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Alas, no Tyler today - it was kind of a long drive and what with today being Homecoming, Gainesville was likely hard to navigate (I have conveniently not gone anywhere, so I don't know but I'll just assume it was).

I had a dream last night about running a Disney Half Marathon. While eating butter. It was kind of gross - I thought so in the dream, too, admittedly, and also I remember about halfway through the race they piled us onto a bus and took us to the second half of the race. It was kind of strange, and suffice to say, I was not so excited about getting up and running this afternoon all over again. XD; But I did! SO THERE.

And then I spent most of the rest of the evening sewing, and therefore got Kim's pants mostly done (just need to add the back pockets and the snaps) and the belt also mostly done (just need to separate it into "pouches" and add the snaps and buckle). Then I need to shorten the shirt and make her other pouch and I'm done! :D I just wanted to get at least most of it done before tomorrow, since I'll be out of town all weekend and then my grandmother will be here until early on Thursday. Hopefully she won't mind me sewing at least a little, and she knows I have to go to work at least a few days, so hopefully next week will be pretty productive! This weekend is out, we're spending it in Orlando~ :D;

... And really I think that's it. Off to do a couple more things before making myself get to bed by three! Because I still have to pack tomorrow before I head out of here at one.
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Well, I have to admit that I like Starbucks' new policy of free unlimited internet. Not only do I not have to worry about a two-hour time limit (not that I usually stayed more than an hour), but I also don't have to keep up my gold card status next year to get free internet privileges. (Though at this rate, I probably will buy 30 drinks in a year, who knows. It's really nice to sit here and work on stuff, though I swear all the baristas are going to know who I am if I keep coming here so often. And then they will catch on that I always order the same thing and then I will feel silly.)

Of course, it is now pouring outside and I do not wish to trek out to my car until it stops. Though looking at the radar, it might not stop anytime soon. Hrm. And I have a bunch of stuff to bring in from my car, since I went to Target to get a couple more storage things for the sewing room, because I'm hoping that throwing more storage at all that clutter will help make some of it go away. I still need to look into steam cleaning my carpet in the next month, too.

In generic news, I really, really want to do some more writing. The problem is, I'm feeling uninspired. So then I just feel inadequate. I know I'm not (well, I hope I'm not), but I occasionally go through this thing where I hate my style and wish it was cooler or something. I think the answer is just writing more, getting in some practice and trying to change the things about it I don't like, but then I end up back at the uninspired part of the whole thing and we start all over again. Ah well; I've been working on the next chapter of my PJO fic, because I really need to finish it even if no one is reading it anymore, and I really do want to work on some original stuff. Preferably some original stuff that could get me some extra money, if I'm not getting funded in the spring. Hrm. I suppose that means I should be doing some writing of the scientific kind too, if I want to have more time to do other things in the spring for money.

In slightly more specific news, we saw The Last Airbender last night. )

And then I had a dream that I was roadtripping with Peter Petrelli and notevil!Sylar. That was interesting.

Okay, that's really about it. Time to check the radar again and maybe think about heading home for dinner. (No, I haven't eaten yet, this is what happens when you eat "lunch" at five. My schedule is so messed up.)
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Soooo I have been up since early o'clock this morning (read: 5am) to head over to an elementary school the next town over and teach kindergartners about stars. :D; It went pretty well, I must say, though keeping a bunch of little kids quiet for twenty minutes in the dark is nigh impossible.

I discovered, though (well, okay, I knew this), that nearly every TV show I like is apparently also liked by small children. Like kindergarten small. There was a plethora of Clone Wars shirts, not to mention some Hannah Montana and Jonas Brothers. Kindergartners and I watch the same shows. I'm not sure if this makes me feel worse about it or just amused. I'll have to think on that. >>;

Though speaking of shows, I finally got around to downloading and starting The Mentalist, which is not a kids' show thankyouverymuch. And actually pretty good. I wasn't too sure about Jane in the first episode, but he's been getting much better. Lisbon is clearly teh awesome, and everyone else needs more screen time. :x But I shall certainly keep watching for now!

