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Well, the tree is up... and the cats are completely ignoring it in favor of chasing each other around. I suppose I should take this as a good sign? They were somewhat excited about the garland, but have not chewed it to pieces. And I really don’t think they can hurt the ornaments I have, so all is well! Or hopefully will continue to be so.

Umm... so. I realize it has been a bazillion years (plus or minus a bazillion years) since I have updated last. Um. Let's see... lots has happened. I will try to not take forever to tell you what it is.

Mushu's Vet Adventure )

Alison & Valerie's Thanksgiving Adventure )

Let's see... Otherwise I've spent quite a bit of time applying for jobs; I still have to write a few research statements for some, as a few jobs want me to propose research, which is scary so I keep putting it off but I really should get it done this week. Thankfully, there's a fancy new galaxy survey out that a lot of postdoc positions are advertising for, and I'm going to take their science goals and kind of wrap that up in my own research for those statements. I plan to spend some time at Starbucks doing that tomorrow.

In other miscellany, I have seen Megamind (cute!) and Tangled (FANTASTIC) and cannot wait for Tron Legacy and Voyage of the Dawn Treader this month. I have also finished SG-1 season 2 and caught up on Big Bang Theory, thanks to Valerie. OH OH ALSO THANKS TO VALERIE. I have now purchased Leckie's autobiography, Lord, What A Family!, which is so very out of print. And is so very fabulous, by the way. And hey I finally know what happened to his brother. Oh, it was so awesome to crack it open, it's got that awesome old book smell. :D; (Yeeeah, this thing was published in 1958. Woo~)

[ profile] adamatari stopped by for brunch today on his way to Atlanta for the JPLT. Then there was D&D, which was entertaining as usual. I drank magic lemonade and had my butt groped (not in the same turn). And finally, I have discovered that Tower Prep, the show that seems to have replaced Unnatural History on Cartoon Network, is not only actually good, but is also a product of Morgan & Wong, of the X-Files/Space: Above & Beyond/etc. fame. NICE. XDb

... Well, there. That wasn't so bad, right?
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All right, let's see... When last we left our intrepid heroine... Um, it was a while ago. ^^; And I was supposed to be more active! But my grandmother was here all last week, and then there was the Disney Halloween Party, and Dungeons & Dragons (why yes, that's Scott and Duy just LEAVING THE REST OF US TO DIE XD), and now it's this week already. Sheesh! No wonder it's almost the end of October! o.o;

So... right. last Saturday I picked my grandmother up from the airport, and there was dinner at Downtown Disney and sleep~ Sunday we went to Epcot in the morning, and then we went to tea at the Grand Floridian, which was delicious (and filling!). Monday we went to Islands of Adventure to go to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and since she wasn't going on the ride but wanted to wait in line with me to see the castle, I was able to take real pictures inside the castle! Of course, my camera is at home and I am not, but I will post them at some point soon (I swear?). We headed back home in the afternoon, and then she spent the week through Thursday with me.

Friday I had to get up uber-early (actually early - six!) to help Vicki with the Starlab at one of the elementary schools, and then as soon as I got home I had to turn around and take the bus in to campus to help proctor one of Naibi's tests. Then I turned around and came home so I could head to Orlando for Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party~ (And, well, dinner at Earl of Sandwich first, and I also found PERRY as you saw.) Then I got changed and headed to the Magic Kingdom; Diana and Kevin got stuck in traffic (boo) but I didn't mind wandering around for a bit on my own first. I went as Kim Possible (I think I mentioned that before?) and it was tons of fun~ Everyone was so excited to see me! (Hee, I was even "Miss Possible" or "KP" to most of the park workers, it was awesome.) It was really cool. Kevin and Diana (as the Tenth Doctor and Snow White) showed up just in time for the parade, and then we proceeded to have, of course, an awesome time for the rest of the evening. It was warm, but not muggy, and I had been worried it would be really crowded because it was a Friday night but we walked right on to every ride. It was a great time, really. And It's A Small World is open again! Everything has a fresh coat of paint, and it's all... closer to the boat, I think? A few things moved, but yeah, the most noticeable thing is that the waterway is much narrower so now you feel much more like you're a part of the whole thing. I like it. And of course, this is the only picture I took. Fail, I know.

And in not-so-surprising news, I am totally planning on going to the Christmas Party this year. Now to figure out a good date for it!

In the meantime, I believe we have plans to watch a bajillion things this weekend - like the episodes of The Sarah Jane Adventures with The Doctor in them followed by Back to the Future on Saturday, as well as a Harry Potter mini-marathon on Sunday (Slytherins apparently get their own couch, ahaha!).

