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I fear I may have just killed my TI-83. ._.; I noticed it looked like it was getting fainter, so I figured I should replace the batteries. I even did it one at a time, like a good girl, so I wouldn't lose all my programs. And, ta-da! I go to turn it on when I'm done and it... doesn't.


It's not a screen contrast issue, I know that resets when you replace the batteries. And I even dug the old batteries out of the trash and re-installed them and nothing. Man! I don't know what else it could be, other than it decided to go kaput on me. ARGH. Aside from the fact that I am totally sentimentally attached to that calculator, those things are expensive! And they don't even make regular old TI-83s anymore. Because I am old. ;;


In other news, I am also slated to do some kind of absurdly long run today. Somewhere between 6-10 miles, we'll see how it goes. The weather is looking slightly threatening, but it does that in Florida. Sometimes it means something, sometimes not. I suppose in about an hour, I will find out! At least I have new shoes, finally. Yay, my knees will hurt less.
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Sooooo this has been an epically unproductive week, science-wise, though I have gotten a number of other things done. I have prepared two exams to be printed, proctored three exams, gotten one set of exams graded, made new Public Night tokens, and given a talk to the Undergraduate Astronomy Society.

And finally I am now, for the first time this week, attempting to do science! Multidrizzle is chugging away (I can't get away from it, seriously). And speaking of "finally", yesterday we watched the last two episodes of this season of True Blood and the first two episodes of the new half-season of Venture Bros. Both were very enjoyable, and between the two, as Nathan was getting his VCR set up (yeah, I know, I taped last week's Venture Bros, I'm so old school), I look up at the channel guide thing as it scrolls by and go, "Hey. History Channel is showing something called 'Sex in World War II'. I think we need to watch that first."

So we did. XD It was... informative? Though we only watched the last 30 minutes, which was apparently about prostitution in Hawaii during the war. Still, crazy stuff. I think I might actually like to watch the rest of the program, in fact, to see what else it talked about? (HEY IT'S FOR RESEARCH. KINDA. OR SOMETHING. Okay not really.) Speaking of World War II, I really need to get some more of Leckie's books. And finish reading Sledge's. And really, I might like a comprehensive history... which might be going back to that first bit, and just get more of Leckie's books. I think he did a complete history in addition to the few volumes just on the Pacific theater. Oh! And Sid's book. I wonder if that's out yet...

Big Bang Theory apparently starts up again tonight - I finished watching season 3 just in time, it seems, though watch, I'll probably forget to watch the new episode tonight. (I do, in fact, need to catch the season finale(?) of Unnatural History, which means hitting up the BitTorrent when I get home this evening.)

Also, I need to get new running shoes. Preferably today, so I can break them in before the half next Saturday. NEXT SATURDAY OMG. Um. I hope I'm ready for this.

Okay, I think that's it for now. We'll see how much longer I last here, but I'd really like to get the galaxy colors done for this last cluster so I can throw it on my giant histogram. /does work!
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This might have been a real update, but instead I will complain about how my internet has been wonky all night (my lifeblood, I need it!) and I managed to spill green tea ALL OVER MY DESK. FTL, self. FTL.

Uh. BUT I signed up for the Epcot half-marathon in October, yay? And used my credit card reward points to buy Band of Brothers on DVD. Because I should own that. Um. Yeah.

Yeah. I'm going to bed. Shortly. D:

(ALSO~ Carly, I realized I didn't get to call you today! D: I will try to do that in the next few days, I swear. <3)
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Whiling away the last few minutes of lunch~ Dad's doing my tax return today, yay! Now I can pay for my $640 contacts... if they ever get here. I was told they shipped the 16th, that was a while ago. :x I need to see! I wish my glasses weren't so darn expensive too or I'd get new ones because that prescription is so far behind that faces on the TV are fuzzy if I sit on the couch. XD Mom actually suggested Lasik as a real option, which it is, though... as scientific as I am, I am still not sure about letting them laser-ify my eyes. Is that weird? Like... I don't know. I can't explain it. It might really just be that it's unfathomable to me to be able to see without glasses or contacts. XD Maybe I'll give it a few more years - I think it's only recently they can fix astigmatism, anyway? Plus, I can't be a nerd without glasses! Which I would wear more if they were up to date because I look waaaay better with them, anyway.

Sunday was the comic book shop and D&D - this new comic shop has real back issues, so I have to go back with my list of The Dreaming and complete my set! Bought the first TPB for The Walking Dead, because while I can torrent it I think I'd rather read it as a book (I'm old-fashioned like that, and comics are really hard to read on a computer for me). It's issues 1-6, so I'll give that a go and see how I like it, but I'm already biased since I think Rick is the most adorable thing ever. Also, I made it to third level! I HAVE 24 WHOLE HIT POINTS WHEE~ Which is good, and needed, because we all totally ALMOST DIED. Our dog had to save us. XD Thank you, 100 XP per undead thing that I turn!

