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Aaaaand here is the long-awaited (I'm sure XD) part 2 of my DC pix, featuring the Smithsonian (predominantly Air & Space, since I reeeeeally wanted to go there).

Floating 'round my tin can. )

Next up, the actual AAS (I swear I did attend!) and maybe the Half-Marathon, rolled into one? Plus I have a weekend update that should amuse~
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Okay, someone explain to me why it's supposed to be below freezing and sleeting in Orlando on Saturday morning when I'm running 13 miles through Disney? D:

In other news, the plane should be boarding soon back to Orlando. I bid goodbye to our nation's capital and a whole lotta astronomers. Pictures forthcoming!

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fjadfjaiuhdiufhaio, can I start the year over? It has not been good so far.

No, seriously. I'm only two days in and already things are made of fail. )

Aaaand it is freaking freezing in this lobby, so I am going to go upstairs and finish writing up my tags (uh. I feel I should not be tagging a sex log while I'm sitting in the lobby of a hotel ganking free internet) and send them via iPhone via the privacy of my room (since I have it to myself for the night, woo!)

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Woo, apparently I had $25 in change sitting around my house and the office. I finally got myself to bring it into the grocery store and toss it into the Coinstar machine and then I went on a mini-Amazon shopping spree~ I may or may not have bought Brother Bear 1 and 2 on DVD. XD; Well, okay, I did. But they were just SO CUTE.

Also, after two tries, I have finally gotten ahold of the person in the Astronomy office responsible for travel reimbursement and she says she'll work on mine tomorrow. This is good, because my checking account is the lowest it's ever been and it might be due to the, oh, $1500 they owe me from Rio. >>; Thankfully I will have that soon. Or, at least, sooner than I would have if I hadn't bugged her, I'm sure. Next up is registering for the AAS, but at least I don't have to pay for that one.

Aaaand now I am off! To clean or write. Perhaps clean then write. Or maybe just write. XD; Even if I think I'm going to scrap the scene I had with Annabeth and throw Thalia in there instead... uh. Someone really needs to explain to me why I don't like Annabeth overly much, because really I should. :x So why don't I? ;_; (I suppose that if I'm sad I don't, that's at least a sign that there is some hope?) Actually, she's really great for fics, because she's the smart one. She gets to figure everything out! Except for this one. No one will see this coming. >D
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I am currently in the process of submitting an abstract for a dissertation talk at the AAS in January. Scary. D: I mean, all it means is that I'm within a year of getting my PhD as of January, but still! That's scary!

Of course, it also means I'm going to the AAS and certain people (Tyler and Valerie) should come too. ;D Because then we could share a room or something and you know how much fun that is! I'm actually pretty excited about Washington, D.C. - I've only spent a day there before and I totally need to hit up all the museums. Of course, let's not forget that I run a half-marathon at Disneyworld oh, two days after the end of the meeting. ::dies:: This is gonna be fun. Really. XD (I did 4.5 miles again yesterday with no problems, though, so maybe I'll up it to 5 or 6 this weekend~ Thank God it's actually less than 80 out finally so I'm not a dripping mess when I get done. XD;)

Speaking of astronomy, I went to a talk this morning on the TMT - the Thirty Meter Telescope - because guys, that's awesome. XD THIRTY METERS OF MIRROR. For serious. (Well, actually it's about 400 1.4 meter-sized segments all put together... which is possibly even crazier!) Anyway, they've already chosen a site for it so I suppose that means it's no longer a thing of the speculative future and it's actually going happen. Wow~

Also, apparently Hydra (Pluto's second-largest moon) is occulting a start tonight and it might be visible from Florida. I'm torn on offering myself up to help view it - on the one hand, I have experience with occultations (especially involving Pluto!) but on the other hand, I was really looking forward to having the night to myself. :x Hm. I suppose I have another few hours to decide.

And finally, totally randomly, I really like the Jimmy Robbins and KSM albums. Maybe I'll upload a song from each or something, to prod you guys into supporting them or something. :D;

Okay, time to finish lunch so I can go meet with my advisor in 20 minutes.
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:D I am alive! And showered. Feeling much cleaner and more awake. It's totally time for lunch. (I'm an hour ahead of FL and it's almost one! And "breakfast" was at seven or something on the plane.)

8 hour flight plus the flight to Miami; a few minor mishaps that I wrote down in a notebook and shall be transferred here later. Happy Friday, everyone!
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I was going to post this earlier, but then I called Tyler and got at least some packing done. (Until his phone died? Or something. D:)

But! I think the hard part is over? )

Spent pretty much all day at work today - had a 10am meeting (after staying at Nathan's until like 1:30 because not only did we watch the BEST DND MOVIES EVER, we also spontaneously watched Star Trek II) and then had to modify my poster to meet my advisor's approval for printing around 5pm. Finally left with posters in tow at 6:30ish, then I went running and showered and cleaned a bit while I talked to my mom. Then I worked on the monster up there and called Tyler and packed.