Also, I had the weirdest dream last night. )

Thaaaaat's about it. Now I'm going to putz around and fight with my programs until 2 when I need to show up for extragalactic-ph, but I already feel like I put in a full day's work even though I haven't done any "real" astronomy yet today. But since our Memorial Day barbecue was destroyed by an astronomy proposal, we're having one this afternoon so I have to leave early anyway. Hm. We're also doing some sort of RPG-related activity, I should remember to bring my stuff just in case.

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Whiling away the last few minutes of lunch~ Dad's doing my tax return today, yay! Now I can pay for my $640 contacts... if they ever get here. I was told they shipped the 16th, that was a while ago. :x I need to see! I wish my glasses weren't so darn expensive too or I'd get new ones because that prescription is so far behind that faces on the TV are fuzzy if I sit on the couch. XD Mom actually suggested Lasik as a real option, which it is, though... as scientific as I am, I am still not sure about letting them laser-ify my eyes. Is that weird? Like... I don't know. I can't explain it. It might really just be that it's unfathomable to me to be able to see without glasses or contacts. XD Maybe I'll give it a few more years - I think it's only recently they can fix astigmatism, anyway? Plus, I can't be a nerd without glasses! Which I would wear more if they were up to date because I look waaaay better with them, anyway.

Sunday was the comic book shop and D&D - this new comic shop has real back issues, so I have to go back with my list of The Dreaming and complete my set! Bought the first TPB for The Walking Dead, because while I can torrent it I think I'd rather read it as a book (I'm old-fashioned like that, and comics are really hard to read on a computer for me). It's issues 1-6, so I'll give that a go and see how I like it, but I'm already biased since I think Rick is the most adorable thing ever. Also, I made it to third level! I HAVE 24 WHOLE HIT POINTS WHEE~ Which is good, and needed, because we all totally ALMOST DIED. Our dog had to save us. XD Thank you, 100 XP per undead thing that I turn!

Anyway, more True Blood last night... still pretty good, really, though Bill seems to have issues dealing with things rationally and there is Something up with Sam. I knew this from episode one, really, way before he started acting actually weird for real, but I have been informed my theory is incorrect so now I have to come up with a new one. XD

... Actually, Jason Stackhouse was totally in my dream last night. Being a druggie, because that is apparently what he does and he needs to either die or get better because I can't stand him being so stupid and dragging the rest of the world down with him. D<

Hrm. Looks like the Food & Wine Festival Half-Marathon is starting to fill up (if I'm to believe the Disney Running Newsletter I get...). Should I do it? I'd love to do another half, and this one's at night~ It's October 1-2, I think I shouldn't have any conflicts... that's the only thing I guess I'd be worried about right now, is I have no idea where I'll be in October. Hm. On the other hand, I could just go ahead and sign myself up for the regular Half next year. XD;

And this concludes your random Ali-chan entry for the day.
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Oh man. Tell me I can't do this. Because that epic!Ahsoka story could work... Urgh, except I need to get off my lazy butt and finish The Ties That Bind before I do anything, really. Really, it's Amat that is eating my non-astronomy time - I even had a dream that was kind of Amat-related the other day, I think. It was weird - it involved Trudy from Avatar talking to Sherlock Holmes, except they were both in Atia, which makes sense for the latter but not the former... Of course, speaking of Amat I really want to app Topher and I SHOULD NOT (at least until the thesis is done), and I also randomly want a Norm to join but that's neither here nor there. Actually, what I really need to do it poke Jake into posting or something, because Ratchet's willing to talk to everyone and their brother but I want Jake to get in some action, too~ ::fail::

Okay, enough RP babble. I'm sure none of you were interested in that up there, and I should probably finish my lunch and get back to work~ Coding, ho!