Whew, this is why I am never not busy!
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I have decided that I might as well give up on ever trying to get up on Monday mornings - it never seems to happen. :x And I even wanted to get up this morning, at least relatively so! Siiiigh. At least this week I'm mostly planning on doing some writing thesis-wise, and that can be done from anywhere. But I do need access to Trip so that I can make my tables and stuff. So right now I am sitting Starbucks until it closes at eleven and writing allll about determining cluster membership based on radial profiles of galaxy positions. Riveting, I know, right? ;D

... And someone has put on the oldies CD here. XD Fabulous~

I believe I have decided to do Kim Possible for Mickey's Not-So-Scary this year; the original thinking was that I had most of the costume since I've been Ron, but upon inspection I need new pants and a different-colored belt and a wig. Ah well - wig is ordered, and pants aren't that hard to make and I have the fabric at least to make the belt. So the plan is to get fabric tomorrow for the pants, and spend evenings this week (except Wednesday, likely, since that's Angel/SAAB night now that we've run out of True Blood) getting that in order. I hope Disney is okay with me wearing a crop top, as I was just going to hem Ron's shirt up a bit, though I can always just pin it in case they care? Or cut it pretty low, which is more likely what's going to happen. She is a Disney character, after all... though maybe I should triple-check if the park has a dress code? I really think it'll be okay though. (Haha, and to think, the reason I ruled out Supergirl was for the crop top, but that's really short and also involves a skirt, whereas Kim at least wears pants. And is a Disney character already, like I mentioned...)

And that was not exciting, was it. Not that I have too much exciting to post on - Saturday was bad movie night with In the Name of the King, which was... horrid. Just absolutely horrid. Then we watched Legend, which was 80s-tastic and less horrid though it did have pants-less Tom Cruise and Ridley Scott clearly was in cahoots with CLAMP because there was STUFF FLYING THROUGH THE AIR in every scene. Like, feathers and pollen and bubbles and sparkles and COME ON, we just want a clear shot between the camera lens and the scene! /dies. It also involved Robert Picardo in prosthetics. XD Sunday was Dungeons & Dragons, involving fights with very large skeletons, but I leveled up and now I can turn regular run-of-the-mill skeletons just by being, woo! And then there was Venture Bros, which was entertaining as always~ Though I worry we are running out of the new ones again, because I think we only get 8 or 9 because it's only the second half of the season airing now.

And then there was today, which involved sleeping in (oops) and putzing around, but at least running as well. And I was supposed to be doing work, here. >> I should get back to that, now, before they close up here. Later guys~!
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... I just got a chain mail letter in a private message from ::headdesk:: I... don't even know what to do with that.

Anyway. Though speaking of fanfiction, I haven't done any real writing in soooo long and I feel like a loser. I don't know, maybe it's that I get it all out with RP or something, or maybe it's that I have less time when I'm hardcore into RP, but. I remember I think it was last year I tried to make a New Years resolution to write a little every week, and I actually did pretty well with that. This year, though, I have failed miserably (again, unless logs count...). There are a number of writing contests I could/should enter, and I really should get on that. I could use the extra cash, especially since funding next fall is still up in the air. And besides, I'd just really like to be writing. I did work on my PJO story a bit today (almost 1000 words!) and I've been rereading a story that started out as (admittedly obscure) fanfiction that I'd really just like to turn into a real story. I promised myself I'd work on that when the PJO fic was done, but that was way back when I was going to be done with that PJO fic by, like, February. I suppose I really should get back on the writing train, though. I've been hitting up Starbucks for about 1-1.5 hours every weekend for the past few weeks, and with the exception of working on Leckie's app, I think it's been helping, at least. There's just something about Starbucks that actually facilitates writing. Maybe it's the big windows. :D;

... Wow, that was totally tl;dr or something. Sorry guys. In other news, yesterday was filled with D&D fun, during which I made it to fourth level (yay!) and managed to make an orc stab himself in the stomach with his own sword just before I killed him. >D That was kind of fun. And now I have some Greek Fire in my backpack to use, should our Fire Mage ever fall in battle. We also discovered that our Bard is, in fact, evil. Well, okay, maybe not evil. But certainly not good. I think we spent at least half an hour explaining to him why cutting off a wolfwere's foot as collateral was not okay, and giving it back to her later was not going to do her any good. |D; Nathan insisted that he change his alignment from chaotic good to chaotic neutral for that one.

Ahh, nerds~ And now I am off to pick up a couple things before heading home and hanging up those posters that I've been meaning to put up for weeks now!
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For the record, I really, really, really do not need to pick up Leckie at Amat. No, really. I don't. SO STOP THINKING ABOUT IT, SELF. And stop trying to come up with cute journal names. D< I don't care if he wouldn't even be thrown off by the 1940s tech, or how funny it would be when he realized the percentage of the people on the island who are Japanese.


