Feb. 19th, 2011

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Well so, let's see... My computer has just departed Memphis, TN, so at least it's in the country now! (It shipped from Shanghai, China, after all.) They still have not charged my credit card for the full amount, which is strange, but hey, as long as they'll give it to me I don't care when they charge me, right? (There was a bit of a mix-up around Thursday, when the credit card company called me to see if the charge was real, given that I, uh, never make purchases that large. It was very nice of them, but since they'd put a hold on my card until the issue was sorted out, it delayed the shipping, I think. Regardless, it's been dealt with, obviously, enough that they decided I could have my computer, yay!)

In the meantime, I am tethered to the wall here at Starbucks working on a computer that is, sadly, very slow when it comes to pulling up things on the internets, which is sad because I've been working for the past hour or so to get all my bibliography stuff sorted for my thesis (at least, what I have written thus far). MANY THANKS to Nathan for telling me about the wonderful, wonderful "Bibtex entry for this abstract" function on NASA ADS, because even with a slow computer it has made my life SO MUCH BETTER OMG. I did have to download a different bibliography style which I am hoping will not utterly confuse the people at the UF thesis submission office, because I would be very sad if I had to redo it. BUT let's just assume for now that if I send them the files, they can figure it out. (I realize this assumption may be incorrect, as they seem to have issues with LaTeX despite the fact that they claim to support it, but such is life, I suppose.)

Also, I think about this time I should be making a thesis tag. So I shall be doing that now. :D;

The weather has been gorgeous today, for the record - it's 81 today, and it's been in the 70s at least for a few days now. Not too hot, but not cold, sunny, and soooo nice~ I hope it stays, though I'm not sure it will - it is only February, after all! And, and, and! I GOT UP AT 10:30 this morning! I was so proud of myself, if one discounts the fact that I got up at 12:30 yesterday and, seeing as it was my night off public night and Vicki canceled our meeting, I took the afternoon to get my laundry done and my bathroom (mostly) cleaned and some other things that really needed doing, in anticipation of doing some work today (which, look, I have been doing, even if it's just writing). Also, Ken was awesome and actually got CIAO 4.3 installed this week, and I have gotten my very first (test) X-ray flux! I think the easier method will get me in the right ballpark, which is really all I care about, so I am hoping that by early next week, I will have X-ray fluxes and be a very happy girl, indeed~

And it turns out Frank is coming down for the shuttle launch Thursday; if I can get out of Extragalactic-ph I'd really like to go with, but I have already had to do some MAJOR schedule reshuffling for the next few weeks... but I'm hopeful! I've never actually seen a day launch from up close, weird as that is!

All rightly, I think that's it for now - or, at least, it should be! I might actually try to start updating in smaller chunks - I always feel like I want to wait until I have a decent amount of stuff to update with, but then I either a) never get around to updating or b) have huge updates (see this very entry for an example, heh). So maybe if I do it smaller updates, it'll all work out better. We'll see!


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