... For the record, Bloomin' Onion Pringles? YUMMY. :D
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Wow, so. Desire to do work has disappeared somewhere this morning afternoon, but I think it might actually be okay because I'm almost done with the table I was making for Vicki and there's a meeting at 3 I have to go to. I have to leave early and I got up late, though, partly due to the fact that I was up 'till three and partly due to the fact that I was having a really interesting dream and didn't want to get up. >>;

No, seriously, it was weird. I swear it made sense at the time! )

Anyway, I was up 'till three due to the fact that I was over at Nathan's late because we started up DS9 nights (with Dimitri!) and that required much nerding (mostly about trivia, Dimitri's favorite subject~) afterwards. It's been long enough since I saw DS9 that I can watch stuff without remembering too many specifics about the plot. Or, conversely, I may just be losing my memory, bit by bit. I would not rule this out. Seriously, I forget everything. D: I don't want to lose my mind! I'm not even 30 yet!

In any case, it's time to bust out some DS9 icons; I also have some Prep & Landing ones I ought to use until Christmas, which is in TWO WEEKS WHERE HAS MY DECEMBER GONE? Though I have to admit, I really do like this time of year best - not only because of the Christmas aspect, but because of the academic aspect of the end of the year as well. Now, I admit that my take on this has probably changed significantly since I stopped taking classes, but I like seeing everyone studying and finishing things up and I like the way the Union is open 24/7 for finals week (and so is Starbucks!) and the way I can get into the mindset of "Just one more week of really hard work and then I get to take a break!"

Yeah. I'm insane. I know. XD;

Okay, time to poke around the internets for another twenty minutes or so while I finish my lunch, then it's back to finishing that table before 2!
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So I was just having a meeting with my advisor, who was telling me about her latest visit to an elementary school to do the Starlab (our portable planetarium). And then she said, "Yeah, they asked me to come do constellations because the class was reading some book called The Lightning Thief, have you heard of it?" and I nearly exploded. XD That just made my day. (Maybe I should tell her that if I don't finish my thesis on time, it's because "BRB WRITING A NOVEL-LENGTH PJO FANFICTION BECAUSE I AM A LOSER." Or not. :D;)

In other random departmental news, people have started reserving Room 7 for finals reviews. MY SEMESTER, WHERE DID IT GO? I have a meeting with my committee in about two weeks, eek! Panic! (I also need to hunt down a new committee member, perhaps I should send him another email. He never replied to my first, I fear it may have gotten lost in his inbox.) At least I think I've got my final catalogs shaping up, and now I get to look at actual ways to address the questions I keep talking about in all my "future work" sections. Woo?

Also, for no discernible reason whatsoever, Wesley Crusher showed up in my dream last night. ::dies:: (Hence, I get to use the Wesley icon!) Maybe I could blame The Guild, since Wil Wheaton's in that.

Okay, back to work. Gotta head out early to feed Scott's cat and go running!


EDIT: Dear ACIS-Extract,

Please go die in a fire. I have totally monopolized our IT guys' time enough just getting you to RUN. djfadfukjf sometimes I really hate linux. >>; HAH. TAKE THAT. I OWN YOUR FACE. >F

- Me :D
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Mmm, it is a lovely 54 degrees outside today, yess~ (Well, the computer claims 54. My thermometer claimed 59, but either way, it was less than sixty when I left this morning.) I hope this continues! Pleeeease~ (Of course, it's supposed to be back in the 70s/80s by the weekend... I hope the forecast lies. D:)

I totally feel like it's Monday all over again. o.o; Probably because yesterday was the weekend I'm not going to get this weekend. XD; I totally meant to get up and do stuff, but alas, I got up just before Diana called at 3pm. (For the record, my dream appeared to include both Chad Dylan Cooper - WTF XD - and Ny Vollen. And Hannah Montana. Clearly I need help.) I did get some laundry done, though? And I went running! Buuut that's really about it for productive things yesterday; I don't know where it all went. D: I did go to bed before 2, as well, and I even managed to get up at 9 this morning! (Well, 9:10, but that's close enough!) Sashi actually seemed miffed and wanted me to stay in bed and stop getting up to turn off the alarm. XD;

