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Well, the last Public Night of the semester was clouded out, so I didn't have to stand around and freeze Friday night, which was nice. And I'm still not sure what my TA position will be in the spring - or if I'll even have one - so I don't know if I'll be required to go to any more, though I might just because. The Alachua Astronomy Club volunteers are always really nice, I should make sure to say goodbye to them before I go... whenever that is. (Spring? Summer? Not later than that. D:)

Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party last Thursday was pretty dang awesome. :D Diana and I met up at Downtown Disney for dinner first (yay, Earl of Sandwich!) and then we headed over to the Magic Kingdom; Diana was kind enough to drive us there so we could take advantage of her Annual Passholder free parking privileges, which was very nice of her~ In addition to the ENTIRE PARK being totally decked out, they had snow machines down the length of Main Street so it was snowing the whole night over the front of the park. I am clearly easy to please because I thought that was SO COOL. The parade was really cute, and the fireworks were awesome - we were basically right under them from where we were standing, so much so that the crowd’s heads were whipping back and forth trying to figure out where to look. And the cookies and hot chocolate? Completely awesome - complimentary, and you could get as much as you liked. The cookies were big - and very tasty! - and the hot chocolate was in maybe what would be a short-sized cup from Starucks, always hot and yummy, and just enough to go with the cookies. We went on a pretty perfect night, too, since it was about 45-50 so not too cold but cold enough to feel like Christmas and make the hot chocolate worth it.

Friday was the Astronomy Department “pre-holiday coffee”, which was really just a social coffee hour with baked goods and a department picture. But still not bad! And with plenty of griping about how cold the building is - seriously, it’s 62 in my office, and 62 might be nice outside in the sun on a fall day, but it is not okay when it wasn’t even above freezing for the first two hours I was here this morning. D< My hands are freezing! I’ve already gone through two cups of hot coffee, and I’ll probably have a third this afternoon. I know I really shouldn’t complain, but Florida is just so inefficient at keeping things warm that it’s a little bit miserable when we get a cold snap like this, even if it’s not fifty below. Freezing temperatures for a week are still pretty unusual around here!

Uh... in other news, I purchased some Silk Nog on Sunday but totally drank it all by last night. Hey, it’s better for you than real eggnog! (Okay, I can pretend.) And it looks like I’ll be attending the Epcot Candlelight Processional next week (oh my God, next week) with the family that’s coming down early before the cruise. I am looking forward to that, though it’s on the 23rd and I’m going to have to drive back up to Gainesville that night, and then back down to Orlando on the 24th (or maybe 25th, really, that’s what I’d prefer to do...). ARGH I need to get more work done, I’ve been very productive today and still no science done, but I’m getting there. I SWEAR. At least almost all the exam stuff is overwith. Now I just need to get to the post office, read my extragalactic-ph paper, and then I can get some thesis stuff done for the rest of the week.
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Well, the tree is up... and the cats are completely ignoring it in favor of chasing each other around. I suppose I should take this as a good sign? They were somewhat excited about the garland, but have not chewed it to pieces. And I really don’t think they can hurt the ornaments I have, so all is well! Or hopefully will continue to be so.

Umm... so. I realize it has been a bazillion years (plus or minus a bazillion years) since I have updated last. Um. Let's see... lots has happened. I will try to not take forever to tell you what it is.

Mushu's Vet Adventure )

Alison & Valerie's Thanksgiving Adventure )

Let's see... Otherwise I've spent quite a bit of time applying for jobs; I still have to write a few research statements for some, as a few jobs want me to propose research, which is scary so I keep putting it off but I really should get it done this week. Thankfully, there's a fancy new galaxy survey out that a lot of postdoc positions are advertising for, and I'm going to take their science goals and kind of wrap that up in my own research for those statements. I plan to spend some time at Starbucks doing that tomorrow.

In other miscellany, I have seen Megamind (cute!) and Tangled (FANTASTIC) and cannot wait for Tron Legacy and Voyage of the Dawn Treader this month. I have also finished SG-1 season 2 and caught up on Big Bang Theory, thanks to Valerie. OH OH ALSO THANKS TO VALERIE. I have now purchased Leckie's autobiography, Lord, What A Family!, which is so very out of print. And is so very fabulous, by the way. And hey I finally know what happened to his brother. Oh, it was so awesome to crack it open, it's got that awesome old book smell. :D; (Yeeeah, this thing was published in 1958. Woo~)

[ profile] adamatari stopped by for brunch today on his way to Atlanta for the JPLT. Then there was D&D, which was entertaining as usual. I drank magic lemonade and had my butt groped (not in the same turn). And finally, I have discovered that Tower Prep, the show that seems to have replaced Unnatural History on Cartoon Network, is not only actually good, but is also a product of Morgan & Wong, of the X-Files/Space: Above & Beyond/etc. fame. NICE. XDb

... Well, there. That wasn't so bad, right?
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All right, let's see... When last we left our intrepid heroine... Um, it was a while ago. ^^; And I was supposed to be more active! But my grandmother was here all last week, and then there was the Disney Halloween Party, and Dungeons & Dragons (why yes, that's Scott and Duy just LEAVING THE REST OF US TO DIE XD), and now it's this week already. Sheesh! No wonder it's almost the end of October! o.o;

So... right. last Saturday I picked my grandmother up from the airport, and there was dinner at Downtown Disney and sleep~ Sunday we went to Epcot in the morning, and then we went to tea at the Grand Floridian, which was delicious (and filling!). Monday we went to Islands of Adventure to go to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and since she wasn't going on the ride but wanted to wait in line with me to see the castle, I was able to take real pictures inside the castle! Of course, my camera is at home and I am not, but I will post them at some point soon (I swear?). We headed back home in the afternoon, and then she spent the week through Thursday with me.

