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Well, so Spring Break just flew by. I suppose it could have had something to do with the fact that I slept in for much of the week - I was really trying to get up at a reasonable hour, and I managed to do it wonderfully on Monday, but somehow the rest of the week was just... no. I even slept until 3:30pm on Thursday, and I haven't done that in a while. I guess that either means I'm horribly lazy, or I really needed it (or something somewhere in between...).

Of course, most of my plans for a relaxing week were thwarted by CIAO, as often seems to happen. But I think I have finally, finally solved this X-ray flux issue - I'm really hoping so, though clearly I've said I know how to get X-ray fluxes before and been horribly wrong. So we'll see. I'm hoping to get that done (or mostly done) this weekend and see what falls out by Monday, when I really should be moving on to other things, ideally.

It looks like Starbucks has brought out the new design, which I really do like - it's very clean and simple, very nice. And at least down here, they're giving out free petites with every drink, and they are delicious. Also, the last time I reloaded my gold card, I randomly got a $5 bonus? I have no clue why, but hey - not complaining. They know where all my money goes. But I really like sitting here to work - there are big windows, and nice, low-level background music, and it's well-lit and cheery. My apartment, despite having a big sliding-glass door, faces south so even though there's decent natural light, it's not ideal. Plus, I tend to have cats walking all over my keyboard more often than not. I love them, but I can't always get work done when they OMGneedattentionnow!

As for the rest of this week, in between CIAO-ing I actually saw two movies: I Am Number Four and Battle: Los Angeles. Thoughts below, cut for potential spoilers! )

And of course, I can't not mention the world-stage craziness going on: I don't actually know anyone currently in Japan, but of course that doesn't matter. I think they were as prepared for something like this as anyone can be, and if there is any way I can help, I'm going to do it - the only thing I can probably really do is donate money to the relief efforts, but I figure every little bit helps, right?
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Oh gosh, I am so braindead. oo; I spent alllll day futzing around with X-ray fluxes, but something wonky is still going on. I think I know that what I'm doing, in principle, is right, but there is still something strange up and hopefully the helpdesk will be able to tell me if I'm nuts or not. I do have to say, while CIAO's webpages have not always been all that clear, their helpdesk staff has always been pretty awesome. Here's hoping I won't need them so heavily when I get to the k-correction part of this, but then again, it's k-correcting, so... :x

Right. SO NOW, IN ENGLISH. XD I think I am going to spend tomorrow not doing X-ray stuff for at least part of the day if I can manage it, and maybe take a look at my CV, turn it into a resume, and update my webpage and whatnot. I need something that's not brain-hurty after today. ;; Although I am going to go veg at a movie here shortly, we're going to see I Am Number Four in about half an hour. (Well, I have to leave in about fifteen minutes, really.) And I guess I really don't actually have all that much to say in the meantime, so yeah, there's that. Um. Maybe I'll have more to say tomorrow or something, when my brain has maybe had some time to recover, eesh.
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So, the final decision has been reached (and is really not all that surprising, I imagine): I went with the i7 processor. I got up at a very reasonable hour this morning (8!) to drop off the other computer with FedEx, which conveniently happened to be right next to Starbucks, where I managed to squeak in under the expiration date (today) for my free oatmeal, which I had for breakfast. I even sat there and did some coding, go me!

Of course, the world also seemed to forget about me today: I was supposed to meet with Vicki, but I think she left early. And I was going to give the Apple representative who's been working with me a call, so I could cancel the AppleCare I had on the laptop I'm returning, but he seemed to be out of the office. Which is okay, because I've got records showing I dropped the package off at FedEx today so I should be safe as far as that's concerned, so the plan is to give him a call tomorrow.

Aaaand I think I have heard back from just about every postdoc I applied to, including the one that was looking hopeful - note the key use of the word was, because as of right now it looks like whatever I'm doing after I graduate, it will not be a postdoc. :x So I'm going to start seriously looking at other things this week; NASA has a general job website, and conveniently apparently there's a national listing for museum-related jobs, so hey, that's useful? Of course, I have no idea what a resume should look like, because all I have is a CV, but I suppose that's something I can find online or something... I'm sure UF has some kind of employment office that could also help, but not this week - this week is Spring Break. Which means campus is gloriously deserted - I even drove in today, and managed to park on the ground floor of the parking garage! I don't usually drive in, even during breaks, but I'm sick of waiting for the reduced-schedule bus and the walk from the parking garage is about the same length as the walk from the bus stop, so I really do get there faster.

