Mar. 1st, 2011

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So~ Next week is spring break, which I am very much looking forward to - not really because I get any kind of break, myself, but because the weather is getting nicer and the town will be all but deserted (or at least the university will). And I can use my new fast!computer to get some work done. Of course, what do I find out but that a week ago, Apple launched the new MacBook Pros, greeeeat, my computer is still less than two weeks old. Thanks a lot, Apple. But the Intel Core Duo is still nothing to shake a stick at, and just because the new MacBooks have shiny new processors doesn't mean mine is suddenly obsolete. Still, it was kind of disheartening to hear that if I'd just waited another week and a half to order, I could have gotten the newest model, but how was I to know? I'd never have found out if Frank hadn't randomly gotten an email, so urgh. Ignorance would have been bliss. :x NONTHELESS, I am still uber-pleased with NX-01 (still the working name? But it doesn't feel like a name... it still might have to change) and have gotten mostly everything I want on it on there. Still working on cheating a way around the iPhone only being able to link up with one iTunes library at once (seriously, Apple? I AM ONE PERSON - I just have multiple computers!), but otherwise I've got MacTex up and running and even DS9~

Not much new, really, though last Thursday I went down to Kennedy to see the last Discovery launch; after this it's Endeavor in April and then Atlantis in June and then no more space shuttles ever. :x (Honestly, I think a couple years down the road, they're going to realize what a GIANT MISTAKE that is.) Clearly I'm leaving Florida at the right time. In any case, we watched it from the Visitor's Complex, which we had to arrive at by 11:30am despite the launch being at 4:50pm. So we spent the day there, wandering through all the exhibits (hey, I found that random building that I saw the first time I went to Kennedy, but had never seen since!) and the rocket garden and even got to see the Hubble 3D IMAX, which was fabulous. We also rode the Space Shuttle Experience, which was not nearly as scary as I thought, so win~

I would post pictures, but Photobucket seems to be killing Firefox right now (yeah, that happens on my work computer, random sites kill it and today it appears to be Photobucket) so I'll post them when I get home. I even have a couple where you can see the External Tank and the SRBs, not just a giant glowing flame! (Well, that's all I saw, but my camera saw otherwise~) The only downside was the fact that I spent THIRTEEN HOURS in my car; three on the way down, and ten on the way back. afjduafihauifea getting out of there was a nightmare, I think it literally took us seven or eight hours to get to Orlando, and it's only an hour or so away from Kennedy! Traffic was just gridlocked, but I guess that's what happens when there's only one road. Anyway, I am still thinking about going down to see the last two, but from Titusville. Of course, the traffic's likely to be even worse, so I'm not so sure about that. We'll see.

Um... otherwise, let's see - we had a Roddy Piper movie marathon at Nathan's on Sunday (They Live followed by Hell Comes to Frogtown, oh God), with a few Nerf assaults in the middle because for some reason, the first- and second-years have amassed this GIANT NERF ARSENAL. Which was pretty fun~ I went with the belt-fed Vulcan, because seriously, who doesn't want to shoot a belt-fed Nerf gun? XD Though reloading is a pain~

And then here we are, it's Tuesday already; I proctored two tests and have one more and a makeup to go before the end of the week, but that's not so bad. AND THEN SPRING BREAK~
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That is the question, indeed. [ profile] februaryfour brought up an interesting point to me, and I just did some research...

So. As I complained about in my last post, Apple just came out with new MacBook pros, like, a week ago. According to their return policy, I have 14 calendar days to return my computer (though it claims online that I can't return it online, maybe that means I have to go into the store?). The new model features the memory upgrade I paid for ($50, but still, no small change) standard and a much better processor (2.7GHz dual-core Intel Core i7 vs. the 2.66GHz Intel Core 2 Duo I have) and slightly better RAM (4GB 1333MHz vs. my 4GB 1066MHz). Otherwise they look about the same, as far as I can tell?

Now, I still have to call and see if I can even work all this out. BUT. I'm seriously debating it. I mean... on the one hand, just because they just came out with new computers does not automatically make this one obsolete. On the other... I just paid a lot of money and why shouldn't I argue for the best processor I can get? If all this will involve is driving two hours to the Apple store and maybe I can exchange it right there, that would be fabulous. I could do that this weekend. Do you know how cool that would be?

SO. What I'd really like are opinions. What do you think, guys? Would it be worth the hassle to get the newest, shiniest model? At first I was feeling kind of defeatist and "Ah, well, sucks for me," but... why shouldn't I try to get the fastest processor for my money, right?

EDIT: Of course, now I'm reading about heat issues with the new models, getting very hot and running very loud. But of course complaints are inconsistent. WHY IS THIS SO HARD? I already went through this agonizing stuff deciding to buy this computer in the first place. I suppose the thing to do would be to call in the morning and see if it's even possible to exchange, and then deal with it. Maybe it is better to keep the one I have, that I know runs quiet and cool, even with the reduced speed? I do still have a few more days to mull it over. :x The more I read, the more I wonder if what I have isn't just fine, and I shouldn't go through this rigamarole (oh yeah, I just used that word XD) to deal with it when I don't want to go through the hassle of re-returning it if it runs too hot or too loud. I absolutely love how quiet and cool my computer is now!

ARGH ARGH ARGH. I don't know what to dooooo.

Anyway, pictures of the shuttle to follow, for reals. I have the camera sitting right here. :D;;


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