Friday I had to get up uber-early (actually early - six!) to help Vicki with the Starlab at one of the elementary schools, and then as soon as I got home I had to turn around and take the bus in to campus to help proctor one of Naibi's tests. Then I turned around and came home so I could head to Orlando for Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party~ (And, well, dinner at Earl of Sandwich first, and I also found PERRY as you saw.) Then I got changed and headed to the Magic Kingdom; Diana and Kevin got stuck in traffic (boo) but I didn't mind wandering around for a bit on my own first. I went as Kim Possible (I think I mentioned that before?) and it was tons of fun~ Everyone was so excited to see me! (Hee, I was even "Miss Possible" or "KP" to most of the park workers, it was awesome.) It was really cool. Kevin and Diana (as the Tenth Doctor and Snow White) showed up just in time for the parade, and then we proceeded to have, of course, an awesome time for the rest of the evening. It was warm, but not muggy, and I had been worried it would be really crowded because it was a Friday night but we walked right on to every ride. It was a great time, really. And It's A Small World is open again! Everything has a fresh coat of paint, and it's all... closer to the boat, I think? A few things moved, but yeah, the most noticeable thing is that the waterway is much narrower so now you feel much more like you're a part of the whole thing. I like it. And of course, this is the only picture I took. Fail, I know.

And in not-so-surprising news, I am totally planning on going to the Christmas Party this year. Now to figure out a good date for it!

In the meantime, I believe we have plans to watch a bajillion things this weekend - like the episodes of The Sarah Jane Adventures with The Doctor in them followed by Back to the Future on Saturday, as well as a Harry Potter mini-marathon on Sunday (Slytherins apparently get their own couch, ahaha!).

Whew, this is why I am never not busy!
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Time to go get changed for the Halloween Party!

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Well hello Livejournal, it's (once again) been a while. I seem to be bad at updating, I blame Amat, because apparently fake people's lives are so much more interesting than my own. Then again, that's nothing new. XD

Firstly, JEN~ I have been fail about calling you back, though in my defense I was in Orlando with Mom and Jennie most of the week! But! I may try to call you tonight? :D; <3

Let's see, where to begin... well, there was that whole Dragon*Con thing (I still haven't organized my pictures, you will get them when I do!). Then Mom and Jennie came down this past week, Monday-Friday, though I could only spend Monday-Wednesday with them. So I picked them up Monday night and we hit up Downtown Disney. Tuesday was Universal & Islands of Adventure, yay more Hogsmeade! Oh God, it was so much less crowded. At points the wait time for the Forbidden Journey was ten minutes. It was so nice. And I hadn't realized that over by the little kid roller coaster, they'd built Hagrid's house! That was cool~ It was a very full day, as the parks were only open 9-7 and we park-hopped between IoA and Universal. But we hit up most things, and the Harry Potter ride twice, and it was fun~ Plus there was Bubba Gump's for dinner!

Wednesday was Magic Kingdom, which was gloriously not busy and we walked on to most of the rides with ten minute wait times or less~ (We even managed to hit up Peter Pan with a ten minute wait time, though most of the day it was 35-40, because it's Peter Pan and that's just how that works.) Diana also joined us for the second half of the day and dinner, which was awesome! I had to head back that night, since I had to proctor a test early on Thursday, but Mom and Jennie and Diana went to Epcot on Thursday, which sounded like it was a lot of fun. :D; I got to proctor said test, and print up another test for Friday, and work on the talk I had to give at our annual Reitz Union Meeting on Friday. Which I think went well, and is done, whew! And apparently will get a reprise on Tuesday, since I'm supposed to give a talk at the Undergraduate Astronomy Society.

Friday was also Public Night, so I was out late; Saturday was a whole lot of sitting around doing nothing, then today I ran some errands and picked up Nathan from the airport (on his way back from Paris) and we got dinner, and now I am here at Starbucks catching up on things as seems customary on the weekends.

Also! VENTURE BROS has started up again~ But I have been good and haven't watched them yet. (Nathan was, as previously mentioned, in Paris.) Maybe sometime this week - and there also needs to be catching up on True Blood. I want to see the last few episodes of the season!
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Lunchtime! Oh, lunch, how I adore you~ Even if you make me cold (I swear eating when I'm cold just makes me colder!).

Anyway, I figured I would take this time to UPDATE MY ELJAY WOO~

Firstly, a late HAPPY BIRTHDAY to [ profile] dreamshade!

Secondly, I know I fell off the face of the earth (again) and I am still trying to claw my way back up. Busy weekend was busy, but totally worth it~ Thursday night Valerie appeared (woo!) and we hung out, attempting to go to Starbucks and be writers but actually just getting caught up talking about the plot of her awesome story, because it is, as I mentioned, awesome. Friday Valerie ran around the department while I got a bit of work done before we skipped out to head to the fabric store and dinner at Bento's with a group of awesome people. We eventually moved to Moe's next door (for those who hadn't wanted Bento's) and there was much talking until the place closed and we figured we should leave. XD So we came home and watched Big Bang Theory before bed (we actually watched BBT just about every night she was here for at least an hour and a half, now that I think about it...)

