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fjadfjaiuhdiufhaio, can I start the year over? It has not been good so far.

No, seriously. I'm only two days in and already things are made of fail. )

Aaaand it is freaking freezing in this lobby, so I am going to go upstairs and finish writing up my tags (uh. I feel I should not be tagging a sex log while I'm sitting in the lobby of a hotel ganking free internet) and send them via iPhone via the privacy of my room (since I have it to myself for the night, woo!)

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Fail, world. Fail.

1) Wal-Mart did not have the 2-disc edition of the first Transformers movie. Ah, well. That's probably for the better. Now it'll go back on the Christmas list.

2) I've had a suspicion that maybe there's a plastic bag stuck in my car, as I've noticed this burning wax smell after about ten minutes of driving over the past week. Despite the fact that it was dark when I got back from my Transformers-less Wal-Mart run, I opened up the hood to check (I'll have to get under the car tomorrow or over the weekend when it's light). I did not see a plastic bag, but I did see A RANDOM TOOL AND POSSIBLE PART OF MY ENGINE that Jiffy Lube left lying around the last time I had the oil changed. That was maybe a few weeks ago; I hadn't had any reason to open the hood until now. WTF, Jiffy Lube. Do I just go back and demand to know whether this is a piece of my engine or some other poor soul's? Do I keep the wrench for ransom? Argh, I do not have time to go to Jiffy Lube and complain until... oh, never. Okay, maybe... um. If I skip a morning of work next week. Which I really can't do, actually. Boo. I can only assume that if nothing has fallen apart yet, then it's not horribly important. Maybe I'll try to take a look when it's light (again, uh, when?) and see if it looks like something is missing. I guess I could at least call and complain. And hold the wrench hostage. I checked the user manual, and the piece doesn't match anything I can find so maybe it's not even mine.

3) I got an email today from TFAW about the nifty Star Wars oneshot comic, "Purge". I went to go think about buying it... only to find that it's out of stock. Uh. Why are you sending me emails to buy it if it's out of stock probably before you even sent the email? Fail! Guess I'll go direct to Dark Horse or something.

EDIT: Okay, okay. Now it's back in stock. IT WAS TOTALLY OUT OF STOCK THIS AFTERNOON. XD; Down to 2/3 fail, Thursday.

... Right. Now to maybe work on an amat application and save my resume for tomorrow when I'm not as braindead. I don't have enough free time in between helping out with STARS to do any real work, but resume updating is something I can do and still feel productive. And maybe work up the nerve to see how Anthony feels about writing me a letter. Eek, I have to get up early tomorrow, too. ;_; And not forget to feed Scott's cat!

This amount of fail deserves a tag.


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