Thankfully I don't have to think too hard about what to bring. Nice clothes, check. Regular clothes, check. Pajamas, check. Bathing suit, check. The rest will get taken care of tomorrow, since I don't leave Gainesville until 4:30 or so (yay overnight flights). It turns out I'm on the same flight as Leah once I get to Miami, so at least I won't arrive alone; then we pick up Dan and Izaskun and figure out how to take a taxi to wherever it is we're staying. XD (Gee, I should write down that address... Not that I have any clue how Rio addresses work.)

My previous writing notebook seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth, which is sad. I mean, I wasn't writing anything currently in it (and I am now extra-glad I copied that beginning-of-a-Ben-10-fic out of it a while back) but it has sentimental value (and a whole lot of XP planning in it XD). Hopefully it will turn up; I'm pretty sure I didn't leave it in Europe, at least. I think I would have missed it between June and now... Ah well, I have a new notebook in my bag and we'll see how long this laptop battery will last... not long enough, if I want to do some serious writing on the plane, but one can always hope there will be outlets under the seats...

Anyway. For the record, I will be out of the country from tomorrow until the 16th, so those of you who might regularly call me probably don't want to do that. XD Email and LJ should be okay; we've got wireless where we're staying and I plan to plop on the internet at night since I don't want to get mugged or something alone in Brazil. Whee. XD And let's pretend I'm totally not bringing The Lightning Thief and The Battle of the Labyrinth to read over the next week...

Okay, off to possibly sleep. I was going to write but I think I'm too tired. D:
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You know, I think the more mortal peril Percy is in, the funnier he is. XD Just saying. I'm, like, terrified to keep turning pages, but every time I do I just keep cracking up out loud. XD Well, I mean, it's sad too, because people are dying. But Percy is still pretty hilarious. I also heard the Lightning Thief trailer might be showing before the Half-Blood Prince? That would be made of WIN. :DDD Though then I read that they might be scrapping one of my favorite scenes... I hope not, that would make me sad!

Brazil visa mailed, yay. $160 later, ugh. D: (Plus the $7 for the passport photos in which I look rather tired and unhappy because you are not allowed to smile.) Man, I wish I could get reimbursed before the conference. I didn't get my title transferred yet, but in my defense that's because I didn't fall asleep until at least 5:30 this morning. That was sad. I kept watching Adult Swim hoping Venture Bros would be on, but alas, no. Maybe it's only on on the weekends. In any case, I was tired but just couldn't sleep, so naturally I was not willing to get up at 7 this morning and opted for 9:40 instead. I'll aim for title-transferring tomorrow.

In the meantime, today is X-ray flux map day. :D And no NGN, so there will be running and writing and possibly Ahsoka-starting. I need to get working on costumes! I also need to go fabric-shopping, but I feel poor after dumping $1400 into Brazil that I won't get back until probably after D*C. Ah well.
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There are not enough hours in the day. D:

Much rambling on the writing of fics that I shall cut for flist sanity purposes~ )

akdjlafd, where did the day go? No wonder I'm tired. D: I had issues falling asleep last night (probably prompted by getting up late yesterday.) I really had better try to get to bed soon, though.

Other things I need to do include actually starting my slew of Dragon*Con costumes (Ahsoka! NTS: Try out Model Magic for the outer part of the headtails? And look into makeup!). I also need to finish cleaning my house (it's half-clean? :D;) and finish getting ready for the teacher workshop on Monday that I'm kind of running-ish. (Well, Vicki and Anthony are usually in charge but they're both out of town, and while it really doesn't require much organization, I think I'm it.) At least I've got most of the stuff for it done today, though. I plopped myself down in the student center with a venti iced green tea and my laptop for about two hours and got the links list and talk done.

I also need to get my Brazil ticket so I can apply for my travel visa. I think I'm going to have to take an overnight flight, whee. -_-; I hope the AAS is okay with me flying out of Orlando rather than Gainesville, though I suppose I should probably look into the latter even if I hate taking small planes. :x I don't think I'm really going to stay more than a day or two at most after the conference, though; I think I'd be paying out of pocket for that, and I honestly don't really know of a whole lot I want to do in Rio. If anyone knows of anything I should do while I'm there, though...?