Saturday was the wedding she's come to town for, so Valerie headed off and I went running before we both headed over to Nathan's to hang out with him and Scott, who'd been released from the hospital (yay!)~ There was Chipotle and Spaceballs, because Scott was very hungry and Valerie had never seen said movie. Also, a very long talk on galaxy harassment that was really quite entertaining. XD We've determined galaxy clusters are so not politically correct.

Sunday was Disney day! And a very busy Disney day at that: Valerie, Nathan, and I started out at Animal Kingdom about 9, then headed to Magic Kingdom around noon and Epcot around 6. We headed to Downtown Disney around 9 for dinner and shopping before driving home and passing out. XD Three parks and Downtown Disney! I think that's gotta be a record or something.

Pictures ahoy! )

Valerie left about 6:45am on Monday, and I probably should've gotten up but I went back to bed for two hours. XD Monday night was Dollhouse - only a few episodes left! D: - and the rest of the week has been pretty nonexciting. Now it's just back to the normal swing of things, which is probably good~ Though apparently I have agreed to go to some Epic Barbecue Place tonight, with the promise if the best barbecue in at least ten miles. XD We'll see how that goes - gonna go running for sure first, and I have to remember to check CN to see if anything's new so I can tape it.

AND that's about it. Next week is spring break and I'm looking forward to campus being quiet! Oh, but! [ profile] noctaval, I am a failure for totally forgetting to call you back for, like, a week. D: I will try to catch up with you soon!
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I think it may be the same temperature inside my office as outside of it. Apparently having no heat last week has made things just as unpleasant this week. I'm seriously beginning to think that 2010 is playing one big joke on me. D: I did even read something the other day about January 2nd purportedly being the worst luck day in the entire year. Yeah, you got that one right. Ah well~

Actual updates still pending, but suffice to say the Half Marathon was full of COLD and SLEET but still awesome~ Next time I'm putting all my music on my phone so I can have an iPod and a camera at the same time, because I ran by Lewis and Wilbur and Bowler Hat Guy in Epcot and you have no idea how sad I was that I had no camera! Disney afterwards was also cold but the lines were short and the hot chocolate was good. We also discovered that Winter Summerland Mini Golf is pretty fantastic, and there are no Perry the Platypus plushies (try saying that three times fast!) to be had.

Yesterday was kind of the break I shouldn't have taken but really needed. I swear, I've pretty much been on the go since I went home in December; I barely had time to check email at home and I didn't get much work done, then it was back to Gainesville for two days before the AAS in D.C. and then back to Orlando for the Half and a Disney-full weekend before returning Sunday night to fight with installing Windows 7 because it kept resetting my monitor refresh rate OUT OF RANGE in the middle of installation so I couldn't finish it. Three tries in and lots of Google searching later, I disabled the video card and finally got the silly thing installed. Eesh! Seriously, this is the second Windows install that did that to me. Microsoft, you need to get your act together and stop changing refresh rates on flatscreens while you install. For serious. D< So I stayed home yesterday and went grocery shopping and did laundry and caught up on Heroes. And here I am back at work today.

Also, It took me at least an hour today to figure out how to scan all my trip receipts into a PDF to turn in (crazy new-fangled machines) and now I'm just finishing up lunch before I get all the stuff I have to mail out and then try to do two weeks' worth of work in an afternoon. Whee~ (Or something.)

But before I go, stolen from Blanche:

India Foxtrot Yankee Oscar Uniform Charlie Alpha November Uniform November Delta Echo Romeo Sierra Tango Alpha November Delta Tango Hotel India Sierra, Charlie Oscar Papa Yankee Alpha November Delta Papa Alpha Sierra Tango Echo India Tango Tango Oscar Yankee Oscar Uniform Romeo Lima India Victor Echo Juliet Oscar Uniform Romeo November Alpha Lima.

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So! It's been quite a week. :D; Tuesday and Wednesday was Magic Kingdom and Epcot (and Downtown Disney) with Jennie, which was tons of fun despite the crappy weather on Wednesday. We nonetheless managed to save the world from Duff Killigan and the Killer Bebes and Señor Senior Senior and son. (I gotta admit, that Kim Possible thing at Epcot is fantastic~) Also, Space Mountain is open again! They redid the line area with games to play, and now they have a digital projector, but that's really mostly it. Still we went on it three times despite the 70-minute wait each time. Totally worth it. :D Oh, Space Mountain, how I missed you!

Thursday was a do-absolutely-nothing day; there was some approximation of Thanksgiving dinner (chicken casserole, okay, but there was stuffing and mashed potatoes and corn and cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie! And strawberries and Jell-O XD;) and HSM3. This morning I dropped her off at the airport and bummed around Downtown Disney a bit before picking up some tree-decorating stuff at Target (it was kinda scary in there, but not as bad as it could have been, thank you empty-for-Thanksgiving college town) and... uh. Running, and Alien Swarm because I didn't get to see it before! Is it sad that one of the highlights of watching that was the new version of the PJO trailer? XD;; ::fail:: It was actually pretty good, though - not as horrific as I was expecting. I still think Kevin needs to be more buff, though. Oh, but CN? I saw what you did there, with Gwen's last outfit. Cute.