And totally unrelated, but man, do I ever love this song~ Funny thing is, I was looking for it on Youtube the other day (just to listen to it) and that's how I found out there was a movie about Bobby Darin... which piqued my curiosity and so I ended up watching Beyond the Sea this evening. Very good, actually - I liked it quite a bit. Kind of a musical feel without being cheesy or overdone, and also some very interesting storytelling with the younger version of himself... yeah. Good stuff~
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Continuing-but-almost-over story of the MacBook Pro! )

For the record, I really, really wish they supported Semagic on the Mac. I don't like any of the Mac LJ clients nearly as much as I like Semagic.
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So! Apple customer service was not as scary as I thought; yes, I can exchange my computer for one of the new ones, and I have until Friday to decide. I'd have to mail in the one I have now for a refund, but I would be free to go pick up a new one whenever from the Apple Store or wherever (which would mean calling them and seeing if they have them in stock and would be willing to possibly hold one for me!).

So now the only question is, do I do it? I think I should, because honestly if I'd just happened to wait another week or two, I would have gotten the new one by default anyway. I think I might even be saving about $50 or so, in the end. My only worry is this heat/loud fan issue I have seen in one or two forums on the internets with the new models, but... I'm trying to figure out if it's really an issue, or just a few people here or there complaining.

I think maybe what I'll do is run to Best Buy tomorrow (I can't do it today) and see if they have the new models on display. I could also call the Apple Stores in Jacksonville and Orlando (which I have to do anyway, to see about picking up a new one) and see if the customer service guys there have any thoughts on the comparison. Then I just have to decide; I'm still thinking I should go with the new one, but if heat or fan noise is going to be a big issue... I like the very cool, very quiet machine I have now!

This is still way harder than it should be. :x
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In non-computer-agonizing news...

Discovery! Large-ish image below the cut. )

Now to go to bed, before I can agonize any more. :x
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That is the question, indeed. [ profile] februaryfour brought up an interesting point to me, and I just did some research...

So. As I complained about in my last post, Apple just came out with new MacBook pros, like, a week ago. According to their return policy, I have 14 calendar days to return my computer (though it claims online that I can't return it online, maybe that means I have to go into the store?). The new model features the memory upgrade I paid for ($50, but still, no small change) standard and a much better processor (2.7GHz dual-core Intel Core i7 vs. the 2.66GHz Intel Core 2 Duo I have) and slightly better RAM (4GB 1333MHz vs. my 4GB 1066MHz). Otherwise they look about the same, as far as I can tell?

Now, I still have to call and see if I can even work all this out. BUT. I'm seriously debating it. I mean... on the one hand, just because they just came out with new computers does not automatically make this one obsolete. On the other... I just paid a lot of money and why shouldn't I argue for the best processor I can get? If all this will involve is driving two hours to the Apple store and maybe I can exchange it right there, that would be fabulous. I could do that this weekend. Do you know how cool that would be?

SO. What I'd really like are opinions. What do you think, guys? Would it be worth the hassle to get the newest, shiniest model? At first I was feeling kind of defeatist and "Ah, well, sucks for me," but... why shouldn't I try to get the fastest processor for my money, right?

EDIT: Of course, now I'm reading about heat issues with the new models, getting very hot and running very loud. But of course complaints are inconsistent. WHY IS THIS SO HARD? I already went through this agonizing stuff deciding to buy this computer in the first place. I suppose the thing to do would be to call in the morning and see if it's even possible to exchange, and then deal with it. Maybe it is better to keep the one I have, that I know runs quiet and cool, even with the reduced speed? I do still have a few more days to mull it over. :x The more I read, the more I wonder if what I have isn't just fine, and I shouldn't go through this rigamarole (oh yeah, I just used that word XD) to deal with it when I don't want to go through the hassle of re-returning it if it runs too hot or too loud. I absolutely love how quiet and cool my computer is now!

ARGH ARGH ARGH. I don't know what to dooooo.

