHOP! Just so you all know~)

Also, SELF - RP APP. DO NOT FORGET LIKE I KNOW YOU WILL. D: I think I only have the reserve 'till Wednesday. And there is that writing contest I need to enter by Friday.
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Okay I kind of want to buy A Strong And Sudden Thaw all over again just for the pretty new cover. >>; But I will not right now, because I am trying to save up for other things. But you guys should! Oh man, now I want to read it again but I have to finish Order 66 and I have had no time to read lately. ;_;

Also, just because I have a plot for my PJO story apparently does not mean that I can figure out how to GET THERE. afjaduifna. Well, at least chapter one is almost done, I think. Uh. To the two or three people on here that have actually read PJO, anyone want to be a sounding board? :D;

That is all. Sorry for the spam. ^^;

NTS: This is that song I liked and forgot the name of! It's on that Arthur/Merlin FST, dork.
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So today is a day of Multidrizzling. Which really means I can't do much else, because drizzling takes up most of Trip's already-augmented RAM. So I think CIAO will be tomorrow; I really want to get these point source maps made, since they don't seem to be too hard. Maybe I should refresh my memory on how to combine observations...

But! Totally cool, I got asked if it would be all right to host my Merlin fic on this neat Ebook Fan Fiction Archive! :D I had no idea such a thing existed, that's so cool! I do still kind of want an ebook reader, though I suppose if I'm going to even think about getting a nano/mini for running, it may have to wait. NTS: Open up that ING account because money is a good thing!

I really wanted to get some writing done yesterday, but as I got too caught up in sewing, it never got done. I have this PJO fic/sequel to the last EPIC FIC floating around in my head, only it's from Nico's point of view and he is so much harder to write than Percy. He's a lot more jaded; things are more black-and-white for him, and he feels left out a lot, whether it's because he distances himself or because other people do it. Poor Percy's got his work cut out for him.

Plus, there are more writing contests I want to enter, only I think I may have forgotten how to write an original short story. XD; That's the problem with fanfic - you don't have to introduce the characters, so I forget how to do it in a real story. I will have to go read some short stories to remind myself how to do this. XD

New Heroes tonight! Have an appropriate icon. :D;
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So! Uh... welcome to Friday~ I have been busy this week, though clearly with nothing productive. XD; Most of my time has been spent scouring eBay for the proper version of Gwen's shirt, which I did not find and have just gotten it in white. It's the same print, just on a white shirt instead of black. Seriously, if there were ever shirts with it in black, they have since disappeared from the face of the planet. (Must be the Rift...) I've also been trying to figure out where to get red Converses, or at least where I can go in Gainesville to try on Converses so I can see what size I am, because I bet I can wear a kids' size. >D;

Oh, and then! I think I spent at least two hours the other night trying to figure out where the seams were on Padme's top, and what kind of seams they should be. ::fail:: Ah well, let it not be said that I didn't at least try to make it as accurate as possible! After screencapping the movie a TON, and not finding any real sewing help on the couple of costuming forums I looked up, I think I have a pattern and a method for making this shirt. Now to, uh. Make it. XD

In slightly more RL news, Diana and I have been watching more Supernatural, which continues to be awesome~ And there were wings and mozzerella sticks (and candy!) at Scott's on Wenesday, and after we were done watching stuff we ended up staying over and just talking until something like 1:50am. XD That was fun~ Except now Tiffany wants to have a zombie movie marathon at some point, which I am either going to have to find an excuse to miss or bring some sewing so I don't pay attention to the TV. XD;

I have also been 0 for 3 the last couple of days with regards to the bus - for the past three mornings in a row, I swear I have walked out the door of my apartment building (which is across the parking lot from the bus stop) to see the bus pulling away. Three times in a row. At three different times of the morning, so it's not like I'm trying to catch the bus at the same time every day and it keeps happening. Shouldn't that be statistically very difficult? XD Woo, I beat statistics! Except wait, that's not good. XD;

And finally, in writing news, I've been struggling with this latest Merlin fic because I want it to be short, but it wants to be long, and I don't want it to be long. I've also started it at least three separate times. I have a good chunk of it done (if it's short), but I really have to decide if the character development is okay, given the backstory I give, or if it's out of left field. We don't want character development coming out of left field. Not even right field, I think. XD;

And then this morning someone left a review on one of my SW stories (admittedly, this was a review left on that "near the end of paragraph 2, you have the 'term' "cocksure" written. i'm assuming it's a typo..."

... Uh. No, it's a word. That irks me, and I want to tell them (very nicely, of course!) that it is actually a word, but it's not a signed review so I can't reply. Alas, I will have to let it go. (And then I was reading something and someone was bashing people in the Midwest for having bad grammar because clearly we don't read books, and that made me angry.)

Ah well. IT'S FRIDAY! :D Suite Life and Clone Wars tonight, and Inkheart tomorrow!

(Oh, and lastly, I think I need to get this shirt for Scott for his birthday this year. XDDD)


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