Anyway... I should get back to finishing my cluster stuff so I can make sure I have enough labs printed and email people about getting stands for the lab on Saturday. I should also go take a tour of campus later to make sure I know where we're going for this scavenger hunt. XD;; Also, must talk to Vicki this afternoon - I found a postdoc that I might actually be good at, but the application is due in... nine days! Eep. o.o (Also must remember to register for AAS and get plane tickets to D.C.! And get a hotel at Disney. AND FIND A CATSITTER OMG. D:)

EDIT: Also! JAYNE HATS FOR TURKEYS! You know you want one!
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So far I am disappointed in this tropical storm everyone's been talking about. All it's done is made it HOT all over again when the weather was just getting nice! Boo. D:

This week is going to be totally crazy; the buses aren't running tomorrow for the holiday so I think I'm going to try to work from home. But I also got in late today (stupid pest control - or, well, stupid me, I really need to learn to not go back to bed even if I still have 20 minutes before I need to get up) so I'm going to stay late tonight to catch up, since I don't have to run. I had this weird dream this morning though, which I can only partly remember, but I think it involved Jake from Hannah Montana. Like, we'd accidentally body-swapped or something, and we kept trying to get back to our own bodies but nothing we tried worked. XD; That's pretty fail, brain.

Friday and Saturday is STARS (including a scavenger hunt and ahaha, I don't know my way around campus! ::diiies::), and Sunday is Disney. I'm actually really just looking forward to going to Epcot, plunking myself down in one of the countries, and sitting for a nice long while with a coffee or something. Since I'll likely either be by myself (or hopefully with [ profile] violet_lane), I can take it easy and just enjoy the atmosphere, which I really want to do. :D Especially since I get in for free! And then hopefully I will get home in time for Venture Bros. XD

Also, to all you NaNo people posting snippets, I keep meaning to read everything you've posted up so far and I haven't gotten to do it yet! But I will! It probably doesn't help that all my spare time is spent plugging away at my own crazy epic PJO fic or reading 501st, which I am about halfway through and really don't want to put down. I'm going to be so sad when it's done (but at this point I am still hopeful that there will still be more to come!). Also, it really makes me want to write a clone fic. You know. In all my spare time. >>; (But seriously. I <3 Niner. Niner needs more love. Lots more. <3)

Okay, off to enjoy a few more minutes of "lunch break" before getting back to work. I want to have some final-ish tables by tonight, I can do it!
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Oh man, I have so many wavelengths to work on I don't know where to start this morning. I may have to come in this weekend, this week has been so unproductive (again, not for lack of trying!). I never feel like I have anything reasonable to show for myself at weekly meetings. :x I did start IR photometry (just playing around with some parameters in PHOT and re-making some mosaics at different pixel scales) and I am going to play with X-ray stuff probably today, and I need to get those photometric redshift estimates moving. Eek. ;_; Somebody stop the world, I think I want to get off for a while and be a writer.

... Actually, I think I may have dreamed about work. I think I might have been working on IR stuff. Except I was in Japan. Percy was possibly running around. (Damn, why can't I remember? If Percy Jackson is running around my dreams, I want to remember it!) I place any blame for the non work-related parts of that dream squarely on the shoulders of [ profile] antistar_e, whose totally freaking awesome Percy/Nico fic I finished reading last night and now I am depressed I have no more to read. D: (Also, you have no idea how much better it makes me feel that I'm not the only person to have written over 60,000 words of Percy/Nico in one story. XD And by the way, [ profile] pergamond, the instant you finish the last Percy Jackson book, provided you like them, I am sending you to read this fic. It made me miss Japan!)

Right. Okay, back to work. In the disgusting weather, because it is disgusting and only 78 degrees outside but I think the humidity is possibly a google percent. Yes, that's possible here in Florida. I wish it weren't.

Also, my power went out today three times in as many minutes. D: Talk about weird.

Right. Work!
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You know, when I was little I always wanted my mom to tell me bedtime stories. Except whenever she'd start, I'd always tell her, "I want it to be about this person and make sure you include a waterfall, and I want them to go here and do this and these things," and she'd always tell me, exasperatedly, to just make the thing up myself if I knew exactly what I wanted to happen.