Anyway, pictures of the shuttle to follow, for reals. I have the camera sitting right here. :D;;
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So~ Next week is spring break, which I am very much looking forward to - not really because I get any kind of break, myself, but because the weather is getting nicer and the town will be all but deserted (or at least the university will). And I can use my new fast!computer to get some work done. Of course, what do I find out but that a week ago, Apple launched the new MacBook Pros, greeeeat, my computer is still less than two weeks old. Thanks a lot, Apple. But the Intel Core Duo is still nothing to shake a stick at, and just because the new MacBooks have shiny new processors doesn't mean mine is suddenly obsolete. Still, it was kind of disheartening to hear that if I'd just waited another week and a half to order, I could have gotten the newest model, but how was I to know? I'd never have found out if Frank hadn't randomly gotten an email, so urgh. Ignorance would have been bliss. :x NONTHELESS, I am still uber-pleased with NX-01 (still the working name? But it doesn't feel like a name... it still might have to change) and have gotten mostly everything I want on it on there. Still working on cheating a way around the iPhone only being able to link up with one iTunes library at once (seriously, Apple? I AM ONE PERSON - I just have multiple computers!), but otherwise I've got MacTex up and running and even DS9~

Not much new, really, though last Thursday I went down to Kennedy to see the last Discovery launch; after this it's Endeavor in April and then Atlantis in June and then no more space shuttles ever. :x (Honestly, I think a couple years down the road, they're going to realize what a GIANT MISTAKE that is.) Clearly I'm leaving Florida at the right time. In any case, we watched it from the Visitor's Complex, which we had to arrive at by 11:30am despite the launch being at 4:50pm. So we spent the day there, wandering through all the exhibits (hey, I found that random building that I saw the first time I went to Kennedy, but had never seen since!) and the rocket garden and even got to see the Hubble 3D IMAX, which was fabulous. We also rode the Space Shuttle Experience, which was not nearly as scary as I thought, so win~

I would post pictures, but Photobucket seems to be killing Firefox right now (yeah, that happens on my work computer, random sites kill it and today it appears to be Photobucket) so I'll post them when I get home. I even have a couple where you can see the External Tank and the SRBs, not just a giant glowing flame! (Well, that's all I saw, but my camera saw otherwise~) The only downside was the fact that I spent THIRTEEN HOURS in my car; three on the way down, and ten on the way back. afjduafihauifea getting out of there was a nightmare, I think it literally took us seven or eight hours to get to Orlando, and it's only an hour or so away from Kennedy! Traffic was just gridlocked, but I guess that's what happens when there's only one road. Anyway, I am still thinking about going down to see the last two, but from Titusville. Of course, the traffic's likely to be even worse, so I'm not so sure about that. We'll see.

Um... otherwise, let's see - we had a Roddy Piper movie marathon at Nathan's on Sunday (They Live followed by Hell Comes to Frogtown, oh God), with a few Nerf assaults in the middle because for some reason, the first- and second-years have amassed this GIANT NERF ARSENAL. Which was pretty fun~ I went with the belt-fed Vulcan, because seriously, who doesn't want to shoot a belt-fed Nerf gun? XD Though reloading is a pain~

And then here we are, it's Tuesday already; I proctored two tests and have one more and a makeup to go before the end of the week, but that's not so bad. AND THEN SPRING BREAK~
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Which really I've had all day, but I was good and didn't open it until this evening, and have thus been playing around on it most of tonight and not updating to let the world know I have said computer now.

There was a bit of excitement this morning - I kept checking the FedEx tracking to see if it was going to go out for delivery or not, and what do you know, the minute I sit down on the bus, hey! It's on the truck for delivery. Soooo I rode the bus all the way back to my stop like a dork and staked out my apartment (well, from the inside) until there was a knock at the door -

And it was maintenance, come to check out my balcony. Which does need some repair, so that's good? They got started today though they're not done yet, but at least it made me move my bike (which I really need to get rid of) so that's two steps in the right direction, let's say.

AND THEN around 10:50 or so, FedEx came! With a computer-shaped box~ That I decided, with much difficulty, not to open, because if I did I would have just stayed home from work all day to play on it and I'm going to the shuttle launch onThursday (Frank's family has an extra ticket, woo!) and I can't really miss two days of work this week. So I went to work, was productive, went running, fed Scott's cat, ate dinner, AND ATTACHED MYSELF TO SAID COMPUTER. Which is currently named NX-01 but that may change, we'll see if it sticks (but it is silver and shiny?).

Aaaand... that's my evening. Basically I'm just waiting for MacTeX to finish downloading (it's a gigabyte, eesh!) and really, I think I'm going to let that run overnight. I'm just finishing up some things and then it's off to bed because I'm thinking if they're coming back tomorrow to do the balcony, it's gonna be early. Sigh.


