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This song is so very stuck in my head. Thanks, HGTV commercials...

You know what I love about perusing [ profile] dear_mun? All the awesome usernames people come up with for their characters~ It's really awesome to see the same character but with so many cool and original usernames. Or maybe I just think so because I am especially bad at naming things...

New A/C has been installed and the ducts were cleaned out today, which sent poor Sokka hiding behind the washer and it took me a while to find him. Amazingly enough, Mushu was much less fazed by this process. However, no movement on the cabinets has been achieved, even though it was suggested (because that's all I ever think these things are, anymore - suggested) that Tom would be by yesterday to install doors. I guess that means I can at least put the dishes back until Monday, because there's no way he's coming by over the weekend.

And in the meantime, I am randomly bored. I really should use this time to get some writing done... I did a little bit today, yay? I figure if I just keep plugging away at it... something will happen. :D; I am actually reading a really good book now, though - well, okay it's not really good in terms of amazing writing, but I am entertained nonetheless and sometimes I think that's all I really need from a book. Either way, maybe I'll read some tonight, too - I meant to read one chapter last night and I ended up reading three, I think. Eheh.

I have also finally managed to fill up 195 userpic spaces. I suppose this really doesn't surprise me. I do so love icons~ And speaking of icons - totally stupid, but I was scrolling through my userpic page and these two just happen to be across from each other like so:

I don't know, I just find it amusing. XD
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I may have caved and bought more icons. >> (Well, whereby "may" I clearly mean "did", as evidenced by the fact that I can use this new!icon without having to have gotten rid of any of my old ones~ :D)

Of course, more icons will likely mean I'll be around more, which is good? :D I mean... the sad thing is, I'm around plenty... just not as myself. XD (Ah, the problems with RP.) But I really would like to scale back just a bit - I am so very thoroughly still enjoying my game, but I really don't want it to take over my life. Some escapism is good, but I've got far too much to keep up with to let that happen all the time. XD (Though I owe some tags I want to get to later tonight.)

Yesterday's outreach event went well, I think - I helped run the arts & crafts, and we let kids make their own "black holes", which was... very entertaining. XD I made one too, but alas, it was cannibalized so someone could use my materials (we had these cool black martini glasses people could use, but we only had so many). The art tables were a big hit, though, and I'll probably end up running them again for the next event, or maybe the Starlab or the Astro Wall... unless they need me at telescopes. WOW. I AM A JACK OF ALL TRADES. :D (Or something.)

... Yeah, okay, this entry was kind of useless. And now I should be going, time to head to Nathan's for... some kind of movie night. As long as they don't make me watch Fantasy Mission Force again. Please, no. ;;

... BUT yes, this gets the "icons" tag even though it really doesn't have much to actually do with icons. XD
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01 → If you want me to pick six of your icons, ask in this post.
02 → Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
03 → Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
04 → This will create a never-ending cycle of icon squee.

[ profile] antistar_e picked these: )

Right! So~ Weekend was relatively busy - had some work to get done, but thankfully not too much. I also vacuumed (yay!) and ran some errands - now I have Sledge's book (which I will start AFTER I've seen at least the next episode of The Pacific) and a frame for an incoming poster, which I'm hoping will arrive soon. We also gathered on Saturday night to catch up on Doctor Who - I am really, really liking this new season. I admit I didn't have high hopes, but the bar? The one that was way down by my ankles? Has been shattered. I really like the new Doctor, and I really, really like Amy. And so far the plots have been decently interesting, and... yeah. Good stuff. :Db I APPROVE.

Nathan had not seen Chronicles of Narnia (either of them!), so we remedied the first part last night before The Pacific, which was again better than I expected. Basilone's not my favorite character, and I'd seen the whole Flags Of Our Fathers business, so I really like where they went with the story instead. (And you know, I always feel kind of weird, saying stuff like that when it's a historical miniseries. But all the same, there's still a way you tell the story, and now that I've read Leckie's book I can also say that I like the way they told that story, and changed just a few things to make it better for the screen while not actually changing the facts and wow, no one wants to hear me ramble about this, do you?).

And then I actually got up today (yay!), though I STILL had to wait half an hour for the bus. But at least since I got up early I managed to get in at a decent time, and the figures I need for my meeting at two are done! Woo~ I'm going to spend the rest of the day writing (the thesis ;D) and looking for a paper to present tomorrow at extragalactic-ph. I dragged the laptop all the way here today, I'm going to use it, darn it! Plus my advisor is gone for the rest of the week, which in my head gives me license to goof off but in reality doesn't. XD Hopefully the proper one of those two will win the mental battle.

In any case, speaking of icons and Narnia, HAVE A PETER ICON. Because. PETER. <3

BUT before I go, a very Happy Birthday to [ profile] sweetkaiser, just in case you happen to see this!
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Well, since I obviously looked at [ profile] greenconverses':

Anyone who looks at this entry has to post this meme and their current wallpaper on their LiveJournal. Explain in five sentences why you're using that wallpaper! Don't change your wallpaper before doing this! The point is to see what you had on it!