I'm not dead! Woo? I realize it's been forever since I updated "properly", but I've been busy! I suppose I will try and save any "reviews" of movies/shows I have for a separate post(s) or something, but I have varying amounts of thoughts on things like Clash of the Titans and Doctor Who and probably more squeeing about The Pacific, which I have managed to get Nathan almost completely caught up on (and in the process have watched twice now, see me not complaining here).

In other news, though, since Janet was Disney'd out as a child we went to Sea World, which I had not been to since I was eight. I got to pet the stingrays and we saw some awesome shows and I took pictures of penguins for Stacie - who, damn, I was supposed to call tonight. Argh. I really am awful at calling people back! NTS - CALL PEOPLE, STUPID.

All right, now it's on my hand. Ideally I will remember in the morning - assuming I get up early enough before DnD, that is. (Speaking of notes to self: I also have to update Kai's character sheet before we play tomorrow. I should pull that out.)

Anyway; Elizabeth was here for a few days past Janet, so there was more fun attempting to pick up Sanada (and failing - boo on you, Sanada!) and watching movies and we also went to the local art fair, where I got a nifty picture from a Florida photographer that I need to frame and hang up (along with the posters I have already framed and need to hang up!).

And look. There's an update now. :D; So I am going to finish answering some emails and maybe even think about getting to bed in an hour or so. Gasp!
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Whiling away the last few minutes of lunch~ Dad's doing my tax return today, yay! Now I can pay for my $640 contacts... if they ever get here. I was told they shipped the 16th, that was a while ago. :x I need to see! I wish my glasses weren't so darn expensive too or I'd get new ones because that prescription is so far behind that faces on the TV are fuzzy if I sit on the couch. XD Mom actually suggested Lasik as a real option, which it is, though... as scientific as I am, I am still not sure about letting them laser-ify my eyes. Is that weird? Like... I don't know. I can't explain it. It might really just be that it's unfathomable to me to be able to see without glasses or contacts. XD Maybe I'll give it a few more years - I think it's only recently they can fix astigmatism, anyway? Plus, I can't be a nerd without glasses! Which I would wear more if they were up to date because I look waaaay better with them, anyway.

Sunday was the comic book shop and D&D - this new comic shop has real back issues, so I have to go back with my list of The Dreaming and complete my set! Bought the first TPB for The Walking Dead, because while I can torrent it I think I'd rather read it as a book (I'm old-fashioned like that, and comics are really hard to read on a computer for me). It's issues 1-6, so I'll give that a go and see how I like it, but I'm already biased since I think Rick is the most adorable thing ever. Also, I made it to third level! I HAVE 24 WHOLE HIT POINTS WHEE~ Which is good, and needed, because we all totally ALMOST DIED. Our dog had to save us. XD Thank you, 100 XP per undead thing that I turn!

Anyway, more True Blood last night... still pretty good, really, though Bill seems to have issues dealing with things rationally and there is Something up with Sam. I knew this from episode one, really, way before he started acting actually weird for real, but I have been informed my theory is incorrect so now I have to come up with a new one. XD

... Actually, Jason Stackhouse was totally in my dream last night. Being a druggie, because that is apparently what he does and he needs to either die or get better because I can't stand him being so stupid and dragging the rest of the world down with him. D<

Hrm. Looks like the Food & Wine Festival Half-Marathon is starting to fill up (if I'm to believe the Disney Running Newsletter I get...). Should I do it? I'd love to do another half, and this one's at night~ It's October 1-2, I think I shouldn't have any conflicts... that's the only thing I guess I'd be worried about right now, is I have no idea where I'll be in October. Hm. On the other hand, I could just go ahead and sign myself up for the regular Half next year. XD;

And this concludes your random Ali-chan entry for the day.
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Look! Look at me! I'm updating OMG! (This is for you, [ profile] pergamond~)

Okay, so. I am lame. Exhibit A: I took my Christmas tree down. Yesterday. :D; (Maybe the day before? I think it was yesterday, though.) Exhibit B: I am seriously considering going to see Avatar. Again. For a fourth time. (And for the record? Is it horrible that I laughed when the packaging for the Jake Sully action figure claimed it was "highly articulated"? XD Because poor Jake is, uh. Not. XD ILU JAKE.) Actually, let's make that Exhibit C: I totally bought a Jake Sully action figure. And, you know. Percy Jackson. XD Maybe that's not so lame, though. It's unclear.

So, I have fallen off the face of the earth, for which I apologize. Been relatively busy at work (read: staring at the same IDL program for a day and a half before realizing ahahaha I AM DUMB) and then Amat seems to eat up most of my free time when I'm at home, though actually that hasn't been that much because I've been OUT~! Let's see...