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Well so, let's see... My computer has just departed Memphis, TN, so at least it's in the country now! (It shipped from Shanghai, China, after all.) They still have not charged my credit card for the full amount, which is strange, but hey, as long as they'll give it to me I don't care when they charge me, right? (There was a bit of a mix-up around Thursday, when the credit card company called me to see if the charge was real, given that I, uh, never make purchases that large. It was very nice of them, but since they'd put a hold on my card until the issue was sorted out, it delayed the shipping, I think. Regardless, it's been dealt with, obviously, enough that they decided I could have my computer, yay!)

In the meantime, I am tethered to the wall here at Starbucks working on a computer that is, sadly, very slow when it comes to pulling up things on the internets, which is sad because I've been working for the past hour or so to get all my bibliography stuff sorted for my thesis (at least, what I have written thus far). MANY THANKS to Nathan for telling me about the wonderful, wonderful "Bibtex entry for this abstract" function on NASA ADS, because even with a slow computer it has made my life SO MUCH BETTER OMG. I did have to download a different bibliography style which I am hoping will not utterly confuse the people at the UF thesis submission office, because I would be very sad if I had to redo it. BUT let's just assume for now that if I send them the files, they can figure it out. (I realize this assumption may be incorrect, as they seem to have issues with LaTeX despite the fact that they claim to support it, but such is life, I suppose.)

Also, I think about this time I should be making a thesis tag. So I shall be doing that now. :D;

The weather has been gorgeous today, for the record - it's 81 today, and it's been in the 70s at least for a few days now. Not too hot, but not cold, sunny, and soooo nice~ I hope it stays, though I'm not sure it will - it is only February, after all! And, and, and! I GOT UP AT 10:30 this morning! I was so proud of myself, if one discounts the fact that I got up at 12:30 yesterday and, seeing as it was my night off public night and Vicki canceled our meeting, I took the afternoon to get my laundry done and my bathroom (mostly) cleaned and some other things that really needed doing, in anticipation of doing some work today (which, look, I have been doing, even if it's just writing). Also, Ken was awesome and actually got CIAO 4.3 installed this week, and I have gotten my very first (test) X-ray flux! I think the easier method will get me in the right ballpark, which is really all I care about, so I am hoping that by early next week, I will have X-ray fluxes and be a very happy girl, indeed~

And it turns out Frank is coming down for the shuttle launch Thursday; if I can get out of Extragalactic-ph I'd really like to go with, but I have already had to do some MAJOR schedule reshuffling for the next few weeks... but I'm hopeful! I've never actually seen a day launch from up close, weird as that is!

All rightly, I think that's it for now - or, at least, it should be! I might actually try to start updating in smaller chunks - I always feel like I want to wait until I have a decent amount of stuff to update with, but then I either a) never get around to updating or b) have huge updates (see this very entry for an example, heh). So maybe if I do it smaller updates, it'll all work out better. We'll see!
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New computer: purchased!

I went to Best Buy today to compare models, and the 15"... just felt too big. The keyboard seemed almost spread out and uncomfortable for my hands and really, there was just too much computer for a laptop for me. So I went with the 13" MacBook Pro, with 4GB RAM and upgraded to 500GB of memory; it's supposed to ship within 1-3 days and I figured what the heck, for $15 I'll get the expedited 2-3 day shipping, why not. SO my new computer will shortly be on its way!

Name thoughts right now consist of NX-01, because it's like a new line of computers in Ali-chan history? OR SOMETHING. XD Also, it's shiny. But we'll see how I feel when I get it~ The only downside is I need to figure out how to get it to port to S-video to hook up to my TV... I got a MiniDisplay Port to VGA adaptor, and now I just need a VGA to S-Video adaptor... but I'm not sure if just the cables will work or if I need a box. I suppose for $3 I can try the cables and if not, it's only $25 for the box? HRM. I also have to get a carrying case for it - I saw the cutest one at Best Buy, I think I might have to get it, but I want to make sure it will actually protect said computer. :D;; Maybe a sleeve and also the bag? Decisions, decisions.

Completely unrelated, now I know why Mushu doesn't climb on things very much. HE FALLS OFF. Way to go, cat. Very graceful.

Aaaaand - bedtime!
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All right; so clearly, despite promises to the contrary, I have still been terrible about updating. So here I am, yet again trying to remedy that, with an update!