I notice that still happens to me, sometimes - particularly when there's something like the new PJO fic battle up and there are all these awesome prompts and I can totally tell you what I want to happen in at least six of them. Which invariably means I'm probably going to end up writing six of them, except I want them to be done instead of having to do the work myself. Ahaha, I'm pretty hopeless, aren't I? XD I really should also pick new characters to write about, or at least different situations. There is actually a Percy/Nico/Annabeth prompt up that I'm going to give a go... The problem is, I can see Percy and Annabeth, and I can see Percy and Nico. I have no freaking clue what would get Nico and Annabeth together, short of their mutual love for Percy, which... is where the thing I'm writing is headed, but I'm not sure that's where I want it to go. Hrm. :x

Actually, I spent a lot of the day writing; I got a whole BeVin fic out for the current challenge at [ profile] ben10_x_kevin11 and I worked on hashing out two chapters ahead of where I am in "The Ties That Bind" because I want to show, not tell, but if I do that then it will be a bajillion million chapters long and sometimes you really just have to condense a few days of story!time into a few paragraphs and I just need to figure out the best way to do that. XD Also, I came up with this great reason that explains something important as I was falling asleep last night, and of course now I can't remember it. Fail~

Also, I had this really involved dream last night where I was supposed to be at Dragon*Con with a bunch of people (I think [ profile] meandering and [ profile] noctaval were supposed to be staying in my room), except the Jonas Brothers lived across the street and I sure did hang out a lot with Kevin. I do not recall minding in the least~ <3

Anyway, I actually should probably get to bed, since I'm driving down to St. Pete tomorrow to hang out with [ profile] adamatari before I pretend I'm not too old to fangirl over Mitchel Musso in concert~
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Huh. This is really interesting - self-publishing hooking up with Barnes & Noble? I've always kind of envisioned myself going down the traditional path to publishing, but maybe it's time to reconsider that assessment. (Of course, I'd have to actually finish something decently long and original, first. XD; That's what NaNo is for, right?)

Also, I had this dream last night that I was going to visit [ profile] link621 in Japan... which doesn't quite make sense. XD; I think I also visited [ profile] februaryfour in said dream, which makes a good deal more sense. There was also something about astronomy and crew in there. Wow - two things that should never be mixed. One brand of crazy is enough!

I think that's about it for now; back to working on my talk, which I have to give tomorrow. D: (Well, it's mostly done really, I just want to make sure it flows and that there aren't too many words, which tends to happen and then I read slides and that's just no good.) I would complain about having to be on campus by 9am, but... yeah. I think I have no grounds. ^^;
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Woo, no A/C at work today. D: Or, well, 1/3 A/C, apparently. Oops. I guess it's better than freezing to death in the middle of September. (Oh, man, is it really the middle of September? WHERE IS MY LIFE GOING?)

Also, Sashi made me late for work today. She was so cute I couldn't get up. Also, I might have been having a dream about Transformers. This would not be surprising, though. XD; I definitely had one the other day.

... Right. Working now. Go MOPEX, go! In the meantime, I shall work on my talk. Ahhhhhh.
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So! it has been a long, slightly-eventful week, whereby "slighty-eventful" I really mean "work-filled". I have a rough draft of my poster that I'm working on (which I am sure I will eventually be sending to [ profile] valeriebean so she can tell me it sucks and has too many words, because where would I be without her to tell me that? XD <3) I've also discovered that two epochs is really crappy for figuring out variability (well, we knew this) and that I have no clue how to get X-ray luminosity from X-ray flux, provided I can even figure out the right task in CIAO to give me the proper X-ray flux. Buh. I know it involves a power-law... seriously, people. Why is there no online tutorial? (Well, probably because that would be ridiculous, but still...)