Oh, also, I have now seen The Guild. You may rejoice. XD; I could not stop watching it. I think Valerie knew that would be the case, though. ;D I perhaps will need a my gaming icon back, now that a chunk of the nerdiest people in the department have started up a game. Also, I require an AD&D player's handbook. (Off to Amazon...) And, following tradition, I Kai did something stupid right off the bat that got him out of commission for most of the first fight. But! I took out a goblin all by myself! With my giant sword. :D Too bad second edition doesn't have greatswords...

And lastly, I've been working on the next chapter of my PJO fic (finally!), but anytime you get Percy and Hades in the same room, things do Not Go Well. Nor do they go According To Plan, apparently, thanks guys. -_-; It's like, I don't know, getting The Monarch and Doctor Venture to have a nice little serious chat. Only I gotta admit, Percy's cooler than Doc. And, er. I suppose Hades is cooler than The Monarch, too. Y'know. XD; At least I think I have the end bit plotted out, even with my horribly crazy last-minute addition to the storyline. I can only hope it's not going too far. >>; Anyone who knows Nathan will be relieved that I will not be going with his horribly depressing suggestion, at least? XD;

Oh, and because it sounds neat! A meme! ( I actually need to fill this out for [ profile] greenconverses and [ profile] antistar_e; I've been meaning to but I don't think I'll have the brainpower until tomorrow. But I will! I swear!)

Pick a paragraph (or any passage less than 500 words) from any fanfic I've written, and comment to this post with that selection. I will then give you a DVD commentary on that snippet: what I was thinking when I wrote it, why I wrote it in the first place, what's going on in the character's heads, why I chose certain words, what this moment means in the context of the rest of the fic, lots of awful puns, and anything else that you'd expect to find on a DVD commentary track.

Lastly (for real this time), I shall leave you with tree-topper Square Pig. Because, why not?
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So~ A quick update while I scarf down some lunch. :D;

The past few days have been insane. STARS went well, though it required getting up early Saturday and Sunday. Thankfully I didn't have to help out with everything, so I ran away in the middle of the day to work on my research interests (and [ profile] valeriebean is amazing for being so awesome and helping me!). I still have to add a bit more and finish updating my CV, but then I think I'm ready to apply for the first job on my list!

... Which also means I've got to get the rest of this data analysis done so I can, you know, GRADUATE. I made myself a list of goals for this week, since I know I have to get a bunch of stuff done due to being out of town for two days next week (but it'll totally be worth it~).

Yesterday I also got up early, but since it was to go to Epcot it was somewhat better. XD They give you a special ticket and a button that says it's your birthday, and absolutely everyone who works there that spots it will wish you a happy birthday. That was pretty darn cool. <3 Also, [ profile] violet_lane and [ profile] adamatari were awesome enough to come hang out with me, and we had lots of fun. :D I even got an Aero bar from England and daifuku from Japan, yum~ Plus we got lucky and were in the first row for Soarin', which is totally the best row. Also, I got my Brock fix~ Now I can't wait to take Jennie there next week!

Plus, I even made it home in time for Venture Bros, which was... special. XD But in a rather entertaining way, let me tell you. THEN I discovered a slew of new VB products on the Adult Swim online store, and... well. There went most of the money they're supposedly going to pay me for doing STARS. Buuut it was totally worth it for this and this!

Ooookay. Just about done with my sandwich, so time to eat my FIERY CHEETOS (because they are delicious if not horrible for me) and run to the Union for an envelope. Seriously, I've decided there need to be 30 hours in the day. At least. I need time to go running, darnit! I have this half-marathon thing to train for and it gets dark before I even get home from work! Plus, who doesn't need more time to sleep? ;D Or write PJO fanfiction, which I WANT TO DO and have no time for... like, ever again. D:

And finally, HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] hikariblue~! :D :D :D
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So far I am disappointed in this tropical storm everyone's been talking about. All it's done is made it HOT all over again when the weather was just getting nice! Boo. D:

This week is going to be totally crazy; the buses aren't running tomorrow for the holiday so I think I'm going to try to work from home. But I also got in late today (stupid pest control - or, well, stupid me, I really need to learn to not go back to bed even if I still have 20 minutes before I need to get up) so I'm going to stay late tonight to catch up, since I don't have to run. I had this weird dream this morning though, which I can only partly remember, but I think it involved Jake from Hannah Montana. Like, we'd accidentally body-swapped or something, and we kept trying to get back to our own bodies but nothing we tried worked. XD; That's pretty fail, brain.

Friday and Saturday is STARS (including a scavenger hunt and ahaha, I don't know my way around campus! ::diiies::), and Sunday is Disney. I'm actually really just looking forward to going to Epcot, plunking myself down in one of the countries, and sitting for a nice long while with a coffee or something. Since I'll likely either be by myself (or hopefully with [ profile] violet_lane), I can take it easy and just enjoy the atmosphere, which I really want to do. :D Especially since I get in for free! And then hopefully I will get home in time for Venture Bros. XD

Also, to all you NaNo people posting snippets, I keep meaning to read everything you've posted up so far and I haven't gotten to do it yet! But I will! It probably doesn't help that all my spare time is spent plugging away at my own crazy epic PJO fic or reading 501st, which I am about halfway through and really don't want to put down. I'm going to be so sad when it's done (but at this point I am still hopeful that there will still be more to come!). Also, it really makes me want to write a clone fic. You know. In all my spare time. >>; (But seriously. I <3 Niner. Niner needs more love. Lots more. <3)