Aaand maybe if I hadn't been writing this, I could've gotten more fic written. Alas. I think it's almost bedtime.
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I bought an armadillo! He is very cute and he has a cowboy hat and a bandana. His name is Sam Armitude the Luptidillo. :D (No, seriously. Don't ask. XD)

I'm sure there was more I was supposed to write here. We went to P.F. Chang's and we let slip to the very awesome waitress that it was Valerie's birthday and Valerie got CHOCOLATE CAKE. She got a lot of chocolate cake with strawberry sauce and it was very, very yummy. Everyone should go to P.F. Chang's on their birthday for this cake. XD (Our waitress had lived in Florida, which was cool too. She was very nice.) Also, it was kind of awesome to be able to pull out chinese food and chocolate cake in the middle of a plane flight to finish off our leftovers. XD

The trip home was all right - plane ride went smoothly, as did the drive back. Maaaan, I need to not eat out for at least a week. D: Tomorrow I am going to go to the grocery store, Linens n' Things, and Borders. The latter two only because I have gift cards, I swear! I want to get a TV tray-thing so I can work on my laptop while sitting on the couch so I can sit next to my cat~ :D;; Yes. Really. And then I am going to work on my paper because sdafidngaiugnr due Wednesday.

ALSO. Gundam SEED on DVD pretty. *_* Too bad we're already past episode 25 on our weekly watching party! Maybe the Complete Collection II will come out before we finish...

Mrar, I wonder where my Gundam SEED Destiny Complete Best went. Probably still on Zero System. >>;

There was definitely something luptitudinal I was going to say, but Valerie wrote it down so I don't have it. I'm sure no one cares. XD;
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Happy Happy Birthday Birthday Valeriebean! :D (It's your birthday in Gainesville, at least!)

Tomorrow it's back to Gainesville and my kitty, yay~ And I have declared myself done for the moment on my orals paper, though I am not. >> But I've been working in it all week (and since long before then) and I'm going to take a break until Sunday, when I can print it out and read it and start moving things around in a more visual fashion. Plus I still need to ask Vicki about some of my future work, since I'm not quite sure how to word something like "And maybe I'll get to take spectra whee!" in a more... scientific fashion. ^^; Writing in science is hard sometimes!

Um. Not to much more to report, really. It's been a good week, though random, and while somewhat filled with the AAS conference, it has also been filled with much wandering, a few pictures, a lot of TGI Friday's and a repeat of our trip to the Spaghetti Warehouse, and a LOT of random conversations a couple of hours after we were supposed to be in bed. XD None of which I shall repeat here, because all of it is incriminating.

Oh, and $25 room service chicken fingers at midnight. Because Tyler was hungry.

There was also a brownie of love ("Everything you want in a brownie... chocolate and roses. Now go kiss someone.") that is FDA exempt, and Mexican Coke. It might contain Montezuma's Revenge.


So. <3s to my flist, and everyone have a good night!
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Look, Valerie's famous! :DD

And Tyler won a Chambliss Award. :DDD

I... got a scrolling nametag. Three guesses as to what I made it say.

Ahhhhh orals are scary. ._.;;;;
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Day one of the conference proper! Tyler and I looked at posters and got free stuff and went to a talk by the director of NASA. He's not a very excitiing speaker. D: We only stayed for a little bit before going back to collect Valerie for lunch. Then we came back to the hotel and I worked out and worked on my orals paper, which is finally almost done. I think. Mostly. D: I'm still nervous.

National Treasure 2 was quite good. We went to go see it tonight at a nifty theater that serves you dinner while you watch! That was very cool. And they had yummy pizza. :D PLUS there was this shop right next to it that had Firefly t-shirts! Of course, the second Valerie and I went in to look the cab came, but still! It was very exciting. And the movie was fun too. XD I am also psyched to see Prince Caspian, because it looks nifty. :D So does... Forbidden Kingdom, I think it's called? That one doesn't quite look... you know, epic or anything, but it does look fun. Fun is good. We all know how I like my movies, anyway. ^^;

Um, that's about it. Nothing too exciting to report on. Just sick of working on my paper and I should really be getting to bed, since I have to be at the convention center before 9:30 tomorrow to put up my poster all day so I can stand by it and try not to look stupid when people ask me questions about it.
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I can has internets yay! :D They're only charging us for one computer per day even though we've got three. So win!

V. tired now. Bed early. ^^;

Message frm the v-bird: Tyler found his spoon!
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Highlights of Voyager today: Seven of Nine got to fight The Rock. XD Ahahaha, I didn't know he guest starred on Voyager. That was awesome.

And then there was the guy who reminded me of someone and drove me crazy all episode until I looked him up and lo! He was Weyoun. XD That makes at least two DS9 people who've guested on Voyager.

Erm. Anyway. :D I am done cleaning and packing yay! Even though I got up at 2 today. And I have to be at Valerie's in about five hours. >> I don't really want to leave town again for a week, but it's not like I have a choice, so. ^^; I imagine at least one of us will get net access so I shouldn't quite disappear off the face of the earth, though I may not exactly get to read my flist in glorious detail. Plus I need to use my spare time to work on my orals presentation OMG I AM SO SCARED. ;_;

Okay, off to finish a couple more things and then just bum around, though I'm going to try to nap in a bit so I'm not totally totally dead when three rolls around and I need to take a shower. :O
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Managed to catch that on the plane on the way home yesterday; apparently it's the brightest comet in quite a while~ It's visible just after the sun sets and right before it rises, in the west (evening) and east (morning) just below and to the right of Venus~ More pictures here if anyone's interested, though they're not the greatest in the world.