To save your flists from far too much text... )

In completely unrelated news, I finally saw the season finale of Tower Prep a few days ago, and I am really, really hoping it gets renewed. Not only did it end on a cliffhanger, but I was really starting to enjoy it, even more than Unnatural History. I wasn't sure where the show would go if they achieved their "goal" in the first season (being intentionally vague so maybe more of you will watch it!), but now I see that there is plenty of story to explore, and I want to know where it'll go! Come on, Cartoon Network, YOU CAN RENEW THIS SHOW. I think it did well in ratings, and was received pretty well among the critics? Go go, Morgan & Wong!

And finally, Nathan and I discovered that the new restaurant in town, Ghengis Grill, IS JUST LIKE FIRE & ICE. I am soooo stoked, it was delicious and I want my family to come visit me now so I can take them there before I move. We also watched The Emperor's New Grove, which was, as always, awesomely entertaining. So yay for that~

All righty, I think that's just about where things stand at the moment, and I'd say I'll try to update more again, but that's either a lie or it isn't, and we'll see which it is in the coming days, I suppose~
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My phone gave me a giant scare this morning when it fell out of my pocket as I got into work (well, okay, that's not new - it falls out of my pocket on occasion). But this time, suddenly it decided it had no SIM card. ONOES WUT? Thankfully, Googling the issue (don't you love that Googling is a word?) suggested that said SIM card had probably just been jostled out of place - okay, that was my original thought, but where was the darn thing? Aren't SIM cards usually inside the phone, like, take-off-the-back-cover inside? You can't take the back cover off an iPhone! (Well, you as in I can't, I'm sure Apple can.) Turns out it's on the top of the iPhone - who knew? So after poking the little supposed SIM card a bit, lo! My phone decided that yes, it did have a SIM card, thankyouverymuch. Disaster, averted!

Really, I am so ready for this week to be over - thankfully, it just about is! I guess the weekend doesn't really count - Saturday is the Hoggetowne Medieval Faire and Sunday is D&D/THE SUPERBOWL, so I imagine I'll spend a good chunk of it out and not dong work, but that's what weekends are for anyway, I guess. Next week I am ready to get started doing things that I really should have been doing this week, but given that this week was mostly made of fail, they'll get done next week. At least I'm geared up?

Of course, next week is TESTMAGEDDON: PART 1. I have... four, wait, five tests to proctor, two of which I still have to print out, and I'm also giving a short talk in Vicki's class about my research. I'm also up for Public Night next week (I got today off, though I think it ended up being clouded out anyway), so I guess it'll be a busy week after all. Ah well.

In the meantime, I have been CLEANING (when I can), and have rearranged my bedroom closet and hope to have done the same with my dresser... eventually. I really have too many clothes, and I should start getting rid of some because I am going to have to move in about half a year. It's never too early to start spring cleaning, let's say? I think this thesis is going to result in a lot of cleaning for me, because I would love to turn it into fanfic (the thesis procrastiatnion, that is) - or even "real" fic! - but somehow I am feeling a little uninspired, writing wise. It's not for lack of ideas, actually - in fact, I have a ton. I just don't feel like working on them. I am hoping this will pass, because if it doesn't soon... I guess maybe I'll try forcing myself to write a bit each day. That'd be a good start, I think? I could really use the extra cash from selling some words!

All right, I think I'm going to go and do the dishes, speaking of cleaning. Or just clean off my kitchen table. That's a project that will never be done!

... This entry brought to you by CAPSLOCK, apparently. Happy Friday, what's left of it!
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Starbucks still has their Christmas cups. This makes me happy. <3

Well, let's see. Obviously I am back and alive and functioning. I think. (Well, okay, I know I'm alive. We're still working on functioning. You know the saying, "I need a vacation from my vacation? I NEED ONE.) The cruise was fun, don't get me wrong. But we had to get up early almost every day (we're talking 6-7) for either excursions or, on the day we got to Key West, to go through border patrol. So I didn't actually get much sleep except for the first day, during which we were at sea and the water was so rough that if I got out of bed I was likely to lose my breakfast. (See, normally I'm about 90% on a cruise while the boat is moving. Not 100%, but not bad. When the entire boat is rocking from side to side? I am more like 20%. :x But I suppose if you look at it from the right point of view, I got to laze around in bed all day?)