... Hm. And maybe I'm not as smart as I thought I was. Every time I open a new terminal, it tells me I have an undefined variable in my IDL_PATH. Oops. :x


On the upside, I found fabric for my Star Trek uniform! I hit up the Jo-Anns that I don't usually go to yesterday, and there, right as I walked in the door, was the best fabric I've found so far so I decided to go for it. Plus it's their crazy coupon week so I had a billion coupons I could use. XD Anyway, that excited me greatly, as I was sure I'd never find anything even remotely close. It's not perfect, but it does have a slightly-raised diamond pattern on it that I think will work from far away. And now I shall proceed to share pictures for no good reason:

With a flash, so you can see the texture.

Without, so you can see the color.

In other news (as though it were actually important or something XD), I randomly go nominated for a number of Gen categories in [ profile] excalibur_award, which is really kind of exciting! (Well, to me, anyway. :D;) Especially when one considers it's for a short little fic about Gwen and Arthur in episode 13. Eee, I feel all fuzzy. :D (Not warm, though. It's too cold in here for that. Thankfully I have a hoodie.)

I also finished From the Earth to the Moon last night, which as a whole was absolutely fabulous and everyone should watch it. And then Deke Slayton showed up in my dream, gee, I wonder why. XD Except I think my brain thought he had diabetes instead of a heart murmur, because in my dream some doctor was testing his blood and apparently had been every day and that was the reason he couldn't go into space? XD Who knows. At least Joe Jonas didn't show up. Although, Joe Jonas in a snoopy cap...

And finally: [ profile] link621, I just got an email telling me to adopt kittens from the Humane Society of Boulder. (This actually isn't a new occurrence... long story, it's all your fault. <3) But then I started clicking and I think you should adopt him. LOOK HOW CUTE HE IS. :O You could name him... I don't know. Sanada or something. :D;
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So~ Clearly HBP was good, and going to the midnight showing was fun. :D There were actually quite a few people dressed up (I just had on my Gryffindor shirt and my Goblet of Fire hoodie, since I was going with three other guys and none of them were doing anything) and they had eight theaters showing it. XD Alas, that meant I couldn't find Diana, and I guess we ended up being in different theaters anyway. But regardless, it was pretty epic and very enjoyable with everyone in the theater laughing and gasping and whathaveyou all at the same time~ My only complaint is I did not get my PJO trailer. DDDD: But Tyler did in Baltimore! So totally not fair. (Well, it's not like I haven't watched the thing on my computer a couple of times by now anyway, though. XD PERCY IS SO CUTE. I am already satisfied. :D;) And then I had this wacky dream with Ron and Harry and Hermione in it last night; gee, I wonder where that came from. XD

Anyway, since I really didn't have time to do much yesterday, I kind of spent this evening just puttering around (uh, I'm not sure how that's any better); I made a few new icons (case in point XD) and... well, okay, that's mostly all I've gotten done, but still. >>; Nick at Nite has started showing Malcolm in the Middle at 8, which is when I've started eating dinner (this is what happens when I don't leave work 'till 6:15 and then I go running), so I've been enjoying that~ And I know I need to write this next chapter of my PJO fic, because it's all in my head and half down in Word, but I just don't feel like doing it. ::fail:: I'm going to try to get it out before the weekend, though. That'd be nice. I also want to get some original stuff done, because I am feeling poor and contest winnings (should I be lucky enough to get them) would not be unappreciated right now.

Yeah, I'm sorry, this is actually a pretty boring post. D: Except I keep feeling like it's Thursday and tomorrow will be Friday. I'm going to be so disappointed in the morning. But I suppose it's actually a good thing to have more time this week than less. I seriously do not know where July went. Last time I checked, it was June. Seriously. What happened?
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Firstly, a very happy birthday to [ profile] lavenderlilly! :D

I kept having dreams about astronauts last night. XD All I can really remember every time I woke up was all the radio chitchat and guys wearing spacesuits on the moon and I think this is entirely due to a certain HBO miniseries that I'm over halfway through with by now. (Aw, but last night was Apollo 11 and 12! All I could think was, "Man, Apollo 12 was a party! Al Bean is adorable!") Eesh, I remember learning all this stuff from books in junior high, but this is so much better than books. Sometimes I think I must be living my life backwards, fangirling astronauts in junior high and the Jonas Brothers in grad school...