Hm... well, I also have many fun stories about spinach leaking all over my lunchbag and my computer locking me out (triiiip), but I am actually pretty tired and think I will head to bed. So I shall save the tales of woe for a later date, I suppose. BUT just know the stories are there, lurking around the corner, ready to jump! (Or something.)

Also, NEED MORE ICON SLOTS. D: Nothing new, move along now~
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Hm, so. I guess I will update while I finish my lunch, for lack of anything else to do (because I don't want to eat and do work D:). It was quite an eventful weekend! Saturday was DnD; I have my very own dice now :DDD and also I am very thankful for Kai's giant sword. XD Even if it took getting Dylan to roll for me before I actually made a hit. XD Then I went to the grocery store, watched Eloise at Christmastime (OMG CUTEST MOVIE EVER), and finished a chapter of my PJO fic finally. I probably won't have much time to work on the next bit this week, which is kind of sad because now we're getting to the awesome action stuff! Buuut that's what Christmas vacation is for, right? :D;

Yesterday I did an 11-mile run, woo? I mostly listened to the Penny Arcade/PvP DnD podcast with Wil Wheaton, which was rather entertaining and made the better part of two hours go by relatively quickly. :D; Then it was off to Olive Garden for a holiday dinner with Scott and Nathan, which was two and a half hours of awesome. XD I got a tribble! Sashi is not impressed. XD Then it was VENTURE BROS, the half-season finale!

Brooooooooooooooock~! )

Okay, that's about it. Possibly a more detailed review of The Princess and the Frog later (or at least the highlights which made it so entertaining to watch with astronomers), but for now I should probably get back to work.
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So! It's been quite a week. :D; Tuesday and Wednesday was Magic Kingdom and Epcot (and Downtown Disney) with Jennie, which was tons of fun despite the crappy weather on Wednesday. We nonetheless managed to save the world from Duff Killigan and the Killer Bebes and Señor Senior Senior and son. (I gotta admit, that Kim Possible thing at Epcot is fantastic~) Also, Space Mountain is open again! They redid the line area with games to play, and now they have a digital projector, but that's really mostly it. Still we went on it three times despite the 70-minute wait each time. Totally worth it. :D Oh, Space Mountain, how I missed you!

Thursday was a do-absolutely-nothing day; there was some approximation of Thanksgiving dinner (chicken casserole, okay, but there was stuffing and mashed potatoes and corn and cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie! And strawberries and Jell-O XD;) and HSM3. This morning I dropped her off at the airport and bummed around Downtown Disney a bit before picking up some tree-decorating stuff at Target (it was kinda scary in there, but not as bad as it could have been, thank you empty-for-Thanksgiving college town) and... uh. Running, and Alien Swarm because I didn't get to see it before! Is it sad that one of the highlights of watching that was the new version of the PJO trailer? XD;; ::fail:: It was actually pretty good, though - not as horrific as I was expecting. I still think Kevin needs to be more buff, though. Oh, but CN? I saw what you did there, with Gwen's last outfit. Cute.

Oh, also, I have now seen The Guild. You may rejoice. XD; I could not stop watching it. I think Valerie knew that would be the case, though. ;D I perhaps will need a my gaming icon back, now that a chunk of the nerdiest people in the department have started up a game. Also, I require an AD&D player's handbook. (Off to Amazon...) And, following tradition, I Kai did something stupid right off the bat that got him out of commission for most of the first fight. But! I took out a goblin all by myself! With my giant sword. :D Too bad second edition doesn't have greatswords...

And lastly, I've been working on the next chapter of my PJO fic (finally!), but anytime you get Percy and Hades in the same room, things do Not Go Well. Nor do they go According To Plan, apparently, thanks guys. -_-; It's like, I don't know, getting The Monarch and Doctor Venture to have a nice little serious chat. Only I gotta admit, Percy's cooler than Doc. And, er. I suppose Hades is cooler than The Monarch, too. Y'know. XD; At least I think I have the end bit plotted out, even with my horribly crazy last-minute addition to the storyline. I can only hope it's not going too far. >>; Anyone who knows Nathan will be relieved that I will not be going with his horribly depressing suggestion, at least? XD;

Oh, and because it sounds neat! A meme! ( I actually need to fill this out for [ profile] greenconverses and [ profile] antistar_e; I've been meaning to but I don't think I'll have the brainpower until tomorrow. But I will! I swear!)

Pick a paragraph (or any passage less than 500 words) from any fanfic I've written, and comment to this post with that selection. I will then give you a DVD commentary on that snippet: what I was thinking when I wrote it, why I wrote it in the first place, what's going on in the character's heads, why I chose certain words, what this moment means in the context of the rest of the fic, lots of awful puns, and anything else that you'd expect to find on a DVD commentary track.

Lastly (for real this time), I shall leave you with tree-topper Square Pig. Because, why not?
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