As for excursions, we saw the Mayan ruins of Tulum, which were neat, and we also went tubing through a cave system in Belize, which was awesome. Santo Tomas was really nothing exciting, but Key West had some great shopping and it was actually sunny whereas it had been cloudy and cool most of the week. The boat also had a track, so I got in two six-mile runs. Mostly I played sudoku against my Nook (and did not win a single game) and read some H.P. Lovecraft. The food was good, though, and so were the desserts (and I'm not normally a dessert person, this should say something!). New Year's was all right, but rather crowded since everyone on the entire boat pretty much tried to congregate in the atrium for the balloon drop. Overall, I think it might have been more fun if I'd had someone around who had even the remotest interest in common with me, but I did have an all right time. And got a tiny bit of writing done. And took lots of naps.

Pictures shall follow... at some point in the future. I will not promise when because I am insanely slow with such things as has been proven in the past.

I got home Saturday and promptly passed out for about fifteen hours... Sunday I think I spent the whole day back on the GLORIOUS INTERNETS, as I had not had 'net for an entire week. Computers get insanely more boring when there is no internet, as does my life (this is sad, yes, I know. But I enjoy RPing in my free time, and without internet there can be no RP). I also had dinner with Nathan (Bento's!), as it was the only day we were both in town until... a long time from now. Like, the 22nd or something. Monday I think I neglected to go into work, as I was still feeling worn out, but I went in Tuesday and got some stuff done (I think?).

We started out the new school year on Wednesday with no network on the third floor of the astronomy building - and I'll give you one guess as to which floor my office is on. The outage was originally only supposed to be until 12:30, so I just slept in until 10 and ate lunch at home and wandered in, but then it turned out the outage was until at least 2:30. And no network not only meant no internet, it meant I couldn't even log into my computer. D: But I'd brought my laptop, so I could just connect to the UF wireless and I did a little tiny bit of thesis writing before we met for Extragalactic-ph (which was mostly an open discussion on changing the date/time, and then we went over one paper, it was pretty chill). Today I again slept in a bit (mostly unintentionally) but got a decent amount of work done at least, so that's not so bad. And tomorrow I have to pretty much be at work all day because I have to get to Public Night early (7pm) because we have a special group coming at 7:30.

Hm... well, in not-exactly-news, I still don't feel like it's been Christmas yet, since I didn't really have one this year. So I am definitely looking forward to going home next week and having a late Christmas with my sister, dad, and grandmother (and my friends!). As a result of no Christmas (yet), I have no 2011 calendars and while I know I should get at least one for Christmas, I typically use anywhere between 2-4 calendars every year in various places. So I went to Borders and took advantage of their calendars being half off to find the perfect calendar - pictures of Pacific War battlegrounds and artifacts in present day. The photographs are awesome, and it even has the dates of major landings and battles every month! Seriously, perfect. It was on the first shelf I looked at, I just plucked it off and thought, I'll be getting this one, please~. I did look at the other calendars, but nothing else really caught my eye (they were down to the dregs) so I figure I'll just wait until next week to get my other one(s).

And thaaaat's... just about it, really, for now. I have a couple of resolutions kind of maybe in mind, and they all involve either writing more (or differently) and trying to improve my failing work ethic. Nothing has happened this week, but I figure I deserve a buffer week or something, at least.
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Well, it's now Christmas Eve. I am slowly crossing things off of my "Absolutely must do before I leave" and "Absolutely must pack" lists; I'm down to the last few things. I kind of want to stop soon and get to bed, and I think I can. All that's really left to pack are my toiletries, my running shoes (after I go running tomorrow morning), and... that might really be it. I tried to be on top of things! And I'm not leaving for Orlando until at least 5pm tomorrow, with a stopover in The Villages to hang out with Frank for coffee before I finish my trek down to meet up with everyone that's flown down. Then we leave for our cruise on Christmas morning! I plan to... let's see, avoid the family whenever possible, read a lot, write even more, and sit around and look at the pretty ocean. Yeah, I think that sounds good?

Diana and Kevin came up yesterday, it's always great to see them. We ate at Bento's (where they had a tree up and they were totally playing Christmas with the Rat Pack at some point, which was fabulous~) and played Settlers of Catan and watched two episodes of Last Exile. All in all, a very good evening. :D

Also, totally random but oh my Goddd, why are iPods so expensive still? ;; I've run out of room on my 30GB again, and I'd really like to replace it with something bigger. But they're all over like $200 for anything I want and I cannot justify spending that. :x I just want a regular iPod Classic, argh. Well, I guess that'll just have to wait. All my Rat Pack is going on my iPhone, then~ Maybe when I'm a rich postdoc... /crosses fingers