Anyway, more True Blood last night... still pretty good, really, though Bill seems to have issues dealing with things rationally and there is Something up with Sam. I knew this from episode one, really, way before he started acting actually weird for real, but I have been informed my theory is incorrect so now I have to come up with a new one. XD

... Actually, Jason Stackhouse was totally in my dream last night. Being a druggie, because that is apparently what he does and he needs to either die or get better because I can't stand him being so stupid and dragging the rest of the world down with him. D<

Hrm. Looks like the Food & Wine Festival Half-Marathon is starting to fill up (if I'm to believe the Disney Running Newsletter I get...). Should I do it? I'd love to do another half, and this one's at night~ It's October 1-2, I think I shouldn't have any conflicts... that's the only thing I guess I'd be worried about right now, is I have no idea where I'll be in October. Hm. On the other hand, I could just go ahead and sign myself up for the regular Half next year. XD;

And this concludes your random Ali-chan entry for the day.
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I think it may be the same temperature inside my office as outside of it. Apparently having no heat last week has made things just as unpleasant this week. I'm seriously beginning to think that 2010 is playing one big joke on me. D: I did even read something the other day about January 2nd purportedly being the worst luck day in the entire year. Yeah, you got that one right. Ah well~

Actual updates still pending, but suffice to say the Half Marathon was full of COLD and SLEET but still awesome~ Next time I'm putting all my music on my phone so I can have an iPod and a camera at the same time, because I ran by Lewis and Wilbur and Bowler Hat Guy in Epcot and you have no idea how sad I was that I had no camera! Disney afterwards was also cold but the lines were short and the hot chocolate was good. We also discovered that Winter Summerland Mini Golf is pretty fantastic, and there are no Perry the Platypus plushies (try saying that three times fast!) to be had.

Yesterday was kind of the break I shouldn't have taken but really needed. I swear, I've pretty much been on the go since I went home in December; I barely had time to check email at home and I didn't get much work done, then it was back to Gainesville for two days before the AAS in D.C. and then back to Orlando for the Half and a Disney-full weekend before returning Sunday night to fight with installing Windows 7 because it kept resetting my monitor refresh rate OUT OF RANGE in the middle of installation so I couldn't finish it. Three tries in and lots of Google searching later, I disabled the video card and finally got the silly thing installed. Eesh! Seriously, this is the second Windows install that did that to me. Microsoft, you need to get your act together and stop changing refresh rates on flatscreens while you install. For serious. D< So I stayed home yesterday and went grocery shopping and did laundry and caught up on Heroes. And here I am back at work today.

Also, It took me at least an hour today to figure out how to scan all my trip receipts into a PDF to turn in (crazy new-fangled machines) and now I'm just finishing up lunch before I get all the stuff I have to mail out and then try to do two weeks' worth of work in an afternoon. Whee~ (Or something.)

But before I go, stolen from Blanche:

India Foxtrot Yankee Oscar Uniform Charlie Alpha November Uniform November Delta Echo Romeo Sierra Tango Alpha November Delta Tango Hotel India Sierra, Charlie Oscar Papa Yankee Alpha November Delta Papa Alpha Sierra Tango Echo India Tango Tango Oscar Yankee Oscar Uniform Romeo Lima India Victor Echo Juliet Oscar Uniform Romeo November Alpha Lima.

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Good morning from (freezing) Epcot! T-minus 1.4 hours (or something close to that).

And now Frank is taking a picture of me blogging. I supose that means I should go and put my gloves back on.

Have a good morning, everyone!

... BTW, I think it might be snowing.

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Alarm is set for six hours from now. I have four layers of running clothes (and a pair of shorts); the iPod is fully charged. Let's do this!

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Okay, someone explain to me why it's supposed to be below freezing and sleeting in Orlando on Saturday morning when I'm running 13 miles through Disney? D:

In other news, the plane should be boarding soon back to Orlando. I bid goodbye to our nation's capital and a whole lotta astronomers. Pictures forthcoming!

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Hm, so. I guess I will update while I finish my lunch, for lack of anything else to do (because I don't want to eat and do work D:). It was quite an eventful weekend! Saturday was DnD; I have my very own dice now :DDD and also I am very thankful for Kai's giant sword. XD Even if it took getting Dylan to roll for me before I actually made a hit. XD Then I went to the grocery store, watched Eloise at Christmastime (OMG CUTEST MOVIE EVER), and finished a chapter of my PJO fic finally. I probably won't have much time to work on the next bit this week, which is kind of sad because now we're getting to the awesome action stuff! Buuut that's what Christmas vacation is for, right? :D;

Yesterday I did an 11-mile run, woo? I mostly listened to the Penny Arcade/PvP DnD podcast with Wil Wheaton, which was rather entertaining and made the better part of two hours go by relatively quickly. :D; Then it was off to Olive Garden for a holiday dinner with Scott and Nathan, which was two and a half hours of awesome. XD I got a tribble! Sashi is not impressed. XD Then it was VENTURE BROS, the half-season finale!

