Feb. 15th, 2011

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New computer: purchased!

I went to Best Buy today to compare models, and the 15"... just felt too big. The keyboard seemed almost spread out and uncomfortable for my hands and really, there was just too much computer for a laptop for me. So I went with the 13" MacBook Pro, with 4GB RAM and upgraded to 500GB of memory; it's supposed to ship within 1-3 days and I figured what the heck, for $15 I'll get the expedited 2-3 day shipping, why not. SO my new computer will shortly be on its way!

Name thoughts right now consist of NX-01, because it's like a new line of computers in Ali-chan history? OR SOMETHING. XD Also, it's shiny. But we'll see how I feel when I get it~ The only downside is I need to figure out how to get it to port to S-video to hook up to my TV... I got a MiniDisplay Port to VGA adaptor, and now I just need a VGA to S-Video adaptor... but I'm not sure if just the cables will work or if I need a box. I suppose for $3 I can try the cables and if not, it's only $25 for the box? HRM. I also have to get a carrying case for it - I saw the cutest one at Best Buy, I think I might have to get it, but I want to make sure it will actually protect said computer. :D;; Maybe a sleeve and also the bag? Decisions, decisions.

Completely unrelated, now I know why Mushu doesn't climb on things very much. HE FALLS OFF. Way to go, cat. Very graceful.

Aaaaand - bedtime!


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