Now then. Just a few more things to finish up; then I actually kind of want to turn off the lights and just sit around and look at the Christmas tree and listen to a few more Christmas songs before I go to bed. That's not too dorky, is it? Alas, I've already finished the eggnog (well, one of two cartons, but the other one doesn't expire until Feb, so I'm going to not open it until I get back so I can have it then~) and I don't want to make coffee. Uh, maybe just some warm milk. And a banana - I have three to finish before I leave tomorrow. XD

Merry Christmas, all you guys~ <3 And a Happy New Year. I shall return on the 1st!
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So it's probably a little ridiculous, but here I am, sitting in Starbucks at 5:45am. There really is a logical explanation for this: Nathan needed a ride to the airport at 4:50am, so I decided to be a good girl and I went to bed last night at eleven. I KNOW, RIGHT? And I know that if I go back to bed now, I'll just sleep 'till noon and get nothing done, so I figure I might as well stay up because five hours is not an unreasonable amount of sleep for me, and Diana and Kevin are coming up later to hang out (yay!). And hey, it's probably silly to be the only person sitting around on their computer before 6am at Starbucks, but they're open, so. :x I will just have to deal with being that silly person.

Of course, it might at least be six by the time I finish writing this. XD Though I don't know that I have too much to report on... well, let's see. I took Sokka to the vet to look into his skin thing... not really a lot of headway there, though apparently his teeth are pretty bad and need to come out in January, poor thing. I also have a TA next spring, so I will get paid, which is happy! I don't know what I'm doing yet (I assume exams again, maybe?) but I'm hopeful that the world won't end if I go ahead and look into scheduling a trip home next month so I can see the other half of my family for a very late Christmas.

Work was pretty empty yesterday; I have a feeling it'll be even moreso today, I don't think anything is open on campus now. And I do plan on going in tomorrow as well, like a crazy person, but probably only for part of the day. Then there are just a few more errands and things I need to run and I can start packing for this cruise that I haven't even thought about, ahahaha. I admit, I will be sad to see the Christmas season go. I like Christmas carols and lights and trees and the Christmas cups at Starbucks and all that silly stuff. And the most random thing this morning: on the way back from the airport, I saw this giant, lighted star that just seemed to be floating above the buildings - it must have been attached to something, but it was so foggy that it really did just look like it was floating. That was pretty cool, if nothing else~

Okay, I'm off to answer some email while NO ONE ELSE IS UP to respond to me. Maybe I can actually clear out my inbox of RP tags again! o/
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I HAVE JUST FINISHED APPLYING FOR JOBS, YAY. (Look at me being so good, some of the applications weren't even due until the end of January!)

Of course, now I need to actually finish this thesis thing. >> I believe I will be doing some of that tomorrow. Today was some much-needed Christmas shopping and some also much-needed cleaning, and I absolutely have to do at least a load or two of laundry tonight.

Also, I am randomly entertained that a lot of the Christmas music I have has apparently found its way onto the Starbucks rotation. I mean, stuff like Christmas with the Rat Pack and the Loreena McKennitt Christmas/winter albums. Well, that's pretty cool~ And hey, now there's some Tori Amos. Awesome. XD

So last night I was roped into a last-minute game of Arkham Horror, which is fantastic. Part of me wonders if my absolute lack of excitement over games in general for most of my life is simply the product of me never knowing there were cool games like the ones Nathan and Scott have introduced me to. I mean, okay. This game? Has a 25-page instruction manual and the turns are divided into five or six separate rounds just so you can keep everything straight. And then each game is different, as you fight a chosen-at-random Cthulhu-mythos elder god, desperately running around Arkham trying to close gates as monsters pour out and getting yourself sucked into alternate dimensions so you can come out the other side and seal up the gate before the Big Bad Elder God awakens. It took us about five and a half hours, but we did it! I even killed a couple of monsters, despite my character being kind of lame? Well, okay, she was a psychologist, so she had plenty of sanity and lore. Just no speed. :x

And I think that's really it for this week. I am done generating/proctoring/grading exams, as grades are due Monday, yay! Now I'd just like to know if I get paid next semester... I will be asking Anthony that shortly. Sokka has a vet appointment for Monday so he cam (maybe?) get a cortisone shot or something, so I can take him off the meds while I'm away. And then I'm meeting with Vicki, as she conveniently moved our meeting from Thursday (last week) to Monday (next week) so I can get some greater semblance of work done. Scott's leaving tomorrow, though I believe Nathan is still around a few more days, as we're still having our regularly scheduled Angel/SAAB night next week - maybe I should dig up the Christmas episode, even if we'd be watching it out of order. XD And then I really do just plan on getting lots of work and running done next week in preparation for our trip on Christmas!

