Mar. 2nd, 2011

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In non-computer-agonizing news...

Discovery! Large-ish image below the cut. )

Now to go to bed, before I can agonize any more. :x
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So! Apple customer service was not as scary as I thought; yes, I can exchange my computer for one of the new ones, and I have until Friday to decide. I'd have to mail in the one I have now for a refund, but I would be free to go pick up a new one whenever from the Apple Store or wherever (which would mean calling them and seeing if they have them in stock and would be willing to possibly hold one for me!).

So now the only question is, do I do it? I think I should, because honestly if I'd just happened to wait another week or two, I would have gotten the new one by default anyway. I think I might even be saving about $50 or so, in the end. My only worry is this heat/loud fan issue I have seen in one or two forums on the internets with the new models, but... I'm trying to figure out if it's really an issue, or just a few people here or there complaining.

I think maybe what I'll do is run to Best Buy tomorrow (I can't do it today) and see if they have the new models on display. I could also call the Apple Stores in Jacksonville and Orlando (which I have to do anyway, to see about picking up a new one) and see if the customer service guys there have any thoughts on the comparison. Then I just have to decide; I'm still thinking I should go with the new one, but if heat or fan noise is going to be a big issue... I like the very cool, very quiet machine I have now!

This is still way harder than it should be. :x


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