Okay, off to enjoy a few more minutes of "lunch break" before getting back to work. I want to have some final-ish tables by tonight, I can do it!
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Welcome to day 3 of November and the end of DST! I just love watching the clock go from 1:59 to 1:00 over again. There's something very... master of space and time-y about it, maybe. :D;It does, however, severely limit my afternoon sunlight, which is distressing since it means I have to rush home earlier than 5 if I want to run four and a half miles before darkness descends. At least the weather finally seemed to figure out it was FALL, PEOPLE, and it's a lovely 71 or so outside right now. Oh man, I'm so excited. I really hope it doesn't get hot again. ._.;

So! Good luck to all those doing NaNo; I would be with you if I wasn't suddenly trying to finish up a PhD this year (because between writing and astronomy? We all know which I'd rather spend my time doing XD;). Although I'm beginning to think that despite the fact that I'm not doing NaNo, I may end up writing just as much this month. XD; I finally figured out how to do this interim scene in my PJO fic (ahaha, completely differently than it was originally supposed to go, and of course I figured this out as I was almost done with it so now I have to go back and rewrite it all). And as soon as the middle stuff is done, we get to the GOOD STUFF. >D I'm really curious to see what readers will think. There are at least a few people who leave consistent reviews over at and I really look forward to seeing their reactions. But hopefully by GOOD STUFF I mean that I know mostly what's going to happen already, and I'm really looking forward to writing it. I mean, a big long scene between Percy and Hades? Total win~ Plus, Percy is turning out to have a lot more thoughts on things than I originally thought, and I really like that. Things I hadn't even thought of end up tying together ever-so-nicely, it's really pretty awesome. (Seriously, if I put this much energy into The Dead Prince it'd be a whole series of published novels by now. ::fail:: I really need to get working on that.)

At least I've also got a number of contests lined up for this month, and I want to get working on some original stuff for those as well. One of them even involves Greek mythology! And another I can totally garner inspiration from Firefly. That's not cheating, right? It's just inspiration!

As for the weekend, I spent my Halloween watching way too much HGTV and now I want to redecorate my entire apartment. ::dies:: Actually, the worst part is I may be actually thinking about it, albeit more along the lines of moving out some of the anime stuff and putting up some of the nicer stuff that's been sitting in my closet for years. I fear I may be ::gasp!:: acquiring a somewhat more grown-up sense of taste. I don't know what to say. XD But never fear, even if I were to undertake such a task, the number of Ryomas in my living room would likely only go down slightly. I mean, come on. Some of them would need to stay! It's really too bad I probably won't be here long enough to bother painting; my mom's been trying to get me to paint the place for years, but with the actual real possibility that I may be leaving within a year, it's likely not worth it. Still, now I'm inspired to paint my future place! Though the inspiration may not last until I next move... XD;

Then Sunday was Star Wars in Concert with Nathan and Scott, and that was really pretty awesome. That screen was HUGE! Plus, during intermission this woman came around and offered all of us pretty awesome seats on the first level not far from the stage, since that section hadn't sold out. Who were we to say no? The concert was really enjoyable and there were all these little kids and the exhibit was pretty awesome too. Then we had dinner at Outback and after we got home Nathan ended up stopping by around midnight for Venture Bros, which was a very... special episode. XD; Man, it's so weird to watch just one new one a week when I blew through the first three seasons like crazy!

Diana and Kevin had invited me to the Disney Halloween Party that night too, but with the ending time of the concert and the time it would take me to get to Orlando, it really wasn't quite worth it since I wouldn't be able to make the whole event. I would have really liked to go, but I think maybe it was better that I didn't spend the whole concert freaking out about when it was going to end and how I was going to zoom out of there and still be late, because that would've probably lowered my enjoyment of the whole thing. Next year, guys! Because clearly I have to go to the Halloween Party for the rest of my life~ <3 I may even try out the Christmas Party this year!

Speaking of Disney, I should check and see if the Food & Wine Festival is still going on; I think I'll go to Epcot for my birthday regardless, but that would certainly be an added bonus! And also totally randomly, Tyler and Valerie have decided we're going to Canada in May, so this should be exciting. At least it means I'll get to see [ profile] pergamond! :D (I could probably fit my PS2 in my baaaag~)

And finally, because this entry is getting absurdly long, I don't know what I did but I must have slept really, really wrong because my neck is killing me today. All I want to do is go home and steal Sashi's heating pad. :x Ouch.


EDIT: Who did not tell me that the Imperial Commando book is already out? D: I believe a trip to Borders tonight is required.
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So... this shall be a rambly entry on probably nothing useful whatsoever. XD; It has been a fairly busy week, what with my dad visiting over last weekend (which bled into Monday, which also included 7.5 miles of running, Heroes, and The Dark Knight) and [ profile] pergamond and me trying to date random tennis players by asking them questions in a language that we do not understand. XD (Yesterday we made it all the way to the festival, and we totally got Ryoma to ask for our phone number! That was fabulous~ And then we started again at Rikkai, and Niou made us clean out the storeroom and we fainted - GO US - and it was hilarious because Niou came back and was all, "OMG I TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT YOU OOPS". But at least it got us points with him. ;D) Today is a short run (3.5 miles) and an attempt to eat dinner with very little food in my house, and then early tomorrow morning (like, nine ;_;) I have to leave to get Frank from the airport in Orlando. Then it's a weekend of Disney, woo!