Brooooooooooooooock~! )

Okay, that's about it. Possibly a more detailed review of The Princess and the Frog later (or at least the highlights which made it so entertaining to watch with astronomers), but for now I should probably get back to work.
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Whew! Loooong day. o.o Work was quite worky (except for lunch, where I convinced people to come see The Princess and the Frog on Friday with me. :D; For a pair of boys, they were surprisingly not hard to convince). Left at 4:30 to go running, ran... somewhere between six and eight miles (so let's say, seven? XD OMG, why do I have less than a month before this thing?!) and then did some shopping before negating said run by bringing McDonald's home for dinner to eat while watching Prep & Landing, which was quite cute. :D THEN I applied to four jobs, wrote up about a fourth of my Christmas cards, and put lights up around my desk that will probably have fallen down by the morning.

asjerapfdau and now it is midnight, but that means I have some TIME TO WRITE, OMG. I haven't written any of my PJO fic in about a week and people are going to start hating me. D: Eek, and I still have to get myself organized and added at Amat. Ugh. Well, they haven't yelled at me yet. That may have to happen tomorrow. Or maybe just in an hour when I need a break. I should not have a lack of time to play before I've even started yet, I seriously fail hardcore. D:

I still have a million things to do. Like finishing up the table I told Vicki I'd get her today; well, she'll just get it tomorrow. Afternoon. After I'm done making it. Brain no worky anymore in astronomy mode for today. :x


Oh, but yesterday's Venture Bros? Fantastic~ Not only was it a Dr. O. episode, it was a whole Order of the Triad episode! AND NEXT WEEK? BROOOOOOOCK~ <3 And then no more for longer than I want to think about. Boo.
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I am currently in the process of submitting an abstract for a dissertation talk at the AAS in January. Scary. D: I mean, all it means is that I'm within a year of getting my PhD as of January, but still! That's scary!

Of course, it also means I'm going to the AAS and certain people (Tyler and Valerie) should come too. ;D Because then we could share a room or something and you know how much fun that is! I'm actually pretty excited about Washington, D.C. - I've only spent a day there before and I totally need to hit up all the museums. Of course, let's not forget that I run a half-marathon at Disneyworld oh, two days after the end of the meeting. ::dies:: This is gonna be fun. Really. XD (I did 4.5 miles again yesterday with no problems, though, so maybe I'll up it to 5 or 6 this weekend~ Thank God it's actually less than 80 out finally so I'm not a dripping mess when I get done. XD;)

Speaking of astronomy, I went to a talk this morning on the TMT - the Thirty Meter Telescope - because guys, that's awesome. XD THIRTY METERS OF MIRROR. For serious. (Well, actually it's about 400 1.4 meter-sized segments all put together... which is possibly even crazier!) Anyway, they've already chosen a site for it so I suppose that means it's no longer a thing of the speculative future and it's actually going happen. Wow~

Also, apparently Hydra (Pluto's second-largest moon) is occulting a start tonight and it might be visible from Florida. I'm torn on offering myself up to help view it - on the one hand, I have experience with occultations (especially involving Pluto!) but on the other hand, I was really looking forward to having the night to myself. :x Hm. I suppose I have another few hours to decide.

And finally, totally randomly, I really like the Jimmy Robbins and KSM albums. Maybe I'll upload a song from each or something, to prod you guys into supporting them or something. :D;

Okay, time to finish lunch so I can go meet with my advisor in 20 minutes.
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Houston, we have official confirmation. Half-Marathon is for reals! XD (I'm glad I got it, though, I was nervous because it's already 60% full. Frank got his confirmation too, so at least I'll have a running buddy to leave me in his dust.)

Jonas Brothers concert was... well, a Jonas Brothers concert. It was pretty enjoyable, if you ask me, and they even played some songs I really like that I wasn't sure they would (like Pushin' Me Away). It was pretty similar to the Hannah Montana concert, but with more extra footage, which was neat. Alas, Gainesville does not seem to be the right demographic - including myself and Diana, there were six people in the theater. XD Ah well, it's like a private concert then, right? One movie down, two more to go. XD And I think Race To Witch Mountain comes out next week, but I've actually never seen the first Witch Mountain movie so I should really look into that first.

I approve of the abstract for today's colloquium. It's cutely-written and even uses the word "its" correctly! :D (Plus it's about X-ray Clusters, which actually interest me! Speaking of, I'd better get back to CIAOing. Wednesday just seems to be one of those days where nothing gets done.)
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asjdoafdja I just put my registration in the mailbox. I am officially running the 2010 Walt Disney World Half Marathon, because I just paid the $120 registration fee to do it. XD I may die. I'm hoping not. I have a year to train!

Okay, back to your regularly scheduled lives. I have more progress pix to post, but I need to get some other stuff done first so that will be later or tomorrow~


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