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... Ahaha, so I just tried to iron on some interfacing... with the wrong side facing up. XD;;; Now I have to wait for the iron to cool down so I can wipe all the glue off and try again. Whoops~ ::dumb!:: But Bad Girl's puffy sleeves are cut out and ironed, I just have to figure out how big to make the cuff before I can sew them on~ This dress is SO PINK. XD And is going to incorporate leftover Fuu, woo~

So I set my alarm for 9:30... and woke up at 12:30. Ah well~ I guess the best way to spend one's last Sunday of vacation is by sleeping in. It's a really nice day out, too - I have a coupon for a free Starbucks tea thing, so I'm going to get one in a bit after I stop by to feed Nozimi. And I have to call about reservations at the Garden View Lounge, preferably before it gets too late this evening. We'll see if they have anything open next Saturday - you never know!

D: My neighbor is playing very loud music upstairs. That is not cool. I can hear it over mine. Winamp only goes so loud.

You know, I'd like Spencer for an older brother. Or maybe a boyfriend. He is so failtastic~ XD Kind of like Patrick. ON ROLLERBLADES~ And he kind of looks like Quinn.

Oh, also! I have a really dumb question. Does anyone have the PlanitB remix (long version) of Hikari by Utada Hikaru? I thought it was on my iPod... but it does not appear to be so. And Zero System isn't hooked up so I can't dig around there for it. D:
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In order to avoid working (taking a break, I was working, really!!), I managed to rip the Loveless Track of Kesenai Tsumi out of the Aniplex Hour mp3 Jen sent me. It *is* the whole version. XD

Kesenai Tsumi ~Loveless Track~

Yum. ^^;

Back to work, gotta finish that presentation for tomorrow. o.o
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Poor Dio doesn't have an umbrella. I'm sure there's more than one person who can help him with this problem. XD


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