So don't get me wrong, I've had a fabulous week and am really looking forward to this weekend. But I am definitely also looking forward to next week when I should have a few days to sit around and do nothing but write in the evenings. XD The Ties That Bind is a bit behind, but I should have the next chapter out early next week. I had to sit down and think about this one scene I was writing, because at first I realized it showed nothing new (and was not required) but then got this inspiration to make it actually useful, which is good, but now I've got to figure out just how I want to do it. And after I've managed to pass enough time in-story, we get to the good stuff. >D I'm really looking forward to that. I also really need to write my Halloween entry for the fic battle, which I haven't really touched since Sunday when I was jotting stuff down in between downs. XD I'm still not sure whether there is actual conflict in the story, but we'll see. Maybe it can be just a meandering piece or something... Must think on that!

Aaaand I think that might be it for now. Gonna get some work done in the hopes that I really can graduate next year. We're going to assess where I am in December and make a more final decision, but as for now I'm going to work like I can graduate next summer. Plus, we just actually got some GTC data! Here's hoping it actually helps. XD

BUT FIRST. WHAT is up with the episode synopsis for Alien Force tonight? Dear God. XD We already did this on Venture Bros, people. ::dies::
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Went to a rather interesting talk today on the nature and possible manifestations of dark matter, which was pretty awesome~ Cosmology is fantastic, and I think I will always love it. :D (Especially when you get to go to talks featuring WIMPs, MACHOs, and the all-new WIMPZILLAs!) I have also achieved IRAC color-color diagrams of my galaxy clusters, which made me feel rather accomplished. Alas, I have to wait 'till next week to get ACIS-Extract and its associated programs installed, but that gives me a chance to ignore X-rays for yet another few days~

This evening I set to work getting Penny ready for this weekend, which I am happy to say only took about an hour to an hour and a half total. I love easy costumes! (Granted, I had the black shirt already, and I bought the pink shirt and black shorts from Goodwill. All I had to do was make the pink shirt smaller and cannibalize two pairs of leggings into one pair of stripey ones. Dude, I measured those stripes and made them proportional! Cosplay math FTW.)

Two more here! )

I don't think I'm going to wear anything horribly costume-y for the race, mostly because I don't have anything. (I could always run in Videl, but that's so obscure it's not worth it. XD) Maybe I'll come up with something I already have before Saturday. In the meantime, I just have to make sure I remember to bring Bolt this weekend, along with a lightsaber for Frank. And I need to tape Venture Bros!
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So! I would say welcome to a real update, but I don't know that anything I'm going to update about is actually useful to anyone. XD; But here it is, nonetheless.

Sunday was made of football (woo!) and Venture Bros (double woo!). Although I must say, the Bears totally self-destructed and it was horribly embarrassing, alas. I mean, they kept false-starting and it was just ridiculous. Sigh. Then it was time for the season 4 premiere of VB, which did not disappoint. It was crazy! ("Oh holy crap, you're Nazis!" XDD) I think Dad was somewhat confused, seeing as I'd only shown him two episodes from season 1 and the last two of season 3, and then the premiere wasn't exactly told in chronological order and the only thing we had to go off of was Hank's hair, which is fine when you need to tell short from long, but then there were varying degrees of long and yeah. XD; But this season is certainly looking epic. Or something. Yeah. XD

Monday after dropping my dad off at the airport I came back and did my longest run yet: 7.5 miles. It took me about an hour twenty, which averages to 10.6 minutes per mile. The 13k is only 0.6 miles longer than what I ran, so I can totally do this. :D My legs are a little tired but not too bad, and I took today off. I think maybe tomorrow I'll do 4.5, and then 3.5 either Thursday (probably) or Friday, and then Saturday night's the race! (Hm... perhaps this means I need to remember to go to bed at a reasonable hour on Friday.) Also, I need to finish my costume (tomorrow) for the Halloween Party. And speaking of Halloween, the short little thing I was writing for [ profile] pjo_fic_battle is going to be longer than I thought. And may only be peripherally connected to Halloween, but I'm trying. At least it should prove to be interesting... I just hope I have time to finish more than one prompt. XD And I also need to work on The Ties That Bind; I'm a little stuck as to what I want to put next, since I need to pass some time in-story, but I'll figure out something. The next time I have a chance to sit down and write... uh. Maybe Thursday? Not tonight, that's for sure.

[ profile] pergamond is back in town for the week; this afternoon we broke out Gakuensai no Oujisama and had ourselves some fun. XD It's so much more entertaining to make the story up as you go, which is pretty much what we have to do, given our horribly incomplete understanding of the Japanese language. We first attempted to join Hyoutei, but after being totally snubbed by Shishido for Ohtori (well, no surprise there...) we restarted at Seigaku, which seemed to go much better. Momo totally loved us, and it took a while to win Ryoma over but we were totally getting there! It was also our mission to annoy Tezuka as much as possible. I am happy to report we were totally succeeding. XD Also, Fuji tried to feed us jalepeno sandwiches. Thankfully I think we ran away with Ryoma. (I'm not sure, but at least we survived, either way?)