Okay, I think I've been here long enough, time to pack up and get home to clean, now that I've got the rest of those jobs applied for. Whew~

OH WAIT BUT ALSO. Did I mention Tron Legacy was AWESOME? Because it was~ I might have splurged and bought myself one of the discs from Target, thanks to [ profile] noctaval's mention of where to buy one. It was on sale! :D;
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Well, the last Public Night of the semester was clouded out, so I didn't have to stand around and freeze Friday night, which was nice. And I'm still not sure what my TA position will be in the spring - or if I'll even have one - so I don't know if I'll be required to go to any more, though I might just because. The Alachua Astronomy Club volunteers are always really nice, I should make sure to say goodbye to them before I go... whenever that is. (Spring? Summer? Not later than that. D:)

Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party last Thursday was pretty dang awesome. :D Diana and I met up at Downtown Disney for dinner first (yay, Earl of Sandwich!) and then we headed over to the Magic Kingdom; Diana was kind enough to drive us there so we could take advantage of her Annual Passholder free parking privileges, which was very nice of her~ In addition to the ENTIRE PARK being totally decked out, they had snow machines down the length of Main Street so it was snowing the whole night over the front of the park. I am clearly easy to please because I thought that was SO COOL. The parade was really cute, and the fireworks were awesome - we were basically right under them from where we were standing, so much so that the crowd’s heads were whipping back and forth trying to figure out where to look. And the cookies and hot chocolate? Completely awesome - complimentary, and you could get as much as you liked. The cookies were big - and very tasty! - and the hot chocolate was in maybe what would be a short-sized cup from Starucks, always hot and yummy, and just enough to go with the cookies. We went on a pretty perfect night, too, since it was about 45-50 so not too cold but cold enough to feel like Christmas and make the hot chocolate worth it.

Friday was the Astronomy Department “pre-holiday coffee”, which was really just a social coffee hour with baked goods and a department picture. But still not bad! And with plenty of griping about how cold the building is - seriously, it’s 62 in my office, and 62 might be nice outside in the sun on a fall day, but it is not okay when it wasn’t even above freezing for the first two hours I was here this morning. D< My hands are freezing! I’ve already gone through two cups of hot coffee, and I’ll probably have a third this afternoon. I know I really shouldn’t complain, but Florida is just so inefficient at keeping things warm that it’s a little bit miserable when we get a cold snap like this, even if it’s not fifty below. Freezing temperatures for a week are still pretty unusual around here!

Uh... in other news, I purchased some Silk Nog on Sunday but totally drank it all by last night. Hey, it’s better for you than real eggnog! (Okay, I can pretend.) And it looks like I’ll be attending the Epcot Candlelight Processional next week (oh my God, next week) with the family that’s coming down early before the cruise. I am looking forward to that, though it’s on the 23rd and I’m going to have to drive back up to Gainesville that night, and then back down to Orlando on the 24th (or maybe 25th, really, that’s what I’d prefer to do...). ARGH I need to get more work done, I’ve been very productive today and still no science done, but I’m getting there. I SWEAR. At least almost all the exam stuff is overwith. Now I just need to get to the post office, read my extragalactic-ph paper, and then I can get some thesis stuff done for the rest of the week.
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So, my space heater died today in a fury of sparks and fire. Okay, there was a small amount of sparking and fire, but it was still there! Thankfully it just fizzled out so I didn't have to go running into the hallway for a fire extinguisher or anything. Because that would've been not cool.

Suffice it to say, it's now colder in my apartment. I mean, sure, I have heat, but it's not particularly efficient, given that Florida is generally not in the freezing range of temperatures. And because it has been freezing here lately, of course there are no space heaters to be had in any store in the state. Ahaha. (Sense the sarcasm? It's there.) SO I have ordered one from Walmart to be delivered to the store for free; I hope it gets here closer to the 17th than the 21st.

Well. That is all. Today was mostly made of proctoring tests, extragalactic-ph, that telecon (which went well, at least!), and running. Woo, I might just head to bed early. Or I'll say I will, and at least make some kind of effort.
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My inbox is currently free of all tags.

I don't remember the last time this happened.

/posts like a fiend before someone comments on something!


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