Costume-wise, Gwen is almost done! Hoping to finish her tonight so I can start working on Ahsoka in earnest (Wonderflex ordered, $50 later...), and I still need to find fabric for the Trek!Reboot uniform. Plus I need to see if I really will be able to convince people to do Venture Bros cosplay or if this will just be a bust, because I can't walk around by myself as Dean Venture. That will not work. XD (Maybe I could be Triana? With a Dean plushie? XD) And someone needs to tell me that making Penny for AFO is probably a bad idea... even though I think I might do it. >>; NTS: take a look at her stuff tonight to see if this is even possible.

Okay, back to alternately watching MOPEX chug along and trying to get these flux maps made. Cutting the images down to just the area viewed by the ACS makes it much faster!
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Okay, for serious, brain. I am not still in high school. And I definitely don't (nor did I ever) go to school with the Jonas Brothers. And yet you keep making me dream about this. It makes me feel kind of weird every time. XD In fact, it's almost weird to watch Jonas now because I have had so many dreams involving the Jonas Brothers that I feel like I actually know them when this is not at all the case. I fear I may have a problem. D: (Even weirder: in the dream, Nick burned all of TOS for me, and was totally nerding about Star Trek with me. XD Trippy. At least I appear to have moved from dream!dating Joe to dream!dating Kevin, which I consider an improvement.)

Anyway. Yesterday Scott, Nathan, and I went down to the Tampa Pitcher Show for dinner and Transformers 2, which was... well, maybe not great, but at the very least it was vaguely entertaining and spawned many interesting conversations in the car on the way back, some of which I probably should never ever repeat. XD (This seems to happen a lot, I've noticed. ::dies::) Today we met for a few episodes of TNG and then went to Sticky Fingers in Jacksonville for dinner (barbecue, yum!) before driving down to the riverfront and hiking over to plop into some lawn chairs for the fireworks. We did something right, because they shot them off right in front of us and it was a really nice show~ Then we drove home and had more interesting conversations involving South Park and why astronomers are crazy, which is a practically inexhaustible subject, let me tell you.

I am so seriously trying to convince them they want to do Venture Bros cosplay for Dragon*Con. I don't care if I don't have time. Nathan could be Brock and Scott could be Rusty and we'd build him a H.E.L.P.eR. and connect them at the kidneys. XD It would be fabulous, I tell you. Fabulous. And I'd so be Dean! It could happen, I tell you! It could! (Of course, Ahsoka will not happen unless I start sewing, so I swear I am going to cut out fabric and sew it together tomorow. I AM. D:)
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Welcome to Monday! (Or something. D:)

My busy but awesomely fun weekend~ )

I headed out around maybe two or three on Sunday, and called a bunch of people on the way home (except [ profile] valeriebean, I still owe you a call sometime this week because I haven't talked to you in forever!) and then spent the rest of the evening doing nothing very constructive, which included watching some Secret Saturdays, reading Star Wars fanfic, and generally trying to catch up on LJ and stuff. I'm still a bit behind in RP, but I'm really hoping to get back on the ball by mid-week with that. Thankfully I will actually be around until August, which then involves AFO, the Demi Lovato concert (yay, I'm going!), Brazil, and then the Jonas Brothers concert. (Speaking of, I totally had another Jonas Brothers dream last night. THEY ARE STALKING ME. D: Or maybe I'm stalking them. I'm not sure.)

I also need to catch up on writing, because I need to get another PJO chapter out (ahaha, I still need to read the last book!), I know I still owe those drabbles to people from the meme I put up what feels like a million years ago, and I've also actually started my dark!Ahsoka fic (well, all of a page or two of it). The problem with Star Wars fic is that I feel like I want to get all the details right, which means I either have to rewatch or Wikipedia a bunch of stuff, including Revenge of the Sith. (I think a rewatching might be in order for that, but maybe I can just Wiki it first to get myself going.) In any case, I think I have the beginnings of a plot, so that's all I can ever ask for! Now to just figure out the murky parts of it...