Also, at work today I totally got IDL to do fancy things with errors and chi-squared and I think I may actually have gotten something approaching reasonable results for my IR power-law galaxies. ::squee:: I mean, I've got some overlap with optical variables and X-ray point sources - that totally means I'm doing it right, right? XD; Hopefully tomorrow I can finish that up and then I can get ACIS-Extract up and running and get those darn X-ray fluxes so I can move on with my life, eesh. And speaking of moving on, I finally got the paperwork signed on my Rio reimbursement. Here's hoping it goes through quickly. I could really used the nearly $2k they owe me! Because Delia's has the cutest star t-shirt and some kickass hoodies.

And finally. I went to Wal-Mart this evening and procured myself a copy of Revenge of the Fallen, because I had a gift card for almost exactly the right amount (I love how movies are only $20 the day they come out, even the fancy 2-disc special edition I snagged). Cue Transformers babble below. )

[ profile] valeriebean, I know I owe you a phone call. I was out 'till late yesterday (I made the mistake of reiterating that I hadn't seen The Dark Knight after Heroes and so it was immediately and impulsively watched) and I should head to bed within the hour, but I should have time tomorrow since there is no NGN! Also, I don't know if you'll even see this, but [ profile] link621, I've been thinking of you all day. <3
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So~ Uh. Another normal Sunday; woke up naturally at 2:15, seriously, body. You do not need this much sleep. No, really. D:

Anyway, I decided to get my butt in gear and ran 4.5 miles today in about an hour, which averages to ~13 minutes per mile or so. That's fine, since that's over halfway where I need to be in a month and apparently you need to be faster than 18 minutes per mile for the 13k, so I am not worried. (My legs might be sore tomorrow, though? XD;) I think I'm going to keep up the 4.5 mile circuit if I have the time to do it this week, and get it up to 5 or 6 in a weekend or two. We'll see how that goes. Frank's already at 7, but he doesn't count. XD

Also, apparently? You can run the race in costume if you want. Ahahaha, I'm SO DOING THAT. I was thinking maybe something Kim Possible-inspired, like green shorts and a black top? And then I can bring Rufus in a pouch or something? Hm. Any other ideas for Disney-related running costumes? Or I could just get a second Camp Half-Blood shirt and run as a random camper. XD I think Stacie might be coming down to watch us too, which would be awesome~ Then we could go to the Halloween Party! I need to pick a date for that asap. OCTOBER IS HERE BY THE END OF THIS WEEK, GUYS. WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN. o.o But! Tons of premiers coming up~ I wonder if there's any news on that next season of The Secret Saturdays. Hm. I should finish season 2. >>;

Totally randomly, I decided to revise my journal/Gmail/desktop a bit, since it was time for a change (or something). So I have a new layout, a new default icon (not this one, alas XD), a new desktop for Freedom (Ben 10 vs. zombies FTW~), and I tried out a new Gmail theme and we'll see if I can live without getting fed up with it. XD;

Aaand that's really it. I am going to try to get to bed by 2. I really hope it happens. Guess I'll have to finish my PJO fic battle thing tomorrow.
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Welcome to Monday! (Or something. D:)

My busy but awesomely fun weekend~ )

I headed out around maybe two or three on Sunday, and called a bunch of people on the way home (except [ profile] valeriebean, I still owe you a call sometime this week because I haven't talked to you in forever!) and then spent the rest of the evening doing nothing very constructive, which included watching some Secret Saturdays, reading Star Wars fanfic, and generally trying to catch up on LJ and stuff. I'm still a bit behind in RP, but I'm really hoping to get back on the ball by mid-week with that. Thankfully I will actually be around until August, which then involves AFO, the Demi Lovato concert (yay, I'm going!), Brazil, and then the Jonas Brothers concert. (Speaking of, I totally had another Jonas Brothers dream last night. THEY ARE STALKING ME. D: Or maybe I'm stalking them. I'm not sure.)

I also need to catch up on writing, because I need to get another PJO chapter out (ahaha, I still need to read the last book!), I know I still owe those drabbles to people from the meme I put up what feels like a million years ago, and I've also actually started my dark!Ahsoka fic (well, all of a page or two of it). The problem with Star Wars fic is that I feel like I want to get all the details right, which means I either have to rewatch or Wikipedia a bunch of stuff, including Revenge of the Sith. (I think a rewatching might be in order for that, but maybe I can just Wiki it first to get myself going.) In any case, I think I have the beginnings of a plot, so that's all I can ever ask for! Now to just figure out the murky parts of it...

Okay, off to read the paper I'm presenting on Wednesday and maybe even get some work done on identifying galaxies with redshifts. Redshifts, yay! (Gee, I wish I had my own...) Tonight is more NextGen and Wednesday is Star Trek movies! (And I still need to see UP before I completely forget it's out.)
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I am back! :D

Okay, well, kind of back. XD Due to my deciding to make a costume for Star Wars Weekends (and leaving for said event on Friday to hang out with [ profile] noctaval and her awesome friends!), as well as various other things requiring massive amounts of catching up, I haven't really gotten a chance to go over my flist (and honestly, I think reading three weeks' of missed entries may kill me so I think I might just not D:).

Sooo I'm back-ish~ Or something. XD (And here to wish a somewhat belated birthday to [ profile] ink_blots_101! <33) In any case, around once more. I think. XD A million pictures and summaries of my trip to follow. Someday. :D;

I also think I may have to go to bed soon, actually. :O And I even slept in today until 1:30! It was glorious (minus the fact that I didn't get home until probably about 2:30 last night XD).
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It feels like days since I dropped my grandmother off at the airport, but that was only this morning. I got back here around 12:30, ate lunch, and headed in to work for a bit; I actually got stuff done, which is exciting! Distances down for at least a couple of the clusters! And then I got completely soaked on the way home from work in a freak thunderstorm. XD It was so weird - I mean, the sun was shining and it was pouring at the same time. At least it stopped raining soon after so I could go running! But my clothes are still water-laden and hanging in the bathroom. I can't wear my green sneakers tomorrow, I'll bet.