Under here! )

We started watching DS9 tonight, and discovered it seems to be all about the inappropriate touching. Also? Garak is totally insane. XD But we knew this, right? Also also, there is NO ONE on that show with a normal name. It's kind of entertaining; I'd never noticed before.

Have a new icon, BTW. THIS IS A PEN. Maaaaan, I need more icon slots. ;_; AND I ought to go to bed. ::zooms!::
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1. Reply to this post with 'Icons!', and I will pick five of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will - allegedly - create a never-ending cycle of icon glee.

I will only take requests for this until Tuesday or so, since I can't promise a lot of internet activity past that. ^^; Unless you don't mind waiting a while for me to choose icons~

Anyway, [ profile] noctaval picked the following: )

I hope I did that properly! :D;

I really should get to bed. D:
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So apparently yesterday Tyler slept through an earthquake and I was paying too much attention to True Colors to realize that UF won the championship. XD

Next up, icon meme! )

Clone Wars was very entertaining tonight. XD No, seriously - you watch half an hour of Obi-Wan and Anakin joined at the waist and tell me it's not funny. XDD Next week looks good - and is that possibly Aayla I spotted in the preview~? :D Now, if only The Secret Saturdays would decide to start showing new episodes again...

Other than that, not much really going on; I have to make sure to print out the marathon stuff and pack for the weekend. I think I'm going to try to be the most brightly-colored spectator there, so Frank can find me. XDD (Well, that and I have all this nifty new stuff to wear!) I need to transfer my stuff to a smaller bag, though - I don't need my nice new (but large) Jedi bag to cart around Disneyworld.

... Why do I even have this song? XD;;


EDIT: ... Well holy crap. I just found $100 in my small bag when I went to clean it out to bring to Disney. IT'S LIKE CHRISTMAS! :DDD
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Wow, I don't think I've posted this many times in a row in, like, forever. o.O; Or at least a really long time! Anyway, I bought a new coffeepot last night, a cute little thing for $15 that serves 4 cups, because the old one was 12 cups and I only ever make two at a time, so that was a bit of overkill~ AND they have Pumpkin spice creamer out, so I bought some of that and it's very yummy~ ^__^ And I watched Halloweentown II on Disney and OMG METHOS WAS IN IT. XD; I almost died.

And! I MADE AN ICON! For Heroes~ Possible spoiler if you haven't seen the episode from 10/16? )

Monamona I mailed your skirt today, I hope it fits right! It has a tie waist so you just wrap it around 'till it fits and tie it off~ :D; I'm almost done with Scott's browncoat, and I started cutting out Dave's vest! Gah, and I need to work on Fuu. Jennie, is it all right if I bring it home with me in November? (Ack, I have to get my tickets, I found a flight and Mom okayed it so I just have to buy them.) I hope that's not too late, I've just been massively busy and I suck. D:

Am thinking I'm either going to wear Sora (most likely) or River to Disney on Friday - I think Ritsuka actually had the most votes, and I love wearing it, but I checked the weather and it's supposed to be a *low* of 70 (21C :D;) and Ritsuka's all long pants and t-shirt and jacket, and I might die. >>;; So I pulled out Sora, which amazingly still fits - it was seriously the third costume I ever made, and boy, have I come a long way. ^^;; I had to fix the pockets, but really, it's held up amazingly well. It looks a bit silly without a wig, and my hair BETTER stay straight (ha ha, riiiiight), but at least I won't be too warm? River has the advantage of a wig, but it's not very costumey. But fun to wear. So right now I guess it's a toss-up, and I'll give it a bit more thought. The only other thing to think about is I'm planning on driving down a bit early to go to Downtown Disney (hey, if I'm going to pay for gas to Orlando, I might as well spend some time down there) and... I'm not going to Downtown Disney in Sora. XD; So I'd have to change into Sora, whereas I could just wear River all day and not feel *too* too weird. Ahhh, decisions. I hate you. ^^;;

Also, I hate Palm Beach for being five hours away and my schedule for having no time in it to visit Lisa. ;_; I will visit you somehow, and soon. I promise. I miss you! <3

Aaaand in Kingdom Hearts news, ZOMG I FINALLY BEAT DEMYX (as you could probably tell by the edit on last night's post ^^;;;). It... actually wasn't hard once I grew a brain and equipped Fantasia for Donald and Teamwork for Goofy, because seriously, Goofy beat the crap out of Demyx. o.O; But OMG, there was one point, in my second-to-last attempt to kill him, where Sora... I have no idea. He turned into a Heartless or something. OMG. He was all dark and scary and KILLING Demyx but my life was almost gone and I couldn't use potions or cure and I was THIIIIIS close and then Demyx killed me. :PPP But still! What the crap?! It was freaking cool! XD;;

[ EDIT: OMG. SORA SINGS. I nearly squee'd myself to death. :D;; (It's even better in JAPANESE. XD;) Does anyone else see Sora/Ariel? Seriously, Ariel pwns Kairi any day. ::is shot:: ]

... And this is the point where I should go before people start shooting me. ^^;; Have a good night, everyone!


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