Uh, speaking of pictures! *Most* of the pictures from Seattle are up (with Tyler-made captions) here. More to be added soon, I think. You know. As if those aren't enough. ^^;

... Wow. I keep trying to type an update and then keep getting distracted. ^^; I would update about Seattle in detail, but I think I really don't feel like it any more than I'm sure any of you want to read it. ^^; So, uh, suffice to say, the meeting was pretty awesome. Very big, but that wasn't so bad. Went to some awesome talks on Stardust and Eris and extremophiles and saw LOTS of five-minute talks (that were obviously twenty minute talks crammed into five minutes ><;) on semi-relevant things, though AGN variability was not really a big topic. >>; The poster went over well and lots of people talked to me (including one guy willing to give me redshifts, whee~!) and the banquet was yummy and we got to watch a movie on Palomar which was really quite good. Seriously, telescopes are such marvels of technology that when you stop to think about it, it really makes you go @.@; We also nabbed three pounds of free stuff (calendars, bookmarks, postcards, posters, mugs, FLASH DRIVES, LASER POINTERS, etc. :D;) and there was a full-scale mockup of the JWST that we walked around~ Very cool! Aside from the conference, we visited Pike Place (and the surrounding market), the Space Needle, the Science Fiction Museum, and lots of yummy restaurants. The beds at the hotel were SO comfy. :D And it even snowed a little! And didn't rain so much! (Ahaha, though normally at conferences, they give you a bag or something with your registration. This one gave us umbrellas. XD; I was amused.)

... Also. Seattle must be the abstract art capital of the world. I swear. (You know, aside from being the Starbucks capital of the world. Because we counted a bajillion of them. Wow. o.o;)

Okay, uh, so much for being concise. ^^; I tried. I hope that wasn't too boring. In any event, it is awesome to be HOME (Sashi agrees) and now I have season 2 of Dead Like Me to watch. (Oh, yes. Also. We watched The Princess Bride today and how did I not know Rube was in it? With a mullet? XD; I laughed~)

asdahaoijkf I want the whole version of this song. D: [/notastalker]
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Hey guys, it's not snowing outside. :D

Also, it is 11:40 Pacific Standard Time~

Seriously. Don't ask. I think we need to go to bed.

Made it! :D

Jan. 5th, 2007 08:35 pm
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Though the flights were scarily bumpy at times (booo on the scary weather over Atlanta), we've arrived safely in Seattle! We're only allowed one computer per room, apparently, so we're using Tyler's computer; I may not be able to check my flist a ton, but I will still be checking email pretty darn regularly~ ^^ (We have the access, we plan to use it. XD)

It is raining and cold - seems pretty Seattle to me. XD; We're going to do some exploring tomorrow morning, before Tyler has an undergrad orientation thing at 5 or so, and then there's some reception (free food!) after that. Then the conference begins in earnest on Sunday, so we'll be busy on and off until Wednesday afternoon. Then it's another whole day of flying back to Florida Thursday, and back to the department to get in our reimbursement forms Friday. Whee. @.@;

Er, okay, that's really it for now. ^^; My head thinks it's 11:39 and Seattle thinks it's 8:39 and I really have no idea what to do with myself. Eheh.
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So! Yay I'm back from the GTC meeting. ^_^ It was pretty fun, overall, and a good meeting with some good talks~ I shall attempt to give a rundown of what all I was up to for the past half-a-week, but I warn that it may be long and/or kind of boring so feel free to skip and I won't blame you. ^^; As a note, I had internet for most of the time but not a lot of *time* to read flists and things, so as is my standard disclaimer, if something really important happened and I appeared to have ignored you, it was not in fact the case you need to poke me and let me know! <3 :D;;

GTC Conventionstuff! And Pictures! Also including Firefly plushies and Jayne hats, if you might be interested in owning such things... :D;; )

So! Um. Today was the grocery store (it rained on me! D:) and Mulan, since it was on Disney. Because you can never see Mulan too many times. :D;; Tomorrow is possible fabric pricing with Valerie, though that might happen later this week if we don't get around to it. And. I need a haircut. :O But there's no way I can get one before Wednesday at the earliest, so grr. Guess I'll live 'till then. ^^;;

I probably had more to say, but if you've actually read this thing (unlikely) you're probably ready to stop. So. ^^;; I'm off to wish I owned a Mulan poster and possibly to actually read a book~! :D


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