Anyway, I got out running and made it back in time to watch Suite Life on Deck and The Secret Saturdays (even though I missed last week's episode, but I taped it) and Phineas and Ferb~ Then I decided I should maybe try to tackle my friends list, and at least read over most of it if not actually get to comment on things. asjfaf I think I had to skip 400 or something. DD: Apologies for the few comments over the past week's entries, but I just couldn't read it all. I think I'm kind of caught up, at least? o.o; (I still have to go back through a couple of people's journals and some comms, though.) And at least I'll be around, online-speaking, until Wednesday. Though I really have to get a giant list of things to do for my trip and then get them done. I've got part of a list, but I imagine it's not nearly complete. I'm going to try and run most of my errands in the morning tomorrow, though, before we head off to St. Augustine in the afternoon.

So while perusing my flist, I learned that it appears that Rick Riordan might be doing a new series, based on Egyptian mythology this time? Hello, Percy Jackson meets Stargate. How could that possibly be bad? (XD Jeeeen. Why do people always listen to us when we plot things? THEY ARE SO LISTENING TO US. D:) Anyway, speaking of the first, The Last Olympian is sitting on the coffee table and it is taunting me. I have no time to read it. I should finish The Demigod Files first, anyway. Ahhhh. ;_; And the worst part is, it's hardcover so I shouldn't even bring it on my trip. (I'm actually thinking of bringing Magic's Pawn or something, to read if I get bored but at least it's small and light. ::fail::) Ah well, at least I'm inspired again for my fanfic, and I think the next chapter is almost done! Except Kronos is getting really freaking long-winded. Then again, it takes a lot of words to convince people to be evil, I guess. XD (Or just a... what was it called, the Turn Everything Evil-inator. Right. That would make it much easier. ;D) And speaking of the second, I totally watched all of season 1 of SG-1 with my grandmother (at her suggestion!) in four days. XD WOO. Except it ended on a horrible cliffhanger and now I have no more and she promised to mail me more, but not 'till I get back. Ahhhh~ At least she left me the season 1 DVDs so I can watch the bonus features and possibly make screencaps for icons.

And finally, in awesome news, they extended Star Wars weekends! I CAN GO! :D (Of course, I think I'll just have to re-wear Padme, as I don't have time to make anything new, but I'm kind of tempted to throw together a Jedi-ish outfit if I'm alive after my trip...) [ profile] noctaval, I can't convince you to drive up for it, could I? :D; I can only go to the last weekend, June 12-14 or something, so I've got to pick a day in there, probably actually over the weekend since I should, you know, start being an astronomer again at some point.

What I wouldn't give to be NOT BUSY for a while. D: Seriously.
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dsjfafgnakla. It's been a busy week. XD Or... well, busy few days, anyway. Friday I picked up my grandmother in Orlando and we spent the weekend at DisneyWorld! :D (Hey, I swear it was her idea!) We got back Sunday evening and yesterday (ack, is it only Tuesday? Well, Wednesday now...) was made of attempting to see the shuttle launch from Gainesville (too cloudy, boo), pricing new microwaves, and Stargate. Lots and lots of Stargate. See, since everyone on Earth (well, okay, a large percentage of my friends) seems to like Stargate, and it is quite honestly the reason my grandmother bought a DVD player (so she could own it all on DVD, I kid you not), I figured I'd ask her to bring some of season 1 of SG-1 and I'd give it a try. I'd only ever caught episodes here and there before and it was really hard to figure out what was going on or why I should care about any of these people. So yesterday we watched... I don't know, something like the pilot and eight episodes. XD And then today we watched a whole bunch more.

So, Stargate stuff. )

Anyway, I haven't checked my flist since Friday morning and I probably won't really be able to catch up until this Friday. But I'll try then! So if you've actually noticed and felt like I was ignoring you, I wasn't! I've just been either running all over the place or losing brainmatter to that other shiny metal box that isn't the computer screen. :D;

Oh, man. Not that I haven't enjoyed the trip down from Chicago or the visit from my grandmother and not that I'm not looking forward to this three-week trip I have coming up in something like a week (OMG), but... I will be really, really happy to get home in June and just SIT AT HOME for a while. With my cat. <3

A couple of quick notes before I run, though! Thank you to [ profile] rkold for the postcard, and an early Happy Birthday to [ profile] wearingskirts! (I have all your books for you! We should try and trade back sometime soon!) And I haven't forgotten about the drabble or icon memes, I just haven't had time to do them yet. I will, I swear! And [ profile] valeriebean, sorry I missed your call earlier. I'll try to call back over the weekend? :D;

And now it's time for bed, if I'm going to get up at (ugh) 8:30.
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asjdoafdja I just put my registration in the mailbox. I am officially running the 2010 Walt Disney World Half Marathon, because I just paid the $120 registration fee to do it. XD I may die. I'm hoping not. I have a year to train!

Okay, back to your regularly scheduled lives. I have more progress pix to post, but I need to get some other stuff done first so that will be later or tomorrow~


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