Okay, off to read the paper I'm presenting on Wednesday and maybe even get some work done on identifying galaxies with redshifts. Redshifts, yay! (Gee, I wish I had my own...) Tonight is more NextGen and Wednesday is Star Trek movies! (And I still need to see UP before I completely forget it's out.)
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Okay, brain. Seriously. Stop having dreams about Joe Jonas. )

And then Maintenance knocked on my door and it was 8:40 in the morning and I was tired. D: Somehow my dumb Jonas Brothers dreams always get interrupted. Coincidence? Perhaps not. XD I think I may need a Jonas Brothers icon. HELP. Well, have a Stargate one instead.

At least after the maintenance guys took a look at my re-plastered bathroom ceiling (it sprung a leak while I was gone, thanks upstairs neighbors) they said they'd come back in an hour (gee, thanks). It's probably a good thing I was so groggy, or I might've said something about how when the guy came in yesterday to re-plaster it he left plaster and gross wet ceiling pieces all over my bathroom and now I have to replace my toothbrush and wash the heck out of my towels and vacuum every horizontal surface and then some. And possibly sand down my shower curtain bar because there's plaster caked on it and I can't actually pull the shower curtain across. Boo. It's probably too much to hope that the guy painting it today might actually clean up after himself, too. Ugh, if he gets paint on things I really will talk to someone. Plaster I can vacuum up. Paint, not so much. Which is why I hung my towels in the bedroom. (And, funnily enough, Sashi was apparently not ready to get up today because even after I got out of bed she stayed there and went back to sleep instead of following me around like normal. XD Cute~)

... Yeah, that's really it for now. Been working on my Jedi costume (it will get done, bootcovers and all!) and went to NGN last night as well, which was fabulous and involved the most wrong jokes about Riker yet. I don't think I can even repeat them. XD I did miss about eight episodes while I was gone, but I'll just steal those on Monday after we finish out season 6 before marathoning the TNG movies Wednesday before Tiffany leaves. D: (I am going to miss her!)

And now that I have wasted all of the extra time that I had for getting in so early this morning writing an entry, I shall endeavour to get to work and finish reading this paper that I've been reading for... a couple weeks, now. XD
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Whew, so! Busy weekend~ (Well, except for the part where I accidentally slept through my alarm today until 1pm. I swear I barely remember it going off. D: I had this weird dream I that was hanging out with the Pevensies and trying to rescue random animals...) But! I finished Bad Girl for reals~ (And the Lara top, not that it took long. :D) Pictures here! (Because I am too lazy to cut them or something.) I managed to find some window lining stuff at Lowe's yesterday that works well for the skirt... now to figure out how to mail it to Jennie. XD Need to get that out within a day or two~

I also finished the sleeves on Drew. (Yeah, it looks awful on the hanger. XD) But then I realized I need more black for the boots, so it's off to JoAnn's tomorrow, I guess? I went to Center Stage today to look for a sword, but even though their website (and their door!) said they were open, they were not. D: Maybe they're not open Sundays during the non-Halloween season? That's weird, though. I guess I could try that again tomorrow, too, if I can get there before 7.

Finished my flashfic for the Merlin comm (and found out that I really like writing Merlin and Lancelot, which is kind of scary and may mean I might have to do it again in the future XD). I really should be working on that contest entry fic, but while I have most of the thing planned out and I know what's going to happen and I'm interested in the story and all, I don't really want to write it. >>; We'll see if it actually gets done in time. Even if it doesn't, I can always finish it later and enter it somewhere else, I guess?

And! I went to go see Dragonball Evolution with Scott, Tiffany, Diana, and Kevin yesterday. )

Maaaaan, where'd all my GT music go? D: This song has been stuck in my head all day; I love Yamcha, but still. XD (And it keeps coming on my Winamp, WTF? XD) I need to re-download Dan Dan Kokoro Hikareteku.

Also, in non-DBZ-related news, I SEEM TO HAVE GROWN A RYOGA WTF. XD A Ryoga who wants to date Gakuto, to boot. I think Ryoma may try to throw himself off a building if this goes much farther. ::dies::


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