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Wow, okay, so Firefox 4 is hella faster than Firefox 3.sixsomething. I kept avoiding upgrading because I knew I'd have to spend a good half hour tweaking things to get them back the way I wanted (because when they moved the "open in new tab" and "open in new window" options around in the right-click menu, that was not okay D:). But now that I finally have... well, thus far, now that everything's tweaked the way I want, I like it!

And yes, I realize I'm probably the last person on earth to have upgraded to this, anyway. So it goes.

This past weekend was pretty good, if not busy - the rest of Thursday was spent eating Larry's Subs, playing the wonderfully entertaning Prince of Tennis dating game with Elizabeth, and dinner at Bento's with Elizabeth and Althea. Friday was Curtis's defense followed by The Swamp and Blue Highway. Saturday I did some chores during the day, and Vicki and Ata had dinner for their gradiating students (me, Soung-Chul, and Roger) which was really nice. There was even an astronomy-themed cake! Then on Sunday, Elizabeth and I finished our game (alas, we never got high enough in Oshitari's affections to get his special ending), had lunch, and picked up Althea and went to the Butterfly Exhibit at the UF Museum of Natural History, which was awesome and despite the fact that I've lived here for so long, I've never gone! I took some pictures with my phone (because I totally forgot to bring a real camera) and then we finished the day with a photography exhibit at the Harn Museum of Art and some iced coffee.

The rest of the evening was spent packing. Thus, I have begun the packing process, and can I just say that I have way too many damn books. And I want them all. I mean, I'm not getting rid of that many of them, because I am a failure. I've been restricting them (mostly) to smaller boxes, because I know they get heavy, but at some point small boxes are a little ridiculous and I really could use just one or two big boxes. But I am starting to run out of boxes I had lying around already, which means I'm going to have to go to the grocery/liquor store and beg for some and at some point I know I'm just going to have to buy a bunch. And then buy some more when those run out. But at least I have a whole month or thereabouts to get all this done, and once all the books are packed... somehow I'm hoping most everything else will go easier. Because have I mentioned I have a lot of books? The Gator Anime Club will take some of my manga and I think all of my Shonen Jumps, which is helpful, and I am definitely making some major donations to Goodwill. I'm not taking my plates, they're heavy and have gotten chipped over the years and were just from Target anyway so I can buy new ones eventually, so that's a big help too. And I wanted a new bed anyway, so the bed's not coming with me either. I'm hoping I can sell that, I should look into how to list it over the next few weeks.

First, however, Jennie and my grandmother are coming down tomorrow and will be here until Saturday; we're spending a few days in Orlando and then two days here, during which hopefully Jennie and I can get some sewing done for her. Tonight is dinner out with the office staff (because they are so nice~), and I should actually get going in a few for that, so I will leave things at that for now. But I do promise to start updating (hopefully) more regularly now, even though the next month is still in some major flux. But thankfully there are only a few small things I need to fix up in my thesis before submission, so hopefully that won't keep me too busy (because everything else related to moving and leaving certainly will!).

So that's it for now, have a good Monday, all!
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