Feb. 22nd, 2011

ad_exia: (CWAC - labcoat it fits!)

Which really I've had all day, but I was good and didn't open it until this evening, and have thus been playing around on it most of tonight and not updating to let the world know I have said computer now.

There was a bit of excitement this morning - I kept checking the FedEx tracking to see if it was going to go out for delivery or not, and what do you know, the minute I sit down on the bus, hey! It's on the truck for delivery. Soooo I rode the bus all the way back to my stop like a dork and staked out my apartment (well, from the inside) until there was a knock at the door -

And it was maintenance, come to check out my balcony. Which does need some repair, so that's good? They got started today though they're not done yet, but at least it made me move my bike (which I really need to get rid of) so that's two steps in the right direction, let's say.

AND THEN around 10:50 or so, FedEx came! With a computer-shaped box~ That I decided, with much difficulty, not to open, because if I did I would have just stayed home from work all day to play on it and I'm going to the shuttle launch onThursday (Frank's family has an extra ticket, woo!) and I can't really miss two days of work this week. So I went to work, was productive, went running, fed Scott's cat, ate dinner, AND ATTACHED MYSELF TO SAID COMPUTER. Which is currently named NX-01 but that may change, we'll see if it sticks (but it is silver and shiny?).

Aaaand... that's my evening. Basically I'm just waiting for MacTeX to finish downloading (it's a gigabyte, eesh!) and really, I think I'm going to let that run overnight. I'm just finishing up some things and then it's off to bed because I'm thinking if they're coming back tomorrow to do the balcony, it's gonna be early. Sigh.




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